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Friday, April 22, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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12:52 the Brothers say how happy they are that they are there together

they talk about how to say apricot and the feeds fate again


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The Feeds are back they are talking food

Nikki tells Nick that she took is stuff out of the dryer

There is still speculation that there may be a surprise Birthday party being thrown for Tim

Nikki says "What about the other night when Big Brother said" and feeds fade away

1:01 Feeds are back

General Chit chat


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1:04 The house guests talk about trading cloths, everyone will through their things, and trade.

Kels says she wants Tim's Dog sweater and Tim says that's yours


Talk turns back to movies



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2:42 feeds are still out .. (I wonder if they are doing noms? or haves comp?)

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Feeds were blocked out this afternoon while the houseguests had some kind of wedding-themed activity, in which Nikki played the bride and Joel played the groom.

The rest were dressed as the wedding party.


After feeds came back, we saw Cass smoosh a piece of cake into Tim's face in retaliation for something similar.


Cass had a long talk with the brothers.  Tim came in halfway through and stayed.  They tried to get to the bottom of whether or not the brothers were trying to work with Maddy and cause Tim to be evicted (which they were), but the brothers would not admit it, denying it over and over, while trying to throw Jared and Kelsey under the bus.


Next, Jared came up and claimed that he was just bored.

He talked to Cass for a while (mostly about Tim), and then Kelsey came and joined them.

Cass very quickly went to call Tim.

The four of them discussed nominations and it sounded like the brothers would be going on the block up against Nikki as a pawn.

The discussion eventually concluded with Jared saying that he's happy he came up here after all.


Nikki was brought up by Tim, and then he proceeded, with Cassandra's help, to convince Nikki that she would be going up on the block solely as a pawn, and that there was nothing to worry about, because even if the brothers somehow won the PoV and took themselves off, Jared would go up in their place, and that there were enough sure votes (Joel and Tim, with Cass as the HoH tie-breaker) to save her and evict Jared.

(Nikki seemed unsure how the PoV works, thinking that everyone who played in the PoV would be safe from nomination.  LOL)


Joel finally got a chance to come talk to Cass (in which he whispered everything very quietly; so quietly that even Cass was telling him to speak louder because she couldn't hear him), but that was short-lived, as Jared returned shortly, this time on his own.

He asked Joel if he could speak with Cass alone, and Joel obliged.

Jared them proceeded to lay out the standard "this is YOUR HoH, not anyone else's, so I want you to do what's best for YOUR game" line.

Mostly, Jared was bad-mouthing Tim, and throwing Tim under the bus for saying that Cassandra should go, on at least 3 occasions, the last of which was just a couple of days earlier.

Feeds were going down and coming back up at strange intervals.


Finally, when feeds came back, Jared was gone and the brothers were back, asking Cass what Jared had been saying.

They also jokingly told her that during her nomination speech, when putting them on the block, it would be funny for the audience if she compared them to Derrick, the mastermind of BB16.  She nonchalantly said she didn't yet know what she would say in her speech, and was very blasé about it.

She said that she had to start getting ready for the nomination ceremony, and the brothers took the hint and got up to leave.

But just before leaving, Nick asked if he could just listen to one of her songs on her iPod first.  She didn't deny him permission, but did not seem very enthusiastic about it, so the boys just left.


Phil and Nick were saying something about preparing a watermelon smoothie, and maybe having Nick throw it in Phil's face during the ceremony.


Everyone started getting themselves ready for the nomination ceremony, and the feeds eventually went down.


When feeds return, it is almost certain that the Paqs bros. will be up on the block against Nikki.



As of 10:15pm BBT, feeds are still down, as we await the results of the nomination ceremony.

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11:15 pm BBT


Feeds back.


Cass says "the brothers took it very well".

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11:20 pm BBT


Nick and Phil in the hot tub.

Nikki and Tim have come out to see the almost-full moon.


Nick apologizes to them for saying they want a Canadian to win (during the nomination ceremony?)


One of the brothers (Phil?) says to Tim that his strategy of taking the weak players to end is smart.

Tim is a little astounded at the audacity.


Tim and Nikki leave.

Nick and Phil start dissing Tim.

Nick says "the guy is wearing an American flag shirt to a Canadian show!"

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