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General discussion thread

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To discuss anything about the BB Canada 4 season that is not specifically about a particular houseguest, come here to the general discussion thread and let us know your thoughts and opinions.


Best wishes for a great and entertaining season!

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Some links to after-show videos, from the morning-after appearance of the BBCAN4 cast on Globat TV's "Morning Show":












Throughout the season, the Morning Show had interviews with all houseguests the day after they left the house.  You can search for those videos or find them in the list of "suggested videos" in the sidebar.


I'm slightly disappointed with this year's Morning Show after-finale material, as in previous years they had several amusing videos where they put the houseguests through some competitions and games for fun.  Was looking forward to seeing that kind of stuff again this year.


Here's a link to an example from Season 2: http://globalnews.ca/video/1321061/big-brother-canada-sloppy-seconds-game



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