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The Voice - Season 10 - Show Recaps

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The Finale - Final Four Performances

12 weeks ago, 4 of the most unique artists in The Voice history started the journey of a lifetime.  Tonight, those 4 finalists will compete for your vote for the very last time.  From Team Adam, Laith Al-Saadi.  From Team Pharrell, Hannah Huston.  From Team Christina, Alisan Porter.  And from Team Blake, Adam Wakefield.  With all 4 coaches represented in the Finale, the stakes are higher than ever before, because only one of these artists will be named The Voice!

Please welcome your host, Carson Daly! And keep it going for your coaches, Adam Levine! Pharrell Williams.  The lovely Christina Aguilera!  And Blake Shelton!  Each coach has a chance to win the season.  Each artist will sing 3 times, a cover, a duet with their coach, and each will debut an original song they wrote themselves, along with the making of their original song video.

We kick things off with Team Adam's Michigan Blues rocker, now ready for his shot at winning it all, Laith Al-Saadi!  Singing White Room by Cream, Adam says ending on a classic rock note stays true to who he is. He tells him to end it with a big Hendrix-like note.  Laith loves that Adam understands where he's coming from and they just like to jam together.

The music opens dark and dramatic, then Laith jumps with his bluesy grit and gravitas, but with the huge set behind him for the rock band, he stands kind of small with his guitar, having to sing at full power to be heard.  The camera shows the close-up of his sensational guitar playing, but overall I found this performance kind of safe.  I would have liked to have heard more dimension from his vocal, but the man can play a mean guitar and that's probably why he'll earn your vote.

Blake says you made it to the finale doing it your way. I said you should sing more but you shoved that guitar straight up...  the area I was talking from.  Congratulations to you. Christina says I have no clue how you do what you do on the guitar, it's such a pleasure to see you tear it up.  Pharrell says what a time to love classic rock and blues, the vibe was amazing, solos everywhere, and who doesn't want to play air guitar after watching him.  What you represent has stood the test of time and is a testament to you talent.

Coach Adam says that was so much fun to watch, I have no agenda here, not playing the game, just enjoying the guy doing what he does with such spirit and purity of heart, I couldn't possibly care less than anything other than this dude was what was missing from the show, and hopefully at home you understand that.  If you do, make a difference for this guy.

Team Christina's California mom is perhaps just one night away from making her dreams come true.  Here is Alisan Porter with her original song, Down That Road.  Her coach surprises her with a pair of designer shoes and then they get down to business. It's a song about hope, Christina says.  It's a story of my journey in life, Alisan says.  Christina tells her to sing it for all those people trying to follow their own dreams, inspire them.  It's a new beginning for you, she says, and you've inspired me to finish up my own album.

Center stage glittering in what started out looking like an elegant black dress turns to be more of a J-Lo outfit with sheer lace.  The vocal is equally delicate, her voice casual yet passionate, dynamic and encouraging.  This is an anthem, as she is trailed on stage by extras carrying lit lanterns.  She turns up the power for the final verse and chorus, and really it's a beautiful, yes, inspirational, song.

Adam says it's a great song. The show's called The Voice but there are all these other factors that creep in to play. Your voice is the one that deserves to win, and I say that without ego, it's an incredible voice and you've come so far. It was really beautiful.  Blake says I love all 4 finalists wrote their own original songs, that was cool coming from your story, connecting with a song you wrote the way you connected with all the songs you covered. You're the real deal.

Coach Christina says you were born to do that, the epitome of The Voice.  You brought me to tears from the Blind Auditions, you always come from such an honest place, you've been down the road and proven to yourself that you have what it takes.

This song was first made famous by Hang Williams JR and Waylon Jennings, and now it will be performed by Adam Wakefield and his coach, Blake Shelton.  Singing The Conversation, the two are exuding testosterone-fueled country flavor with their deep octave back and forth vocal, neither voice being called to exercise much but still, it feels comfortable and foot-tapping fun.

We continue with Team Pharrell's Nebraska pre-school teacher, on the verge of winning this show.  It's Hannah Huston, singing Every Breath You Take (The Police).  She is flipping the song to make it dark and moody. It speaks to her spirit, Pharrell says, on a different feeling.  She tells her to go primal.  It's time to dive into it, she says, the teacher has become the student again.

Walking through a curtained doorway at the top of a flight of stairs, wind blowing through her hair, she's taken the melody and tempo and the feeling of the song and completely changed it up.  Escorted down the stairs in a beautiful red dress, she increases power with each step, pouring emotion into her voice and creating a mesmerizing performance, you are riveted to find out where she's taking it next.  The vocal is powerful and dynamic, a dramatic pause before the final chorus, this could have been considered an original song and it would have been wonderful as well as it is a cover.  That was wow.

Adam says that was, I love that song so much, I was scared it was so different, but it was so amazing, really cool, I've never heard it like that.  Pharrell says that was the magic of Paul Mirkovich.  You're bad ass, Adam concludes.  Blake says as soon as I figured what song that was, I was like, whoa, what are you doing? It was so risky but I think it'll be huge reward. That was so beautiful and you look beautiful tonight, the whole thing was classy and brilliant.

Coach Pharrell thanks the band and gets the audience on their feet.  That was genius to take that song to a minor place where she connected so well.  You came out onto the stage with grace and beauty and lit it up with that red dress and your beautiful voice.

Now with an incredible medley for the ages, please welcome Laith Al-Saadi and his coach, Adam Levine, with Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight and The End (The Beatles).  With Adam on the drums and Laith playing lead, the performance is dramatic, heartfelt, faithful to the vibe of the original, but again, I felt Laith's voice got swallowed up in the production values. Adam turns over the percussion and straps on an electric to go head-to-had with Laith, but overall the whole thing was kind of boring and didn't really help Laith stand out, especially after Hannah's amazing performance.

With a special performance of You've Got A Friend (by Carole King), here's Alisan Porter and her coach, Christina Aguilera.  Alisan opens with a truly elegant vocal, complemented by the deeper, heavier voice of her coach and they embark on a beautiful harmonic duet, two newfound friends promising to never let time or distance get between them.  Christina has a bit of a Cher vibe going, but Alisan's vocal is unique and so naturally easy to listen to.  

If you asked me half way through the show, this is a contest between Alisan and Hannah as the girls have really risen to the occasion.

We continue with Team Blake's country soul artist who feels his moment has finally arrived.  Adam Wakefield is singing his original song, Lonesome and Broken and Blue.  Blake is surprised to learn he had no help writing the song, the first verse grabs you instantly.  I hate you, Blake jokes.  It's a sad song, Adam says, but I wrote it while lying on a beach with a margarita.  It just hit me, loving you is like staring into the sun.  Blake tells him to put himself into the head-space where's he's desperate, like he is every day.  Adam he wanted to marry country and bluegrass and this is a good representation of what he wants to do.

Opening with a light violin and acoustic guitar, the song is new yet familiar, his voice easy to listen to, light and kind of creamy.  The laid back tempo enhances the emotional sincerity of the song and the audience quietly waives their hands in the air, soaking up the experience of a true country artist.  

Pharrell says so that was your original?  Congrats, it felt good. I like all the different sides of you, this felt more customary and traditional for you, but you have so many styles in your personality and I'm looking forward to the music you make in whatever deal you sign.  

Adam says I wasn't sure if the audience was bad clappers but the beat dropped out of the song and they kept clapping. You know who you are. But Adam did an amazing job, one of the coolest new things about the show you guys writing your own songs, has to be one of the coolest feeling.  A nice refreshing break from covering Blake's songs, Carson jokes.

Coach Blake says the first verse of that song, "loving you is like staring into the sun; the more I try, the more the tears run," that is brilliant, you wrote that, so good.  I don't know what the percentage of the viewers are country fans but I think it's a lot, that song took me back to the early 90's and something Keith Whitley would have recorded and sung, that made me so happy.

Now taking taking the stage for a duet originally recorded with Justin Timberlake, singing Brand New, here's Hannah Huston and her coach, Pharrell Williams.  The tempo is up beat, bouncy and soulful but the vocals from both sides started off kind of flat. There was a lot of glad-handing with the front row fans, performance acting between the two.  Midway through, Hannah began to stand out with her guttural dynamics, and Pharrell seemed to stop trying to loosen up on stage, but this did not capture me and possibly opens the door for Alisan and Team Christina.

Team Adam's Laith Al-Saadi next debuts his original song, Morning Light, a song about holding on to the love of someone you know you'll not be with. Adam says he's going out with his guitar like he should.  It's like a Clapton moment, Adam says, but go harder and boil over a bit more.  We're going out with a bang, Adam tells him.

The opening guitar licks say this is a bluesy song, the melody reminiscent of Please Come Home For Christmas, but yet it has its own unique flavor bridging the verses.  He throws in a light, easy listening solo on his electric midway through the performance, then picks up where he left off, using a key change to build up towards a climax, then slides back into the song's comfort zone.   He turns up the power for the final chorus and surprisingly doesn't end with a big note nor guitar solo but just an easy fade-away.

Christina says it's really cool you all doing your original songs, you killed it on the guitar, the bluesy slow-jam.  Pharrell says so cool to break the rules and have a 6-8 blues be featured with all these people watching, amazing chord changes, the solo into that crazy chord change was awesome.  Go buy the song now.  

Coach Adam says everyone is so great in the Top 4, but being honest, you've slowly become my favorite - you make us feel so good for all the right reasons, you fill the room with joy, and to me, the only thing that matters is making you happy and those around you happy and you do that better than anybody.

Next it's Team Blake's country soul singer from Nashville, trying to do everything in his power to win this show, Adam Wakefield. Singing When I Call Your Name (Vince Gill), Blake says he has the momentum going into tonight. Adam says it has mainstream country and bluegrass.  Blake encourages him to stay to Vince Gill's phrasing and emphasize the words he did.  He's multi-talented, Blake says, the kind of artist we made the show for.

The song is simple in arrangement, Adam on the piano, his voice center stage, dynamic and weeping along with the guitar, it's a quiet, sleepy vocal.  He punches up the power midway though and it feels like the intensity increases though the tempo never changes.  Blake is all smiles through the performance, and Adam has no hesitation or doubt as he delivers the type of song that defines who he is.

Christina says you're so talented, I've enjoyed all your performances, never disappointed, your ad libs and runs always impressive, so accurate, it's insane and always interesting.  Adam says you have such amazing tastes, in the runs you make, 5o hold back and retrain yourself when you need to, you have the most impeccable taste in how you put together a song.

Coach Blake says I can't express enough how happy I am for you, across the country, people know what you just did with an iconic song,I want to download that for myself. You just blew the roof off this place.

Now with a song inspired by her journey on The Voice that she co-wrote with her coach, Pharrell Williams, here's Hannah Huston with I Call The Shots.  Pharrell wants the song to reflect how she took control over her performances during the season.  Pharrell wants her to deliver primal moments and swing it.  They work the mixing table and Pharrell and Hannah are both excited at the results.

The song opens with a dramatic bass drum and lighting beating out a breathless heartbeat, Hannah singing with herself in the offbeat background, the audience is silent during the verses but comes to life when she turns on the power for the choruses.  She walks down into the mosh walkway as the song takes a more jazzy, beat, then it's back onto the stage for the pulsing chorus.  It was enjoyable but I would have liked for the choruses to have a little more flavor and dimension to them.  

The audience is clearly on Hannah's side. Adam says bringing the process and showing it to everyone, how you and Pharrell worked together, one of the coolest things we've ever seen on the show. I want a song from this dude and you're so amazing.  

Coach Pharrell says that was awesome, the most important thing you learned was that you can be talented and stay humble. I was just a part of the process - that song came totally from you.

The final competitive performance of the season comes from Team Christina's vocal powerhouse, Alisan Porter.  Singing Somewhere (West Side Story, Bernstein & Sondheim), Alisan says Christina's career was everything she had done and everything she wanted to be doing.  This is everything she wants to be, she says of the song. Go big for the finale, Christina says.  

The opening music lays out the gravitas of the song, and Alisan, standing tall in the center of a string ensemble, stands out with her soft and sensitive vocal, the stage and the video screens full of fog and clouds, her voice ringing out like rays of sunshine as she steadily builds up to a powerful chorus, full of dynamics, traveling through her range from bottom to top to bottom, her performance emotionally expressive, with sparks falling behind her as she delivers the huge note to end the competition.

The audience is on their feet and screaming, encouraged by Christina. Adam says it's all been said so many times, anything I say will sound dumb. Everyone knows how great you are, all the things you've been through to stand atop the mountain right now, rather than pontificate, I'll just say congratulations, we love you.

Coach Christina is crying, we started this journey together at the Blind Auditions, and I cried then and now again, beyond your gorgeous voice, I know how hard you've been working, I feel you and if anyone deserves to take the cake and be the winner, it's you. You're an inspiration of anyone and everybody who has a dream and wants a second chance.  You're the definition of The Voice.

The artists have done their job, not it's time to do yours.  All voting options are now open.  Will you give your support to Team Adam's Laith Al-Saadi?  Or will it go to Team Pharrell's Hannah Huston?  Or will it go to Team Christina's Alisan Porter?  Or to Team Blake's Adam Wakefield?  Join us at 9pm ET Tuesday for the exciting conclusion to Season 10 of The Voice as your winner is crowned!

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The Finale - Results & The Winner!

This is The Voice!  It all comes down to this, tonight we find out the winner of The Voice! I'm Carson Daly.  Please keep it going for your coaches, Mr. Adam Levine!  Pharrell Williams!  Christina Aguilera!  And Blake Shelton!

We have an exciting show tonight full of music and for the last time, your results.  We are going to kick things off, singing their brand new song, One Of Those Days, from their upcoming album produced by Pharrell, ladies and gentlemen, Little Big Town!

As our finalist Hannah nears the end of her Voice journey, no one will miss her more than her coach, Pharrell. He's always looking for what he calls, "Other," and he certainly found it in Hannah.  Take a look at Hannah's journey on The Voice!

Here she is with Crazy, and our old friend, Mr. Cee Lo Green!

All night, your finalists are bringing back their closest friends from the season and Alisan Porter knew exactly who she want to share the stage with.  For her Bring Back performance, she's bringing back Kata Hay, Paxton Ingram and Ryan Quinn.  With totally different styles and voices, singing Straight On by Heart, here are Alisan, Kata, Paxton and Ryan!

All season long, Coach Christina has had a laser-like focus, trying to become the first female coach to win The Voice. She made sure to stay connected to her team and her fans, and to make sure, she has a new obsession - SnapChat!  Take a look.

Now taking the stage with one of his idols, singing Rockey Mountain Way, please welcome Laith Al-Saadi and ladies and gentlemen, Rock-n-Roll Hall of Famer, Mr. Joe Walsh!

Relationships between our artists and their coaches live on way past the close of each season and this year is proving to be no different. Take a look at the friendship that developed between Adam Wakefield and his coach, Blake Shelton.

More music from someone who's been part of our family on The Voice since Season 1, she's a Grammy nominated singer and writer, with her current hit, Cheap Thrills, our good friend, Sia!

As the season comes to a close, your finalists and their coaches stepped into The Voice Confessional for the final time to reflect on what bringing home a win would mean to them.  Take a look.

In just a little over an hour we'll find out who wins it all but let's get back to the music now with another dream duet.  Please welcome 27-Time Grammy winner - let me just repeat that - 27 Time Grammy Winner Alison Krauss and our own finalist, Adam Wakefield, singing Willin' (Little Feat).

Let's switch and talk about another Adam.  Adam Levine's had a long journey here on The Voice, and as Lead Singer for Maroon 5, but his entire life story hasn't been told until now.  Roll package!

Let's get to some more music.  For one of her last times on The Voice stage, Hannah Huston picked her friends to help her mark this moment.  For her Bring Back Performance, she is bringing back Bryan Bautista, Caity Peters and Brian Nhira.  Singing When We Were Young by Adele, here's Hannah, Bryan, Caity and Brian!

We've come to learn a lot about our ol' buddy Blake Shelton over the last 10 seasons, that's right, Cowboy, his love of country music, his complete drunk dominance over Twitter, but you probably didn't know Blake was a betting man, and, unfortunately, not a very good one.  Have a look.

Let's get back to some music. His first album, Mind of Mind, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Chart, here he is with his new single, Like I Would, please welcome Zayn!

Now taking the stage with a very personal song off his new album, performing She's Got A Way With Words, please welcome our buddy, Blake Shelton!

For his last performance, Laith picked 3 people whose voices he admired all season long.  For his Bring Back performance, he chose to sing George On My Mind (Ray Charles) and brought back Team Adam's Katie Basden, Owen Danoff and Shalyah Fearing.  

Owen Danoff was under the weather and unable to join the rest of his team on that performance.  

Pharrell Williams is many things - Zen-like inspiring, a lover of words, and so much more. In fact, this week, he used some inspiring words during Story Time for a different kind of audience.  Take a look!

As Laith's journey on The Voice comes to a close, let's take a look back at the many connections he's made with his coach, Adam Levine.

Let's get back to some music. Here with an incredible duet, singing Unlove You, please welcome Alisan Porter and Jennifer Nettles!

Finale Week is always the busiest time for our artists on the show, so I thought I'd have a little fun and personally drive them to rehearsal the other day.  Have a look.  Singing I Can't Get No Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones) in a Nissan, Carson drives them to a rooftop where the coaches are all waiting - with brand new Nissan cars for each finalist!

Adam Wakefield takes the stage one last time with artists he's felt connected to from the beginning.  For his Bring Back performance, he's bringing back Nick Hagelin, Justin Whisnant and Mary Sarah.  Singing Give Me Some Lovin' by the Spencer Davis Group, here's Adam, Nick, Justin and Mary!

We're about 15 minutes from finding out who is the winner of The Voice, but first, taking the stage for the very first time together, performing a special medley of Into You and Dangerous Woman, please welcome two of the biggest voices of this generation, Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera!

As Alison inches forward towards the finish line on The Voice, let's take a look at the special bond she's formed with her coach, Christina.  Roll tape!

The time has come to find out our 4th and 3rd place finishers this season.  I am here with your four finalists: Adam Wakefield, Alisan Porter, Laith Al-Saadi and Hannah Huston.  One of your lives is about to change forever. I will now read the name of the artist in 4th place.  Here we go.

The finalist in fourth place is...   Laith Al-Saadi from Team Adam!  Congratulations on a great season for Laith and Team Adam!

That leaves Adam, Alisan and Hannah. I will now read the name of the artist in 3rd place.  Here we go.

The finalist in third place is...   Hannah Huston, Team Pharrell.  Congratulations to you and a great season on The Voice!

Adam, Alison, one of you is The Voice.  All season long, you have witnessed these two grow as artists and out sing their competition and now it is time to find out who will win it all: Adam Wakefield and Alisan Porter. Let's find out who it is.

OMG, says Alisan as Adam rigidly holds his arm around her shoulder, his eyes hidden by the shadow of his trademark hat.  Blake gives Christina a look.  Will he return to the championship circle? Or will Coach Christina finally break through The Voice Glass Ceiling?

The Winner of The Voice is...   Alisan Porter, Teach Christina!  The Winner!  Congratulations!

Congratulations to all four of our finalists and to Team Christian, our first winning female coach in 10 seasons on The Voice!

I love you, Alisan cries to Adam, who congratulates her.  Alisan's family are tossing the boys up in the air in celebration.  Coach Christina rushes to the stage to embrace and scream victory with her artist as the pyrotechnics explode in the back of the stage.

OMG, OMG, OMG, Alisan screams over and over as Carson hands her The Voice trophy.  She screams for her dad to come up, or husband, I'm not sure. Let me turn it over to the winner of The Voice, Alisan, the stage is all yours.

Alisan and Christina are too busy screaming and jumping up and down.  Ladies and gentlemen, singing Down That Road (Carson hands Alisan a microphone but Alisan screams, I can't sing!), her original song, please welcome the winner of The Voice, from Team Christina, this is Alisan Porter!

As she starts signing and the confetti begins falling down, Alisan's husband and children come on stage and she falters in a moment of emotion.  Then she takes her daughter into her arms and begins singing directly to her. As the season signs off, they are singing a loving duet.

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