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Live Feed Update Posting Guide

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This forum is for posting updates on the happenings, events and conversations that you've seen on the Big Brother Canada 4 house live feeds. Please use the Big Brother USA or Big Brother International Forum to post info about the Big Brother houses in other than Canada.

If you post comments in this forum, they will be deleted.

Please keep all discussions in the "Big Brother Canada 4 - Discussion" forum, and screen caps and other neat pictures in the "".  If you forget which forum you're in and post here by mistake, don't worry your post will be deleted without prejudice, we all goof-up at times.


You can't start new threads in this forum.

There is one thread for each day in the Big Brother house.

After you post here, we may reprint your message (or parts of it) on the main Big Brother page, and not credit you for submitting the information. It's not that we don't want people to know you helped, but it's just that when we tried it, having all the credits there annoyed people. We will list contributors at the end of each day's report. Your input is vital to our success, and we really do appreciate your help.



JD: Who are you going to vote out?

DS: I'm going to vote with the majority.

JD: So you want me out too?

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