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The Amazing Race (Season 28) - General Discussion

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For season 28, The Amazing Race is going viral. The long-running CBS game show is bringing its show to the digital age by casting 11 teams of recognizable YouTube, Vine, and Instagram stars to race around the world for a chance at $1 million. 

The teams will be as follows: YouTube stars Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, YouTube gamers Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins, Erin White Robinson and Joslyn Davis — hosts of the YouTube channel Clevver — Vine star Cole LaBrant and his mother Sheri, Vine star Zach King and his wife Rachel, YouTube dancers Matt Steffanina and Dana Borriello, Instagram models Jessica Versteeg and Brittany Oldehoff, viral video star Marty Cobb and her daughter Hagan Parkman, beauty YouTuber Blair Fowler and her father Scott, pro frisbee YouTuber Brodie Smith and his best friend Kurt Gibson, and Vine stars Cameron and Darius Benson.


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