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Keith Nale - (16th voted out)

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Following Season Finale: Keith was honorable all the way to the end, as he was even willing to sacrifice himself during that tie-breaking procedure to let Kimmi fight one more day. Keith did not make any big moves in the game and probably stood little chance of winning the title of Sole Survivor against any finalist or other jury member. His question at the final tribal council was one that had been asked in previous seasons and always seems to be borderline ridiculous -- to tell the jury reasons why someone else should win. Anyone who answers that question with any significant detail does not deserve to win because the whole purpose of the game is to fight for oneself. The only proper answer is to say exactly that, and if pressed for an answer, then identify a few things and also add a "but" followed by a few more impressive things that he/she him/herself did that should trump any argument against him/her.

- http://t.co/U8dgCfNiOj

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