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Abi-Maria Gomes - (14th voted out)

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Following Season Finale: Abi-Maria's question about subtle moves was intriguing considering that there were so many big moves that the subtle ones might have been overlooked. Tasha's response about reconnecting with Spencer, her ally from their previous season, was probably most relevant to who wound up in the final three. Spencer's response about shifting distrust to Joe was an empty answer, as Stephen and others were also doing that. A more accurate response would have been to simply say the same thing he had said in other responses -- his ability to create more personal relationships and shed the ultra-strategist perception he wore too outwardly during his previous season. Jeremy appeared to misunderstand the question, because finding hidden immunity idols is not a subtle move. At the time of finding them, they are huge game-changers, even if he does not reveal them until using them. Nonetheless, Abi-Maria, after Ciera, was probably the next most likely to vote Spencer as Sole Survivor, but perhaps his weak response to her question along with Jeremy's revelation about expecting a child turned Abi-Maria's perspective to Jeremy's favor.

- http://t.co/U8dgCfNiOj

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