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Found 2 results

  1. morty


    Hi, I just wanted to introduce this new forum. I was never that big of a horror movie fan until I got hooked on the AMC series, THE WALKING DEAD. Maybe it's because the first season was developed and directed by Frank Darabont and Darabont directed two of my all-time favorite movies, "The Shawshank Redemption" and "The Majestic." I know many people think "the Majestic" was crap, but I'm a fan of Frank Capra, and in my opinion "The Majestic" had the same magic as "It's a Wonderful Life." But I digress.. THE WALKING DEAD is so well done on several levels. I like that it takes the time to let you get into the characters heads, I like that they throw unexpected curves at you, like killing off a major characters without warning, the locations they use are interesting, and I like it just because the zombies are cool. Feel free to post whatever you want, but keep in mind that new fans are discovering THE WALKING DEAD everyday, so respect them and preface any post with *** SPOILER ALERT *** even if it's old news. I'm looking for a host/hostess for this new forum. So if you love THE WALKING DEAD, and want to show off your devotion as a fan, drop me a line. -Morty
  2. Would you like to host a forum? Are you passionate about a TV series? Would you like to me to add a forum for it? I'm looking for people to be forum hosts to some new additions and existing forums. It's better than FaceBook, as a host you can create quizzes, open polls, post pictures and YouTube videos. The shows listed are just suggestions, if there's something you feel strongly about, just ask and it will be considered. The TVFanForums.net are already indexed and highly ranked on Google, so it will be easy for fans to find your posts.