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Found 4 results

  1. July 7, 2017 Not a shocker. At least 99% of us weren't shocked about who was evicted. I know Jillian was shocked . It took her 5 minutes to pick her lower jaw up off the floor . I kind of felt sorry for her. She was not a good player, schemer, or talker. She had ZERO game. She reminded me of Kathy from season 12. She was a cop but a sloth. And Jillian played the same way. She did let Alex do all her work for her which is a big mistake. If you can't fight for yourself you don't belong in the game. Even Kevin has game as funny as it is, but so far it is working for him. Either way, it was a sad good bye . The best part was the word fight between Jessica and Christmas. Don't mess with a holiday! Jessica (why does everyone on twitter call her Jody?) decides it's a good time to call out Christmas and really got up in her face. I seem to recall Willie Hantz did that to that nasty Chef Joe and it got him booted from the game. I can tell that Jessica has done this before, most likely in bars and I'm surprised I haven't seen her on Judge Judy. Maybe that's her next gig when she sues Cody for dumping her and stealing her phone . I can't wait to see that. Moving on - They played HOH, it was a Candy Crush game using the old Carnival game from BBOTT, but with a candy theme. It was custom made for Paul since he just played the new TV version staring Mario Lopez which airs Sunday. Some will call it "not fair" while others will applaud it. Since Christmas is on crutches the HG's were told they can give their tickets to someone else if they wanted and she wasted no time in giving hers to Paul. Cody was the ticket giver and was so mean spirited and rude I don't know how him mother feels about the way he acts but she can't be proud of this behavior. Someone needs to remove the stick from his A**. After some time, Paul won! Again, not a shocker. I wasn't awake when he got his letter from home, but I heard it was kind of weird. Christmas moved in with him and they seem to be the team to beat at this point. It really is to early in the game to play this hard don't you think? So today is the Temptation which Christmas got. She gets to switch any veto player she wants and it's good till she uses it. She also go to choose who is cursed and of course she chose Cody, Ramses, and Jessica. Right now, the nom's are taking place. Who do you want to see put up? Do you approve of the way Jessica handled herself? Are you a fan of Cody? Do you think I over use emoji's? Let's talk. Don't forget to follow us on FB, and Twitter. I can be found at @TweetChik. Remember to enter our meme contest. I upload new pic's everyday for you all to use. Keep it clean and fun. TweetChik
  2. OMG! The feeds have not even been up for 24 hours and we are getting more drama than we can handle. I am trying to think back to the very beginning of BB and I can't remember a season with this much drama at this early stage. People need to SIMMER DOWN and not play so hard. The game isn't won in the 1st 2 weeks, but you can lose the game in that time by coming in hot. I will start where I came in this morning: Megan has left the game! I was in shock. It was being rumored that she left last night after a 3 hour DR session. The other houseguests were convinced it was because of a rumored racial slur, which Paul this morning said to America that he dropped last night in Jessicas ear. He told us he wants the catty girls out. Well, I won't repeat the slur but Alex was PISSED! She apparently call out Megan and they had a big fight which after she went into the diary room never to return. Alex didn't even know what was said was a "racist" slur. But kudos to Paul (not a fan) for starting it. If you can't beat them physically - have them implode and self evict. If it ever comes back at him, HE'S DONE. I hope it does. To me that is a chicken shit kind of move. I hope the others get wind of it and get rid of him. He is snakeish to me. Then Magan posted something cryptic on Snapchat (I don't even know what that is) saying she did not self evict. Then she came out later on Twitter saying she has PTSD and the whole "Josh" thing coupled with Alex being a bitch to her got to her. I completely understand, and if she needed to leave to keep her sanity, then she did the right thing. This cast is one of the most screwed up I have ever seen. There is many in there I care for. But it isn't my show or my say. If it was - I would get rid of Cody. That guy is on a power trip and he is only going to get worse. His shomance is worse than Natalie was - she looks downright mean. I got on this morning and didn't even shower till 3pm or eat for that matter. The feeds were that GOOD all day. This is why we watch, to see the different crazy personalities play out against each other. It's why we leave our husbands, wives, children, jobs and friends for 3 months each summer and dammit we LOVE it. So I hope by now you have fav's and your can't stand them.. share them with me. Let me know how you feel about Magan. Do you believe any of her stories? Do you think she will be back? I want them to bring Victor back.. Thanks for listening, and don't forget to follow me on twitter @TweetChik, follow Morty's too and join our forums, and fb page. We are the place to be for ALL THINGS BIG BROTHER. TweetChik
  3. I won't bother asking who's ready for the premier of Big Brother tomorrow night since I have a feeling we have all been ready since BBOTT ended. I know I have been. I read somewhere that Allison Grodner tweeted that the houseguests are already pairing up and fighting. To me, that's the best news I could hear, I mean after all that's why we watch, plan our vacations, call in sick from work all in the hopes that something juicy happens. I was just reading Afterthoughts from PM's poll and I am going to go vote. There is some good questions. Polls are fun . So lets all go over and vote just to see how many of us are right. I called in sick to work for tomorrow just so I can get all the things I need to do done for tomorrow night. It's pre taped and mostly people running around picking beds, and lying about who they are, but that's ok. I hope they changed it up a bit and someone goes home.. like WhistleNut (oy just saying that makes me gag just a bit). Do you think he brought his rodeo clown outfit? Well off to eat dinner, and dream of Otev, Chenbot, slop, and all the other wonderful things that bring the summer alive for all us diehards. Please remember to follow us on Twitter, and Facebook, and if you haven't gotten the live feeds yet GET THEM. P.S. BB After Dark is back this year on POP TV so check you local listings. See you on the feeds... TweetChik @TweetChik (follow me)
  4. By now I hope you have had a chance to read my opinions about the 1st 8 houseguests and have formed some of your own. I can't wait to read what you all think of our cast but let me continue on with the last 8. 9. Megan- she says she is a dog walker but to me that means she is unemployed which isn't a problem. When you sign up to play the game, you agree to give up 3 months (hopefully) of your life. I love the color of her hair. I like that she is a fan and submitted a video of herself. She seems like she will be a strong player. I mean this girl worked a prison in the Middle East. That takes balls.. She is either going to come on too strong and piss off a lot of people or she will keep her head down for now. I think if she aligns with Christmas we might have a STRONG girls alliance. I know I keep bringing it up but we are due for one and this cast just might break the mold. 10. Mark – says he is a personal trainer. There is at least 1 in every cast. Comes off as just there to make a name for himself, I could be wrong.. At least we both dislike Paulie. And as long as he doesn't come off as a "Paulie" he will stick around as some more "eye candy". It always worries me when houseguests say they want to win to help people. No you don't, you want to either become famous or you need the money! Get real! Be honest. I think he will stick around for awhile, but he might butt heads with Christmas. 10 to 1 he recognizers her as a fitness guru. He will either fall in love with her or dislike her for being who she is. It should be interesting. 11. Matthew – says he is a renovation consultant ( I smell Home Depot) He is good looking and seems to be a fan, time will tell. He is into fitness too. OMG, I just realized that most of the houseguests are into weight lifting and fitness. This is going to make me look twice at my "bat wings" on my arms. I think he and Mark will start off as friends, try to form an alliance and then dissolve. The girls are going to love him and the guys are not! There I said it.. 12. Jessica – says she is a VIP Concierges. I have no clue what that entails but it sounds like what my hubby thinks I do at home. Hey hubby – I don't work here, I live here! That's what I tell him so this is not a job for me. Sorry got a bit off track. She looks high maintenance, and like she will not want to get dirty. She reminds me of Natalie BB18. At least she is honest in saying she is there for the money. Most likely she will end up pushing for a showmance with someone, my guess is with Josh. I hope she is a better player than Natalie was. I don't think the other girls will care for her much. I hope she is smart and cunning and plays to win. Jeez, I have high hopes for everyone. 13. Elena – says she is a radio host. She is a friend of Cory's (ugh!) BB18. She says she is a fan but she was recruited off of Instagram. I see problems already. Claims she can't date in real life and isn't it this for a showmance. She comes off as if she is doing the show to promote her radio gig. I'm not liking her. She is only here to push her on fame agenda. Oy, I hate that. I want real players.. She won't be in there long. 14. Raven – says she is a dance teacher. She looks like she will be loud and bubbly and she reminds me of a cross between Miche and Bridgette with a bit of Bronte throw in. Not a good combination. I see her in an alliance with Dominque, Jillian, and Alex mabye Jessica too. I don't give her long in the house but I hope I'm wrong. 15.Alex -says she is an Eco friendly sales rep. I guess she sells solar or something. I'm old (60) what do I know? She likes Nicole and sounds like she will model her gameplay on hers. Please Alex, don't do that. We had enough of Nicole for 2 seasons, we gave her the win so she wouldn't ever come back. Pick a new model like Janelle or Rachael please.. She doesn't know the game at all. Bye Alex, thanks for stopping by... 16. Jillian – says she is a time share sales rep in Vegas. I like her. I think she has potential. But she does remind me of Kathy from BB12 for some reason. I think she will sleep a lot and be the "mom" of the house. She applied online with a video. So she must know something about the game. I don't see her as a strong player. But I can see her playing both sides of the house. Well, those are my thoughts on our houseguests. What are yours? Do you have a favorite so far? Is there anyone of them that you see as a hot mess when you look at them? Let me know what you think. I'm so excited for the show to start. I will be blogging on Mondays and Thursdays so I hope to see you here. Please follow me at @TweetChik on twitter and make sure you follow MortysTV on Twitter and Facebook so you will always have all the up to date BB19 info. TweekChik
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