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Found 5 results

  1. Can you recognize your favorite celebrity just by their voice? You're about to find out. This is The Masked Singer! Last week, Raven had to take it off (Rikki Lake). Tonight, the six remaining celebrities fight for their place in the semi-final: Monster, Lion, Alien, Bee, Rabbit and Peacock. And comedian J.B. Smoove joins the panel. Who will live to sing again and who will be unmasked before your eyes? Please welcome your host, Nick Cannon! Between them, these six stars, Monster, Lion, Alien, Bee, Rabbit and Peackock, have 54 Grammy nominations, 41 Gold Records, have made 49 films and starred in 8 Broadway shows. But that doesn't change the fact that one of their famous faces will be unmasked tonight. And as always, we depend on the wit and wisdom of our lead detectives, our celebrity sleuths: Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and J.B. Smoove! First up is Monster, who just might owe Nick money. Being here has given Monster a chance to share his true voice with the world, discovering a vulnerable side he never knew he had (Monster in bed with a security guard reading to him). When I was just a little monster growing up down south, I had to stay inside because it was too dangerous out. Eventually Monster discovered he had a gift and he was flying off and discovering the good life (Monster partying). I was even winning awards. But out of nowhere, people started saying I wasn't the real deal. It took me a long time to realize I couldn't let them make me a bad boy for life. So I came out from under the bed (Monster in closet) and decided to step back into the ring. My spot in the semi-finals is all Tee'd up to tonight, I'm coming out swinging and I hope the little monster in me will be proud. Singing I Love Rock'n'Roll by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Monster is geared up and ready to go with a southern rock vocal and a wandering choreography that brings him around onto stage. Ken and Nicole think he's a real singer as Monster nails the performance. J.B. says this Monster is a fabulous performer with one eye and two teeth. Nicole says he's stepping it up with runs and adlibs, made it his own. Robin says he's unpredictable, different styles of music each week, has to be professional. J.B. knows who it is - Mike Tyson. Ken says he's too amazing and charismatic to be an athlete. Robin thinks he's a comic. J.B. says those are the feet of a black man. Monster gives the panel a Moment of Truth: I was not on the show In Living Color, but my shoe size is 12. The panel is way off by miles and I'm going to be the last Monster standing. Now let's look at Lion. Into the Lions Den: Down the cabaret bars in Old Chicago, I hear whispers (B&W film nor, newspaper headline reads "God Found In Hailey!!!") and gossip as people seek me out but I like that they still can't say my name. Here in Hollywood, you can lose yourself in a famous family. It's not like the bluegrass state I've known (row of dominoes on a piano). (Blue Moon written on an envelope), I know I can't get too comfortable in the competition. It's scary. But with true grit and a diamond heart, I'll separate from the pack and build my own empire. The End. Singing Diamond Heart (Lady Gaga), Lion's mane shines with her animated motion, big pipes and prideful presence. Queen of the food chain, Lion has come to play, Ken says. No wonder she wants to go solo, Jennifer says. Jenny says she delivers every week, a true star. J.B. says you are golden and gaudy and I'd wear you as bling around my neck any time. Nicole says she has a soulful, country tone. J.B. brings Lion to her knees laughing. Now it's time for Lion's Moment of Truth: I have a subscription to a monthly murder mystery game. Ken guesses Angela Lansbury. Jennifer says she walks like a dancer. Next we deep dive Alien. During the last performance, I finally got the panel to recognize my voice and not just my body. Not winning now would be criminal and I know a thing or two about the law (Alien in law library). Welcome to Alien & Alien Associates: Have you been convicted of a crime against fashion? (Dog in floral clothes) Have you ever fallen off of a runway (Runway with models from Idan Cohen)? Whether you're from the boo (Malibu, Robin says) or the Moulin Rouge, (telephone) find s at 52.2 N, 57.66 E. We are <unkown> best law firm. All calls $19.56/min. Singing Ex's & Oh's by Elle King, Alien makes extraterrestrial sexy with sensuous moves and a breathless vocal. J.B. says take me to your leader. Nicole says your stepping up your game, some type of recording voice. Alien's Moment of Truth: I have been on the NY Times Best Seller List Twice. Now the singer with a voice like honey, Bee. So far on this show I've been singing today's hits. But now I'm going back to what I know best (men in pool doing synchronized swimming). A few of us queen Bees got our groove on back then (the men now in lounge chairs doing leg kicks). So which one am I, bringing a new attitude or a super woman. Am I proof we don't need another hero? (men now splashing in the pool) Am I giving you the best that I've got? Or do I buzz around a different bee hive? I'll let you figure that out while sing a sexy song from a very close friend. Singing What's Love Got To Do With It by Tina Turner, Bee tapping her foot as she delivers a dynamic vocal and waggles her wings. All J.B. can say is Wow. Ken wonders if Tina Turner is trying to throw them off by singing her own song. She ends with a music cut-out, and Nick and the panel bow down. Nicole says so commanding and powerful but with grace and ease, nobody does it like that today. Robin says she's obviously a living legend, who else can do Tina Turner. He thinks Bee is trying to throw them off with false clues. J.B. says nobody's grandma does this every day - Bee has a rep for being sexy. And yes, she has a stinger in back. Ms. Bee gives us a moment of truth. Robin asks if she's won a Grammy before. Actually, Bee says coyly, I have 10. Bee tells us she's not worried about the panel figuring it out. This Bee's buzzing through this competition. Examine every hare on this video of Rabbit. Nothing's been more satisfying than week after week showing off what I've got and standing out all on my own. Much of my career was spent in a herd (desert), others pulling my strings (Rabbit as a marionette). So it's nice to finally be (interacting with Muppets) the puppet master. I prepared for this since hanging tough in the Sunshine State (in a barn with hey and security dancing like cowboys). Being unmasked tonight would break my achy heart (Rabbit rips up some pink paper). The competition is cooking with some amazing singers(serves a plate of fried chicken). So now the puppet master turns ring master (amusement park) as I put my own twisted spin (carousel) on a lovely classic. Singing Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder, the set is Circus Circus, complete with woman spinning on a knife board. The arrangement is up tempo and athletic, with Rabbit hopping around. Nicole says Boy Band for sure. She thinks she knows the voice. He ends in harmony with his background vocals. Ken tells J.B. to look for the twitch, and sure enough, Rabbit twitches to the right. Robin says you love soul, country and rock, this was a great amalgamation of all that. Jennifer says this is like buying tickets to a psychotic bunny concert. Dr. Smoove says he's blown away by this rabbit, like a futuristic strip club. It's time for a Moment of Truth: I have 17 tattoos on my body. Ken calls Nick Not-Steve-Harvey. Rabbit says I took a big risk with that song choice, but I hope my vocal chops impressed everyone enough to keep me here. I really want that trophy in my house. It's hard to be cocky on this show but Peacock knows how. I've been getting fan mail since I was a wee little peachick. After all, I started my career as a show biz prodigy (Peacock answers fan male next to a framed sign: Department of Youth) and it's led me down many different magical paths. I performed on stages, screens, hosted award shows, and I've accumulated fans all over the world, including knights, kings and queens. But the crazy thing is, those fans don't even know I'm here. I am more determined (The Big Yay on a greeting card) to outshine the rest of the singers. I want this so badly, I can't feel my face. Singing I Can't Feel My Face by The Weeknd, Peacock is on a Broadway-lit stage, strutting and grooving to the beat with style and practiced dance moves. Jennifer is sure it's Neal Patrick Harris, a prodigy born to be an entertainer. Robin says you make us laugh and smile. A smoother song doesn't let you be over the top where you're most comfortable, but it's always a great physical performance. J.B. stands up with his glass and says this is all a cult. To Peacock, he says your style, movement, mannerisms are fabulous and you have a background that should have a residency in Vegas somewhere. Ken and J.B. don't think it's NPH, as Peacock kind of glares at the panel at the suggestion. Peacock's moment of truth: My face has been tattooed on a person's body. It's now time for the audience and panel to vote. The artist with the least number of votes will be unmasked. The votes are all in. Bee, Alien, Lion, Monster, Peacock and Rabbit gather on stage. Tonight's Unmasked Singer is... Alien! That means Lion, Bee, Monster, Peacock and Rabbit move on into the Top 5 Semi-Finals. So, who do you think Alien is? We're about to find out! Who on earth is Alien? Jenny guesses Sophia Ritchie. Nicole says it is LaToya Jackson. Ken guesses Paula Abdul. Jennifer says you could be right, but you're wrong. J.B. says Carmen Electra. Robin agrees with Nicole on LaToya Jackson. Do you think they panel has figured it out? It is now time for Alien to show us who is behind the mask! It's superstar entertainer LaToya Jackson! Nicole and Robin are right! LaToya says being truly honest, the reason she did this was that people tend to pre-judge you and compare the way you sing to other people and your family, and I wanted to just be me and see how far I'd go. She used to own two snakes, Adam & Eve. Next week the Semi-Finals begin and two singers will be unmasked. But before we go, singing for the first time unmasked, make some noise for LaToya Jackson! Alien Clue Answers: The police badge referred to the badge La Toya earned while starring in the show "Armed And Famous". Nick is dancing behind LaToys as she reprises her song and when she twirls around, she bumps right into him. So how did you do this week? Did you predict Alien would be unmasked, and did you correctly guess it was LaToya Jackson? Will you be back next week for the Semi-Final double-unmasking?
  2. Can you recognize your favorite celebrity just from their voice? You're about to find out. This is The Masked Singer! Last week, Unicorn reached the end of her rainbow and was revealed to be Tori Spelling. Tonight, the Who Sungit continues as 4 celebs compete to stay anonymous: Bee, Peacock, Raven and Monster. Who will live to sing again and who will be unmasked? Please welcome your host, Nick Cannon, and your panel: Jenny McCarthy! Nicole Scherzinger! Robin Thicke! And Ken Jeong, who fresh off of being right for once, makes a royal entrance. Nick has to inform him that it is the artists who win the contest, not the panel. The four artists performing tonight come out for a group song, performing I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas. Peacock starts by strutting his stuff. Monster comes out getting his groove on. Raven brandishes her wings and Bee sings sweet honey. It's time to go solo, starting with Bee. Bee has been performing for a long time, but dressing as an insect is a first. It was at her 8th birthday party that her mom gave her the idea to form a group. It was always in the cards. We got a record contract and her career has been all peaches and marmalade (pictures of a backyard birthday party with a girl holding up 2 fingers like horns). Being on the show (now waffles on the birthday table) is a trip singing songs others have written, makes me feel I'm every bee, you know, it's all in me. My song tonight is like a modern power ballad. I never thought I'd be singing it, especially dressed like this. Singing Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, Bee's voice is more distinctive than ever, but which diva is it? The backup dancers are dressed like the King's Court, if that means anything. Her timing and hand gestures as well as huge voice suggest she is a seasoned professional, comfortable on stage. Robin says he got choked up, perfect song to be able to hit those high notes. He thinks he recognizes her stage persona. Nicole says her voice is mature, seasoned. Ken says reminds everyone he was correct last week and as he was the perfect judge, she's the perfect contestant. Show and Tell time. Bee's revealing item is copper bakeware. This is her second favorite thing to do. The panel tries to guess what the revealing item means. Ken thinks Baker could be part of her name. Bee just laughs off their guesses. Jennifer says she has to be a musical legend and she's dressed like a bee. Bee says she's no honey bee, she's a killer bee! Let's look for clues about Peacock. Being behind a mask has been strange and lonely. Can't even talk to the crew because he has to remain anonymous. Without the mask, he would be easily recognizable (sitting in an empty bar), but here I'm invisible, as if my entire career just disappeared into thin air. By day, I perform as my 176lb real self (dressed like a matador with a rainbow cape) but at night I ride into competition masked and ready for battle. Winning would be everything to me, so I'm going to step up my game and give the world all of me. Singing All Of Me by John Legend, his voice does sound a bit like David Hasselhoff. Nicole says his voice is mature. He uses the stage for his choreography, working the audience and the camera. He can sing, Jenny says during the chorus. Ken says greatest showman of all. Jennifer says he keeps bringing it each week and she knows who he is. Nicole has no idea but she loves his voice, a seasoned, Broadway type of voice. Robin agrees, a seasoned performer, maybe Broadway. Nick ducks behind Peacock's features and says "they may be on to me" as if he was Peacock. When the rainbow flag is mentioned, Peacock raises his arms in celebration. Jenny says he's been doing this since very young. Robin points out he always ends his performances in dramatic poses. Ken says he has a non-cocky confidence, always ending strong. Peacock agrees that he and Ken are birds of a feather. It is time for security to reveal the revealing item. It's a wig. Because of this wig, Peacock says, I was thrown in jail. Ken thinks he was arrested by the fashion police. Jenny says showman, Vegas style. Jennifer also thinks there is a Vegas connection, he's sung differently each performance. I gave all of me on All of Me, Peacock tells us. I'm going to win and you're not going to guess who I am. Raven is next. Being in the comp has challenged her to go against basic instincts, especially going silent after a career talking to people. But being alone (on a roof with an inflatable kiddie pool) with my thoughts gives me a chance to reflect on my own story, looking back on my life with a birds-eye view. From death to love, to birthing you, (Peacock holes an alarm clock with 11:11 taped to the front). My greatest joy is being a mother to my flock. You might say that's so me it's not just talk. Sometimes you have to look back to go forward. And tonight, I'm singing with the courage gained from being here and I never want it to end. Singing Brave by Sara Bareilles, Raven is singing as if reciting a mantra, breaking out into an anthem chorus. Not a dancer, Ken thinks there's something "actory" about her. Jenny says she has a talk show. She lets out a huge, long power note, then does it again, sending Nicole into a fit. She fist pumps with the audience. Ken says great heart. Nicole says not a professional singer but you went for those notes, very powerful. Jennifer says she's proud of how she performed. Time to see what Raven brought from her nest. It's an Emmy Award! That gets Jenny's attention. The panel tries to figure out if she's on The Talk or The View. Raven says she places this where her flock can admire it. The panel begins discussing whether Raven is strapping down her breast to fool them. Raven tells us she's a very social person and keeping a secret is so hard. Monster scares up some clues. The panel's love last time went a long way towards healing a deep wound for Monster. But like everyone else, had a share of dark days (Monster walking down a dark alley) but I'm a fighter and fought my demons (now in a bar with a teddy bear among the liquor bottles) and I discovered what a teddy bear I am at heart. (outside in front of a drive-in theater with a pink Cadillac) This experience is more far more meaningful than wearing a monster costume (throwing cash), it's about being proud of who I am (Level Completed, switch to a sound board, then electrical flashes to a cave). Don't even think about slinging any negativity my way, cause I'll just swing back. (Back into the bar) tonight's performance is about throwing the panel off the scent. No one would expect me to sing this! (Game Over) Game On (back to the cave)! Rockin' to American Woman (Lenny Kravitz), Monster is wearing a leather jacket as he blows the roof off with his performance. He sounds amazing, screams Nicole. He's no athlete, Ken says. Everyone is dancing except Monster, who then breaks into some fancy footwork that turns the dial up to 11. Robin says he's very athletic, as Monster kneels down, his feet disappearing under his outer skin. He turns around to end the song and his jacket says American Monster on the back. He does the Backpack Kid dance to the audience applause. Robin says I didn't think he was a singer before but he finished riffs with vocal dynamics, he's a professional entertainer. Ken says he does the riffs very well, a comedian who is classically trained at least as an actor. Robin hears soulfulness, says "lil". Jenny says the microphone he carries reminds him of a golf club. Monster brought a revealing item out from under his bed: A headset! Monster says he makes his best calls on this headset. A sportscaster, Jenny says. That's not Howard Cosell, Ken jokes, no one on ESPN or Fox Sports moves like that. Nick says it's someone he knows because he keeps picking on him (Monster tries to poke him with his mic). Jenny says we've been confused since Day one but I don't want you to ever be demasked! It's time for the audience and Panel to vote on who was the weakest performer tonight. Let's give it up for Bee, Peacock, Raven and Monster! Please vote now for your favorite. The votes are in and tonight's unmasked singer is... Raven! But she did an amazing job. Give her your applause and say goodbye to Bee, Monster and Peacock who will be back to sing again. Ken thinks it is Sheryl Underwood from The Talk and places his crown on the line. Nicole thinks it is Megan McCain from The View. Robin thinks Ricki Lake. Jennifer thinks Raven Symone. Ken says he's keeping his title. Nick says we all need to know. Now let's see if any on the panel was right. It is now time for Raven to show who is behind the mask. Raven is... Emmy Award talk show host Ricki Lake! Ken begrudgingly passes his crown to Robin. Nick says we've seen you in movies, win Emmys for your talk show hosting abilities. Ricki says she loved the anonymity, she's usually so bad at keeping a secret and she didn't even tell her family what she's doing. It's been a ball. Raven is about metamorphosis, about death but then rebirth. I went though the loss of my husband last year and this really was an opportunity to share my journey. He was the best thing to happen to me. Well he's smiling tonight, Nick says. Robin says when she performed, she put her hand over her heart, something she'd do on her show. Ricki is upset that's a dead giveaway. He grew up watching her show. I'm turning 50 this year, she says. Singing for us again, this time unmasked, here's Ricki Lake! Raven Clue Answers: The mention of the Hudson River was a clue for Ricki's hometown, Hastings-On-Hudson, NY. The Man Who Came To Town was John Waters, whose classic film Hairspray launched Ricki's career. Did you guess who Raven was? What do you think of the Final Six performers? Who do you think will be the last to be unmasked?
  3. Can you recognize your favorite celebrity just by their voice? You're about to find out. This is the Masked Singer! Each week celebrities perform under cover, leaving the panelists and you at home guessing, who is behind the mask! Each week, one performer is eliminated and their identify revealed. Last week, the Pineapple had to take it off. Tonight, 5 celebrities compete to stay anonymous: Lion, Deer, Peacock, Unicorn and Monster. And tonight, guest judge Joel McHale joins the panel. Who will live to sing again, and who will be unmasked before your eyes? Your host Nick Cannon welcomes you to the Masked Singer and introduces your 5 performers: Lion, Deer, Peacock, Unicorn and Monster. Tonight, the weakest performer will be unmasked and sent packing. Please welcome your panel: Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger. And tonight, guest panelist Joel McHale! Lion always wanted to sing but the anonymity of the mask has made her courageous. #Pride, #NoCircusLions, #CageFree. Using my voice to help others has always been important. #Love, #Oneless, #EnoughIsEnough I tell my pride you have to be strong and stand up for what you believe in. Gold Found In Hailey!!! Singing Feeling Good by Nina Simone, Lion delivers a vocal no stranger to performance, ruling the stage with royal authority. She's a full-on singer, says Jenny. A second standing ovation, Nicole says she's got balls for singing that song, a commanding presence. Jenny says obvious she's professionally trained. Joel says a huge sexy belt buckle. Ken says this is not about him. Robin says she's seasoned, older. Nicole says not professional singer. Jenny asks if she has a platinum album. I have nothing gold or platinum on my walls, Lion says. Yet. Deer used to be able to sell salt to a slug. Dear's Used Cars Commercial: Roll 3, Scene 19, Take #50, Security #1, 6/18. Come on down to Deer Used Car Lot. Deer calls himself moose, donkey, but promises to throw himself hoof first into the competition and trust him, he knows how to throw (paper airplanes and other stuff.). Singing Get Your Shine On by Florida Georgia Line, Deer goes country, stationary at the top of a platform. His vocal is slow and plodding. Robin says he's getting a Texas, cowboy drawl. He uses a lot of light, smoke and a dance team below him to deflect from his lack of movement. Deer is escorted (on both sides) down the platform. No knees left, Joel says. Nicole says he sounded good singing country, maybe an athlete. Jenny says older and Deer drops his mic. Ken says not a professional singer but definitely game. Joel says the comedy police are coming. Robin says famous enough for commercials and trophies. Deer says he has multiple world titles, started in track & field then went to horses. Peacock felt like he was 5yrs old again performing on stage. His career has had so many incarnations and everyone thinks they know him. I started out as a little teenybopper (snaps fingers in a cargo elevator), but there's more than meets the eye. He signs an autograph. Then I was cast in some dramatic role. And has a terrible fear of heights. Singing Counting Stars by OneRepublic atop a 30' high pedestal, his voice as a deep country flavor. Jenny thinks Broadway, younger. Ken says Peacock Elvis. He has strong dance moves after he descends to stage level, working the audience with practiced choreography. Nicole says he's a showman. The audience chants his name. Ken calls him a front-runner. Nicole says electrifying, a natural-born performer. Joel says greatest performance he's seen by a peacock. Robin says he's a musical showman, comedic timing, maybe hosted an awards show. Magician. Nicole says an actor with stage background. Jenny thinks he's performed in Vegas, maybe an older celebrity. Peacock says he has performed in Las Vegas. You were born to be on stage, Nicole says. For years, Unicorn was lacking confidence because she lost her sheen, but she was flying high during her first performance. Came to conquer fear of singing and being judged. This week will exude model behavior, feeling victorious, and going for the gold. No one can crush this unicorn's spirit again. Singing Oops! I Did It Again (Britney Spears), gives a sultry vocal, not exciting but it gets the panel dancing. Nicole thinks she was a gymnast. Jenny says we can all relate to being insecure but I almost pooped a rainbow with your performance. Robin says it was great to your alternative personality shine. Nicole picked up on the gold thing. Robin points out she has heels that make her look taller. Unicorn says she is known for being a gymnast in the bedroom. She definitely knows Charlie Sheen then, Robin jokes. Monster reset after nearly being unmasked after his first performance, taking a drive up from the south in his Cadillac to New York City, then out west. From behind this mask, I can show the world my true self. Shooting money out of his hands, he's back in the swing of things and celebrating getting my mind right. Tonight will be completely unexpected, showing off the whole package. It's gonna be fire! Singing I Don't Want To Be by Gavin DeGraw, Ken says he may not be a professional but he can sing. He exhibits some power vocals and while he cannot move much in his outfit, he does move around, even throwing up a high note to get the panel's attention. Joel says this is the weirdest show on television, but you can really sing. Robin says he went for a big mountain top note at the end. Nicole says he's a singer. Robin pointed that Monster said Caddy, not Cadillac. Monster says he likes to keep his head in the game. Robin thinks he's an athlete. Nicole says a physical comedian. Five performers but only four will move on in the competition. Monster, Peacock, Lion, Deer and Unicorn. One will be unmasked and sent packing tonight. The Studio Audience and Panel will now vote for their favorite performer. There was only a 2% difference between the bottom two singers. Tonight, our masked singer who must take it off is... The Deer! Monster, Peacock, Unicorn and Lion are safe. It is time to unmask Deer. Robin thinks it is Terry Bradshaw because of how his shoulders move when he laughs. Nicole agrees. Jenny says Peyton Manning. Joel says he has the knees of a former NFL player, and he's going with Terry Bradshaw. Ken says it is John Elway. Deer, show us who is behind the mask. The Deer is... 2x Superbowl MVP and Sportscaster Terry Bradshaw! Terry Bradshaw says this is so fun but so stressful, thank you for voting me off! He's actually put out a couple singing albums, including a Christmas album. Joel asks him to wear the Deer outfit on Fox NFL Sunday. So did you guess Terry Bradshaw? Deer's commercial-themed package was a clue for Terry's off-season career as a car salesman. "I Love Horses" referred to the world champion quarter horses Terry breeds on his ranch. So far, Hippo, Pineapple and Deer have all been revealed. Do you think you know who Unicorn, Lion, Monster and Peacock are?
  4. This twist is called Revenge. I think that a unique twist would be that in a 20 person cast, they will merge at 11. The previous 9 eliminated contestants will come back to eliminate one person making it final 10. The person eliminated will also become the first jury member. I think that this twist will put more strategy into who people eliminate. The 9 previously eliminated contestants can either choose to help their team by voting to eliminate someone who was on the opposite tribe, or they could seek revenge on someone who was on their tribe.