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Found 3 results

  1. Name: Taylor Vitals: 23, single Habitat of Origin: Omaha, NE Occupation: Construction worker Skillset: Hunting, cooking, building, landscaping Zodiac Sign: Cancer Expressed In Emojis: Bulldozer, flexing muscle, hammer Most Likely To: Hook up with Hex, FOR SURE Natural Enemies: School, as well as the witch who transformed him (on paper) into a younger version of Josh Behavorial Quirks: Like Ryan Atwood on the 2003-2007 FOX soap The OC, Taylor Vaughn loves cagefighting. Maybe they can modify the chicken coop a little for training purposes? Taylor’s Utopia: A giant sandbox filled with Tonka trucks, and a couple of pretty girls to play trucks with According to him, Taylor’s the kind of guy who “gets sh*t done better than most.” But what happens when you’re one of five men in Utopia who all think this way about themselves? We’ll find out soon enough. Until then, just know that this “Little MacGyver” (someone hold Red back!) likes to “get in fights, but not to get in trouble.”
  2. DawnMarie

    Utopia Recap: 2014-09-19 (Friday)

    Utopia Friday, September 19th, 2014. This Time The Utopians are dealing with the California drought and some blazing heat is coming their way, are they prepared? Deciding on a government comes down to a game of chance? What do you do with a choking chicken? and how much tequila can Hex drink before she remembers she is an alcoholic? We get the answers to some of these questions tonight. Dead Deer, Free Meal It turns out there is another way to leave Utopia besides the front gate. Red is out hunting before the sun comes up and finds himself a deer. The pioneers are allowed to leave the compound if they are hunting, Red and his crossbow aim true and bring down the groups first free meal. He has field dressed the animal and is hosing down the carcass when Bella gets wind of the murder. She is power walking to the area of the dead deer, Amanda asks her where she is going, she tells her "to make sure it's dead", Amanda tells her they are "rinsing it out with a hose, I'm sure it's dead". Bella power walks on, telling Amanda very darkly "sometimes they aren't". Bella takes one peak and walks quickly in the other direction, she tells herself, "it's little spirit is gone, it's just the body left now". Red finishes up with the deer, and turns to the next thing listed on his resume, Hillbilly Wine making. He uses several condoms, water, a large box of raisins, and a good amount of sugar. This is a 5 gallon bottle of wine they are attempting. It would have cut their shopping budget in half if they had started it earlier, as someone has now decided Tequila is now on the menu. ...And Freedom Anarchy for All Dedeker gets the group together to discuss starting a government. Bri wants a dictatorship because, you know, Hitler could have been right. Bella wants a few days of just men in charge and then a few days of just women. Amanda wants the U.S. Government system down to elected representatives that make the final decision. Rob says he just wants to be "Speaker" this entails everyone telling him their ideas and he brings it to the group for a vote. Hex believes in anarchy. They decide they want to experience them all so leave it up to chance. They put little pieces of paper in a bowl and the first government (or non-government as the case maybe) is Anarchy. Hex tells them to forget everything they know about anarchy and just listen to her. There are no rules, but you can't forget you are a human beings and have morals. Don't do anything you wouldn't want done to you. Meeting adjourned. Taylor and Helen? Taylor and Hex have become an item, and it happened within 24 hours. They lounge on the grass in the heat of the day and talk about governments and how to rule, Hex quickly realizes that when Taylor told her that school and him just didn't mix, he wasn't kidding, he doesn't know the meaning of half the words she just used. Later, Hex and Taylor are back on the grass, chilling out when he accidentally calls her "Helen", she realizes after some teasing that he really has forgotten her name. It's no problem for Hex though, they wonder out to the pond for some wet cuddles and kissing. During a conversation, they come to Rob for an opinion on whether bad sex is a deal breaker in a relationship. Hex says she would still be in a relationship with a man if he had a 2 inch penis if she really loved him. Taylor says if it's not working downstairs with a girl, what's the point? He thinks people should have sex right away to determine if they should continue to be a couple, Hex thinks that a relationship can determine how good the sex can be. Rob says Taylor is right, case closed. Trouble in Peanut Butter Paradise Our other couple, Bri and Chris have hit a rough patch. He made her some breakfast because she had to get up early to deal with the animals. Bri has called in the veterinarians to deal with a cow that has gone dry and a chicken who seems to be choking to death. It's an emergency visit that costs the group $125. Bri accidentally drops her plate of breakfast and leaves it on the floor for someone else to clean up saying "she just can't deal with this right now". Turns out she didn't even go down to the animal paddock and help out. When she returns to the barn, Chris lets her have it. "You think you are some princess! What were you thinking leaving that mess for me to clean up? You shouldn't do that to me, and you shouldn't do it to anyone else." Bri has little to say for herself, including not saying sorry. She runs off to other pioneers to explain how mean Chris was to her. He catches her in the middle of her "poor me" speech and calls her out again, adding that she didn't even go down to talk with the vets until the last 5 minutes they were there, were was she? What was she doing? They pretty quickly agree it's over between them. Surrrrrre it is. The Question of Racism and Smack Talkers Kristen and Aaron decide to take advantage of their new anarchistic life style, and grab the phone for a food buying bonanza. Everything is in, candy, liquor, pizza, etc., etc., to the tune of about $500. No one in the group knows what they are up to. Kristen has become something of a "shit-stirrer" in the group. She gets together in the pasture with people and really runs down, gossips and backstabs all our pioneers. Not the one she is currently talking to, of course, but everyone gets their chance to be bad mouthed by Kristen. Her favorite smack-talking buddy is Aaron. They have decided to make an example of Josh. Josh said to Kristen "he hoped the next pioneer arriving would be a girl, "one that was not interested in black men" so she would have no choice but to choose Josh. Kristen got the joke, Josh had hoped they could hook-up, but it's clear Kristen prefers Aaron's company over Josh. They laughed and continued to talk. Kristen later brings up this conversation with Aaron and Amanda explaining that it was very uncomfortable and what a racists Josh was. Amanda is unconvinced, but says Josh better not come at her with any of that stuff. As things will, word gets back to Josh that Kristen is calling him a racist, he confronts her and she says it was a racists comment, he tells her she knew the context of the conversation and he has lost all respect for her and walks off. Josh then speaks with Aaron and tries to explain what happened. Aaron just adds fuel to the fire, during the mens drag-burlesque show that was a "Roman" theme, they used the chicken transporter as a chariot, and Aaron pulled it with no shirt on. Aaron has now decided that was a racist thing to do and he is worried how his grandmother, whose mother was a slave feels about that. Josh is now completely lost and tries to explain about the Roman theme, Aaron is not having any of it and calls Josh a racist mother fucker as Josh gives up and walks off. Rob and Red listen to this conversation from the stairs and seem completely baffled. Red says "I have to deal with Hillbilly stereotypes all the time", Rob nods his head. They both look unimpressed by the whole display. Red heads off and comes across Mike writing a letter. Red says "Dear Mom and Dad, these people are fucking crazy. P.S. please send more cookies" Mike laughs and agrees that is gist of the letter. Happy Birthday, Here's Your Sex! It's Chris' Birthday. That means liquor for our pioneers. Aaron presents Chris with a bottle of tequila. It's the girls turn to do drag-burlesque, and a good time is had by all until Hex takes a few shots too many. Her and Taylor have an argument that had no substance, several people try to get Hex to go to bed, but she is not having it. The argument rages on about nothing and who is drunker than who. Mike and Dedeker watch with disdain, Chris and Bri have hooked back up in the bushes, and she tells him she is glad their relationship didn't end over spilled peanut butter. Later, Hex comes out to the dock where Taylor is sitting, she is still pretty drunk but it appears she's sober enough to play the victim card. She tells Taylor she has a problem with alcohol and how sorry she is that she dragged Taylor into it, through little sobs she says he didn't deserve that. Taylor buys into it and says he is sorry too, he shouldn't have shouted at a women. Rob comes to take Hex to bed and Taylor helps the unsteady women to the barn. Next Time Well, Mike is furious about the money spent this week on garbage, $500 worth of garbage. Red has figured out that Aaron orders food items that each of the Utopians like and keeps them aside and presents them in private as a bribe to gain an edge with each person. Kristen has been called out for being a shit-stirrer, and Bella is about to find out what really happened to her water filter. Tune in next Tuesday to see who's true personality will emerge next.
  3. DawnMarie

    Utopia Recap: 2014-09-16 (Tuesday)

    Utopia Tuesday, September 16th, 2014. Well, Kristen and her pitch that she is "here to make them money" led to the first unanimous decision the pioneers have ever made. Money wins!! The pioneers meet with a REAL farmer, Hex has trouble living without sex and the Utopians first money making operation is flop. But first, news about our injured Pastor Jon. The End of Pastor Jon? The doctor arrives to show Pastor Jon that he has broken his thumb and needs surgery. He will have two pin in his thumb (through the skin!!) and will need a clean environment for the next 6 to 8 weeks or risk losing mobility in the digit. It's an easy decision for the Pastor, but hard for everyone including him to swallow. Everyone gathers around the fire pit and the Pastor tells them he has seen arguments and fighting in the group and he has the answer. The kingdom of God is the answer, and all they have to do is put God first and he will take care of them. Lots of weeping from the gathered pioneers and Rob takes a moment to speak to the Pastor. He says in the Marine Corps., they have a saying, "People wake up every day and wonder if they will touch someone's life, Marines don't have that problem and neither do you." He is very choked up and the Pastor is as well. Red and the Pastor speak with each other at the Pastor's little corner of the barn, he gives Red his personal supplies, and his spot in the barn once he is gone. The Pastor is reunited with his wife Wendy at the gate, and Red notes, "well, we are down to 13". Everyone Red has been close to is now gone. He will have to find a way to get along with the group or he may be making a walk to gate soon himself. Red comes back to the barn to see that Bella has taken over the sleeping spot for herself and he quickly throws her items out of the corner and tells her this is HIS spot. Bella says "I refuse to argue with you today" and walks off. Lefty the Farmer Bri contacts a real farmer in the area named Lefty. Bri haggles to buy a rooster from him for $15 with the unlikely name of Enrique. Lefty gives them some general advice about chickens and confirms that Bella's style of gardening will work fine but it is not near large enough. He tells them by winter they will have no food to eat and will starve. Kristen and Hex are up early the next morning milking the cow, the see Bella come outside and release the chickens from their coup, including their new rooster. Bella tells them they are "free", and walks down to the garden. Hex is very upset that the chickens are eating the cow manure in the barn, she say that Bella can eat all the manure eggs, she can have them all. Some quick research tells me the chickens are fine eating the manure from cows (I had no idea) they pick the seeds and bits of edible food from the manure and leave the rest. After Bella has been yelled at by Hex, and had her things tossed all over the barn by Red for invading his territory, she decides to take the next day in the garden 100% Eve style. As in completely naked and with no fig leaf. The other pioneers make disparaging comments and liken her to the show 'Naked and Afraid' only she is naked and they are afraid. Money, Money, Money Amanda calls a business meeting and the group discuss ways to make money yet again. Camping, Hillbilly survival classes, jewelry, and yoga classes are some of the ideas they come up with. Bella suggests the rocks she has put in the garden can be sold for "pet" memorials. Josh and Aaron smirk at this and Kristen quickly steps in the remind them that the Utopia "Brand" is important and should not be diluted by too many things at once. Mike, the lawyer is reaffirmed as the treasurer, and reminds them they are down to $3,133.03. To "fix" the stove for a gas line and Bella's water filter to get rid of the nasty fluoride will set them back another $600. Party Time Mike and Josh decide to lighten the mood and put on a "Drag-style, burlesque" show for the other pioneers. Josh (Meeshell Bobcat) ends up looking like something from the movie 'South Pacific' with strings tied to his arms and an orange bra that passes fairly well for two coconuts tied together. Mike (Blanca Chocolate Late) is wearing a black leather corset and Rob provides the music. A good time seems to be had by all, even Red who says he is now blind but had a few laughs as well. Let's All Welcome... Ben The day of the Yoga classes has arrived. All our pioneers are nervous. They have reminded each other to put on deorderant and remember to smile. Everyone speculates on how many, or how few people might arrive. The price has dropped to $40 per person from $50, and now includes a tour of Utopia itself. When the large brass ship bell at the front gate finally rings... Ben greets them. Just Ben. Alone. He and his roommates became obsessed with the feeds and he decided to come and meet them and do a little Yoga. The pioneers welcome him and begin the yoga class, Nikki leads, Hex, Amanda, Josh, Bella and Ben. Rob is yelling in the barn that "this is not a joke, they need food and money", the yoga group can hear every word. Hex excuses herself from continuing because her butt hurts too much. Josh waits for a meditation portion and crawls away while the remaining group have their eyes closed. Ben is escorted out and the pioneers while sarcastic about the turn out are grateful for the money as Amanda puts it "today was a fabulous day, because we didn't lose money". Barn Baby Nikki the holistic doctor talks to Amanda about her pregnancy, Amanda says it has been great so far. Josh joins them and talks about the lake of sex in Utopia. Nikki and Amanda ask if he wants to have sex with Nikki, he says "yea, she is the only one left he can turn to", they have a good laugh and Nikki tells him whe will "have to let him know". Hex and Kristen together in the hammock pray for the new pioneer arriving today to be a "boy". Kristen prays hard for Hex because she is in a real drought here. Hex says she is in the desert. Taylor, Nuf Said... Taylor arrives, and he looks like the front cover of Harlequin romance novel. Hex immediately jumps up to help him carry in his crate. All the girls are pretty impressed and very giggle-y about Taylor. He tells them he has worked in high end landscaping lately, building water features, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens. Learn more about Taylor here. Josh calls out Hex for putting on make-up and brushing her hair, she doesn't disagree. Taylor has brought a HUGE slab of Omaha, NE beef with him and has now won over the guys as much as the girls. Looks like he will fit in just fine. The group gets together to play a game of "stick baseball" to welcome Taylor to Utopia. Next Time Looks like Taylor is off to a good start. Will Hex and Bella become puppy dogs chasing after Taylor and Josh respectively? Amanda mentioned she did not want to have her baby in barn, so will she be leaving Utopia to have the baby? Will Enrique the rooster rise to the occasion and do his job? Tune in Friday September 19th for some of these answers. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think of Utopia. Have you checked in on the live free feeds yet?