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Found 1 result

  1. http://www.mortystv.com/bb/ The main page at the top has a few rumors going around for the upcoming Big Brother season. I figured we could have a thread discussing the rumors. If you have a rumor share it here and we can discuss that rumor. As for the rumors posted on the main page I have to say the only one sounds interesting. Rumor One: This rumor says that returning houseguests are coming back and then someone in their family will also be on the show. While it sounds interesting in some ways to have that I think it basically back handedly makes it a duo thing, because I cannot see where family will not stick up for family on the show. Say the rumor that Rachel and Elissa would do the show together is true, you would basically have a duo right there they are not going to go against each other no matter what, The same thing could be said for Dan and Chelsea (his wife) or Danielle and Dominic. To me it would make for a really boring season. Now if they wanted to do something like this have it where someone is brought in with an estranged family member maybe a mom, Dad, Aunt, Cousin, Brother, Sister who don't get along that could be interesting. Rumor Two: This rumors says it is going to be a House of Winners which is the only one I woul dbe interested in seeing. First of all I can see major problems in getting back all the winners of the show and getting them all to agree to come back in the first place. This could be billed as the ultimate Big Brother where the winner is the basically the best Big Brother player ever. Rumor Three: This one is the basic All-Stars which would be cool to see if the show hadn't brought back housguests in like every Big Brother except a select few the past few years. Frankly returning Houseguests are just getting really old and needs to stop, they really need to find new houseguests for a while and let people get old housguests out of their minds for once. The only way I would actually like this is if the show brings back all the first evictees and actually give them all a chance to compete for the prize. I would watch it because in many ways it really would be new Houseguests as they never really got a chance to compete fully of the prize. In the end I would actually love to see the show not have any twists to start the season and let it be a true old school Big Brother with all new cast and everything.
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