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Found 8 results

  1. Jonathan is a pastor and high school coach. His habitat of origin is Church Hill, Tenn.This 45 years old married men can build, hunt and fish. He is also the father of two kids. ''I'm a pastor in the community. I want an opportunity to share the message that I'm sharing locally to as many people as I can. God is no longer at the center of our society. A society that's gonna succeed needs to have God at the center of it.'' ''What I would like to see accomplished with the social experiment is to show folks that you can come together with differences. Put those differences aside and work together. There are times where diplomacy don't get the job done. You have to do whatever it takes. I love a challenge. I'm very competitive. I think that I could survive and be a great asset to those around me as we build that society that we all wanna call Utopia.'' "When I go to Utopia, God goes to Utopia," proclaims Jonathan, who hopes to build a church and baptize his fellow Utopians.
  2. Red (Arthur) is 41, married and a father. Red is a handyman, farmer, moonshiner, home builder and natural medicine man. He is from Cecilia, Ky. ''I like hunting, I like fishing, I llike my knives, I like shooting guns and I've lived off the grid for ten years. There's no electric line to the property and there ain't no water lines coming to the property. I can fix about anything.'' ''I can do things they say can't be done. I'm all for sexual freedom if somebody wants do to something more power to them. I don't want your lifestyle or anybody else's lifestyle forced upon me either. There's no shame in my game, this is Red world you know I'm saying.'' "I'll be your Hillbilly MacGyver and your go-to guy," says Kentucky Red, who won't tolerate fools in Utopia. "I can fix just about anything," he says. "But there ain't no fixin' stupid."
  3. Name: Bri Vitals: 20, single Habitat of Origin: Westminster, CA Occupation: Veterinary aide Skillset: Farming, raising livestock, horseback riding, canning fruits and vegetables, building huts Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Expressed In Emojis: Horse, another horse, cocktail, horse Most Likely To: Build Utopia in the image of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” video Natural Enemies: Anyone who gets between her and the BOYS Behavioral Quirks: Talking about humans like she isn’t one Bri’s Utopia: Bri nuzzling her horse on the cover of a supermarket paperback “It would be nice to be the prettiest girl in Utopia -- that way, I could have my pick of the men,” says the first generation Vietnamese-American free spirit, who’s passionate about animal rights and makin’ jam!
  4. Name: Josh Vitals: 36, long-distance relationship, father Habitat of Origin: Salt Lake City, UT Occupation: General contractor Skillset: Building, cooking, sewing, fishing, hunting, bragging Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Expressed In Emojis: Flexing arm, hazard sign (construction), hearts Most Likely To: Erect new structures Natural Enemies: Wet blankets who don’t want to hang in his “Love Shack” Behavioral Quirks: Flaunting his sexuality like a peacock in the wild Josh’s Utopia: Caligula’s Rome “You can’t build a house without a general contractor, and you can’t build Utopia without me,” says Josh the Builder, a self-proclaimed “sexy beast” excited to help other people (into bed) and model his vast collection of “banana hammocks.”
  5. Name: Nikki Vitals: 29, single Habitat of Origin: Brooklyn, NY Occupation: Medical/holistic doctor, life coach, herbalist, yoga instructor Skillset: Gardening, intense eye-gazing, cuddling Zodiac Sign: Pisces Expressed In Emojis: Banana, stopwatch, “let me touch you” emoji Most Likely To: Last the longest Natural Enemies: No-Touching policies, unchecked capitalism Nikki’s Utopia: An endless group hug An ideal society won’t take shape overnight, but don’t expect that to phase Dr. Nikki. After all: “It’s not about the orgasm, it’s about the process,” says the holistic doctor and tantric sex enthusiast sure to take a hands-on approach to communal living.
  6. Name: Chris Vitals: 25, single Habitat of Origin: Cary, NC Occupation: Glass blower, chili farmer Skillset: Skateboarding, surfing, shredding, guitar-playing Zodiac Sign: Virgo Expressed In Emojis: Chili pepper, guitar, rainbow Most Likely To: Turn your frown upside-down, man Natural Enemies: Bad vibes Behavioral Quirks: Prone to humblebragging Chris’ Utopia: The Island of the Lotus-eaters from The Odyssey, except with chili peppers He’ll infuse your spirit with happiness and burn your mouth with the hot peppers he farms with his family. Chili charmer Chris loves inspiring others, working as a team, and finding beauty in all he beholds. Well, maybe not everything. “Bible bangers drive me nuts,” he says.
  7. Name: Amanda Vitals: 30, in an open relationship Habitat of Origin: Seattle, WA Occupation: Behavioral specialist Skillset: Patience, organizing/planning, singing Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Expressed In Emojis: Baby (obviously), kissy smiley, peace sign Most Likely To: Gain weight in Utopia Natural Enemies: Anyone who suspects she’s pregnant Amanda’s Utopia: One big happy family “I’m pregnant, but not powerless,” says Amanda, who plans to keep the baby a secret as long as she can in Utopia. Her work with developmentally challenged children reaffirms her belief that if “everyone treated each other like family, the world would be a better place.”
  8. Name: Aaron Vitals: 26, single Habitat of Origin: Jackson, MS Occupation: Private chef Skillset: Cooking, foraging, personal training Zodiac Sign: Taurus Expressed In Emojis: Meat, dumbbell, knife Most Likely To: Dig underneath each camera for hidden ‘shrooms Natural Enemies: The unhealthy Behavioral Quirks: He sets six daily eating alarms Aaron’s Utopia: Everyone working together for one simple goal: survival “Food is life,” says this former military man who knows what a good meal can mean to a hungry community. A hopeless romantic and fantastic forager, Aaron envisions a Utopia free of class divisions and full of nuts and berries.