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Found 1 result

  1. Naeha Sareen Age: 29 Hometown: Toronto, ON Occupation: Chiropractor, Entrepreneur Describe yourself in three words: Hustler. Outgoing. Genuine. Do you have a strategy to win Big Brother Canada? Mental. I am a very competitive person and I'm in pretty good shape. I've done marathons and I work out a lot so I assume I’ll be better at physical challenges. I consider myself to be fairly intelligent, so I think I’ll do well at the mental challenges too...except for the memory-based ones, those I’ll have to work on a lot. If you could take one thing inside the house, what would it be and why? My parents, because I’ll miss them the most. I talk to them every day! They’re a big part of life. My family is such a huge fan of Big Brother! My sisters and brothers watch too. We watch the Canadian, American, Australian and Indian versions together. I know they’ll all be watching me. Brain vs. Brawn. Which challenges, physical or mental, do you fear most? I fear the physical challenges the most only because while I am pretty strong, my upper body strength is not at its best. Mentally, I’m very quick and when I play along at home, I can usually get the answers faster than the houseguests can on the show. If you won, how would you spend the $100k? I would definitely do something for my parents. I have no idea what that would be though because they are such humble people. I’d also reinvest some of the money into my businesses – I have a handbag company and a custom truffle company. I would travel too. I love Southeast Asia and I would love to see more of Canada! Who is your Big Brother Canada idol and why? I have to go season by season because I really can’t just pick one! My favourites for season one were Emmett and Gary. Emmett had the ultimate game. He was very confident in mental and physical challenges and was a great social player. And Gary is just the most fabulous person I’ve ever seen. We would be besties! He’s an amazing role model and we would bond so much over fashion! Fashion is my passion, just wait until you see my outfits. Season two was unbelievable! The cast was unreal! Since I really can’t put my favourites in any order of preference, I’ll list them alphabetically: Adel, Arlie, Heather, Jon, Kenny, and Neda. They’re amazing I love them all. True North strong and free. What is your favourite thing about Canada? The diversity, 110 per cent! This country is a salad bowl and I love that. We’re pro-immigration, which is great for me since my parents immigrated here 38 years ago.
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