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Found 143 results

  1. CeCiMom


    (I can't believe there hasn't been a thread about Dexter before now... I must be overlooking it somewhere???) Season 7 starts tonight!!! Can't wait to find out how Deb is going to handle catching Dex in a kill room stabbing someone in the chest!!!
  2. They would backdoor the heck out of Jeremy.
  3. CeCiMom

    Aaryn - Week 1

    Name: Aaryn Gries Age: 22
  4. CeCiMom

    Andy - Week 1

    Name: Andy Herren Age: 26
  5. CeCiMom

    Helen - Week 1

    Name: Helen Kim Age: 37
  6. CeCiMom

    Howard - Week 1

    Name: Howard Overby Age: 29
  7. CeCiMom

    GinaMarie - Week 1

    Name: GinaMarie Zimmerman Age: 32
  8. CeCiMom

    Jeremy - Week 1

    Name: Jeremy McGuire Age: 23
  9. CeCiMom

    Nick - Week 1

    Name: Nick Uhas Age: 28
  10. CeCiMom

    Judd - Week 1

    Name: Judd Daughtery Age: 26
  11. Name: Jessie Kowalski Age: 25
  12. CeCiMom

    Amanda - Week 1

    Name: Amanda Zuckerman Age: 28
  13. CeCiMom

    Spencer - Week 1

    Name: Spencer Clawson Age: 31
  14. Last I heard/saw was that Elissa was going to be the PoV replacement nominee and that Dave was going to be blindsided when he gets evicted Wednesday. Of course, that is four days away and things will probably change a few times before then.
  15. ok so what happens if the bbmvp goes up for eviction or is on the chopping block, what then do they still run the risk of eviction, are they safe or will it be set up some way that they get some sort of pov?
  16. Did anything interesting happen on the feeds last night? Who's been nominated? Do we know who won the PoV or MVP or haven't they played it yet?
  17. JLazaus


    Showtime's Homeland is definitely my favorite new show of the season. Has anyone else been watching? It stars Claire Danes as a CIA officer who's investigating the return of a POW played by Damian Lewis. While the rest of the country considers him a war hero, her character suspects he may be a sleeper agent. The pilot immediately hooked me in and I think the premise is really exciting. (It helps that Danes and Lewis are both great in their roles! The two really shine when they're on TV.) Also, has anyone else checked out homeland It's the show's interactive online site. Basically you beat the different levels of the game to reveal "secret files" about the characters on the show. I haven't gotten through the whole thing yet, but I think if you've seen the show it's definitely worthwhile. What does everyone else think?