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Found 1 result

  1. Recap of Celebrity Big Brother UK Summer 2012 Launch night August 15, 2012: Link to watch Host Brian Dowling (this show is live). HM #1 Our streetwise HM #1 is Julie Goodyear (from a older British TV show Coronation Street (2010 episodes). Awarded MBA by the Queen, voted the best ever soap star, I’m not excited about entering the BB house, I am frightened. I smoke. I get along people provided they are not loud, aggressive or drunk. I’m just Julie. Julie enters the house from the DR and says WOW oh YEAH! This is cool! (She’s just walking around looking and smiling). Bedroom is locked. Outside is locked. Time for #2. My name is Cheryl Ferguson You may know me as Heather from Eastenders (soap opera). I love singing. I might be a bit annoying. I think I’m a nightmare to live with it. I will try to walk away from the conflict. I may not be a great HM, but I hope to be a happy HM. She enters the house from the balcony and says “Hi Ya Julie!” They seem to know each other and are very friendly. She asks “what happens now?” Julie says “I have no idea!” BB is now talking to Julie and Cheryl and orders them to the DR. (They have obviously never seen this show) LOL They sit in the BB DR chair. BB: “Tonight BB wants to see what kind of Drama Queens you can be for the next 90 minutes. Beside you are boxes containing ear pieces, put them in your ear.” (However they can’t figure out the ear pieces). “BB is going to give you instructions to create a real life living soap opera in the house, each time you hear your show’s soap theme song BB will give you an stage direction to create a moment of drama, BB is the director you will always hear your instructions through your ear piece. We want to see scandal, tears, and drama. If you do all this to BB’s satisfaction, your entire HM will be rewarded. This is a secret mission, none of the other HM can know what your doing. Do not remove your ear pieces until instructed. Even if someone suspects you of faking your mission, you will not win the prize”. Brian Dowling “They have no Idea what they are doing!” Our 3rd HM is Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from Jersey Shore (In America). I look like Rambo with my shirt off. If there are any hot girls I will be most likely hooking up with them. Age range interested in me would be 18 to 50. Best qualities of me is I am real and loyal and a 6 pack of abs. Gym Tan laundry. Brian: There is no tanning salon in there. What wont you do on camera? “Mike says I’m going to wing it”. Mike enters the house through the balcony. Julie and Cheryl welcome him and introduce themselves. They say “your name is The Situation?” He says my name is Michael. First drama experience: Cheryl’s soap theme song pipes through their ear pieces and both Julie and Cheryl go “Oh!” lol, then BB tells Cheryl “Please take The Situation aside and tell him you don’t like Julie because she had an affair with your husband” Cheryl grabs Mike’s arm and leads him away, and he gets leary and says “where are you taking me?” Cheryl says to Mike “She’s a bit weird that one (referring to Julie) she had an affair with my ex boyfriend, and I really don’t like her much” Mike says “What would you like me to do about this one?” Cheryl says “I just want you to watch out for her, she’s after the young ones!” Cheryl says to Julie “why don’t you have a drink?” Julie says “I don’t drink” Cheryl says “neither do I, do you drink Michael?” Mike says “No not anymore” (For those of you who may not know, he recently got out of Rehab for Drug and alcohol abuse). Julie says “I can’t wait to see the bedroom” Cheryl says “Yeah I bet you can’t wait, you like the bedroom”. Julie says “What’s that suppose to mean?” Time for HM #4 Julian Cleary, “renowned homosexual, the public will know me for making them laugh, in the mid 80’s started talking about gay sex as a comedian, it started quite a fuss, I don’t like the sound of people breathing, coughing or snoring. As long as I have my 3 hours of bathroom time and my daily enema. My plan is to have sex in the Jacuzzi within the first 20 minutes and if necessary have sex with the Jacuzzi. I plan to bring to the house a bit of class and a very tight sphincter. I’m going into the house to widen my circle” Julian enters through the balcony. He recognizes Julie and Cheryl, then he is introduced to Michael. Julian asks Michael what is function is, Mike says “US tv” Julian says “I will try to use short words”. HM #5 is Rhian Sugden, professional DJ, English glamour model, Page 3 girl, made news for texting saucy messages to Tess Daily’s husband. Her boobs are real (and big). People think I’m ditzy but people will be surprised I’m quite smart and not very domesticated. I’m taking a lot of bikini’s for the lads. I can be a bit bitchy. I’m just a normal person with large breasts. She enters through the balcony and says hi to everyone (The Situation looks thrilled to death). He introduces himself as Michael. Suddenly Julie’s soap music plays and she jumps BB says “Julie go and tell Rhian she reminds you of a troubled bar mate, think Raquel, warn her about the wicked ways of men” Julie calls Rhian aside “I have to tell you something, you reminded me of one of my favorite bar mates Raquel, she was gorgeos, I want you to be careful in here, with the men, with Michael. Have you ever seen Jersey Shore? That is the US version!. So be careful” Rhian tells Michael she is a topless model. Mike says “Cool”. Rhian asks Mike what he does he says “I’m on a show called Jersey Shore in the US”, She says “Is yours as bad as ours?” (I couldn’t stop laughing!) Rhian says “Ours is pretty bad”. Mike says “Why is yours so bad?” Rhian says “They have sex scenes”, Mike says “Oh ours don’t do that” Julie says “Are you sure Michael?” Mike says “Yeah, in America they wouldn’t air that!” (I’m still cracking up). HM #6 Harvey, MC, self confessed womanizer, rapper of 22 seconds, love rat, blacklisted professionally, good friends of Romeo (from last Celebrity BB). He enters through the balcony. Harvey is the first HG to know who The Situation is. Lots of quiet hellos. Rhian telling them how she got all boos, Harvey got a few boos. Everyone else got cheers. HM #7 Samantha Brick, she wrote “Why do women hate me for being beautiful?” I think I’m beautiful, I’m a good listener, I’ve been accused of being narcissistic, vain, etc. (Lots of Boos from the crowd). Every woman should be beautiful in her own world. She enters through the balcony (more boos from the crowd) The other HM heard all the booing. They all are giving polite hellos. (Julian doesn’t appear to like her at all!!!) HM #8 Prince Lorenzo Borghese (Italian prince, but is obviously American), formally on the Bachelor. I think I’m a nice person, I’m Italian though, so when people aren’t nice, I’m not nice back. I’m not scared of BB. I don’t mind contributing to household chores. He enters through the balcony. Everyone introduces themelves. Mike and Lorenzo bond immediately. Suddenly Cheryl’s soap music plays and BB says “Cheryl go to Harvey and tell him about Julie’s affair with your ex and cry on his shoulder” Cheryl says to Harvey “Can I have a word with you over there” she takes him aside” and says as she starts to cry “Julie went out with one of my fellows one time and I don’t know what to do” He says “That is something you both need to square off because you are in here for a while” Cheryl starts crying. Harvey tries to console her. “Cheryl is really crying saying “I didn’t know she was going to be here, I’m missing my husband and my kids” (She is REALLY Crying!!!). Harvey keeps saying “You need to address this with her, please do not cry, your going to make me start crying” HM #9 Danica Thrall, model, star of Sex Lies and Rinsing Guys (about business women who make money through interactive sites), I get gifts from everyone all the time. If im tired, it’s not good. If I’m home by myself, I never have clothes on. She enters through the balcony and is so excited. She appears to know Rhian so the two of them are chatting it up. HM#10 Ashley MacKenzie, I’m an Olympian and judo champion, my opinion comes out. He enters through the balcony. Lots of hugs, kisses and introductions. He has bonded with Harvey. HM #11 Coleen Nolan, from a group called the Nolans, TV presenter, millions of records sold, was once married to Shane Ritchie, on Loose Women always getting into trouble. Excited and sick about going into the house. I can be shy and flirtatious. She is getting the MOST Cheers hands down!!!! Her teenagers asked her not to take her breasts out on the show. She enters through the balcony. She says she is hyperventilating. HM #12 Jasmine Lennard model actress, bad girl, high profile relationship widely documented, I’m more inclined to women rather than men, all girls looked at their Barbie dolls and wanted to be like them, I looked at mine and wanted to fuck them. I’m quite bitchy. I will probably be arrested or thrown out. She is getting LOTS of boos. A few cheers. Looks very tall and skinny. She admits she is nervous about going into the house. She enters through the balcony. She is shaking like a leaf. All pleasantries around. They offered her a drink, she doesn’t drink. HM #13 Martin Kemp, actor, musician, Played in EastEnders. I think the first week on BB I will do really good, I think the 2nd week I will probably piss people off. He gets a ton of cheers. He says he’s going in to win! He enters through the balcony. Cheryl immediately greets him (they were on the same soap). Both Julie and Cheryls’ soap music is now playing. BB “You must now have a blazing go round with each other about the affair, Julie you must end the argument by throwing a drink over Cheryl” IT takes them a long time, finally they start going at it and yelling, Julie finally says “fucking get over it” and then throws a drink in her face. That is how the show ends!