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Found 2 results

  1. This cast isn't what I was expecting at all, but coming from Toronto where the majority of the cast is from I can see these characteristics on a daily basis below is my overview for each HG. AJ: Quiet/Awkward Indian man who lives with his parents (like 95% of Indian Canadians) and can't socialize very well with other people (non-indian). Talla: Self-centered, loud and gross (whore) for when she was giving dudes lap dances and rubbing her ass n fake tits all over people. Shes got a very northern GTA vibe, was shocked to find out she was from Edmonton. Still annoying to say the least. Alec: Smart, funny, and knows whats hes doing in life and in this game. Probably will talk the least shit about him. Suzette: Loud, annoying, large, and always negative not a very good representation of the natives in Canada (did bb Canada do this on purpose?) Aneal: Whiny, crying, nagging voice, (I mean you really wanna tell this dude to STFU everytime he talks) Fooled me by thinking he was just metrosexual, but is full blown gay hes got that preppy/nerd gayness which is rampant in the streets of Toronto. Liza: Ditzy, fake whoring (in bed with Tom Peter and Andrew at points), and your average orange tan lady , Toronto is full of these self centered egotiscial type ladies with the orange glow. Tom: Biggest prick probably known to man! disrepectful to pretty much everyone in the house and talks the most shit. The way he talks about women sickens me and he has them all around his finger and is running the game (wake up you silly broads!) He really is a redneck P.O.S. Kat: Was probably an undercover dique who would have gone far.....she didnt though Topaz: Classic ghetto Scarborough girl attitude, lazy, sneaky,and confused and will ride alec out to the very end because this is all she has. Peter: Energetic, hipster, youtuber from Toronto, many Peter's exist in Toronto, I'm not friends with these type of people but Peter makes me see that they are pretty chill and know whats really up behind those nerdy persona. Gary: Over the top flamboyancy, Gary's are all over Toronto but he's defintely a stand out guy who with his over the topness is blinding people in the game (glitter and all) Emmett: Quiet cowboy, who doesnt wanna get involved in BS, you can tell by his demeanor he really didnt wanna be in an Alliance with Tom. Is a prick though cuz he banged gillian and said he'd drop her in heartbeat. Andrew: East coasters...... enough said, seems like a genuine dude but not all the peices are there. Classic playing stupid like all east coasters do in the big city. Gillian: Another east coast.......who puts out faster then anyone ive seen on BB maybe. Has no real strategy (but thinks she does) other people are doing her thinking for her. I can't imagine she teaches anything higher then kindergarten Danielle: Big, Busty, Blonde, The three B's god help us all did i mention dumb as shit. She is gone now so lets not worry about her. These are just my personal observations in viewing the feeds and episode up until this point please feel free to do what I have done and breakdown the HG in your own opinion and tell me if you think some of my labeling is spot on (which I know it is ).
  2. Big Brother Canada's First Live Eviction I was so excited to get to go to a live eviction of Canadian Big Brother. As a longtime fan of BB U.S it's always been out of my reach. We were told via email that we were in no way to share the location of the BB house (which is at the Orbitor Studios in Missisauga Ontario) or to bring phones, cameras or recording devices of any kind. It said to leave our devices in our cars before going into the studio.. we didn't like that at all. Even though the email also stated that the entrance would be clearly marked, there was only a small, taped to an easel sign saying 'audience line up' where we froze our buts off for a good 15 min while being constantly pushed aside by crew coming out to chat with each other or to smoke before being let in. There was also a 'rush' line for people hoping to get left over tickets to the show but that was empty probably partly due to the February chill. As we made our way inside, two young ladies took our names & handed us an empty envelope which was our 'ticket' in because since the studio had added an extra 50 seats which didn't make it to the printers in time for the show. I was a little disappointed because I would have liked to have the tickets as a keepsake. We lined up waiting to be let in & were given the spiel about not recording anything & turning off our phones (crap, we could have brought them). The woman also asked if this was our first time here or if we had been to the first show last week, letting it slip (although most of us knew) that the show didn't start the night before as indicated by the season premier but that the house guests had been in the house for a week already. We were then directed to the coat check which was just off to the right of the BB house behind the audience seats. After just a few more minutes we were directed to our seats directly in front of the BB house doors, 3 rows back. Just to the right of a couple of crew members were busy polishing the car that is one of the prizes for the last house guest standing. When most of the audience was seated, Sue Brophey came out with directions on clapping, cheering & standing ovations. You wouldn't think that we'd need instructions on that but then those standing in front of the teleprompter (us, across from the BB house door) were to stand with the rest of the audience but not stand up all the way. We were told to crouch & clap when the timing was right so that we didn't block the hosts view of the teleprompter. She also explained that the house guests can hear us cheer & maybe even talk so she wouldn't be exposing any secrets to us. Sue went on to ask if the audience had any questions, one of which was could we get free t-shirts. Her answer to that was to get a few Big Brother Canada t-shirts & shot glasses (she's a vodka girl for those interested) & to give them away as prizes for a little BB U.S trivia. Who won the most HOH's in BB history? Who won the most POV's? What season was the jury house introduced? It was then that I noticed that Ronnie of The Real Housewives of Vancouver (also a Slice show) was also in the audience. The audience was very excited & vocal throughout the night. They didn't need the cheering lessons Sue went on to ask audience how many of us were BB fans (duh), how many watched BB U.S & how many were watching the free live feeds? The studio itself was small but impressive. It looks as though the face is actually blank & that it gets it's look from several projections hanging from the ceiling. It seemed to be a state of the art studio with all the latest gadgets. I've been to one other studio recording this year & their equipment seemed a little dated by comparison. At least one cameraman looked as though he was playing with the camera on a long extended arm. So much so that it seemed like he might hit a few audience members if he wasn't careful when he was swinging it over our heads. Sue soon announced that the show would begin shortly. She gave the motion for us to stand up (or crouch), & someone behind the audience started to clap so we all joined in as Arisa Cox made her entrance & it was time for Big Brother Arisa seemed to be extremely comfortable & pretty much made for the role of BB host. It was hard to hear the flashbacks that were played during the show or to hear Arisa while the clapping continued but other then that, it was great. During the breaks she was primped upon by a few people & seemed to read up on the house guests which I doubt she could know too well at this point. When that was done she would talk to us about BB, ask us if liked the house, dance for us & made jokes about making contact with every person in our section. She took the time to engage & entertain us every chance she got. Sue would talk to us while Arisa was being worked on to let us know how we were doing (best clappers ever!) & to tell us how long until we were back to recording. During the break that followed the POV ceremony, Sue polled the audience on who they thought would be evicted. The audience seemed split on it. Kat's eviction wasn't a surprise to me because I watch the feeds as well as read Morty's updates but I was a little worried when she got one vote because the plan that I had heard was that the vote was supposed to be unanimous. I was relived to see her go only because Emmet seems to fit better with the other house guests. There was a brief delay between Kat exiting the BB house & entering the studio. Not sure what that was or if she was just receiving instructions but once she did sit to talk with Arisa it was hard to hear her talk but once they cut to break she gave one of the crew members (who came out of the BB house doors) what looked like a very heartfelt hug. Sue announced that they were preparing for HOH which would be very Canadian endurance competition. When recording started again Dan Gheesling made his appearance. The audience seemed to be quite excited. Some even shouting that they loved him. He stayed after & told a few audience members that he's sign their autographs. When show started again it was showing the HOH comp & ti was obvious that it would be a lumberjack themed game of some kind. As a proud Canadian I find it more annoying then patriotic to show us as lumberjacks or Eskimos. Most of us are much more like our neighbours to the south then either of those. But, it's just a game. When the show was done, Dan, Sue & Arisa talked to us with Sue telling us about how she approached Dan about taking part in the show & he stating the he would if he could be more involved. Dan complained that the show isn't available to view in the U.S & that our feeds are free while they have to pay for theirs. They also talked about making a commercial spot together for the show. The show seemed to run smoothly for only it's second live recording. I'd love to go again later in the season when I'm more familiar with the house guests. Wish me luck. Jenn
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