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  1. I am really not fond of Joey I wouldn't mind if she get's voted out
  2. So happy Donny won veto I want to see him go far love him !
  3. Nicole seems very sweet and like the way she presented herself
  4. I like Derrick I hope he does well in the game.
  5. I am really liking Caleb thus far that may change but he is rather pleasing to look at also hehe
  6. scooby-doo

    Is "The Shield" in Trouble?

    Yes they think they are in control but they are not.Alex should have voted Andrew out when he had the chance and turning on Topaz the way he has was a bone headed move .The shield lost allies instead of gaining them and despite their claim as masterminds they don't read people well.So they are not in control and I look forward too seeing them sweat.Either way I think one of them will be going hopefully it will be Alex.
  7. scooby-doo

    Brendon - Week 7 (Nominee) PoV winner

    Good luck,Brendon I hope you'll be safe tonight and live fight another week!!!!!!!!!!♥Team Brendon♥
  8. scooby-doo

    Brendon - Week 6 HoH

    LOL...sorry my bad I am a Brendon fan,I just don't get on here much,but I am very pleased he won and it is just great to see Ragan and Britney squirm..Rachel and Brendon have their faults but Ragan and Britney are far from perfect nice to see them taken down a notch for their over the top bashing pride comes before the fall..tsk..tsklol!!!!!!!!!
  9. scooby-doo

    Rachel - Week 5 Nominee

    I have to say I was a Rachel supporter myself,however tonight my eyes opened it was her attitude and the way she acts and carries herself just turned me off .I don't care what she does for a living that isn't an issue but the way you treat people is,and if you want people to give you sympathy then maybe when you had power in the house you should have been nicer to people and shown better sportsmanship during a competition .And the way she treated Kristen last week came back to bite her and she didn't care and now she is in that same position and she did it to herself plain and simple.Karma is a b**tch!
  10. Phew.....I was just having a mini meltdown...it has been a crazy day in BB land today this is the first time I am completely riled...it's been a long day..sheeesssh!LOL Eastcoast I am locked and loaded...remote at reaady....food and drink check...breathing normal now...LOL
  11. LOL...Sorry the question was answered I have been struggling to get in here...I am just so amped for tonights show...my nerves are rattled!
  12. I am a bit confuzzled I live in Connecticut and BB11 is scheduled to be at 8pm...they even ran previews for tonights show. did something change??
  13. scooby-doo

    Do you enjoy this season?

    I have to say I am really loving this season thus far the first week was very exciting,I am surprised as it takes me awhile to get into it,but not this time around !
  14. I voted for Laura I am hoping she will get it,but I will be content if Jordan does or even Casey.
  15. scooby-doo

    Ronnie - BB 11

    Uhggghhh...I am so disappointed in Ronnie,I liked him in the beginning and was rooting for him but observing the way he playing both sides and double dealing just made me change my mind for someone who is a gamer his strategy is an epic failure.I would respect him more if he picked a side.