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  1. Hbaby

    Kara Monaco, Pre-Season

    Here is a video of her, some of you will really enjoy and I would watch at work!!!! THe ladies in the house won't be liking her and I have a feeling she won't wear much for clothing!
  2. Just wondering if it is better to wait to get the Live feeds until it is closer to airtime or if you sign up now, your 3-month subscription doesn't really start until the show starts? Or if the show will be done by the time the three months is up from the start of the early bird special. Hope this makes sense! Thank you in advance!
  3. Hbaby

    Daniele - Week 3

    I think she is running the house and the vets are doing what she suggests all the time, from who to nominate and who to evict. She will go far.
  4. Morty just tweeted: #mortystv Quick overnight recap. Dick is no longer in the house. Seems there was an emergency and he left. #mortystv Dani says she doesn't know the person as its not on her side of the family. Brenchel got to bed about 6:30BBT. So those that were saying emergency with girlfriends family possible correct.
  5. Not really sure but there is speculation that production found out about his video he posted on the internet where he stated that he was going on BB13. His friend posted it a little too early, before the show aired. The link is in the home page of morty's. Some also say he just said he was going to do big brother just to get his daughter back in the game and then walked out. But like previously stated, Dani go the golden key and is safe from nominations for 4 weeks but doesn't get to participate in any competitions.
  6. Hbaby

    Adam - Week 1

    I wish he'd stop screaming!!
  7. Hbaby

    Google + Invites

    I try it arood24@gmail.com
  8. Hbaby

    Porsche - Week 1 Nominated

    I do not like her! Agree with all previous statements!
  9. Hbaby

    Cassi - Week 1

    I think she kinda looks like Megan Fox and somewhat Janelle from before.
  10. Hbaby

    Cassi - Week 1

    I wasn't sure about her last week but seeing her on tv and the way she talks and carries herself, I really like her!
  11. Hbaby

    BB13 Rumors and Facts

    I think Dan getting married is fake and that he really went back into the house. His twitter account has that he is on his honeymoon and Memphis keeps commenting on it but I think someone else is making the tweets or they were pre-planned tweets. Well maybe he got married but no honeymoon during Big Brother.
  12. Hbaby

    BB13 House Photos

    I'm sure this has been said, but I noticed the words in the picture outside are all Big Brother terms. VToe=Veto, Evikshun=Eviction, KomTshn=Competition, Nom-N-E=Nominee, Slahp=slop. I know there are more but can't really see them yet.
  13. loves having summers off to get wrapped up in BB!

  14. Does someone have the address to watch big brother live as it is shown on tv?