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  1. tymorty

    New and Old Members

    I'm back after quite a few years of "retirement". Will be nice to reconnect with the "old" and meet the "new"!
  2. tymorty

    Jeff Conaway

    Yana, belated thanks for the interview. A good guy with a sad ending.
  3. tymorty

    Hurricane Katrina

    I just talked to Dimples, she is OK. No damage, fortunately. ~~~~~~~ Pharm, thank you for the suggestions of ways to go about helping. I'm glad you and everyone else are alright, so far.
  4. tymorty

    Questions and Answers

    I'd bet a nickle it was Howie. Token vote, maybe. We'll find out when it's up at cbs, or possibly earlier as Morty's seems to have the quickest "scoopers". Thanks meinva for posting the link. Shiraz2005, welcome to Morty's !
  5. James ended a sentence days ago to Sarah at bedtime something close to "why don't you just go to sleep, jerk". It wasn't in jest. Not sure if that's the exact sentence, been searching for about 2+ hrs. for it. Not only an annoying comment, but telling of things to come and his obvious thoughts about women. It was whispered between them. I agree that Eric is an a-hole, but James is worse as he hides it & "puts on". Playing the game - maybe, yet I doubt this with them. There's no excuse/reason/rationalization to believe this isn't really his pea brain & true feelings. Dangerous stuff. Reminds me of Jonathon on TAR, yet much more frightening to me as Jonathan was at least out there with it & James as I said before is - frightening. This dude is a true menace to any female not to mention umpteen other things. Wrote too much, apologies.
  6. tymorty

    **VOTE FOR MORTYS as BEST Site**

    9:55 am EST Fri., July 15 Morty's > 4th place - 54 votes (9%)
  7. Thank you for straightening that out for me salter-path. I had begun an attempt at a family tree, but the lines were so skewed I gave up. It took me a bit to get it just reading your post. The "begets" of The Forresters & Logans. :wink:
  8. tymorty

    New and Old Members

    Welcome rubthorn, from another NC BB fan. I hope you have fun and enjoy the insanity! It gets crazy in here, but is lots of fun.
  9. tymorty

    New and Old Members

    Just wanted to add to this that we were definately nuts last year, but oh what fun we had. The Cappy thread was hysterical, Jedi has it saved somewhere but I don't know where he is or where it is. Can't wait to see what goes on this year. :otay
  10. tymorty

    BB Game Links / Questions / Discussion

    Along with many of the above things listed, I will add: 1) Post a sign on bedroom door that states: "Unless you are bleeding or on fire, do not THINK about entering this room." 2) Move all of spouse's bathroom needs to child's bathroom. 3) Order groceries online, have store shop and bag them, then pick them up in the express lane. Have been known to have them delivered. 4) Exhaust all restaurants that deliver. 5) Exhaust all fast food restaurants via spousal pick-up. 6) Am currently in the process of procuring a wireless laptop for live feed viewing pleasure.
  11. tymorty

    Romber Fanatics and All Things Romber!

    Note: have any of you who are so vehemently arguing here, and on other threads, lived through a season of Big Brother on this board? If not, please read XS' post over and over and over or there will not be an unlocked thread in the Big Brother forum when it airs. I post this in all due respect to everyone's opinion.
  12. tymorty

    Next Romber Reality Show?

    :rofl :rofl Can you imagine the threads around here if Rob and Amber were to show up on BB this summer???? I've added my own few pieces of hades for the mods myself lately (my apologies, I just could not help going postal yesterday), but dear mercy it would be unreal. It gets nasty enough around BB time here w/ people we haven't seen on the show before............. I will admit it would be quite interesting to watch him/them maneuver. :twisted:
  13. tymorty

    Blue Collar TV

    You guys have knocked my socks off with this thread. I've not heard a lot of these one-liners either. Thanks! Another thing that just nails me when I watch these guys is when they crack each other up. There are just hysterical. XS, if you have a chance to see any of the Blue Comedy Tour movies, go for it. Comedy Central just finshed running them, but Netflix has them I think. (BTW, I'm loving my membership!)
  14. tymorty

    Britney Spears and Kevin

    :rofl :rofl Don't you wish you had that kind of money just to trash.............
  15. :shock: Surely you jest. I know you are a fan of Scott's as many are, but "nobody left now has any feeling or soul"? And before I get hit with "just my opinion", I respect your's - I do, but no feeling or soul? I'm having a really tough time with that statement. Scott was never on my list, but I certainly gave him credit when I felt credit was due (he sang "On Broadway" very well). I guess it's just my attempt at fairness.