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  1. 1:50Pm BBT: Feeds come back and there is Pea Lime Pie on the table. Caleb and Victoria are taking turns checking themselves out in the WA mirrors. Now they are in the RR taking a nap. Zach and Hayden doing funny characters in KT, Zach making food. 1:55PM BBT: Zach makes a comment to Cody and is put in his place, reminded he is on the block. Zach says Yikes! I will stop making mean comments. Laughing about it. And we get LR group chit chatting. Cody, Christine, Jocasta, Derrick, Hayden and Donnie. 1:58PM BBT: Christine petting Cody's head on couch with Cody rubbing Nichole's shoulder. Nichole moves to give Hayden a massage while he lies on the floor. 2:03PM BBt: Camera zooms in on Christine's wedding ring as she massages Cody's head. Frankie attempting to make a slop pie using the pie crust they were given. Nichole and Derrick in Storage Room talking about assigning the Have-Nots. She said she would not have put up Donny but since there are only 3 HN's this week it worked perfect. Derrick said if there had been a fourth? She said Zach. He said absolutely.
  2. 12:35PM BBT: Christine, Jocasta, Cody and Hayden in LR. No one talking. Donny enters and small talk about mic pack placements. Frankie seems to be laying the compliments on pretty thick towards Nichole. Saying she is America's sweetheart. Small talk with the LR crew. Spongebob, Fairly Oddparents, Angry Birds etc. Now Frankie and Nichole talking about Amber's secret that she kept talking about and never told. Frankie said I heard it over and over and over. Saying it doesn't make sense that she would come onto a reality show if she has some major secret. We frequently get silent fish as the LR gang are want to sing theme songs and quote movie/TV lines. 12:45PM BBT: Frankie telling Nichole that she should not have put up Caleb. Nichole agrees. Frankie then calls Nichole #1 Superfan. That her ratings this week must be through the roof. Nichole says no, she is just average. Everything she does in the house is just average. Nichole says that with Amber gone, she can handle Victoria much more than before. Victoria clung to Nichole to talk badly about Amber. Also with Amber gone, Caleb is being much nicer to the other girls. Nichole said that Amber should have pretended to like Caleb and to flirt with him. He would have done anything for her. Then Frankie tells Nic about Caleb saying Amber might like him better with his shaved head. Nichole then says, well, I no longer feel sorry for him then. Amber should not have flirted with him.
  3. 4:00 PM BBT: All Cameras on the KT. Just laughing and talking about head shaving and such. Frankie is cooking. + Caleb saying that the slop reminds him of MRE's. (Meals Ready to Eat, military food). 4:05 PM BBT: Christine, Nicole, Victoria and Cody in the HoH room. Christine and Nicole in HoH Bathroom. Nicole said two people would have put her up so she had to win the HoH this week. She wanted to know if Christine knew that is why she did not throw the HoH comp. Christine said sure of course!
  4. In case you are wondering.... 1:00 PM BBT: We are still watching videos with Jeff. 1:14PM BBT: We are back to Donnie making a sandwich and Frankie moving out of the HoH BR. Christine laughing saying Frankie will be back up there in a couple hours anyway, no matter who wins. Frankie agrees with her. 1:25PM BBT: Caleb is using the clippers on Derrick's hair in the WA. Victoria trying to convince someone to let her cut their hair. Caleb says he would rather cut his own hair drunk than to let her cut his hair. Donny is at the KT table post sandwich. ---I am out if someone else is on---
  5. 9:24PM BBT: massive soap foam covers one part of the rink. 9:27PM BBT: Andy and Spencer both fallen. GM wins part 1. Andy's knee popped out of place when he hit a cone. GM has twitching hands from holding the rope. Glitter falls by the bucketload which sends GM into a screaming fit. She loves it, then swallows some. Then she got n her back and made a glitter angel. Trivia now. 9:34PM BBT: feeds are back, HG'S in storage room contemplating frozen pizza for dinner.
  6. OK, so Judd and Amanda were outside in the hammock early this AM for almost an hour and a half. Somewhere between 4:20 and 5:40 or so. She was trying to convince him to save her. Amanda, McCrae Andy and Judd final 4. I guess Elissa wasn't in her pitch to Judd. He held strong and told her he probably would not vote to keep her but that he would talk to her again tomorrow about it. Today is tomorrow. When she got up to go back inside, he muttered, Dumb Bitch. The hammock talk was mostly Amanda telling Judd why he was evicted. All of his odd behavior that "just didn't make sense". The Kaitlin alliance lie, getting mad at Helen and Andy for no reason, he was spreading himself too thin with so many people, Andy was much more solid, she started to doubt his loyalty. Why did Jessie swear she had your vote in her pocket? Were you ever MVP? No? Swear you weren't?? OK, I believe you. (just kidding Judd, I still blame you for putting me up twice!) Lots and lots of back and forth about his 'shady behavior'. You cannot trust Spencer. Trust me and McCrae we will never betray you. (please Judd, please don't remember that just a few days ago I was urging GM to put you up, ok? Thanks, Love Amanda) It makes sense to keep me around, I am a target. Why is everyone going after me?? What did I ever do? (only I did admit more than a dozen times to masterminding this entire game from week 1) I never did anything. It doesn't make sense! Why is GM gunning for me? (just because I tried to get her out instead of Aaryn a week ago) 10:30AM BBT - 10:50AM BBT FotH. Fish wake up music. We come back to GM in her HoH room doing makeup and hair and Elissa and Judd on the outside couch talking about the morning music. Elissa asks Judd who his target is if it is a double eviction. He says they have to meet up with each other before so they can talk about it. She asks if he would put her up. He said no way, you are the last person I would put up. She asked him if he was going to try for it. (HOH) He said yeah of course, he doesn't want to go out on a double again. Elissa thinks McCrae should go up. "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I'm freaking out." - Elissa. Judd asking if she is good with eviction days, she says I guess, do you? He says the numbers of the eviction days. 10:55AM BBT: GinaMarie now back in bed. 10:58AM BBT: FotH for some reason. 11:00AM BBT: We come back to Elissa saying she wouldn't be friends with Amanda after that. She and Judd go inside. (I cannot STAND listening to Judd drink. Swig, gulp gulp gulp) Judd comes back from WA and tells Elissa he is going back to bed, wake him up by two if he isn't up then. 11:07AM BBT: Judd comes back into KT. Says they are going to lockdown the outside in an hour for the rest of the day. She asks him if he wants to run, he says no, he is going to lay out for a bit. He's just going to run inside later or do yoga. 11:16AM BBT: Judd goes to HoH to tell GinaMarie about the lock down. Says he is going to lay back down. He goes outside to drink coffee for a bit. 11:20AM BBT: Just Judd and Elissa doing ADL's for the morning. Teeth, hair, lip plumper. etc 11:27AM BBT: Elissa doing hair in WA, throws out a random Oh my gosh to herself. Judd making odd noises (on purpose) in the Bedroom and Andy says Fuck You! They laugh. Judd tells Andy about the lock down. 11:33AM BBT: Elissa doing Yoga in the BYD. Judd seems to be thinking and can't seem to sleep. He gives up and leaves the bed. 11:35AM BBT: Elissa is now jogging around the BYD. Judd is giving sleeping another try. He went and got a water bottle. Bandana on, eyes shut. 11:43AM BBT: Elissa done jogging and is stretching out on the yoga mat. 11:50AM BBT: Elissa done working out, puts away yoga mat in Bedroom. Houseguests, this is a lock down. Please go inside and close the sliding glass door. Elissa in the WA cleaning up.
  7. 3:15PM BBT: Andy and Spencer are doing dishes, Judd goes back to lie down some more. Elissa changes garbage. McCrae and Amanda still in bed. 3:30PM BBT: Andy and Elissa joke that the only time Jessie did dishes was if she was angry. She did it for attention. Elissa cleans the bathroom. GinaMarie now downstairs sitting at the counter. She wants to help clean but is told to rest her foot. The KT crew decide Elissa should make Chicken and Dumplings over Chicken Pot Pie for dinner. 3:40PM BBT: Dishes still being done. Andy wakes Judd up. 3:45PM BBT: While there is a lot of moving around and cleaning, there isn't really anything happening. 3:50PM BBT: Spencer and Andy decide that if there is a double eviction situation in the next couple of weeks that results in GinaMarie and Judd both on the block, they will vote out Judd. He is still sketchy and they believe he has something going with Elissa. That is due to him telling them he wants McCrae out first and that if Elissa makes it to the final two she will not have a shot at winning America's Player. [No, she would not win 25K, but she would win 50K! -Phortune] 3:55PM BBT: Amanda is awake and in the KT with Elissa who is still washing dishes. She goes back into the BR to get a cigarette from McCrae. Andy/Spencer/GinaMarie outside. Amanda goes out and apologizes for yelling at GinaMarie earlier. 3:58PM BBT: McCrae is now awake. Amanda is eating cookies with milk outside. GinaMarie and Andy were talking about a Pandora's box. GinaMarie says she thinks no way it will happen this season. 4:00PM BBT: Amanda laments the fact that she will be separated from her love for another 3 weeks. She looked at Spencer and started to say something about him not understanding, to which he said no, I have been away for over 70 days. She said it is different for her and McCrae because they have been together for that long but all day, every day. She will miss him so much. She goes inside and Spencer, Andy and GinaMarie joke that they will actually only be apart for an hour or so! 4:10PM BBT: They talk about Amanda and McCrae not lasting at all outside of the house. She will hate his friends and vice versa. She will feel like she has a 13 year old kid and he will feel like he has a step mom that he can (mild version) have sex with. They talk about wishing Amanda would have been gone weeks ago. Andy apologized that he was the roadblock for that. They are again planning what to do if a double eviction. Example scenario: Andy puts up Spencer and McCrae one of them wins veto, Elissa goes up, Elissa goes home. Scenario two: Judd and Elissa goes up. Judd wins veto, McCrae goes up, McCrae goes home. But Andy stresses he REALLY wants Elissa to go. 4:25PM BBT: Spencer says that if Amanda were to have made it to the final two, she would have won, and deserved to win. If she got there after all that she had done to everyone she would have won. Talking about how Andy kept telling Helen it had to be the right time to get rid of Amanda. And when Judd came back, that was the perfect time. Now talking about Aaryn being a troublemaker. Talking about how Aaryn would play everyone against each other. Telling Spencer GM hated him, telling GM that Spencer hated her, etc. 4:30PM BBT: Elissa still in KT prepping dinner. 4:35PM BBT: Andy saying that he will put up Elissa and Judd and just pull Judd aside and tell him Elissa has to go. Andy is really concerned that Judd has something going with Elissa. [he does] Judd will understand and Andy says that Judd just seems so excited to be part of the Exterminators. Talk turns to how much they think of home. That they have been there for over 70 days. 4:45PM BBT: Elissa still in kitchen prepping dinner. Chit chat that turns into Amanda at home. What is she like? Spencer said her sense of humor was gross. She was too overtly sexual with her comments and when he was in the chicken suit he was over it. Amanda seems too cool for school and Spencer doesn't like that at all. He said Amanda thought she was Al Capone in this mother-fucker. Now talking about how the person with the most regrets after watching this game will be McCrae. He used Amanda as a meat shield and never really played this game. 4:50PM BBT: HG where abouts update. Amanda and McCrae are back in bed. And we have a stud named Judd just come alive and walked outside.
  8. McCrae won Pov!!! 2:10PM BBT: McCrae won PoV and the exterminators (Andy, Spencer, Judd and GM) are in the HoH Room talking about convincing McCrae to use it on Amanda and swearing they will save him. In the WA Amanda comes in and hugs McCrae saying she loves him. They are both crying. Amanda says she tried really hard. She is happy he won it though. Amanda saying she fought hard, she did not throw it, but McCrae has the best chance of making it to the end. Meanwhile in the HoH the exterminators are trying to decide who will go up as the replacement nom. 2:15PM BBT: Exterminators are not worried too much about the replacement, even if one fishy vote, GM breaks tie so they are ok. She does not want to put up Andy (he was up last week) or Elissa (she didn't put up GM) so it seems to be between Judd and Spencer. Amanda putting ice on hand while wearing a yellow tutu looking at her hands and crying, saying she tried she tried, and she did not throw it. Close up reveals many superficial cuts on Amanda's hands. Talking about how dizzy she was getting. (Spinning involved?) 2:19PM BBT: Elissa joins the group in the HoH. Judd says McCrae hates him. Group confirms GM has earned their respect. Judd glad there were no punishments. GM talking about if she should have picked Amanda, since she had the knack of it, or McCrae. GM says worse case scenario is McCrae wins HoH, Spencer says McCrae winning today was a fluke. 2:22PM BBT: McCrae and Amanda in WA lying down on the cushion bench. She wants a cigarette, he says he will throw up. They are holding hands and just looking at each other. Meanwhile in the HoH, Andy says he hopes now he has proved where is loyalty lies and all agree. 2:25PM BBT: Spencer down in the WA talking to McCrae and Amanda. Tells them he doesn't think GM will put up Andy. Judd comes down to WA and tells McCrae and Amanda good job! They thank him, he goes back upstairs. Amanda McCrae wondering if they tell GM they have no on if they can convince people to vote out the replacement Nom. Because they would guaranteed be two votes and next week two votes are huge! 2:30PM BBT: This was definitely a knock-out competition. Amanda said it wasn't fair they she kept getting called up over and over after spinning, she is still dizzy from it. She washes her hands and complains about them stinging. Andy now walks into the WA. Asks McCrae if he feels any better. McCrae shakes head no. Andy tells them he was afraid to make a move in the PoV because he was afraid he would go up. Amanda says he would go up anyway. She doesn't think it was fair, you should have to choose someone who hasn't gone already. Amanda said she was surprised that Andy would have her go up, she didn't think he would do that, but it doesn't matter, she is going home. Her hands are all blistered and red. 2:35PM BBT: Amanda whispers they will probably put up Spencer. Asks if McCrae and Andy will vote for her. McCrae says it depends. Amanda says on what? He says what his position is. Andy is crying. Amanda is now crying. Says what has Spencer done for Judd. She deserves to be here. GM only wants her out for a stupid ass reason. Amanda said she wasn't that dizzy, but her hands hurt her so bad. She cries hard, says she honestly didn't think she would make it this far. People are just riding by, like GM and Spencer. The HoH crew are just shooting the breeze, no game talk as far as I can tell. 2:40PM BBT: Andy wiping face with a towel. Amanda says that if they vote for her that GM will have to break the tie and send her home. Maybe she can get Judd (to vote for her), she doesn't know. She is really glad McCrae won. Judd comes down. Hugs Amanda. Said she did good. Andy said she had a better technique. McCrae says he is nauseous.
  9. Let's see if BB is using the Howard eviction as a template here; cameras went to trivia on his eviction day at 11:15AM BBT. We shall see.... 10:50AM BBT: Elissa tells Aaryn to make sure she tells everyone that Amanda was behind some of her bad behavior, that she was encouraging it and that she has treated Aaryn badly the past few weeks. Aaryn says the thing that pisses her off the most is that she trusted McCranda . She has learned her lesson! 10:54AM BBT: Elissa called to DR but goes into HoH BR to tell Andy not to worry that Elissa was talking to Aaryn, she was just telling her to make sure she talks to everyone and tells them how much Amanda has beat Aaryn down the past couple of months. Andy said he understands. Elissa goes to DR, Andy listens to music. Cameras on Judd and GM both sleeping. 11:02AM BBT: GinaMarie gets up but is clearly in pain and moans. Judd asks her if she is ok if she needs anything (half asleep) She said no, she was good, and thank you. Elissa is up in HoH back from DR. 11:05AM BBT: Andy shaves, gets back into bed. 11:20AM BBT: Elissa in HoH doing Yoga. 11:29AM BBT: Very brief FotH followed by all HG's out of bed. I think this might be the HoH lockdown. Yes, all HG's in Hoh or headed there. 11:30AM BBT: And, indeed we have TRIVIA!
  10. 9:00AM BBT: FotH for music wake up. Feeds come back after 20 minutes to a full busting house of...sleeping houseguests. BB calls Elissa to the DR at 9:38 and instead of going, she moans like a dolphin, makes her bed, does some make up application and as of 9:49AM BBT has yet to go to DR. 9:53AM BBT: Elissa is now going to the DR. Spencer got out of bed but is right back in it.
  11. Elissa as HoH is the best thing to happen to 'This House' by far!

  12. Phortune

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    Elissa covering a smile as Amanda cries to her to not put her on the block.