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  1. Personally, I believe Keshia was trying to save face because she knew she was being voted out.
  2. I know I have seen this question here before. Never really paid much attention because I have DVRs and Live Feeds. But my daughter just left for college today and she hasnt been able to set up her TV. How can she watch live tonight streaming? Sorry, I tried searching for the answer, but couldn't find it. Thanks
  3. Hey BB Fans. There is an open casting call this Sunday April 3rd. WCCO is hosting this event. Lets go Minnesota BB Fans. Good luck.
  4. Cannot wait to see the new houseguests. Anybody have pics or information? I can't get the feeds till I get paid this week.
  5. I think Donny may fly under the radar....just have a feeling the younger HG will under estimate his intelligence due to his Duck Dynasty beard. Donny will align with all guys but physically won't be able to win in the last few physical comps....I predict Derrick BTW....I always wrong....lol
  6. I am a little behind....so is today just the showing of the house or will we be meeting the cast too? If we meet the cast, and the rumor is true about voting them in, do you have to have the live feeds to vote? So excited for my summer to begin
  7. I have been saying this for years. Best idea !! Give those who didn't have much of a chance, a second chance.
  8. Thanks !! Working the late shift, gonna miss every week day episode. David has stupid hair...LOL
  9. Where will we be able to read this? I will watch the Jeff interview tonight...looking forward to Booger knowing he got got and Jeff rubbing it in, especially the way Booger sent out Janelle.
  10. If they don't show Ian's message, you know Julie will delight in telling him about Ian. She is a total Ian lover.
  11. So, since he admitted it, I think he should get a penalty vote. That way he would be gone on Thursday. good riddance to bad rubbish.
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