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  1. I think they should have a season with all winners as well. Or atleast people who made it somewhere in the top 3 in their respective season.
  2. King123

    Big Brother 17 Casting Call

    The information may start tricking in, just like me.. It's been a while!
  3. King123

    BB 15 General Discussion - Part 2

    Hey guys! I'm still alive. I've been out of town all summer, but I will be coming back soon. (Hopefully to LFU for you all.. It seems like there is less people updating this year.) But I've been checking morty's everyday! LFUs, you are Doing great.
  4. King123

    Casting Link on CBS for next season

    I'm not against all star seasons. but i doubt they will have one since they brought people back this last year.
  5. Come on girl! you have to fight! lets do this.
  6. I agree.. I think floating is a great strategy... but usually even floaters have some strategy at some point.
  7. Brit is playing the BEST game in the house right now... some may say frank is, but frank is barely surviving. he wont make it to the end.. As of right now the 3 who actually "deserve" to win would be Ian, Frank, and/0r Brit... any of those 3 should win against any other person.
  8. Brit is my favorite by far... her goodbye phone call was EPIC! Sorry frank.
  9. i dont hate Ash.. Brit is amoung the tops right now... least: FRoogie and and joe.
  10. King123

    Ashley, Week 6 - DE Evicted 8/23

    I'm loving Ash right now! she is playing a good "low-key" game. shes doing alot better then jenn, thats for sure.
  11. King123

    8/4 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    4:36BBT Janni, Danni, and brit are in the SR.. seems like they are all very happy (i doubt frank won then) Brit: "Boogie has been sooo mean to Ian. He has been making fun of him" Jani, brit, and danni are talking about how they are going to start doing cheers, and toe touches whenever Frank gets evicted.
  12. King123

    8/4 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    4:31BBT Feeds cut on for a split sec. could not tell anything. POV is over, but still trivia 4:34BBT Feeds are back. Brit is in the kitchen. Wil and frank are sittting at the table. 4:36BBT BB: "Dan please go to the DR." Frank "Good job hosting dan.
  13. Janelle is still my fav, and boogie is my least favorite.. however, Ashley is growing on me.. she is just so precious. And she is playing a good social game right now... it's looking somewhat promising for her. BUT Janni is the one playing the game right now the best.. none of these newbies are playing as hard as she is.
  14. King123

    Ashley, Week 4

    I love this girl! she is so adorable... and she is playing a descent social game right now!
  15. After the reset, how do you like the houseguests?