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  1. I think for Jordan playing the game is very social. She knows she is not good at comps, so she befriends everyone in the house and makes them not want to vote her out. Porsh mainly slept the whole game. She even said (or posters put words in her mouth.. I don't remember) that the reason she switched sides was because K/D did not talk game 24/7. Porsh did win comps and was "cursed" with the golden key, but she did not do the social part of the game which is so crucial to Jordan's game play. Ergo I can see how Jordan (and a lot of people) say that Porsh really did not play the game.
  2. lerdpoo

    Adam - Week 9 - POV winner

    I think Adam is in a better place then people give him credit for. Right now there are 2 pairs and him. Neither will take him to the end over their pair. But if he breaks up K/P now. P could take him over the vets to the end. The chances that next week J/R will make it though are slim (although I hope they do : ). The remaining person from each pair could take him to f3.
  3. lerdpoo

    Double Eviction Live show 8~25~11

    The thing with Shelly is that switching sides so out in the open was such a bad move. She could have stayed with jeof and vote out Dani, and then evict Jeff last night and blame it on Adam or Rachael. Then she really would have been in the best position in the house. Jorden would still want to take her from f3 to f2. She was doing a good job playing both sides of the house, but she decided she needed Jeff out ASAP, instead of waiting for the right moment. She pulled a Dani
  4. lerdpoo

    BB 13 - Questions, Theories, Suggestions

    Did anyone notice during the live show, after Dani was evicted, one of the cameras showed the inside of the wall. I know production was going to quit when Dani left, but never expected the camera operators to quit too?
  5. lerdpoo

    Natalie - BB 11 Runner-up

    I totaly agree. Her "lies" were not really lies, but a big scam. If they were true lies she would admit to it in the end. She lost the game by not coming clean about her age, deceitfulness... and for that i feel she is the WORST player out of the F3. I feel she lucked into her final spot. Not even Kevin her closest allie left in the house believed in her.
  6. lerdpoo

    Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    I thought it looked more like a mu-mu. Not flattering at all. And I agree all her other prego outfits were very cute and flattering... I thought you were suppose to look your best on finale night not your worst.
  7. lerdpoo

    Saying Goodbye to BB11

    For me this season was not very good, but I voted hot, because I love BB so much. Even when the seasons stink we (ok not all, but a lot) are sucked into the whirlpool of Feeds, Chats, Shows... So if the twist/HG are not that good, the concept of the game is so good, that I feel it is always hot. What ruined this season for me was that no one seemed to be able to keep their mouth shut. Everyone spilled the beans. So, if "HG a" told "HG b" that "HG c" wanted to evict them., instead of keeping that info to themselves and trying to figure it out on their own,"HG b" when to "HG c" and confronted them. There was a lot of "game play" but it was almost all done in plain sight. Not to mention paranoia was rampant this year. I also thought there was too much game play for game plays sake. Most of the lies Nat said were not to benefit her in the game really, but just to mess with people. And even Michell told SO many lies that did not benefit her. The whole Russel F2 deal that she said obviously was not the smartest move, because it destroyed their alliance's trust. Too much blabbing.... All in all though I did enjoy the season on a whole. I wish Cassey and Laura made it farther, but good and likable equal big target...
  8. lerdpoo

    Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    I still think Jeff's quote were the best thing of the night... well besided Jordan Winning... Lydia - Talking to you is like talking to a traffic cone Jessie - This room is too big for your ego and we're outside Loved it!!!
  9. lerdpoo

    Jeff - Part 3

    I LOVED Jeff's quotes last night... Lydia - It's like talking to a traffic cone. Jessie - This room is too big for your ego and we're outside. :animated_rotfl: He definitly deserved the $25,000 just for saying those. Also Loved the pool shots of him sunning himself
  10. lerdpoo

    Kevin - 6th Juror

    I still found it odd that he voted for Nat. The fact that she told Jessie & Chemia her real age and not him. She also mentioned that she aligned herself with strong players, and failed to mention Kev the first time. He seemed annoyed. I too wish he would have gotten 2nd, but I think he would have won against Jord. She did make the best move.
  11. lerdpoo

    Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    I think it adds more suspense, which is good and bad... I WANT TO KNOW NOW! But also seems to ensure that whoever gets evicted does not get as much information as the other jury members. They do not get time to process what just happened and most likely will vote personal. I kinda hope Kevin Wins and Evicts Nat... Nat would vote Jordan and she could win.
  12. lerdpoo

    Sequester House

    joyami I like the way you think
  13. lerdpoo


    I know I'm a little late to the party bu.... WAY TO GO JORDAN!!!!! I was so happy. That saved this season for me... that and when Julie verbally Bitched Slapped Nat... It was actually mental and physical. HA HA HA I loved how Nat tried to say she was so mentally tough and smart, but it was a mental mistake (not skipping the ball in wrong place) that made her lose! Plus Jordan beat her physicaly also she was so much better at getting the balls into the holes. HA JORDAN BEET NAT IN BOTH PHYSICAL AND MENTAL PART OF THE COMP!!!
  14. lerdpoo

    Sequester House

    I loved how Jeff changed his voice and used a Kevin greeting. I didn't think the Jury members would fall for it, but they seemed really confused. I always wish they showed more of the Jury house. I never feel that those door greetings are how they really act. I too love how much the jury hates Nat also. Too bad they didn't see it in the house.
  15. lerdpoo

    Big Brother Turkey Style?

    Even better reason to send her... just kidding... or am I