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  2. 11:05 BBT newsflash Brenchel is fighting lolol this episode is about Rachel and her obsession on altering her body B: dont worry about your diet too much R: you;re just redic If I did everything you said and kissed your butt you wouldn't like that B: I don't believe in plastic surgury If you wanna get your boobs taken out, take them out R: Visaline is not wrong Brendon not everyone was born with perfect teeth, thank you B: that's very diff then botox and lip injections it makes me think, that you dont think your pretty enough R: when do I say that? B: its not about saying it, its about thinking it R: do you want me to walk away B: no before we get married we need to agree on this R: I can't handle you B: OMG and scene wait R: I left my water in here you're always bitching at me first with the alchol then with botox, youre always bitching at me pouty face B: fine I wont talk about it anymore but when were off the show were gunna have a serious, serious talk about it R: there are things i ask you not to do and you do them every single day B: we'll talk about it when the show is over R: what are you giving me an ultimatum you dont get married to someone then have serious talks (wtf lol) you don't not marry someone because they want to get botox we've had this argument for like a year WBRB
  3. 10:55 BBT eew Adam talking about Bacon cupcake with Banana Frosting Backyard crew talking about cramping lol Jordan: I get backaches Cassie and Jordan talking about periods lol Cassie: havent gotton mine in a year Jordan: Always hearing stories about the ring I would be too nervous I would put it in wrong lol ok talk about something else please lol Adam: so whats the deal with the birth control patch you get only like 4periods a year Cassie: thats why I got this because I would totally forget to take the pills everyday Jordan: doesnt it feel like there are so many less people here Jeff: there are less people here Jordan: but no only dick and keith, it feels like there are only like 8 people here 11pm BBT Jeff: shelly been in DR a while Jordan and Cassie talking about Cassie's parents Cassie saying she is very close with her dad
  4. 10:50 BBT Dom: I felt bad for you Dani: I was just trying to answer the question I hate being put on the stop Dani: I knew it was coming but the way she worded it Dom: and you didnt expect a video Dani: I def did not...and the snap back...it was hurtful Lawon: the way she worded it was disrespectful Don: I dont think she meant it Lawon: ya but as a journalist she could have reworded it Dani: it caught me off caught, I felt it hurt my character but it is what it is
  5. 10:45BBT Dominic and Lawon talking votes on the hammock DOminic: adam opening said, dick said throw the veto Adam and kalia will both throw the comps and me and you(lawon) have no chance Adam said you keep me til final 10 and ill throw veto so Dom will go home if he made that deal then I have no chance if Kalia made that deal then you have no chance the votes will go against you and votes will go against me Lawon: thats why we have to guarantee our votes Dom: but if they made those deals then we have no chance Adam looks so suspicious Dani comes over and convo stops Dom: I'm still mad at you Dani: Why Dom: I don't remember lol
  6. 10:38 BBT Kalia is singing...what else is new? Rachel made cookies said she made them crispy Lawon and Dominc talking by hot tub Dominic said he's over it Lawon: don't be mad, it's not worth it Dominic: my mind is wandering Lawon: I was surprised, I thought it would be 9-1 Dominc: oh really, you never know Dominic asked Lawon if he wants to sit in hammock lol Dominic: Ill punch you if you take my blanket lol convo moves to hammock Dominic: I think were F***ed Lawon: Why Talking about votes and who he is "100%" sure voted for porsche to stay says he is sure it was Adam and Kalia random tangent on how the hammic is uneven lol
  7. 10:33 BBT Jordan discussing Natalie and how she really wasn't that bad She had really nice body did her hair an makeup for the finale and gave her that blue dress to wear it was weird because her and kevin were always together Dani said it was just her and her dad for 4days by themselves saying they were locked outside for an entire day, it was horrible but they got to watch two movies Jordan: was it hard for you and your dad to help each other to make it to final two? Dani: I said Ill help you if you help me...period...that's it it was rough I didn't realize how emotionally draining it would be the first few nights Back to talking in the stupid accents lol kinda sounds like a mixture of Christopher Walken, Mario, and the Muppets Jordan laughing because Kalia thought BB stole her jean jacket
  8. 10:22 BBT Backyard Adam talking about 90210 chanting "Donna Martin Graduates" giving outlne of the show bedroom Jordan, Dani, Brendon talking...whispering hard to make out Kitchen Porsche wanting to see Jordan's Hoh room 10:26 BBT Adam, Lawon, Shelly talking in BY Adam can't wait to play for fooooood Discussing food comp whether is for each day of the week or four vs four now discussing HOH comp Shelly: there were no moving blocks, no windmills, very simple Adam: would have been cool for numbers to go down then down the middle Lawon: if you think about it we were doin good...the holes were so together today, either way you would have gotton a number Shelly: you almost had it lawon Adam: I was mad...it looked good then it went too far Shelly: I was't lookin when Jeff's flew in the water 10:30BBT Porshe,Brendon, Kalia discussing movies in the bedroom Kalia discussing how a nail stabbed her from the purple bed BB asked her if she got a tetniss shot Kalia: don't let them take me out of the house...I won't come back
  9. My guess will be September 11th @ 3:42 AM Im feeling good about this LOL
  10. Id have to say im pretty dissapointed...BB is always known to go so far out and beyond when decorating the house....the house last year was amazing and detailed beyond perfection...I feel like the house this summer (with the exception of some of the wallsand pool themed room) looks pretty much like the original house. There is nothing like "wow" "how did they do that" about the house....I dunno, Im just not as impressed as last summer? Amyone agree??
  11. does any1 know where i can find tonights episode video online to watch because my stupid tape didnt come out....cbs innertube doesnt have the episdoes and i looked everywhere and i couldn't find a site where the have the episodes...so does anyone know where i can find tonight episode so i can watch it please and thanku
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