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  1. Sarah is probably my favourite right now. She's playing well and she entertains me.
  2. Willow was invisible to me for the whole beginning of this season, but she's starting to grow on me this week. She's fun!
  3. Peripa

    Amanda - Week 3

    I agree entirely. I don't get the 'mannish', 'bully', etc stuff. She seems like a woman who knows how to play the game and also will tell you if you're being a dumbass (or a racist). She seems intelligent, quick and comfortable with herself. I'm cool with her.
  4. Peripa

    Aaryn - Week 3 (HoH Nominee)

    The fact that Candice and Howard have to have a conversation like that in the Big Brother house makes me feel sick.
  5. Peripa

    McCrae - Week 1 (HoH & PoV)

    That's a pretty awesome paint job, actually. What did she use?
  6. Peripa

    HOH Cheating - Week 2

    I think in general the Canadian version was so much less manipulated. It was played much more like a game than entertainment, but it still managed to be incredibly entertaining.
  7. Peripa

    Aaryn - Week 1

    I just wanted to comment on how much I love that you used the word, "dolt". Yay! Also! Aaryn is a type of person I've never met before. I'm pretty okay with that fact.
  8. Peripa

    GinaMarie - Week 1

    The question is: is she going to reflect and learn from it, or take it as something done TO her rather than something she did to herself?
  9. Peripa

    GinaMarie - Week 1

    I think the firings are fair. My husband fired a guy from his crew for referring to a gay fellow construction worker as a "faggot" over beers after work. Hate speech isn't childish comments and there is no excuse for it. It's not like these people have been secretly filmed without their knowledge. They're aware that they are being broadcast internationally, for crying out loud. Frankly I'm surprised to see anyone, on any site, defending them, and I'm also surprised that no one in the house has called them out on it. My children know to stand up for the bullied, and they are 8 and 6.
  10. Peripa

    Nick - Week 1

    I don't mind Nick. He seems like he wants to play hard, which I always like. The fact that this thread for him this week is so short is probably a good sign for him.
  11. I was all prepared to dislike Elissa, as I was never a Rachael fan, but I think she might be my favourite. And that fact is definitely the result of the rest of the cast being so unpleasant.
  12. Peripa

    Aaryn - Week 1

    Reading the things that she and Ginamarie have said makes me feel nauseated. I don't really have a problem with swearing (I think we Canadians swear more than Americans overall) but I have no interest in tolerating someone spewing hate speech.