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  1. alice

    Early Show, Julie Chen

    Julie is a doll.
  2. alice

    What would your HOH cd be

    Blood on the Tracks, Bob Dylan
  3. alice

    Who would you like to see on BB7?

    ok, this time of year I am ready for the Califronia sun and new faces of Big Brother....how many more days?
  4. Kaysar is cool and all but I agree...do you think he is a STAR??
  5. Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to Janelle after the show had been cancelled?
  6. alice

    maggie's attire for

    You guys are hilarious. Just hilarious
  7. After listening to Janelle on Housecalls I got the vibe that she is just another pretty blonde. It may have been the hosts way of presenting things, but Janelle did not really have anything too interesting to say. It might have livened things up if she had said something like "Oh, by the way, Hef called me and asked me to do the December centerfold for Playboy." I mean really...I kind of thought Janelle might be on to something after Big Bro...who knows...maybe Andy Dick will be her next claim to fame.
  8. alice

    How Did Maggie Break Ivette's Heart?

    Too funny...I thought the same thing...that Ivette thought that Maggie might swing to the other side...lol