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  1. tan2relax

    Ken Hoang

    I agree wicked one...yuck!! Although they might help him in the physical challenges, he could claw someones eyes out.
  2. tan2relax

    Survivor Music...

    My husband insists that the Survivor theme song has changed. As for me I told him he was nuts! It has always been that way. Please help me win this bet. Did the song change?
  3. Warren most defiantly has rhythm and moves. His foot work was FANTASTIC!!
  4. tan2relax

    Pov Comp 8/9 - Won by Jerry

    I said... Keesha and April JFPOI...unathletical is not a word. You could say "Jerry is not athletic" or "Jerry does not show athleticism." I had to look it up 'cause I wasn't sure myself.
  5. tan2relax

    Ollie - Week 5

    What makes Ollie think he can call Julie "Momma"?? I can't believe she does not say anything about it.
  6. tan2relax

    Who Had The Best/Worst Exit Speech?

    I loved loved loved Angie's. If anyone was really listening they should have voted out Jessie.
  7. tan2relax

    Ap:who You Voting To Evict?

    Voting for Jessie to leave
  8. tan2relax

    1st Death In Big Brother History(its A Fish)

    They referenced my FAVORITE movie of all time...The Outsiders!! too funny!!
  9. tan2relax

    New Bb Commercial Showing Hgs

    Thanks for posting!!! THOSE ARE AWESOME!!!!!
  10. tan2relax

    You Know Its Time For Bigbrother When...

    I know it is big brother time when I attach the speakers to my laptop so I can hear what is going on with the live feeds even when I am not in the room.
  11. tan2relax

    Wednesday, March 5th Cbs Tv Show

    I knew it!!!!!!!!! We get to vote someone back into the house!!!
  12. tan2relax

    Tuesday, February 26th Cbs Tv Show

    To answer your question ismartypants........Is there any real meaning to that contraption in the little piggy cage with the four colours or is James really over thinking this whole game? James is over thinking this. The colors they use are red, yellow, green and blue. These are primary colors. If they used teal, purple, pink and lime green. I would believe it was a clue.
  13. tan2relax

    Tuesday, February 26th Cbs Tv Show

    OMG!! I am shaking and I have tears in my eyes. That was really scary!! I have seen the u-tube stuff but the show footage was really intense.
  14. tan2relax

    Sheila & Adam

    I though tthis was interesting..... Lowe's pulls ads from 'Big Brother' By JORDAN LITE DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Friday, February 22nd 2008, 4:00 AM At least one company has pulled its ads from CBS' "Big Brother" programming after a cast member on the reality show referred to autistic children as "retards." Lowe's, the North Carolina-based home improvement chain, said it would no longer place commercials during the broadcast. "Lowe's is doing the right thing. They're voting with their dollars," said John Gilmore, executive director of Autism United, the Hicksville, L.I., advocacy group that has called for the show's cancellation. The uproar began when Adam Jasinski, 29, referred to autistic youngsters as "retards" in last week's episode. A CBS spokesman declined to comment. http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/t...ig_brother.html
  15. tan2relax

    Chelsia & James

    Did ya notice that Chelsia had a red streak in her hair last night, I thought that it showed they had a united front.