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    Get the Live Feeds and Help Us Out!

    Same here! Did that yesterday.
  2. carlsbad_bolt_fan

    BB13 Rumors and Facts

    Anyone know if the show will be in HD this year?
  3. carlsbad_bolt_fan

    BB 12 House

    Or 'who'...
  4. carlsbad_bolt_fan

    Chima - Part 2

    Yeah, I know! I thought Marty Schottenheimer finally found a job. (Apologies for the cryptic former NFL head coach reference)
  5. carlsbad_bolt_fan

    Chima - Part 2

    Like many of you, I'm glad Chima is GONE. Someone with a head that big is tough to watch. But...what about this...Anyone else think she might have planned this BLOW up all along? Hear me out... Anyone here watch the Apprentice? They had someone named Omarosa. She turned out to be one of the most hated players on the show. She started doing commercials and Trump even asked her to be on the Celebrity version. Not saying I'd like it, but she just might start getting offers to do other things.
  6. carlsbad_bolt_fan

    Amazing Race 15: When will it air?

    Given that CBS is taking apps for TAR 16 (and will start in Nov/Dec 09), can we expect TAR 15 to air this upcoming season (Sep 09)? Or will it air midseason (starting in Feb. 2010)?
  7. carlsbad_bolt_fan

    Mark And Bill

    They're from my area: http://www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20...1n20pubeye.html I love the "we did extensive research on what to wear" line.
  8. carlsbad_bolt_fan

    Amazing Race 13

    Found in my local paper. Looks like two are from my area: http://www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20...1n20pubeye.html
  9. carlsbad_bolt_fan

    7/8 - Cast Reveal And 7/11 House Tour

    Glad I checked Morty's today!
  10. carlsbad_bolt_fan

    Next Season

    This new "mid-season" renewal sucks. Something tells me that CBS maybe trying cancel the show again. When networks do the "mid-season" thing, it almost always means doom. Wonder what time slot it will fall into. Maybe another save the show letter campaign needs to begin.
  11. carlsbad_bolt_fan

    Dustin And Kandice

    They'll be out within the first three shows.
  12. carlsbad_bolt_fan

    Live Feeds - pseudo 4 live cam concern

    Agree with you here. Now Screens 2 & 3 are a close up of Erika, screens 1 & 4 is a long shot of Danielle sitting on the ground and Erika in the hammoc. You can see James running by and hear what sounds like Howie's voice.
  13. carlsbad_bolt_fan

    BB All Stars in serious danger!!!

    Quote Dep: "Carlsbad, why don;t you just come out and say you hate the people from BB6? OR you could look at this as a new season, and realize that they have the biggest targets on their backs. It would be pretty impressive if they made it all the way, but it most likely won't happen. Even if the 4 made it to final 4, it would be SOOO interesting to watch them battle it out and have to start eating each other." Hate them? Not really. I just fail to drink the Seas6 koolaid that's all. And I did say they have large targets on their backs. I agree if they make it to the final four, it would be interesting to see just how they eat their young. "But to feel so much hatred towards them this many days in just shows that you are harboring left over feelings from last season. Hell, I like the BB6'ers and defended them all the way last season, was happy to see the ones that made it this time get in, but I have no problem criticizing them when they screw up THIS SEASON. " All I said was that we'll see how they react when two of them go up. Last season it seemed as though they did lots of whining when the tables were turned against them. Friendsheep did the same too. "I hated the Fiendsheep last season, but I would have given any one of them the chance to make a new impression this season." You're the one using the 'hate' word here. Question: if Ivette came back, would you have given her a chance to make a new impression? Moot point, I know. "You should give it a try, it is very refreshing and liberating" I'll follow your advice, if you follow your own.
  14. carlsbad_bolt_fan

    BB All Stars in serious danger!!!

    The SesonSixers are controlling it too much now, thus placing a big target on themselves. As soon as one of them doesn't win HOH, two of them will go up. Then we'll see just how pouty they'll get. Kaysar maybe not. But Slutzilla, James & Howie will whine 24/7.