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  1. It is time for you to vote for your favorite meme! It's simple as pie. All you have to do is look at the memes that I have collected and placed in the link below and then reply in here which one is your favorite. You will find that the memes have all been numbered for your convenience. Voting will remain open until 8 PM BBT on Wednesday, February 13th. Only one vote allowed per person. If you vote for more than one, only your last entry will be counted as your vote. Here are some examples on how you can vote: Example 1: I pick #23 "You in Danger Gurl" because when I say it my head I can actually hear Tamar's voice. It is a good representation of her theatrics in the house. or Example 2: I pick 23. or Example 3: 23 is my favorite. or Example 4: 23 As you can see, we aren't all that picky. Just drop the number of which one you liked best and if you want to give an explanation on why you chose it, go for it.
  2. 26. "Squirrel Misses His Nuts" was created by Lisa, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group.
  3. 16. "Play Nice" created by Lisa, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 17. "Facial Expressions" by Lisa, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 18. "Cranky with a Touch of Psycho" created by Lisa, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 19. "Extra Virgin" by Lisa, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 20. "Taking Flight" created by Lisa, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 21. "Enemies Closer" by Lisa, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 22. "My Only Hope" created by Aimee, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 23. "You In Danger Gurl" created by Aimee, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 24. "Bad Taste" created by Aimee, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 25. "Flew the Coop" created by Aimee, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group.
  4. 2:06 PM BBT Tom says that Lolo does have some things that would help her in the final 2. He knows that Dina and Kandi are wealthy. Everybody is voting and if she is up against someone who is wealthy, they may vote with that in mind. He tells her that he isn't doing this for the money. She asks him what he is doing it for. He said the exposure. He doesn't need the money. Meanwhile the money would help her train in the next Olympics. Lolo "You aren't joking with me right now?" Tom "No, I am not." If she trusts him, she walks away safe. She says she wants to trust him and hopes that this is a real conversation. He said it would be too wrong to lie about that this way. She has tears in her eyes and says it would be someone using her hopes and dreams against her. He says that he understands and let's do this. 2:11 PM BBT Next up with Tom is Dina. He wants to make an agreement with her....she interrupts saying "100%, you don't even have to ask." He tells her to listen to the agreement first. No one talks about this. Confidential. He has a plan. He doesn't put her on the block and if she wins HoH, she doesn't put him up. Dina says of course. Tom "And I may need your vote to go a certain way." Dina says that Natalie is the most dangerous one. She has swindled the other guys in the house. She knew that Natalie was going to swindle him and Kato too. Dina says that Lolo is the emotional one but she hasn't won anything. Natalie is the shark. She is the ruthless one. Since day one, as a mom, she say that she has been rude. Her girls would never do that. She is married. What is she doing? She needs to get it together. 2:17 PM BBT Dina tells Tom that Natalie and Lolo are the easy ones. Break that sh*t up. Between the two of them, Natalie is the worst and Ricky is the floater. Tom says his idea is that he has already divided Natalie and Lolo. We get Ricky out this week. Lolo works with us. We have a final 4, you mean, Kandi and Lolo. Dina doubts Lolo will honor that. Tom says that she wants to win. 2:19 PM BBT Tom tells her that if Ricky wins veto, Natalie goes up and she goes home. Dina starts to him about Kato and how he was the villain of their duo and intimidated others. Tom says he wants to change the topic because he is tired of that energy. Dina tells him okay and that Kandi is very loyal. She would never go against them. 2:24 PM BBT Tom confirms the final plan. Dina stays off the block. In turn, she doesn't nominate him. If she wins the veto, don't use it and Ricky goes home. If the veto is used, Natalie goes up and she goes home.
  5. 1:37 PM BBT Tamar has now joined Tom in the HoH. Essentially, all he wants is if he doesn't put her on the block, she doesn't put him on the block. Tamar tells him that she meant it when she said it was not personal when she put him on the block. She is trying to play smart. She is playing for her kid. Going against anyone in her room, that is the short way to lose. But, I won't put you on the block. 1:37 PM BBT Tamar has now joined Tom in the HoH. Essentially, all he wants is if he doesn't put her on the block, she doesn't put him on the block. Tamar tells him that she meant it when she said it was not personal when she put him on the block. She is trying to play smart. She is playing for her kid. Going against anyone in her room, that is the short way to lose. But, I won't put you on the block. 1:40 PM BBT Tom asks Tamar if he avoids putting her on the block, would she also let her vote go where he would like it to go. She asks which way that is. He doesn't know. She laughs and says you are going to have to tell me something. He said that they have time still and will talk before hand. Tamar says that if she wins she will go after the two strongest players in the house. Tom asks who that is but she avoids answering by talking about how Lolo likes Tom. 1:45 PM BBT Tom is now speaking to Lolo. Tom's proposal is not going to be easy for Lolo to absorb. It won't sound perfect at first. Like he has done with everyone else, he asks for her to keep the conversation confidential. Lolo says she was loyal to the four so she will. He tells her that he wants to put her on the block. She wins the veto and takes herself off. If she doesn't win the veto, the other person is the target. Lolo asks him who the target is. He is pretty sure he knows who, and she can probably guess who that is, but it is fluctuating. If she agrees to this, and doesn't talk to anyone else, then his plan will work. 1:48 PM BBT If he keeps her from going home, he asks that she not put him on the block. Lolo tells Tom that he really hurt her the last time he was HoH. They really thought they were going to the end together. He then wanted to back door Ricky and he got very close to Dina. She lost trust. That was very hurtful. Tom blamed her and Natalie for dismantling the alliance. She got caught in the backfire. Now, he is talking about putting her on the block. He and Kato broke the alliance. His proposal makes her uneasy but she understands it. Tom says he is being honest and truthful that she is not the target. Tom says that even if the other nominee wins the veto, the replacement nominee will be the target. Not a purposeful backdoor. 1:54 PM BBT Lolo tells Tom that she didn't break the alliance and was ready to go the end with them. It is like a double whammy. Now he wants to put her on the block. At the end of the day, you are HoH and you know how this things go. You have the come back of desires and dream. TV loves an epic comeback and a great transformation. She admits that she likes what he is saying but wants to understand it more. 1:58 PM BBT Lolo reminds Tom that he has to play to win the game as well. Dina and Kandi aren't winning anything. They have no blood on their hands. They will be hard to beat in the end. Lolo says if he is thinking about the final, they had a team. He feels betray. Please go back and read the tweets. She thought they had a team. He admits that he may have misinterpreted some things. 2:00 PM BBT Lolo asks Tom to repeat the plan. He puts her up, she either wins the veto and takes herself down and if not, she is not the target. She tells him that if he was truly trying to make amends, then why not put the others up, the ones who haven't done anything, and let them fight it out. I will be loyal, a team player, regardless. 2:02 PM BBT Lolo "Whatever Tom, at this point I am preparing to go on the block. Tom "Good, I think you should and you should be fine." Tom asks why she wants to get rid of the ones who never win anything. Lolo reminds him that she has gotten into arguments with everyone. At the end, who is going to vote for her if she is up against someone with no blood on her hands.
  6. 1:20 PM BBT Tom is now talking to Natalie. If he doesn't put him up, she tries to keep him safe in return. Tom asks what happened last week. Natalie says she feels like her and Lolo were totally on board with everything. Then. for whatever reason, as soon as we started to stray from the main plan, things got dicey and started to change. Kato started to make them feel like Lolo was going on the block and she was getting replaced by Dina. 1:25 PM BBT Natalie tells Tom that they started to get paranoid because Dina seemed to know things that she shouldn't know. Paranoia told them that if they used the veto, Lolo would be replaced with Dina. Natalie mentions Kato's blow up. Tom says that their alliance was clearly over by then. That was he and Kato breaking up with them. Natalie asks Tom what his thoughts are. Tom says he was to negotiate protection for next week. Natalie feels like she will be the next HoH. She wants a letter. 1:29 PM BBT Tom tells Natalie that he is considering not putting her on the block. However, if the veto brings someone down then he may have to put her up as a replacement. However, his target will be the remaining original nominee. If she wins the veto, she will keep the noms the same. In return, when she wins HoH next week, she will talk to him about who they are putting up. She will protect him. 1:35 PM BBT Natalie tells Tom that she appreciates him keeping her safe and she will keep him safe next week. Tom says that is exactly what he wanted to hear. They hug as she exits the HoH.
  7. 1:01 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Kandi, Dina and Natalie in the KT. Feeds 3 and 4 show Tom in the HoH. Tom talks to us. Tom says: Hello, I am back in the HoH room again. That's a relief. We are going to have meetings today and make deals. If I learned anything from before, it is that you are only HoH for a moment and then you are not. He wants to make some deals for future safety. He also has to figure out how to put 2 people on the block but not have the one who stays coming after him. 1:07 PM BBT Tom shows us a picture of him and his mother. He is an infant in the picture. He shows us a picture of him and his brother, Joe. Tom "How do I do this. I guess we just do it." 1:08 PM BBT Tom exits the HoH and tells the house that he is ready for one on one chats and they can come up an time he is ready. Ricky heads up first. 1:09 PM BBT Tom and Ricky are alone in the HoH. Tom says he has a proposal. He wants to put Ricky on the block. Allow him to fight for veto. If he doesn't win the veto then Tom fights for his votes to stay. Ricky says that he thinks that is fair but he has a different proposal. Ricky reminds him he is only safe this week. If he doesn't put him up, he will ensure as much as in his power to keep him safe. Between Natalie, Lolo and himself, they had enough votes to evict him and didn't. If he keeps those 3 safe, his chances of staying go through the roof. 1:13 PM BBT Tom tells Ricky that it would look weird if he didn't put him on the block. Ricky said that he fought to keep him so not putting him on the block would be paying him back. Tom asks him how that went down. Ricky says that Tom was safe. Kato was the target. If Kato come off with the veto, Kandi was going up and she would have been the target. They decided to save Tom. So, it would be returning the favor. 1:15 PM BBT Tom reminds Ricky that he has been on the block twice. Ricky tells Tom to remember that he has given him sound advice all along. Even when they weren't getting along, his advice was always sound. Ricky's plan for Tom can't backfire. Even if Tamar or Kandi wins HoH, Ricky's plan still offers him 3 votes. Ricky says the last part of his plan is for Tom to nominate Dina and Tamar. That potentially puts everyone on his side. Tom and Ricky decide to process it.
  8. Round 5: Which HouseGuest will win the HoH competition? (3 points)? Natalie Round 5: Which HouseGuests will be the first to be nominated for eviction (name 2 HouseGuests, 2 points each)? Tom, Dina Round 5: Which HouseGuests will be picked to play in the first Veto competition (name 3 HouseGuests, 1 point each)? Lolo, Natalie, Ricky Round 5: Which HouseGuest will win the Veto competition (2 points)? Lolo Round 5: Will the first Power of Veto be used (Yes or No, 1 point)? No Round 5: If the Veto is used, which nominated HouseGuest will be saved (2 points)? Dina Round 5: If the Veto is used, which HouseGuest will be the replacement nominee (2 points)? Kandi Round 5: Which HouseGuest will be the second to vote in the eviction vote (1 point)? Ricky Round 5: Will the evicted HouseGuest be over Age 40? (Yes or No, 3 points)? Yes Round 5: Which HouseGuest will evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House (3 points)? Kato Round 6 Questions Double Points!! Round 6: Which HouseGuest will win the HoH competition? (6 points)? Ricky Round 6: Which HouseGuests will be the first to be nominated for eviction (name 2 HouseGuests, 4 points each)? Dina, Kandi Round 6: Which HouseGuests will be picked to play in the first Veto competition (name 3 HouseGuests, 2 point each)? Lolo, Natalie, Ricky Round 6: Which HouseGuest will win the Veto competition (4 points)? Ricky Round 6: Will the first Power of Veto be used (Yes or No, 2 points)? No Round 6: If the Veto is used, which nominated HouseGuest will be saved (4 points)? Kandi Round 6: If the Veto is used, which HouseGuest will be the replacement nominee (4 points)? Tamar Round 6: Which HouseGuest will be the last to vote in the eviction vote (2 points)? Tamar Round 6: Which HouseGuest will be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House (6 points)? Dina Round 6: Which HouseGuest will win the HoH Endurance Competition (6 points)? Natalie
  9. 5:05 PM BBT Lolo, Natalie, Ricky, Dina and Tamar have all gone off the hotel bedroom to talk while laying in bed. Tom and Kandi continue to talk in the dining room. They are discussing the food that remains in the SR. They are going to need to bring all of that in or BB might take it all away. 5:10 PM BBT Kato comes into the the KT. Tom asks him to play pool. "I got to do something or I may lose my mind. Maybe that has already happened, but I have to do something." Kandi laughs at him. 5:11 PM BBT Lolo tells the others that ESPN gave her bomb a** Super Bowl tickets once but she had to give them away so she can go to Russia and train for the Olympic trials. 5:15 PM BBT The girls in the hotel bedroom are talking about their first date with their significant other. Tamar and her boyfriend's first date was at his house and they sat in his living room and talked for 13 hours. Natalie's husband cooked her dinner at his place because he was too poor at the time to take her out to eat. She says that sometimes she wonders if she deserves him. 5:18 PM BBT Ricky, Lolo, Natalie, and Tamar continue to chat in the bedroom. They talk about feeling guilty for not mingling but they just don't feel like it. Tamar says it's their day off, for real. In fact, production probably isn't even here today. They look towards the cameras and the camera moves in reply. They laugh saying they bet they are watching the Super Bowl though. 5:24 PM BBT Everyone is pretty relaxed. Kato and Tom are playing pool. Kandi and Dina chat in the KT, most likely while putting away the excess food from their party. The rest are hanging out in the hotel bedroom. 5:26 PM BBT Tamar looks to the camera and asks if this season is better or was last season. They discuss whether or not BB knew their season was going to be so crazy. Tamar "No. Lolo do you think BB knew you were going to be the pop off queen?" Lolo "I'm not the pop off queen." "Tamar "Yes you are, wear that crown."
  10. 4:20 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Ricky and Tom in the lounge. Ricky is walking Tom through how to play Craps. feeds 3 and 4 show Dina, Lolo, Kandi and Natalie hanging out in the KT. General chit chat. 4:25 PM BBT Kandi is grossing Lolo out by telling her how they do Lasik eye surgery. It is done incredibly fast, like 5 minutes each eye. But you stay awake during it and they force your eye to stay open. You see the red light coming that is going to cut your eye. 4:35 PM BBT Tom and Ricky continue to chat in the lounge. Tom says he was glad that Kandi stayed. Both he and Ricky feel like Joey knew he was leaving. Meanwhile Kandi, Dina, Tamar and Lolo talk about places they have been outside the house. 4:42 PM BBT Natalie and Lolo have joined Tom and Ricky in the lounge. General talk about the Superbowl and football in general. 4:46 PM BBT BB tells the HGs to check the SR. The HGs go running. BB has provided them with a Super Bowl Feast including a vast assortment of Mexican Food. 4:56 PM BBT The HGs are all enjoying a Super Bowl feast, courtesy of BB. Everyone is talking to everyone and everyone is getting along.
  11. 8. "Zing" was created by Marty, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 9. "They're All After Me" created by Melody, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 10. "Looked at Lolo" created by Melody, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group 11. "Olympic Competition" created by Lisa, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 12. "Wash Up Song" created by Lisa, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 13. "Is it Safe" created by Lisa, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 14. "Need a Facial" created by Lisa, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 15. "Hello Handsome" created by Lisa, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group.
  12. 1:00 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Kandi and Dina playing pool. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Ricky, Lolo and Natalie in the hotel bedroom. They are trying to determine if they can throw the next HoH comp and count on their votes to keep them safe. Ricky says that Dina doesn't trust them. Dina may put them up. 1:06 PM BBT Tamar and Kandi are talking about Tamar's speech. Tamar doesn't want to be mean. But, she wants to stick it to them. "How do you stick it to someone without sticking someone?" 1:11 AM BBT Lolo is in the shower talking to Kandi and Tamar. She tells them that Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter, is the nicest guy. He handles his fame very well. Even though he is too big for the sport, he has never acted like he was too big for the sport. 1:20 PM BBT Kato and Tom are in the Celebrity Building Bedroom. They are trying to come up with a Hail Mary to save them. At one point the entertain trying to convince Tamar that they have a power that can take them both off the block and force her to put up 2 other. At the end of it all, the just decide that they are both just as likely to go and both of them will fight for the veto. Whichever one stays after tomorrow will probably leave in 4 days anyway. 1:28 PM BBT BB calls Tamar to the Downstairs DR. Tamar is still in the middle of putting on her make up. She calls out to BB that she needs 3 more minutes. Just 3 more. She has no idea what is wrong with her today. "I'm sorry. Just 3 more minutes. I'm sorry." 1:30 PM BBT Kato and Tom continue to talk in the bedroom. They are talking but both of them have their eyes closed. Tom "Sometimes the good does not prevail." 1:34 P BBT Kato has left Tom to rest and is now talking to Dina in the KT. He reminds her that Tamar's 20 year relationship is always going to trump knowing someone for 18 days. Don't forget that. Meanwhile, Tamar has not gone to the DR yet because she misplaced her lashes. 1:39 PM BBT WBRB 1:43 PM BBT The feeds come back. Tamar is about to head to the DR. The HGs expect the nomination ceremony to be very soon. 1:56 PM BBT Natalie, Ricky and Lolo are in the hotel bedroom. As they wait for the nomination ceremony, they are going over their days. Tom and Kato are walking around joking and saying that their big brother life came to an end because Kato didn't push the button one second sooner. Tom in jest "Why are they walking around so proud of themselves when they just got a lucky break?" Kato jokingly agrees. HG's waiting for the noms
  13. 12:01 PM BBT Lolo is telling Natalie and Tamar that she was only able to come in the house because her coach and manager put together a work out packet for her. With that and weights, she could do the show. She says that she is in the last 10 meters of her career and everything else can wait. She wanted to do it though because her sponsorship situation is not good. 12:09 PM BBT Lolo and Natalie tell Tamar that they think the nominations are supposed to be at 1 PM. Natalie says that Kato has been picking on Dina. He hid her sweater in the SR, put Frito's under her pillow, and Dina adds that she thinks he took her glasses too. Natalie, Lolo and Tamar are trying to help her find them. Natalie goes to Kato and asks him. He tells her to go and look under her microphone. They may be hidden there. Natalie comes back and asks where her microphone is. "Her microphone is missing too? She is missing her microphone and her glasses? I have no idea." 12:15 PM BBT In the celebrity building bedroom Tom and Kato are trying to figure out how to stay. Tom thinks they might be able to convince Tamar, through other people like Kandi, that the smart move is to split up Lolo and Natalie. Tom says trying real hard to win right now is going to make them look like threats. If they act like they don't give a da*n then they may both be here next week. 12:26 PM BBT Things are pretty quiet. Kandi is resting in the HoH listening to Tamar's music. Dina are hanging out in the 5th Ave. bedroom talking about the people they miss outside of the house. Dina finds that Joey has 8 bottles of water hiding next to his bed. 12:39 PM BBT Kandi and Tamar are talking in the HoH Bathroom. Kandi is trying to figure out how it is going to work next week. Kandi tells her that she or Dina will end up on the block next to whichever is left from Tom and Kato. There is a good chance that Kandi goes home, especially if Dina wins the veto. Tamar tells her that Natalie and Lolo would not put her up. Kandi doesn't seem to believe her. 12:45 PM BBT Dina comes to the HoH looking at the monitor to see if Kato moved her glasses somewhere. Kandi says she doesn't think Kato took them. Dina says she finds Frito's under her pillow in the morning. Kato took her glasses. He hid her microphone under her suitcase. BB had to tell her where they were. She is hoping using the HoH monitor she will see him move the glasses. 12:52 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Dina and Kandi looking for Dina's glasses. She is convinced that Kato has taken them because of where she found her mic this morning. Kandi tells her it probably fell there when she moved and opened her suitcase. Kandi is not convinced that Kato is hiding her stuff from her. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Kato on the elliptical in the gym.
  14. 11:02 AM BBT Tamar has joined Lolo and Natalie in the gym. They tell Tamar that Kandi is playing it safe by not ruffling any feathers. Lolo "But she is ruffling feathers. She was giving Kato the answers last night. She acts like she was just being nice." Lolo tells them that Kandi is not stupid. Tamar "She was up in her feelings last night. Today she is back." 11:10 AM BBT In the gym, Natalie is timing Lolo on her treadmill sets, which includes 8 second bursts. Natalie gives her a count down to start and a count down to stop. She then times a minute and a half to rest. 11:13 AM BBT Tamar asks Lolo if she said to herself she was going to break the world record when she broke the world record. Lolo says "I didn't break the world record, I broke the American record. It made me like the 2nd or 3rd fastest in the history but for the U. S. I was at point the fastest American in hurdles ever." She was so pi**ed because she had a bad round the night before. She screwed up her race and almost didn't advance. So, she was mad and the only thing she could think of was execution. That's the race where she won the gold. 11:20 AM BBT Tamar, Natalie, Lolo and Ricky are in the gym. Lolo asks her about production on her other shows so the feeds switch to Tom who is in the KT cutting an onion. 11:27 AM BBT In the gym, Natalie and Tamar are talking about Dina. Tamar says Dina is tired of Kato hitting on her. It is tiring. Natalie says that Kato then tried to turn it around like she was hitting on him and his girlfriend won't like it. They then start talking about his girlfriend being a kid and the feeds switch to Kandi and Dina in the lounge. 11:39 AM BBT The feeds have been in and out as the ladies in the gym talk about what they are going to do when they are out of the house and who they are going to do it with. Tamar tells Natalie and Lolo that Kato boils her blood. He ain't that good. She is still upset about his nomination speech when he said he stepped on shrimp and basil when he never did. 11:49 AM BBT Things are kind of uneventful in the house. Lolo, Tamar and Natalie are working out in the gym while Ricky does yoga. Dina, Tom, Kato and Randi are just sitting around downstairs. 11:53 AM BBT Tom is going to take a nap. Lolo tells Natalie and Tamar that she needs to take it easy. Tomorrow is a big day and she doesn't want to tap herself out today in case it is physical.
  15. 10:12 AM BBT Natalie and Lolo are at the dining room table looking at the memory wall. Lolo says that Ari won the face competition because she did everyone's make up. Natalie and Lolo joke that they need to start doing everyone's make up. 10:24 AM BBT Feed 1 and 2 are on Natalie and Dina in the dining room. Natalie says that Joey was getting frustrated right before he left because he was left to do almost all the cooking. They wish they had asked him what was up with the blow dryer thing. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Dina and Ricky talking in the 5th Ave bedroom. 10:31 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Natalie and Lolo getting ready in the WA to go work out. Lolo is brushing her teeth with the blow dryer on. It is perched next to the sink with the water running. [Children, do not try this at home. Their particular level of idiocy took years of training.~Goldylucks] 10:40 AM BBT The 4 feeds have been following Natalie and Lolo. Natalie is ready to work out and sitting on the bed waiting for Lolo. Lolo tells her that the camera show her love when she changes. The camera always turn away when she changes under the covers. 10:41 AM BBT In the hotel bedroom, Lolo is trying to get Natalie to help her figure out some kind of little signature for when the camera focuses on her on the start line when she races. Natalie's signature was to blow kisses before her matches. Lolo says that among all those tough guys, that was bad a**. 10:48 AM BBT Dina, Kandi and Kato are in the KT. Kato is asking if any of the equipment is being used in the gym. Kandi tells him that Tamar, Lolo and Natalie are all on their way up there very soon. Kato tells Kandi and Dina that Tamar's smartest move would be to put up Lolo and Natalie and break up that pair. She will never do it, but it would be a shocking TV move that makes total sense. 10:54 AM BBT Lolo, Natalie and Tamar are in the hotel bedroom. They are all getting ready to go to the gym and work out. They are trying to figure out what the next HoH is going to be. Tamar says it will probably be something awesome like the red carpet one because she won't be able to play. 11:00 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Kato and Tom in the LR. Tom and Kato take turns ironing their clothes. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Lolo, Natalie and Ricky working out in the gym.
  16. 9:00 AM BBT Wake up call. 9:17 AM BBT The feeds return. Tom is talking to Kandi in the Celebrity Building Bedroom. He jokes to her "What do you say; me, you, Tamar, Ricky, Kato final 5." She laughs at him. He says "Chess move, make it happen." He laughs and walks out of the room. 9:18 AM BBT Kandi tells Kato that BB needs to stop waking them up before 10:00. He tells her that the camera is zoomed right down on her, so she might as well tell BB directly. 9:20 AM BBT Kato is in the 5th Ave kitchen and hits a spoon against his coffee cup. He says "Coffee gram for Ms. Dina, coffee gram for Ms. Dina." Ricky walks by and tells him to leave her alone, she is getting up. Kato replies "I am getting her up on a positive note." Ricky "Doesn't seem very positive." Kato "A telegram? Who doesn't want to get a telegram in the morning?" Ricky "When you're sleeping it's kinda tough." 9:22 AM BBT Tom and Kato are talking in the dining room. Tom is in a weird mood. He tells Kato he is going to drink a lot more coffee than normal. He then brings the underwear he has in his hand to his face like he is smelling it. "I love the smell of fresh napalm in the morning." 9:23 AM BBT In the KT, Tom tells Kato not to be surprise if he morphs into a different person the next couple days. Kato "Next couple days, try tomorrow." 9:26 AM BBT Kato and Tom agree that they have been defeated but they aren't going to act defeated. Tom is called to the downstairs HoH. Kato goes to the camera in the 5th Ave Bedroom and looks right at it. He asks BB if they can put his suitcase in the SR so he can start packing. He would like to go ahead and get started. 9:30 AM BBT Lolo, Tamar and Natalie are not getting out of bed just yet, but they are awake. They are discussing the different physical comps that the first season of Celebrity Big Brother had hoping that tomorrow's HoH will be physical. Natalie says it has to be something physical since most of the upcoming comps will probably be all luck, no brain needed. 9:33 AM BBT Dina and Kato are whispering in the 5th Ave bedroom. He tells her that Natalie and Lolo are clueless that Tamar and Ricky are a pair working together. She mentions something about Kato being a target now and that he never trusted her. Dina dodge further conversation by going to the SR. Ricky follows her in and asks if Kato is bothering her. She says she already told him to leave her alone. He tells her to say it again but say it so others can hear it. 9:38 AM BBT Ricky goes to sit at the dining room table while Kato is in the KT. Ricky asks how Kato is doing. He says he is doing really good. Ricky "Staying positive?" Kato "As positive as I can be." 9:42 AM BBT Kato is in the KT making tea, hoping the fiber will help him since his stomach is a mess right now. Lolo and Natalie are up and making their bed. Tamar is still in bed and has covered her face with her blanket to keep out the light. 9:47 AM BBT Natalie, Dina, Lolo, and Ricky are sitting in the 5th Ave. Bedroom. Kandi walks in there. She tells them that Tom and Kato are walking around making jokes and such about being on the block. They think it is just how they respond to knowing they are in a bad spot. 9:53 AM BBT BB gets stern "Tamar, I said it was time to get up for the day." Natalie says that was stern this morning. They have been pretty lenient and Tamar gets an extra hour every day. 9:58 AM BBT Lolo and Natalie are in the KT. Lolo says that it isn't fair that they have mental comps coming up and Tamar gets an extra hour every single morning. She is going to start making Tamar get up with them. Lolo is trying to think of things that can wake up the woman who can sleep through a tornado. 10:01 AM BBT Dina, Ricky and Kandi are in the 5th Ave. bedroom. Dina says that Kato is grasping at straws now. Kandi "He is defeated." Dina "But why is picking on me?" Kandi "He isn't picking on you. He was joking with you. You wouldn't get up so he was playing with you." Kandi walks away for a moment. Dina is annoyed and tells Ricky that Kandi has a soft spot for him. Kandi comes back in and tells Dina that Kato has not been picking on her. Dina tells her that he has gotten really dark and has been mean. Kandi says whatever and walks away again. Dina asks Ricky why Kandi is sticking up for that. Ricky replies "Good question".
  17. 3:01 AM BBT Feed 1 show Kato and Tom asleep in the Celebrity Big Brother bedroom with the lights out. Feed 2 shows Kandi in the dark bedroom. She is kneeling next to the bed. She appears to be praying. Feeds 3 and 4 are on the Ricky, Lolo, Natalie and Tamar in the hotel bedroom. Lolo reads from the bible and they thank God for having their back. 3:05 AM BBT Natalie tells Tamar that she is going to regret it if she doesn't go to sleep. "Girl, we not sleepy Beans. Beans, tell her that we are not sleepy." The girls finally all lay down and say goodnight. 3:09 AM BBT Everyone is finally in bed and all the lights are off. 7:17 AM BBT Kato gets up and heads to the WC. He heads to the KT to get a drink. 7:30 AM BBT BB turns the KT lights on. Kato is standing at the island getting a drink. He drinks it slowly, like he is deep in thought. 7:39 AM BBT Kato has rummaged around the fridge but hasn't settled on anything. He closes up a box of cereal that was left open and reads the back of the box. 7:45 AM BBT Kato stretches his arms out in the KT while he reheats he beverage in the microwave. He heads to the lounge to Twitter. 8:02 AM BBT Kato heads back to the WC and says "now I can go". 8:10 AM BBT Kato remains the only one awake. He brushes his teeth and then proceeds to shave. 8:19 AM BBT Kato blows his nose and goes to throw the tissue in the WA trash can. He misses and it falls to the floor next to the trash but Kato doesn't notice. he then heads back to the KT to make some fresh coffee. 8:23 AM BBT Kato wanders around the house, occasionally stopping to look at something while he stretches. He heads back to the WC for the 3rd time this morning. [It appears the K Train is backed up again.~Goldylucks] 8:31 AM BBT Kato exits the WC, washes his hands, and heads back to bed. He hits something with his leg or his foot int he dark. "F**k. Da*n it." He decides to go back to the SR to change out his battery and picks through the piles of laundered clothes looking for his. He takes his clothes back to the Celebrity Building bedroom and set them down. He then crawls back into bed.
  18. 2:00 AM BBT Everyone has left the HoH room to get ready for bed. Tamar is in the WA removing her makeup. 2:06 AM BBT Tamar and Dina are in the KT looking for a snack. Dina heads out into the BY where it is raining. She waves at the camera and says goodnight. She heads back inside. Tamar talks to the camera and says "I'm HoH. First girl of the season." Dina "That's right, I didn't think about." 2:15 AM BBT All 4 cameras on the Ricky in bed. Tamar is trying to get Natalie to help her find something good to eat. She says she wants something cheesy and buttery. Ricky suggest popcorn and she turns it down. He then suggests grilled cheese and Tamar says no because she doesn't want bread. Tamar and Natalie leave the room but the cameras remain on Ricky. 2:21 AM BBT Natalie and Tamar are looking through the fridge looking for something for Tamar to eat. Natalie "there is a hella lot of food in here". Tamar turns down everything that Natalie suggests. Tamar decides she is going to have her Ramen Noodles. 2:25 AM BBT Tamar, Natalie and Lolo are hanging out in the KT. Natalie reads Tamar her letter out loud. Dina is called to the DR downstairs. 2:28 AM BBT Lolo wants a waffle. Tamar tells her "No you do not, do not chew it." Lolo says that Tamar's boyfriend is so romantic that she is going to need him to write her vows. 2:30 AM BBT Tamar says that her boyfriend's body gets hot every single time she says that she is cold. She says it is absolutely crazy. 2:39 AM BBT Dina, Lolo, Tamar, Kandi and Natalie are all hanging out in the KT. Natalie has been reading Tamar's letter over and over again while Tamar cooks her Ramen Noodles. 2:48 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Ricky again as the girls in the KT discuss the nutritional value of the different foods in the house. 2:55 AM BBT The girls have left the KT and are getting ready for bed. 2:58 AM BBT Tamar decides to sleep downstairs instead of the HoH. Tamar thanks Ricky for his friendship and she thanks the Holy Ghost. Lolo thanks her for winning the HoH in the clutch.
  19. 12:06 AM BBT Tom and Kato and are in the LR. Dina and Kandi are up at the pool table. Tamar comes out with the HoH key. "Who wants to see my HoH room?" 12:08 AM BBT Tamar gets a goodie basket and a letter from her boyfriend. In the letter, he promises that he has been keeping a daily journal for her for when she gets back. He tells her that she is as beautiful when she wakes up as when she is all made up and she has they key to his heart. Her son got super student two days in a row. He tells her that he always knew he could fly but what he didn't know was he was learning to fly so that he can fly into her arms at the exact same time that she flew into his. 12:16 AM BBT Kato and Tom are the first to leave the HoH room after the reveal. As he walks down the spiral stairs Tom says "Fake f'ing people. The other day they were all talking crap about her but now she is the HoH so they are best freaking buddies." 12:20 AM BBT Tom and Kato are downstairs. The rest of the house is hanging out in the HoH room with Tamar. Lolo says that Lolo's letter make them want to fall in love. Tamar says that when she reads the letter she can hear his voice. 12:24 AM BBT Tamar loves her letter and her basket but she wishes the picture of her son was newer. The picture is one that she took when he was 3. She wants to see what he looks like now. 12:26 AM BBT The girls are jealous of Tamar's letter. Lolo says no one can follow that. Kandi says her letter will probably just say we miss you and come home. 12:34 AM BBT Lolo takes Tamar's wine downstairs to open it. She returns with a bunch of disposable cups so that everyone can share in her wine. 12:39 AM BBT Kato and Tom are downstairs. Everyone else is in the HoH. Tamar keeps talking about what she is going to say for her nomination speech so we keep getting WBRB. The feeds come back long enough to hear Natalie say "Nobody likes a sore loser" and the feeds go back to WBRB. 12:41 AM BBT Kandi is telling the others about Tom's and Kato's "I'm Screwed" rap in the KT. WBRB 1:00 AM BBT Feeds still on WBRB 1:15 AM BBT Feeds are still down. 1:36 AM BBT The feeds return. Lolo is removing make up. Kandi, Dina, Ricky, Tamar and Lolo remain up in the HoH. Kandi is talking about a time she had problems with a movie and network. 1:42 AM Kandi is telling Lolo and Kandi about the problems associated with show business. Tamar goes downstairs to get her Melatonin and while rummaging through the hotel bedroom says that Lolo loses everything. She heads to the lounge and Ricky joins her. 1:45 AM BBT Tamar is on Twitter with Ricky in the lounge. He asks her if she knows what it is going on up there. She says she does. He tells her that it must be frustrating when you see what the others don't see and they think that you're crazy. After a pause Ricky says that it is a little over the top for him. She says it's a lot. Ricky "I'm not used to it." Tamar "I am." It appears Ricky and Tamar have recognized the lack of authenticity from the girls in her HoH room. Ricky left the HoH room because of it. 1:53 AM BBT Ricky has gone to bed. Natalie joins him in the hotel bedroom. Ricky and Natalie are looking forward to a full day of being chill. They don't have to worry until the next HoH. They have to make sure that Kandi, Dina, and whichever guy is left from Tom and Kato don't win HoH. Natalie thinks it will be Tom because Tamar has a soft spot for him.
  20. 11:01 PM BBT Tom and Kato are in the BY. Tom updates Kato on the last hour while he is in the DR. The rest of the house has been very unsportsmanlike. Tom tells him not to engage Ricky because Ricky has it set in his head that they bullied the others and need to apologize, despite that all the cameras will show the truth, they did bully anyone. 11:07 PM BBT Tamar yells out to BB asking for her HoH room. "I only got 12 hours, quit your playin". 11:14 PM BBT Tamar and Lolo are complaining to Ricky in the hotel BR that Kandi is upset because people have been saying that she hasn't been playing the game. Meanwhile Tamar asks them how she ended up being a backdoor option. Lolo told her it was because Tom thought she had the power. Tamar says that Kandi may be mad at her forever. "She is humiliated that I won and she didn't." [I guess winning HoH means Kandi was supposed to forget that Tamar, Ricky, Lolo and Natalie wanted her out less than 24 hours ago~Goldylucks] 11:28 PM BBT Tom is alone in the lounge and talks directly to us. He has learned that there are some people in the house where any form of conversation will be turned into an argument with an intensity like he has never seen before. They argue like life and death decisions are dependent on it. Meanwhile Tamar continues to fuss to the others that her HoH room is not ready. 11:37 PM BBT Kandi is in the WA removing her makeup. She tells Kandi her makeup (Tamar's) looks like she has been on the pole for 3 days. Meanwhile Tom and Kato are singing and dancing in the lounge saying "No more Snail's McGails, No more Snails McGails. If you want Snail's McGails, you are out of luck, because if you want Snail's McGails, Kato and Tom are fu**ed." They go to the KT singing "Kato and Tom are screwed, Kato and Tom are screwed, I don't want to be nasty, I don't want to be rude, but Kato and Tom are screwed. Kandi and Dina are laughing up at the pool table. Kato sings that Dina used to be a friend of mine. Dina sings back "Kato used to be a friend of mine, until he aligned." 11:50 PM BBT Kato and Tom are in the lounge. They are going to wait up for Tamar's HoH room reveal and then go straight to bed. Meanwhile Dina and Kandi are whispering at the pool table. Kandi tells her to stop being paranoid. Dina tells her that Lolo and Natalie have been screwing them all along. And now they have Ricky. Dina and Kandi agree that they need to win because they are likely safe this week with Tamar but not after that. Kandi "I don't think she will put me on the block." Dina "You are only here because of what can happen outside the house."
  21. 1:00 PM BBT Natalie goes into the SR. Does a little dance while pointing to the camera and saying Day 18, Day 18. She says I love you Jonathan before rejoining the others in the KT. 1:10 PM BBT Tamar and Lolo get into a minor argument in the KT about the cost of food. Lolo had put in a request for Sea Bass. Tamar tells her to tell BB they only need a couple servings because BB will give them like 14 that costs like $300 dollars. Lolo defends her expensive food request by saying that Tamar's lamb is more expensive. Lolo and Tamar then argue over whose food costs more. Lolo walks away angry saying she rarely puts in any food requests all and Tamar looks to Kandi confused. "How did it get that way?" 1:20 PM BBT Most of the HGs are getting the house ready for the live show. Natalie is cleaning the mirrors. Ricky is sweeping. Kandi is cleaning the KT. Lolo is mopping. Joey is vacuuming. Tamar is in the SR adding food to the list. 1:25 PM BBT Lolo goes to vent to Natalie in the WA saying that Tamar is making a big deal out of her requesting sea bass. It is rude when Tamar orders expensive grass fed lamb chops. Tamar hears her and goes into the WA as well. Lolo accuses Tamar of attacking her. Tamar defends herself saying she never attacked her. Lolo yells at Tamar and tells her that is extremely rude and hurtful. She almost never puts anything on the list and others put stuff on there every 3 days. Lolo walks away cussing as she goes saying that Tamar never lets her explain anything. WBRB. 1:35 PM BBT Feeds are still down after the argument between Tamar and Lolo. 1:45 PM BBT Feeds are still on WBRB. 1:57 PM BBT Still no feeds after the argument between Lolo and Tamar.
  22. Tom is scurrying around trying to secure last minutes votes and to ensure he and Kato have a future in the house after this eviction. Last minutes strategies: 12:30 PM BBT Tom is in the HoH with Kato. Tom tells him that he just spoke to Dina. She is completely on board with working with them after this eviction. He just made the long term plans a little more clear. Tom is going to emphasize this during the HoH comp by cheering hard for Tamar, Kandi and Dina so they know they have his support. 12:37 PM BBT Ricky is reading the Bible in bed. Lolo and Natalie are getting ready for the live show. Dina and Kandi are cooking in the KT. 12:43 AM BBT It is pretty quiet in the house at the moment. Feeds 1 and 2 are on Tom who is playing the keyboard on the loft. Feeds 3 and 4 show Kandi, Joey, Natalie, and Dina in the KT. The girls are eating eggs and Joey is making asparagus. Lolo is called to the downstairs DR. Joey is being called about by BB frequently because of his constant singing this afternoon. 12:46 PM BBT Joey is telling Kandi and Natalie that vitamin water is deceivingly bad for you. It is full of sugar, like 32 grams. It has a ton of carbs too, and they aren't even good carbs with calcium. They are useless carbs. 12:53 PM The HGs expect that they will get put on lockdown in about an hour or so. Kandi says they better fix the sink before they get put on lockdown. How are they supposed to clean with a broken sink?
  23. 9:17 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show the WA. Joey is in the WC and has left the blow dryer running. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Tom and Kato asleep in the HoH. 9:34 AM BBT Joey is the only one up. He is in the KT making coffee with bottled water. 9:40 AM BBT Feeds show WBRB. Is it time for a BB wake up call? 9:41 AM BBT Feeds return. No wake up call yet. 9:55 AM BBT Tom and Kato are both awake now. Tom goes down to grab himself a cup of coffee. Joey is in the KT eating breakfast. 10:00 AM BBT Wake up call 10:17 AM BBT The feeds return. BB calls for Dina to put on her microphone. Joey calls out "This one bathroom is horse sh*t. Twelve people, one bathroom. Great TV." 10:23 AM BBT The HGs are awake. Lolo, Natalie and Ricky are in the bedroom talking about how the atmosphere is one of facing a rival team in a sport's event. Lolo says no, because at least you respect the rival team. Ricky starts to discuss how Tom and Kato got caught looking stupid and the feeds switch. 10:25 AM BBT Natalie "Everyone is on the same page for the vote tonight, right?" Lolo says yes. Tamar is silent. Natalie "Tamar?" Tamar "Uhm yes, we will talk about it tonight. I had a nightmare." 10:28 AM BBT Joey tells Dina and Natalie in the SR that he is in the mood to just wreck some sh*t today. Everyone is going to think he has gone crazy. 10:30 AM BBT The HGs are up doing ADL's. 10:43 AM BBT BB is calling the HGs into the DR this morning. Tom thinks BB is going to tell them all to try to relax and have some fun. The show isn't supposed to be this tense. Meanwhile Joey tells Ricky that he can't wait until 5pm because he just has to know what is going. He was way too wound up to stay in bed this morning. 10:48 AM BBT Tom and Kato are up in the gym. Kato is on the elliptical. Tom is using the hand weights. Tom tells Kato about his conversation with Allison, executive producer. "I think they are worried about.." WBRB. 10:59 AM BBT Lolo and Joey are in the WA. Lolo is explaining to him about how the comp involving days in the house work usually works. Example "Which day was Mooch's news?"
  24. 8:00 AM BBT All the HGs are in bed with the lights out. 8:38 AM BBT Joey gets up and heads to the WC. When he comes out of the WC he turns the blow dryer on while he washes his face. The plugged in and running blow dryer is sitting on the edge of the sink that Joey is using with the water running. [How they haven't electrocuted anyone yet is beyond me. Who knew being a diva was so dangerous? ~Goldylucks] 9:05 AM BBT Joey continues to primp in the WA with the blow dryer running. Everyone else is still in bed.
  25. 1:27 AM BBT Kato and Tom are in bed in the HoH and Tom talks directly to those watching the feeds. He calls it their Bert and Ernie chat. Tom says that Kato has a big day tomorrow. He has to win the HoH so that they can keep this room. Kato says if he wins it, BB doesn't even have to clean it. They still have about 5 days left on that cheese platter. Kato says that yesterday was such a good day and everyone was up there having wine and cheese. Today...WBRB. 1:32 AM BBT The feeds return. All four feeds are on the hotel bedroom with the lights off. Tamar, Natalie, Lolo and Ricky are all in bed. Tamar complains that she is hot. She whines using a childlike voice "I'm hot." Lolo is trying to get the fan to turn on but the blades won't rotate anymore. 1:36 AM BBT The Lolo, Natalie and Tamar are talking about the other HG's bed. Dina makes hers up like a fort. Joey's sheets are so nice they looked like they are ironed flat for him. The girls tell Tamar that he gets his sheets back the same day he sends them. Tamar says no, I can't have dirty sheets now. That's over. Natalie "But Tamar, you haven't changed your sheets yet." Tamar "I changed them some. Kandi hasn't changed hers at all. She is embracing the spirit of the nasty." 1:37 AM BBT Ricky, Lolo, Natalie and Tamar are laying in the bed in the dark. They are discussing Kandi. Tamar asks if they think Kandi wants to stay because wants to stay or does she want to stay for pride. Ricky says pride. Natalie says she really likes Kandi. She just doesn't know the game. 2:00 AM All the HGs are in bed with the lights off. 4:02 AM BBT Lolo wakes up and puts on some shoes. She heads to the WC and goes back to bed afterwards. 6:35 AM BBT Tamar wakes up to use the WC and then heads back to bed afterwards.This likely wakes up both Ricky and Natalie. As soon as Tamar heads back into the BR, Ricky gets up to use the WC also. When Ricky heads back to the BR, Natalie gets up and heads to the WC. At 6:47 AM everyone is back in bed.
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