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    Really liked Big Brother at one time

    Of course it was scripted and rigged. At the beginning of the season they didn't 'evict' - they traded. But they only did it once with Paul... Why only him? Why not several times with whoever was evicted. To just bring back Paul was a cheap shot to everyone else. And any time they bring back someone that has already been voted out, they are killing the gamer as it was intended to be. IMO it's just B.S.
  2. Mikeydude

    Really liked Big Brother at one time

    I said this too in another thread. I'm sick of seeing someone that had their chance at the game. It's unfair for newer players and ruins the game for me.
  3. Mikeydude

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Just my opinion but I'm sick of these shows bringing veterans back. They had their shot and most blew it. Let others fight it out.
  4. Why was he the only veteran brought back? I initially thought they were going to trade evictees for vets at the beginning of the season, but they never did. Just this turd....
  5. Mikeydude

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Jess putt up Ramses and Josh? All this since last night already? I thought the Noms were at least a couple days after the HOH.
  6. What happened to all the photos. The photo Gallery hasn't been updated for a couple of seasons, and some of the photos of this season are not available... Whahappened?
  7. Just my opinion but I think that Victor is set by the Producers to win. No-one has ever been put in the house 3 times in a single season. He was voted out and they got him back in - okay... it's happened before. Then he's voted out again and he's back in again. It's a set up and I am willing to bet he takes all the money at the end.
  8. Famous last words... "You don't know who you're messing with." ROFLMAO!!!
  9. They don't want to get him out. They're too afraid to even try.
  10. Mikeydude

    Christine Brecht (Week 2)

    Why should she be on the block? She isn't strong enough in the personality dept to do anything in the game.
  11. He's going to win. If not he'll be there for a long time. Sorry... I know it sucks, but that's how BB is played. He's big and powerful, with a strong personality. Nobody will stand up against him. They'll talk about it, but they won't do a thing.
  12. Mikeydude

    Devin Shepherd (Week 1)

    I agree with what everyone has said but let's look at reality in this unreal game. These are the guys that last all season. He won't get evicted... not for a while yet. Players of this game are way too stupid. I think the guy is a putz. But the putz's always win this stupid thing.
  13. Mikeydude

    Frankie Grande (Week 1) - HoH1 (de-throned)

    Guess I'm in the minority. I don't like the guy. **shrugs**
  14. Mikeydude

    Devin Shepherd (Week 1)

    He was talking all that garbage about not getting someone out when you have the oppertunity... I wonder why they didn't put him up on the block. I think he's a jerk.