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  1. Melissa4167

    BB15 Live Feeds

    This might be a stupid question but how do you watch the feeds from a smartphone? <---- tech challenged :-(
  2. Hi everyone!! Nice to see everyone again for another season of BB.. I'm not excited about this season yet.. I'm to worried about seeing old faces in the house. I'm tired of past hgs and fear that Allison will put some in there.. I will just have to wait and see, Once the show starts and see what is going on.. but until then I'm holding back excitement.. It is so nice to be back home at Morty's tho... Hoping for a much needed great season..
  3. Melissa4167

    BB13 House Photos

    Grodner said the bikes will be locked so they can't ride them.. because they were worried they would go throught the glass doors on them.lol
  4. Melissa4167

    Twist Revealed

    I've been thinking about Keith having an identical twin brother... Wonder if they would do the twin twist again?
  5. Melissa4167


    I don't think he will last long.. But I thought the same about Dick.. I don't like that he likes Rachael either Erin
  6. Melissa4167


    I kind of like him too.. He is another I have to wait and watch first..
  7. Melissa4167


    I like her.. have to wait and see how she is
  8. Melissa4167


    I'm not sure about her..
  9. Melissa4167


    I think he is one to really annoy me, But he might be fun to watch go down..lol
  10. Melissa4167


    She is my favorite!!
  11. Melissa4167

    BB13 Houseguests

    well, There went my bb season.. I wont be watching or buying the feeds this year.. 12 years and I never thought I would ever not watch bb.. I don't want to listen to Rachael one more second.. None of the couples excited me at all.. Sigh!!! This all just shot my day to heck..
  12. Melissa4167

    BB 13 excitement level, 1-10

    my excitement level has dropped after hearing the rumor that Rachael will be back in the house.. I'm not even buying the feeds for the first time in 12 yrs.. Not sure I will even watch the show on tv..
  13. Is it BB time yet?

  14. Hi everyone I've been watching BB since day 1, same goes for the live feeds.. Been here at Morty's since season 1.. I think it was about the time when Britney got the boot and I was outraged looking for others like me..lol.. I remember signing a petition to put Brit back in the house.. Oh dear! such a long time ago.. I'm looking forward to another year of BB and the long nights, Here is hoping for some nap time this yr..Please let them go to bed earlier this year I want to see people who want to win the money and play the game and not sit back and sneak in there and take it.. I'm tired of the throwing of the challenges. I would love to see everyone fight for there stay in the house.. and sooo tired of the showmances. I would love the feeds to start the day they enter the house... I know that will never change and we all complain about it every year but dang we can dream can't we.. I'm glad to get back to Morty's and see all the familar posters and not so familar.. Welcome home everyone! let the begin..
  15. Melissa4167

    NaOnka Mixon

    I don't care for her at all.. She is one that would get me kicked off, because i would slap the you know what out of her..