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  1. ktbruin

    General Discussion

    You're probably right about D and S not having a big week next week however, I think Tracey's decision could have backfired if her team had gone through with their plans. She was saved by Mo. If anything, I think she should have split those two up. I mean, she's already hated by everyone (except Mo) why worry what they think. I KNOW you're right about Mo. He looked HORRIBLE at the ranch. He looked old and tired. I couldn't believe it was the same person when they showed his "after" sequence. I'm very happy for him.
  2. ktbruin

    General Discussion

    Big mistake on Tracy's part to not remember (or realize) that. They were bound to have big losses.
  3. Tracy must have forgotten that Daniel and Shay had immunity last week and cheated (so to speak) on the weigh in and were BOUND to have big losses. OOps. Anyone else that thinks they wouldn't have stacked their own team in their favor is delusional. The only reason Tracy is getting flack is because it's Tracy. I do believe that Tracy should have opted out of playing the game because it did put a huge target on her back, but this "Tracy is Evil" stuff is laughable.
  4. I think the other house guests are hypocritical...they were waiting to jump the line for a higher pound advantage. And, lets not forget that Bob and Jillian are constantly talking about how 1 pound can make a difference in the game. And the fact that everyone is canonizing Antione when he ate the cupcakes first! It wasn't until Allison announced that someone was eating the cupcakes that Tracy started eating. I think Tracy is a little desperate and doesn't think well on her feet. Unlike Vicki and Heba who were planned and schemed (and were just plain mean).
  5. ktbruin

    General Discussion

    Yes, Tracy should not have walked over the line without talking to her partner...BUT... Does NO ONE remember that ANTIONE ate the first cupcake? Tracy did not want her fate to be in someone elses hands. If she hadn't eaten those four cupcakes then Antione would have chosen whose weigh in counts. I don't know, I can understand Tracy a little bit. She's an outsider, she can't workout the way the others can and she's desperate to stay. AND, as she said, two teams were going to be below the yellow line...someone was going to go home. She just wanted to make sure it wasn't her.
  6. ktbruin

    Russell Hantz - Part 1

    OH, I think people will catch on. He might not get voted off right away, but people will catch on. I can't stand the fact that he destroys other people's property...Why would he want to put his own team at a disadvantage (the guy whose socks he burned could get a blister..etc.) I think his tactics will do him in, sooner rather than later.
  7. ktbruin

    Russell Hantz - Part 1

    I agree that messing with his own team is a mistake...and I don't think he'll be able to cover up all his lies for very long. But, he is a great character to hate! I mean, he seriously has a problem with women and that makes me want to hurl. I look forward to the day he's booted off.
  8. ktbruin

    Natalie - BB 11 Runner-up

    Well, I agree that everyone has good/bad. I also agree that numbers 1 and 2 are good points about Natalie. But number 3 is flawed. She is fiercely loyal, but when others are loyal to their side she calls it evil. Plus, if the goodbye to Jessie message exists...that's not loyal. And for number 4...I think that's flawed, too. People need a filter. Saying what you think no matter what isn't necessarily a "good" thing about her. And, yes, maturity may help her in that area.
  9. ktbruin

    Kevin - 6th Juror

    Kevin was a GREAT PLAYER. I knew I liked him from very early on except I didn't like that he aligned himself with the "Jessie Side." But, I loved that he voted Jessie out. I loved his diary room comments and his facial expressions about the "Jessie Funeral." I also liked his big move with the lie to Jeff...and that he had the guts to follow through on it (even though he got Jeff out)...but it was a power move that he knew had to be done. The difference between him and Gnat is that Gnat kept pouring it on that she "kept her word" blah, blah, blah. Kevin KNEW he had to win comps (Gnat was only able to eke out one) and play a good social game (Gnats social game was lacking...especially if the goodbye message to Jessie ended up being true) and lie (when necessary). I hope good things come to Kevin in his life.
  10. ktbruin

    Post-Season Interviews, Videos, Pictures

    I was just reading this on the Gnat thread...I just thought that maybe I missed it (I haven't been able to watch every episode). But why would Natalie lie now? As I said in the other thread, she's either a pathological liar or the message exists somewhere.
  11. ktbruin

    Natalie - BB 11 Runner-up

    That is just sooo bizarre then. Why would Natalie bring up what would be an incredibly stupid move (dissing Jessie in a goodbye message) and it not actually being true? That makes no sense at all. Either she's a pathological liar or the message exists.
  12. ktbruin

    Post-Season Interviews, Videos, Pictures

    Thanks for posting the link for the Gnat part of the interview. For those who said that Gnat played a better game than Jordan the fact that her goodbye message to Jessie was so hateful proves that she didn't. Why would you say that kind of stuff to Jessie who was your own alliance and who was going to the jury house? She was stupid. It's not like the rest of the house would see that message (and think that Gnat was on their side). Even if Jessie didn't consider that message when he voted, it was still such a bad move.
  13. ktbruin

    Natalie - BB 11 Runner-up

    There are players who lie (I mean, ALL BB players lie at some point), but they DON'T exclaim in loud voices that they won a competition by keeping their word (Dr. Will...lied, lied, lied and ADMITTED that he was probably lying, yet people still fell for his lies). I don't like Natalie because she claimed to be an honest player yet got so mad and vengeful when someone lied to her (and she and her alliance "got got!") Other people see it as part of the game, but for Natalie, she only saw her lies as part of the game...everyone elses were evil. Ad the mean stuff she did to Michelle was just awful. I think Jessie wishes he didn't have to vote for a winner at all. He still seems so bitter at being couped...even though he did NOTHING to get into the house. He probably voted for Jordan because he didn't like how Natalie took credit for the big moves. I don't. I think it shows how completely bitter he is about her getting further in the game. He only thinks about himself.
  14. ktbruin

    Jeff - Part 3

    I thought Jeff was HILARIOUS last night! He's a funny guy.
  15. ktbruin

    Saying Goodbye to BB11

    I thought this season was a lot of fun, though I was afraid that it would end in a T H U D with Nat winning (like the maggie/crappy season)...but there was still that element...Kevin was ok...not quite in that "Jesse Alliance" that I (personally) hated so much. Also, Jordan...could she win the comp she needed to win? Yes! And the awful Nat...well, you know all about her. So it was fun. I didn't mind the coup...I think that type of thing is totally part of this game. But I did NOT like the old BB player (jesse) getting in by doing NOTHING. That was so much more rediculous than the coup. But, it was a fun season.