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  1. Fri 12:28am BBT Jackson checkmates Nicole in Chess. She says she was better when she played Tommy, then reflects that Tommy just wasn't as good as Jackson. They head down to play backgammon and Jackson hits his funny bone on the stairs. Nicole says God was punishing him for whatever he was thinking. She compares Jackson to the villain in Sleeping With The Enemy, but he's learning from her. Fri 12:33am BBT Jackson is moving around Nicole's soda in the fridge and she calls him out on it. He says it's his OCD, he doesn't know why but it makes him feel better. The chocolate milk doesn't expire until their last day in the house. Holly is out of the DR and Nicole gets called just as she sits down for backgammon with Jackson. Fri 1:00am BBT Once Nicole is in the DR, Holly and Jackson compare Nicole notes. She says it was fun to compare game notes with someone she hasn't really played with. Jackson says Nicole was really impressed with his game moves. Holly says Nicole told she hadn't given her enough credit. Jackson thinks she's already given up and they should treat her carefully going forward. Fri 2:15am BBT Jackson and Holly join Nicole in the RV. It's snack time, Nicole says, offering them from her HoH basket. Holly says they should go to Mexico to celebrate Jackson's birthday. Nicole says she doesn't even have a passport. Holly says David was a staring contest beast, beating 4 people before facing Christie. Jackson challenges Nicole to a staring contest and she struggles not to laugh. Nicole suggests a 3-way staring contest, and when Jackson points a finger gun at each of them, she tells BB that he just threatened them and should be evicted. He jokes not to make him look bad on live feeds. Fri 2:39am BBT Holly thinks Nicole was a bird in a past life, that's why she's so afraid of them now. Nicole thinks she was eaten by a bird, and that's why. Holly says buzzards are the only birds that eat other birds. Nicole mentions carrions but neither Jackson nor Holly are familiar with that. Nicole says she would call in sick to work if she saw a turkey pecking at her car. Fri 2:44am BBT Nicole says she leaned how to jump on her feet in the comp. Her problem was with the ropes. Nicole heads to the WC and Jackson/Holly are in the WA preparing for bed. Holly says something to Nicole and she yells back, I"I can't hear you. My pee is too loud!" Holly tells a story about a roommate that was hard to live with. They lived next to a crack den. Jackson says driving in Los Angeles is anarchy. Holly says its worse in NYC. Fri 3:05am BBT "HG, remember to enjoy yourselves today. These are the good old days," says BB. Jackson says tomorrow is Day 94, the year he was born. Holly tells him to not remind her of their age difference. Could you have picked a better third wheel, Nicole asks? We didn't have a choice, Holly says wryly. It's actually a unicycle, Nicole retorts, and you two are training wheels. Fri 3:18am BBT Nicole wants to see the jury footage from today's episode. Jackson says it's only 5 days left but Nicole says you're not counting tomorrow. Holly says she looks like she's just woken up all day and has given up. Fri 3:26pm BBT Nicole announces she's ready for bed but she hears Holly in the RV and thinks Jackson is trying to scare her. He's actually in the target BR and Holly says she was just joking. Jackson is praying in the target BR while Nicole and Holly settle into the RV, Holly taking Jess's bed. Fri 3:36am BBT Jackson hugs Nicole goodnight and Nicole says her customary I love you more. No you don't, Jackson retorts. Probably true, she agrees. Jackson acts offended and she says just messing with you. BB says Big Brother Loves You before turning out the lights. Love you more, Nicole says back.
  2. Thu 10:32pm BBT Jackson has decided to cheer up Nicole by laying on top of her. She turns her face away from him when he moves to the other side of the bed. She just wants a moment before she talks to him. She doesn't want a lecture, but he delivers a pep talk anyway, saying she is not alone in the house. Nicole doesn't want to be the girl carried to 3rd. She's embarrassed and disgusted with herself. While Jackson is in the SR, Nicole opens up to Holly: My ego is bruised worse than my knee. It's going to swell real bad. Thu 10:47pm BBT Jackson is preparing to cook dinner when BB calls him to the DR. Nicole takes the opportunity to ask Holly to just consider taking her to F2. Holly says she'll consider it - she realizes how much of a threat Jackson is to win. Nicole doesn't want to be that person who loses while limping. They wonder what the Part II comp will be like and and speculate on the memory brunch. Thu 10:58pm BBT Nicole tells Holly there was nothing against her when she was campaigning for Cliff to stay and she's fine with the F3. Holly admits she's worried about being seen as riding Jackson's coattails. They say the people closest to them are the angriest when evicted. They talk about Kat's eviction and then how angry Jess was at Nicole. Nicole says it's too exhausting to dislike someone. Thu 11:16pm BBT Nicole says she never knew where Sis stood and that Sam had said Sis wanted Nicole and Nick nominated together. Nicole says Holly was the most level-headed member of the Six. Holly said Sis was close to Jackson then Christie. She was emotional and always needed a friend. Nicole says Kat & Jess felt she was choosing Nick over them. Tommy, Christie and Sis ignored her for most of the game but not Jackson and Holly. Thu 11:27pm BBT Holly says Tommy spearheaded the attempt to flip on Kat and led the effort to go after her. You can only burn me so many times, she says. Nicole says she was confused why Tommy never put up Jackson or Holly and was happy when Jackson won Safety and he wouldn't have to. Tommy would tell her they should work together then he'd ignore her for weeks. Holly says she promised Nick to protect Nicole. Nicole says Holly woudl have won F4 HoH if the "flippity jibbity" didn't happen. Thu 11:41pm BBT Nicole says her knee doctor will be so mad at her, she feels 90yrls old right now. She hobbles to the KT where Jackson says he's so proud of her. I don't need your pity, Nicole shoots back. It's not pitty, Jackson assures her. Thu 11:46pmBBT Nicole tells him he was good, his plan was flawless. Not flawless, Jackson insists. It looks that way. Jackson worries to Nicole that Holly has a lot of friends on the jury. Nicole has a lot of friends too, he insists. Nicole thinks jury members will vote Jackson if they vote on game. Jackson sneezes and Nicole thwaps him upside the head, saying Pineapple! Thu 11:56pm BBT Jackson is in the WA when Nicole sneezes. Damn, he exclaims, I'm in the bathroom! Nicole comes into the WA to change clothes in the shower and apologizes for the Pineapple. You got me good, Jackson assures her. When asked, Jackson tells her that if they had evicted Holly and Tommy was F4 and Jackson won Veto, he would have listened to Cliff and Tommy's campaigns and made the decision based on that. Fri 12:01am BBT Jackson insists to Nicole he was trying to be fair and square with everyone and it meant the world to him that Cliff apologized for threatening him with jury votes before leaving the house. Nicole sneeezes twice and defends herself against Jackson's Pineapples. Jackson says he's afraid of going out 3rd if he doesn't win Part III. He would be content with coming in second though. The $50k wouldn't last long but it would be enough. Nicole says she would also be happy with 2nd. Fri 12:07am BBT Nicole says she's graceful mentally but not physically. She didn't think HoH Part I would be so physical. She just wants to be considered for F2. Jackson says same for him. Nicole and Jackson head upstairs to play a game of Chess. She thinks she gets worse at it each game she plays. Jackson sneezes and Nicole holds back Pinappleing him. His nose is tickling too. Nicole thinks it's all the jalapeño Jackson was cutting up.
  3. The four-time Emmy Award-winning The Voice returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the blockbuster vocal competition show's new season. Rock icon and pop culture phenomenon Gwen Stefani reclaims her red chair alongside superstar coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 17. Carson Daly returns as host. The show's innovative format features five stages of competition: the Blind Auditions, then the Battle Rounds, Knockouts, Playoffs and, finally, the Live Who are your favorite artists? Watch with us and join the conversation!
  4. Based on an international hit, which already is a viral phenomenon with more than half a billion fans worldwide, and the No. 1 top-trending video of 2017 on YouTube, THE MASKED SINGER features celebrities facing off against one another with one major twist: each singer is shrouded from head to toe in an elaborate costume, complete with full face mask to conceal his or her identity. Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke serve on the panel and play detective, alongside host Nick Cannon. Season Two boasts 16 celebrity singers in all-new costumes and masks, including The Flamingo, The Leopard and The Egg. With each performance, the host, panelists, audience, viewers and even the other contestants are left guessing who is singing behind the mask. Ranging from Grammy Award winners to legendary athletes, and everything in between, the singers may attempt to throw the crowd off of their scent, while keen observers might pick up on tiny clues buried throughout the show. One singer will be eliminated each week, ultimately revealing his or her true identity. It’s not a “whodunit,” it’s a “whosungit!” The competitors are believed to have 140 films, 69 Emmy Award nominations, 42 Grammy Award nominations, 31 Billboard #1 singles, 22 Broadway shows, 20 platinumrecords, 19 Emmys wins, 15 marriages, 8 divorces, 7 Super Bowl wins, 6 multi-platinum records, 5 Hall of Famers, three New York Times Best Sellers, and two have been named Time magazine’s Most Influential People. Who is The Masked Singer? Join us this fall as we try to solve the mystery!
  5. Buckle up, this America's Got Talent - The Semi-Final Results! Tonight, we reveal the last 5 acts for the Finals. But first, here's a Britain's Got Talent winner with one of the all-time greats, give it up for Tokio Myers and from The Police, the legendary Stewart Copeland! Last night, the last 11 semi-final acts performed for your votes. V.Unbeatable performed an acrobatic dance routine. Magician Dom Chambers drank a mega-sized mug of beer. Singer Luke Islam performed Never Enough (Greatest Showman). Lukas & Falco performed a Man & Dog act. Singer Chris Klafford performed an original song, If Not With You, For you. Detroit Youth Chroir performed High Hopes (Panic! at the Disco). Blacklight painter Alex Dowis paid tribute to 9/11. Guitarist Marcin Patrzalek performed Shape of You (Ed Sheeran). Opera singer Ermanne Beasha sang (Everything I Do) I Do For You (Bryan Adams). Comic Ryan Niemiller performed a routine. And vocal group Voices of Service performed Choke (OneRepublic). Here they are, give it up for your 11 semi-finalists! But there are only 5 spots in the finals. The voting last night was unbelievably close. And for the last time this season, the judges will determine the final spot. Give it up for Howie Mandell, Simon Cowell, Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough! The top 3 acts from last night's vote will go straight into the Finals. The acts who came in 4th, 5th and 6th all risk being sent home. But you can rescue one of them with the Dunkin' Save Vote. Here are the three acts in danger: Alex Dowis, Emanne Beasha and Ryan Niemiller. Please step forward. The vote is open now to vote using the AGT App or at NBC.COM/DUNKINSAVE. The Dunkin Save vote is underway. As each week goes by, the acts raise their game on stage, but also their level of crazy in the Dunkin' Lounge. Roll clip! Let's get to the main business of the night. Which acts are getting into the Finals? Let's find out. V.Unbeatable, Chris Klafford and Dom Chambers, please step forward. America has voted. The first act going through to the Finals is... V.Unbeatable! One act is through and one of the Dunkin' Save acts in the greenroom will also be going through. You have about 20 minutes to vote via the AGT App or at NBC.COM/DUNKINSAVE! The judges love to play jokes on the public, and recently they set up an AGT photo booth. Check it out! Up next on stage, here's a mythical serpent-like creature, better known to you and me as Piff the Magic Dragon! Don't forget there are three acts in the Greenroom looking for your Dunkin' Save. Vote via the AGT App or at NBC.COM/DUNKINSAVE! If you haven't voted in the Dunkin' Save, vote soon because voting is almost over. V.Unbeatable has made it to the Finals and there are 4 spots left. Here are your next results. Lucas & Falco, Marcin Patrzalek and Detroit Youth Choir, please step forward. America has voted and the next act going into the Finals is... Detroit Youth Choir! We are down to just 2 acts left up on stage. One of them is taking the next spot in the Finals. Let's do it. Luke Islam and Voices of Service, please step forward. America has voted and the next act going into the finals is... Voices of Service! So we now have just 3 acts left, the Dunkin' Save acts. It's time for them to come out onto the stage: Alex Dowis, Ryan Niemiller and Emanne Beasha. The next act to go through will be based on your Dunkin' Save and let's get that result. We have Alex Dowis, Emanne Beasha and Ryan Niemiller. Based on tonight's live vote, the next act to go through to the finals is... Ryan Niemiller! That leaves Alex Dowis and Emanne Beasha. One will go into the Finals, the other will be going home. Judges, for the last time this season, please consider your vote. The finals begin next Tuesday at 8pm ET/7 Central. But we're still one act short and it's up to the judges to choose between Alex Dowis and Emanne Beasha. Gabrielle votes for the voice of an angel, Emanne. Julianne votes for Emanne. Howie votes for originality and Alex Dowis. Simon says both are deserving but he sends Emanne to join the other acts in the Finale! Next week are the final performances to win it all - $1,000,000 and a show in Las Vegas! See you there!
  6. 10:52pm BBT Cliff, Jackson, Nicole, Holly and Tommy put the finishing touches on their 9/11 remembrance, covering the LR table with the message "We Remember" made with Fruit Loop letters. They add a yellow sunflower and an American Flag.The HG gather on the balcony to look down on the memorial, contemplating the events of 18 years ago and the meaning it holds today.
  7. Hey PVS. I moved your post over to the BB21 Conversation forum where it might get seen. BB did not show Jackson finding Cliff's life ring in order to create some drama - at the reveal, unless you're a Morty's TV fan and following our live feed updates, you didn't know whether it would be Jackson or Tommy who won Veto! Yes, there are folks who don't follow the live feed sites but just watch the broadcast episodes. I don't get it, but it's true. As for Tommy's Veto, they did not show him trying to close the zipper and giving up, but they had to edit something out to make room for all the Jackson/Holly showmance drama. And even then, they edited it so badly that it made Holly look good. Fuskie Who hopes you didn't lose any sleep over this while thinking about it all night...
  8. 12:50pm BT Cliff beats Tommy at Backgammon twice in a row. Nicole says she always put her self worth in what her parents, sisters, teachers and coworkers thought about her but being in the BB House has forced her to look inward for validation. Tommy expects he'll reflect back on his experience in the house and learn from it. Jackson tells Holly he wasn't convinced by Christie's argument and is upset about Frederick's eviction. 1:00pm BBT Christie wants to make a child for Tommy's Amber and Azul dolls. Nicole is reading the Bible. Cliff doesn't feel like reading. Christie gets tired when she reads the Bible. Nicole wants to finish it before she leaves the house. Nicole reads a verse apropos to Big Brother: "now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death." 1:05pm BBT Tommy, Cliff and Christie are discussing BB9. Cliff liked Chelsea. Christie remembers that James had gay porn come out during the season. Cliff points to a bed and jokes that a gay porn star slept there. Tommy says his old boss, Alex [Coladonato, owner of a DJ company], was on BB9. 1:45pm BBT Nicole and Tommy say there was always consent with Nick. Nicole says she never initiated cuddling with him though. Tommy can't say the same. He says Nick's arm pits smelled like roses. Jess says they were always sweating. Tommy isn't drawn to Nicole's arm pit. He says Nick never lied to him. Jess says she loves Nick but would never play Monopoly with him. 2:15pm BBT Cliff is packing in the Target BR. Tommy is washing dishes in the KT. Holly gets up to use the HoH BR while Jackson sleeps in bed. She was ill all night and this morning and BB has been letting them rest in HoH. 2:45pm BBT Jess says she's worked with different kinds of people and knows how to remain cordial when personalities clash. Nicole says she's stuck in her life and needed to get away to figure things out. She feels like she preaches but does not practice what she preaches. She tells people to be quirky and embrace your true self but hasn't done that. When she couldn't control everything in her life, she put up a hard exterior for protection.
  9. 12:45pm BBT Jess says she's worked with different kinds of people and knows how to remain cordial when personalities clash. Nicole says she's stuck in her life and needed to get away to figure things out. She feels like she preaches but does not practice what she preaches. She tells people to be quirky and embrace your true self but hasn't done that. When she couldn't control everything in her life, she put up a hard exterior for protection.
  10. 6:34AM BBT The HG are sleeping when Jackson rolls over in HoH and asks Holly if she wants water. She gets up and heads to the WC. FotH. Feeds return 10m later with Holly sitting up in the bed feeling ill. Apparently she's having stomach cramps and doesn't know why.
  11. Tonight, some dreams will die and some will survive. It's America's Got Talent - The Results! Only 7 of last night's 12 acts can go through. But first we take a look at rehearsals for last night's performances. And now we look back at last night's performances by Detroit Youth Choir, Dog act Lukas & Falco, magician Dom Chambers, singer Benicio Bryant, Tambourinist Gonzo (X - Simon), Guitarist Marcin Patrzalek, Magician Eric Chien, Beatbox group Berywam, Aerialist Matthew Richardson (X - Simon), singer MacKenzie, Comedienne Jackie Fabulous and opera singer Emanne Beasha. Make some noise for your 12 acts. Tonight we find out which 7 acts have made it. But first, say hello to your AGT Judges. Simon brings some marmite on toast (complete with British flags) for his fellow judges. Howie says it tastes like something his wife made and she's the worst cook in the world. The other judges aren't any more complimentary. The top 6 acts will automatically go through to the next round. The acts in 7th, 8th and 9th place are in danger and will face your Dunkin' Save vote. Let's get to it. Here are your three acts in danger: Jackie Fabulous. Lucas & Falco. And Marcin Patrzalek. Please step forward. The vote is open now. You have 30m to save one at nbc.com/dunkinsave or using the AGT App. Howie says you all deserve to be on that stage but one of you doesn't deserve to be in that three. After the show last night, the acts retreated to the Dunkin' Lounge. Let's take a look. Now we go from post show crazy to dead serious. Here's our first results. Good luck to all of you. Detroit Youth Choir and Gonzo. Please step forward. The first act going into the Semi-Finals is Detroit Youth Choir! One act is through but there are 3 acts who need your vote: Jackie Fabulous. Lucas & Falco. And Marcin Patrzalek. You have about 18m to get your Dunkin' Save vote in. Some of the most popular AGT acts of all time are now appearing in a show in Vegas, and tonight they are here. Give it up for the cast of Celestia! There are more results around the corner, but first, people around America have a lot of opinions about the judges. Watch as they read your tweets! There's still 12m to vote in the Dunkin' Save! Vote through the AGT App or at NBC.com/dunkinsave! Detroit Youth Choir is through and there are six spots left. Let's see who is going through. Berywam and Emanne Beasha. America has voted and the next act going into the Semi-Finals is... Emanne Beasha! Thank you Berywam. Two down, let's keep it going. Matthew Richardson, Dom Chambers and Eric Chien, please step forward. Good luck to all of you. America has voted and the next act going into the Semi-Finals is... Eric Chien! You two guys stay here, I'm not done with you yet. Good news for the other two acts - one of them is also through, but only one. Matthew Richardson and Dom Chambers, America has voted. The next act going into the Semi-Finals is... Dom Chambers! Thank you so much, Matthew. The Dunkin' Save vote is now closed. There are 3 spots left. Let's see who is taking the next spot. Benicio Bryant and MacKenzie, please step forward. America has voted and the next act going into the Semi-Finals is... Benicio Bryant! Thank you MacKenzie. Tonight has been tough so far and it's not over yet. We still have our 3 Dunkin' Save acts. Welcome back Jackie Fabulous, Lucas & Falco and Marcin Patrzalek. You voted to save one of these acts. Who did you choose? The act America saved to put through to the Semi-Finals is... Jackie Fabulous! Howie says Jackie Fabulous is the one he was surprised to see in danger. That leaves Lucas & Fabulous and Marcin Patrzalek. Only one of them can go through and that will come down to the judges. While they confer, we take a look back again at their performances. We still have one spot left in the Semi-Finals Judges, the spotlight is on you now. This is a big decision. Howie, who do you want to put through to the Semi-Finals? Howie goes with his gut and votes for Marcin. Gabrielle votes for a genius, Marcin. Simon says he's voting for Marcin. With 3 votes for Marcin, he is going through to the Semi-Finals! Next week, it's the Semi-Finals, with a new Judge's Wildcard and a guest judge! Join us Tuesday night live for the performances, and then again next Wednesday for your results! So what did you think of the 7 acts that made it to the Semi-Finals? Did America get the Dunkin' Save right? We want to hear from you!
  12. I am swapping my Nick HG Token for Tommy. Fuskie Who thinks with Christie staying, Tommy's changes are much better... (TY it will be in Cycle 10)
  13. 8:44pm BBT Feeds return and Jackson has even more slime on his lab coat as he washes off his hands. He sits down in the BY couches with Sis laying against Jack, and Holly laying down on the couch. Cliff andNicole are making small talk in the RV BR but all feeds are on Michie, who is still wet and dripping. Michie says this coat is so heavy now. He didnt have any underwear on when he went in to get his costume and they wouldn't let him go back out. The mood is very laid back and subdued. 8:55pm BBT Jack tells Sis that Cliff is switching rooms tonight so that Jack and Sis can have the room to themselves. Jess and Kat are in the HoH bed, looking at the spy cam. Kat tells Jess about Tommy's attempts at damage control. Nicole tells Cliff she hopes her family isn't embarrassed with her not winning anything. She misses her mom and her students. Tommy and Christie were in the SR but he's not on an official mission at the moment. Christie joins the BY group. FotH.
  14. 2:10pm BBT Jackson jokes with Jess and Holly about scheduling time with the HG to campaign. Nichole is listening to music in the HoH while Nick, Christie, Sis and Jack lay in the Target BR. Kat tells them a story about learning Spanish in college. Jack rudely says nobody gives a f*ck. He's tired of hearing her talk about herself. Christie wishes they could go outside. 2:25pm BBT Christie asks Jack if he's talked with Nicole today and Jack says he cleared the air with her. Tommy, Holly, Cat, Jessica and Cliff are in the other BR talking about Chicago among other things. Tommy goes into the Target BR to tell Sis and Nick what he's learned today. He says Jack is taking the heat for the blow-up. He's afraid he and Christie will be next, and if Christie wins Veto, he'll go home. He needs to win HoH so that people will start telling him the truth. 2:45pm BBT Nick tells Tommy and Christie he is going to wait 2 more evictions before he starts winning. Nick wants to read more of the bible so Tommy and Christie join the other HG in the BR. Nick gives up on the psalms and heads to join the rest. Kat hugs Tommy in the WA and tells him she loves him. In the KT, Sis is eating cereal. Tommy prepares to cook, singing, "Cooking is a dangerous game!" 3:10pm Jessica, Holly and Michie talk about their spinning strategies in the Veto. Nick tells Tommy he felt his "carrot" while they were snuggling. Tommy says that was the fin in his spaceship costume. Christie says she's a prude when she's single but goes all in for anything and everything when in a relationship. She promises to tell Nick a secret after the game. She tells Kat she's a feeler, and that is why she acts the way she does in the house. She needs everyone to agree with her. 3:24pm BBT In the HNR, Kat says no matter how she votes this week, Michie will still be her target. Christie is trying to sway Kat's vote to target him now. Kat returns to her theme about being used and not included in any alliances. Christie respects her and is sorry for her role in considering flipping the vote last week. Tommy joins them and he and Christie promise Kat that they are cool whatever happens. But they want Michie gone next week. 3:44pm BBT In the Target BR, Jack tells Sis his problem is what he has to offer is loyalty, but he double-crossed both Michie nd Christie. He is still loyal to Sis and Tommy. He doesn't know how to get around that. After Christie leaves the HNR, Kat tells Tommy that she assumes any time the Four (Tommy, Christie, Jack and Sis) get together to talk, they're talking about her. Tommy says he understands. He's made the mistake of assuming things too. 4:03pm BBT Tommy leaves Kat in HoH and Christie returns with Nicole in tow. Christie says there are no teams left and she wants to work with everybody. She says she didn't want to be in an 8 person alliance when 3 pair were couples. Kat says she knows where Michie's head is in the game but has no clue about Jack. Christie says Jack won't come after her but when pressed, won't swear to it. Christie points out to Michie's rogue vote and that he wouldn't accept Jack's apology. 4:13pm BBT Nick and Sis discuss who their targets will be if Jack is evicted. Nick says his are Christie, Jackson, Jess, Kat, Cliff and Holly, leaving him, Sis and Nicole as Final 3. Jack is talking to Jess in HoH, keeping it light. After a few minutes, Tommy comes blasting through traveling at the speed of light. Nick says he's so cute, he just wants to kiss him. Jack starts his apologies to Jess, saying he never understood what it felt like being an outsider. He says Michie behaved poorly and he only told Nicole not to talk to Jess because he was going to but then didn't get the chance. 5:55pm BBT Tommy and Sis are baking cookies, Nick and Holly are hanging out in HoH, and everyone but Michie are hanging out in the KT. FotH. 6:18pm BBT Feeds return and Michie is wearing a white lab coat with a Shuttle logo that says "Area 21". The coat is coated in red and yellow goop. He is washing his hair in the sink and then puts product into his hair. He's also wearing a blue button-down shirt and a tie under the coat. The punishment lasts 24 hours. 6:47pm BBT The cookies are done and all the HG are eating except Sis, who is taking a shower. They used Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in the batter. Christie adds whipped cream and cinnamon on top of hers. Tommy thinks he is going to get called for the Speed of Smell, there's a whiff coming from the SR. 7:00pm BBT The BY is open and most of the HG are outside. Jackson is trying to get some sleep in case he gets woken up in the middle of the night for his punishment. He has to "receive new aliens as they come in". They come, Nick jokes, all over you. FotH. 7:11pm BBT Michie is in the BY, with green slime added to the yellow and orange. He wipes off his face with a towel and puts on his black rimmed glasses. Jess massages Nick's neck because he's in pain. Jess says she can hear his vertebrae cracking. Sis is out of the shower and drying her hair in the WA. Kat is resting in HoH. Michie says the slime went up his nose and he feels like he has a sinus infection. He's just glad it won't be all week. 8:15pm BBT It has been generally quiet in Camp BB for the last hour. There has been some whispering but nothing significant. FotH.
  15. 1:35pm BBT Michie says everything he said was the information he had been given and he was trying to figure out what was the truth. He says he never thought he didn't trust Christie but didn't know how much he could trust her. Jack apologizes for violating Michie's trust twice in the game. Michie says he would have died for Jack in the game. We'll never know that, Jack says, but he's sorry and we're still going to Vegas. 1:37pm BBT Jack leaves the HNR and Michie continues he was trying to not act impulsively but to figure stuff out and keep his word to Sam, that's why he didn't run to tell all of them as soon as he heard stuff. Sam telling everyone else was out of his control. Jack sits down at the DT and updates the others downstairs about his apologies upstairs. Upstairs, Christie tries to put her spin on Michie's actions and he calmly stops her and says he's saying his peace but he doesn't appreciate her personal attacks against him. He's tired of the hypicrocy in the house and he's praying for her. It all happened for a reason. Michie leaves the HNR. 1:40pm BBT Christie is silent for a moment then Christie tells Holly, Tommy and Sis that she thinks she and Jackson know where they stand with each other. She was never gunning for him until they were down to the Six. Downstairs, Jack is sitting silently and Jess invites him up to HoH. Holly says we're living in an onion - there are so many layers and it makes you cry like sh*t. They all decide to leave the HNR and rejoin the house. 1:43pm Michie returns to the HNR and crawls under the bed covers. Tommy comes in and gives his personal apology for how things went down. Michie says it's all game and the two express their bro love for each other. Michie says the show will bear out his story, however things unfold from here. Christie made it personal but he never will. Michie tells Tommy he's a dang good looking rocket. Tommy heads downstairs at the speed of feet, leaving Michie alone. 1:45pm In the Treehouse, Jack and Nicole are feeding the fish. Nicole has named the fish - Jackson is the aggressive one that eats all the food. Nicole is the fish that is always hiding. Tommy is amazed at how the fish attack the food in the tank. Jack suggests Tommy talk to Kat about their meeting upstairs. Tommy says he didn't mean for it to be a meeting. He can't do anything right. Jack gives Tommy Brocket a hug. 1:50pm BBT Tommy and Kat go into the RV BR and clear the air about Kat not being in the HNR when the others cleared the air. Kat says she doesn't want the Bottom Feeders to feel like they are on the bottom. Christie interrupts to grab her blanket. Kat says it's not about him directly, just in general. Why were Nicole, Cliff and her all offered to be #7 of the Six? Tommy says that wasn't him. Tommy you feel you were just a number. Kat says I just wanted to be part of the group. 1:52pm BBT Tommy tells Kat in the RV BR that there was a Six, it is no longer, campaigning is underway to decide which boy stays. Kat says she's not using Tommy as a punching bag. Tommy says he hates that they are on opposite sides now. Kat says there aren't opposite sides, why do there have to be sides? Tommy says he had talked with her and they're good, he was just upstairs trying to clear the air with Holly. Kat says every time a group of people goes into the room she gets paranoid about whether they are planning against her. Tommy says no, it was just about Holly; Kat's name was never mentioned. 1:55pm BBT Tommy says his goal with Holly was to reset after this eviction. Kat says she has heard Holly is voting out Jackson. Tommy says he's heard she's voting out Jack. Kat says she's tired of sitting back and letting things just happen and watching as her name be used for other people's agendas. Nicole and Jack snuggle up in the HoH bed to share the headphones and listen to music. Kat tells Tommy that now she feels bad for bringing anything up. Tommy says she shouldn't - he felt scared at the Veto meeting too. I am trying to play the game with integrity, he says, and am happy to talk everything out, tell the truth, not spin. 1:59pm BBT Tommy tells Kat that the Six have a bond but are no longer working together. Kat tells Tommy that she didn't realize how much the others had felt like they were on the outside until she realized she wasn't part of the Six. Tommy says he feels so guilty. Jack is in the KT doing dishes with Jess while Cliff sits at the DT. In the Target BR, Sis is laying down in the bed and Christie joins her. They are all trying to play nice now, Christie says, but she can't stand how Michie is playing all innocent. Sis just feels sorry for Holly. Christie says Michie thinks he's staying. Sis thinks he thinks he's leaving. That's it for me.
  16. 1:04pm BBT Feeds return. The HG are milling about in the KT, hoping they can go back outside. Jack visits Nick in the RV BR to touch base with him. The Veto was not used and Jack is going to just let Michie do his thing this week. He'll touch base with Nick and Cliff later in the week. Together we can be untouchable through DE. 1:13pm BBT Holly, Sis and Tommy gather in the HNR. Holly says she's been homesick and that's why she's been in a funk. In the RV, Christie says she was nervous before the vote. Nick asks her what the move is if Jack gets evicted. Christie expects she'll be next. Christie leaves the RV and walks past Michie, asking how he's doing. OK, he says, then after she's gone, looks at the camera and whispers, "The fakeness in this house!" 1:25pm BBT Tommy, Sis and Holly clear the air in the HNR as they begin jockying for what they believe will be a DE on Thursday. Christie and Jack join the love fest. Cliff is eating a sandwich at the DT. Jess and Kat are in the KT. Nicole and Nick are in the RV BR. Nicole tells him about the group in the HNR and Nick says interesting they didn't invite him. He goes back to reading his bible. Tommy thinks they need to get Michie in on the convo. 1:32pm Tommy brings Michie into the HNR and says he's sorry how everything played out. Christie also feels bad the way it was handled and confesses to what she said to Sam. If they had come together to talk about it, they could have headed off any problems. She admits to having taken some things out of context that Sam misunderstood. It's breaking her heart that one of them is going this week - she didn't think it would happen. Nicole, Cliff, Jess and Kat are all at the DT.
  17. 12:00pm BBT Holly tells Sis she feels like a lepper since the blowup. They both agree Christie tells tales and makes stuff up so it is hard to trust her. Tommy walks into the BR and they stop talking game. Christie walks in and they start talking about liking Nick more without Bella. In the LR, Cliff is holding an icyhot to his calf with a glove. Jack joins Nicole in the WA and they talk about the Alien visit last night. 12:15pm BBT Holly tells Sis that Michie really was just trying to warn Jack about Christie and he took it wrong. Michie is really upset about how things went down with Jack. Jess walks by and says she's been called to the DR. Holly continues that Michie would have done anything for Jack. Jack tells Nicole he really messed up by not including Jess in on what was going down in the game. 12:16pm BBT FotH. Time for the Veto Meeting!
  18. 2:55pm BBT Tommy and Christie steal a moment to discuss strategy. They are putting up Holly and Kat if either wins HoH and have no interest in targeting Jackson. They are planning for a potential DE. Tommy returns to HoH bed and Christie returns to the KT. Cliff is out of the DR and BB has given him a Koran translated into English. Tommy comes downstairs. Holly and Nicole are on the BY couches and Tommy and Jack come out to join them. 3:00pm BBT Jack reveals that while he was in the DR, the Alien visited him again and messed up a couple times, breaking character and laughing. Nicole is refusing to move off the couches. Jack tells Sis to not feel bad about the punishments - it's part of the game. The other HG are in the KT. Jess joins the four in the BY. Tommy says after he was a HN, he couldn't touch oatmeal.
  19. From IndyMom78: 8:20 PM BBT Sis and Christie are in the lounge and they are talking about the six is over. Christie only trusts Sis and Tommy and kind of Jack. Jess walks down the hall with the key around her neck. Jack, Holly, and Tommy are in the TBR and Holly seems to be trying to calm Jack down and smooth things over. Kat and Nicole are in the SR and Kat is saying she has wanted Michie gone since week 2. Kat says he’s made very verbal attacks on her and she feels unsafe with him. Not necessarily on a physical level, but an emotional and it’s tainted her experience there. 8:25 PM BBT Kat is telling Nicole that she doesn’t feel she should have to put up with Michie’s abuse. She doesn’t want her parents to see her being put down by him. Cliff and Jess are in the KT and Cliff says he feels like they are free agents and Jess says she doesn’t want to go out in a double eviction. Cliff says it’s going to be a long night. Cliff says she should use her power to buy some safety for some people. Cliff says she won it and she deserves to make some deals for herself. He says that’s what he did. Cliff says if they can go one more week safe, then their group is one step closer. Cliff says he’s been concerned they won’t come back together again. Cliff tells Jess to think about her pictures and letters first and enjoy the bed and they’ll talk strategy tonight. Cliff tells Jess she has his support. Christie, Tommy, Jack, Sis, and Holly target BR and they are talking about Cliff’s HOH and how he was targeting Michie and Holly thought Cliff and Christie were working together. They are also talking about how disrespectful Michie is around women. 8:30 PM BBT Kat and Nicole are in the SR still chatting. Christie, Tommy, Jack, Sis, and Holly are still in the Target BR. Kat is confused on whether it’s Jack or Michie stirring the pot. Christie says that the six is over and she doesn’t trust Michie in the game. Kat and Nicole hug in the SR and they head out. Michie has told Sam that Christie has a lot of side alliance and Christie feels like it’s a lot of he said she said and now they regret voting Sam out. 8:35 PM BBT Nicole and Jess are in the KT and they are celebrating Jess’s HOH win. Jess is putting some coffee in their next drink because it’s going to be a long night. Christie is talking Nicole in the WA. Michie is in the main BR by himself. Nick comes in and sits down and Michie gets up. Tommy promises to stand by Jack, Sis, and Holly. Nick goes into the camper and Kat is in there and she’s relieved. Tommy says Holly has it harder than all of them right now. Nick says if there would have been a twist in the house, they would have been told by now. Holly says Michie is rude, immature, and hot-headed and she doesn’t trust him anymore. She only trusts Tommy, Jack, and Sis. 8:40 PM BBT Kat and Nick are talking and Nick is saying it sucks and Kat says she’s happy she’s still here, but she feels bad for Sam. Nick says he knew something was wonky, but it all worked out in her favor and she’s here. Nick thinks Kat is playing the game with integrity. Nick told Christie that he told Michie she was going after him. Cams switch to Jess and Christie in the WA. Tommy, Jack, Sis, and Holly are still talking about Michie going to Sam to get information and then Sam told people what Michie said and they don’t trust him anymore. They’ve said a couple of times that the six is over. 8:45 PM BBT Christie says she likes Sam, but he made his whole campaign about her. Christie says Jess will be amazing. Christie is telling Jess this is the last week she can use her power. Christie says she’s had to go the DR 25 times to clarify the rules on her power. Jess doesn’t want to blindside anyone because she really loves everyone. Christie is telling Jess they had the vote flipped and Nicole wanted to tell Jess, but then they realized Michie was lying and playing people. Jack, Tommy, and Holly are in the TBR still and Jack wants to know if he has to go put the lip lock on Michie and they talk about trying to hold the six together. 8:50 PM BBT Christie wants to go to sleep early tonight. She says Jess won on Sabrina’s birthday. She just wanted to congratulate her. Kat and Sis go in the SR. Sis is telling Kat she wasn’t the one behind the vote switch and Kat says she’s not worried about that. Kat just doesn’t know how to feel because she volunteered to be a pawn. Sis is saying Cliff was spreading information and she’s not sure if it was false information. Kat says she wasn’t involved in that. Michie comes into the SR and Sis says she doesn’t know what the truth is. Michie grabs something and heads back out. Kat says she heard that Michie threw her under the bus hard. Sis tells Kat that Christie would get information from Michie that he said he got from Kat. Sis says Christie never once told them how she felt about Michie. Kat says Nick told Michie the information about Christie and Kat says she didn’t say anything to anyone. Holly wants an alliance with Tommy, Jack, and Sis only. The group breaks up and Holly gives Michie a kiss. Michie is cooking something in the KT. 8:55 PM BBT Sis and Kat are still talking and Sis says Michie was telling them that he, Holly, and Kat knew each other and that was his way of trying to get the vote to flip. Sis heard that Michie said he was done with the six and he was trying to go with Nick and Cliff and get Jack on their side so they can go after Christie. Kat says she’s so confused. Holly joins the SR and Sis tells Kat to go talk to Jack and Tommy because they have most of the information. Sis and Holly are telling Kat everything was the same until the morning. Holly says Michie told Jack way back that they knew each other and Michie was so paranoid about Christie. Holly says Michie is a F’ing idiot. Holly says Michie was trying to tell Jack who he could and could not trust. Kat says she doesn’t know where he stands with everyone, but just because he doesn’t trust someone doesn’t mean others can’t trust them. Christie, Tommy, Jack, and Nick are in the TBR and Christie promises to keep Nick safe with her power if she can.
  20. These two memes are not entered into the contest but they are the two I wished someone had entered. :-)
  21. 6:20pm BBT Holly and Michie continue to reassure Kat in the RV while Sam continues to share his game revelations with Jack in HoH. 6:28pm BBT Kat returns to the KT, leaving Holly and Michie in the RV. Cliff offers her some food but she doesn't want anything right now. She then opens the refrigerator and decides to make something. Tommy and Nick are chilling out in the Boathouse.
  22. #BB21 6:05pm BBT The HG disperse. Tommy is so jazzed, all the HG did the routine. Nick says he was nervous but Christie says he was amazing. Christie tells Tommy he came, he saw, he conquered. She tells the rest of the house that Tommy's been talking about doing this since they first came into the house. They talk about the dance going viral, singing Corner Corner Corner Corner. Holly wonders if Brett will be doing it now. 6:08pm Jack and Sam retire to HoH where Sam tells his tales on Christie and makes his pitch to stay. In the WA, Tommy tells Christie he's always wanted to get his family together for a big dance project but they wouldn't do it. Christie says he did it, made a non-believer a believer. Christie says she's needed the workout - she's been eating her weight in cookies. Nick says he was nervous but Tommy says he murdered it, the energy was sick. Tommy keeps humming and we get FotH. 6:13pm BBT Jess and Nicole are now eating in the KT. Kat and Holly head to the RV - Holly is eating while Kat tells her about the convo with Jess. Holly doesn't want Jess to think she's just using her. Kat relates about the campagn Jess says Sam was making to her, that Holly was just doing the dirty work of others. Kat is worried that Christie will make a deal with Sam and send her home. Holly says she was nervous about that but really thinks Christie wants to send Sam home. 6:15pm Michie enters the RV to listen in on Kat and Holly, who says that Jess keeps changing her mind. Holly updates Michie on Sam's campaign to Jess and how it made Jess paranoid. Kat says the good thing about Jess is that she doesn't blab (though that is what she just did, telling Kat about Sam's campaigning). Michie and Holly confirm to Kat they are not flipping on her. Meanwhile, Sam continues to tell Jack the history of the house from his perspective in an effort to flip the vote.
  23. 5:40pm BBT Tommy leads some of the HG through a Flash Mob rehearsal. Sam, Michie, Kat and SisI are rehearsing while Nick and Cliff watch. Holly and Jess are having a quiet conversation in the HNR. 5:45pm BBT Correction. That's Kat in HNR sharing slop cookies with Jess. Everyone else is rehearsing the Flash Mob in the LR. 5:50pm BBT Jack and Sis are snogging in the WA. Holly is preparing for the Flash Mob performance. Kat and Jess are still talking game in HNR without actually saying anything. Tommy continues to lead rehearsal in the LR for those who want it. 5:55pm BBT Holly and Sis are in HoH. Sis is dressed for the street. Holly is touching up her makeup. Sis is eating chips. She leaves to go downstairs, leaving Holly alone in HoH. Jack and Tommy are in the Boathouse, Kat and Jess still in HNR. 5:59pm Jack hits the WC while everyone but Kat and Jess mill about in the KT. Tommy heads up to LR and gives the ladies a 1m warning to curtain. 6:00pm Christie says Theater Time - Tommy will cue us 5m late. The HG are all decked out in casual street clothes as they prepare for the Flash Mob. 1-2-3-4 Clap It Up, 5-6-7-8 Clap where you are! The Flash Mob quickly assembles, with Tommy calling out the dance moves and all the HG follow. Yeah we didi it, Tommy says, Hammer Time. The whole house performes the complete routine and celebrates their success.
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