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  1. 2:25pm BBT Cliff tells Sam that while he wants to play with him, Nick and Bella, he wants to play nick and Bella against the other side of the house. Cliff is thinking about nominating Jack and Tommy or Christie and doesn't care about Christie's power. In RV room, Christie, Sis and Jackson speculate Cliff will nominate Jack and a pawn. Jackson says Holly snapped at him after he talked with Kat last night. They plan to use Christie's power to put Bella on the block if one of them wins Veto. 2:35pm BBT Holly is in HoH with Cliff who says he's not putting anyone on the block who has already been nominated once. Holly apologizes for not warning Cliff that his Cliff's Notes had been discovered. Cliff says there were six votes against him and he has to play the numbers game. Holly warns him about anyone who aligns with a certain couple [Nick & Bella]. Cliff says his target is not her or Jackson. 2:50pm In the RV, Mitchie asks Jack and Sis whether he should tell Cliff that Ovi had the power and didn't tell him to protect him. They try to figure out a way to use the information to turn Cliff against Nick and Bella. Back in HoH, Holly tells Cliff that Nick and Bella still think they are part of Gr8tful. Mitchie leaves the RV and Sis wonders if Mitchie's plan is the right thing to do. Jack scratches his face where his beard used to be. 2:55pm BBT Mitchie rings the bell outside HoH and Cliff replaces Holly with him. Mitchie tells Cliff that Ovi wanted him to tell Cliff he had the power, that Ovi had confided in him and Jack, and he can't lie about it, but he had the ability for six weeks to force the HoH to renominate. He couldn't use the power to save himself because he was a Veto nom and he didn't want to tell Cliff to protect him. Cliff says now he knows who doesn't have the power. 2:59pm BBT Mitchie tells Cliff he and Jack didn't want to see Ovi go but couldn't figure out a way to save him. Cliff says he's got a lot going on to try and make a decision. Heavy wears the crown, Mitchie says. I didn't want to win, Cliff says, but I had to do it. Cliff says he's always been cool with Mitchie. He repeats that people who have already been on the block and he's not nominating any outcasts. There are six people here, 2 people there, and a little division between them. He's deciding between his emotional side and rational side.
  2. 9:07pm BBT For the last hour or so, Jack has been leading a workout in the BY for most of the house (while Nick and Bella watched from the hammock). Some of them think the workout is too boring and nobody is watching on live feeds. What do you think? Are you watching?
  3. 2:02pm BBT Feeds are up for a preview. Sam is talking to Nicole about working night and day shifts. They are in LR. Sam says he likes getting up at 3am and hitting the Brooklyn Bridge toll before the traffic. He talks about route changes after 9/11 preventing trucks from going the lower level. He says truckers hit the road early and try to get across the upper level as quickly as possible. 2:05pm BBT In the WA, Jessica was cleaning up and Jackson walks in singing and we get FotH. A quick peek in the KT and now we're in the treehouse lounge where Nick and Tommy are squaring off with a game of checkers. They also have Backgammon. In the Outside BR, some of the HG are cleaning up. Inside the Camper BR, Kemi and Isabella are going through close. Bella has 2 different style shoes on while Kemi makes up her bed, arranging the pillows. She doesn't think the one-shoe look is good. 2:10pm BBT Back in the LR, Nicole and Sam are joined by Cliff and Isabella comes in to show off her one-shoe on different feet look. Ovi comes in and walks out with Bella. Sam is talking about cars that try to test trucks by going out in front and slamming on breaks. He says he's torn off side mirrors of cars that got too close. Christie in in the LR talking about the second soda spill in the last 12 hours. Not sure who she was talking to. 2:13pm BBT Sam continues to expound on why traffic in NYC can be so bad. In the tree-house, it's Ovi, Isabella, Tommy and Nick. They are talking about songs but BB keeps telling them to not sing or recite lyrics. Tommy is obsessed with this one song that is on his HoH request list. He says if they play the song, everyone will just go hyper. Bella teases he's awfully familiar with that. 2:15pm BBT Isabella is lacing up her white converse shoes. Nick calls Tommy Thomas, so Thommy calls Nick Nicholas. The checkers game resumes, with Ovi offering strategy advice. Bella wants to lace her shoes cool and Tommy says make up a design without planning one. He asks why they gave her laces and she says she thought she'd have to run. And that's it for your Live Feed Preview! Remember, you can get your Camp BB Live Feeds at https://mortystv.com/to/feeds!
  4. Here is where you select your HG Tokens for the Morty's TV BB21 Monopoly Game. Here's how it works. You just say, "I select Nick Maccarone as my HG Token for the Morty's TV BB21 Monopoly Game." Just like this: I select Nick Maccarone as my HG Token for the Morty's TV BB21 Monopoly Game. Fuskie Who wishes everyone the best of luck winning the Big Brother T-Shirt from Morty's TV...
  5. Introducing the Morty’s TV BB21 Monopoly Game As anyone who has ever played the board game Monopoly knows, once started, a game can go on seemingly forever, much like a season of Big Brother. This summer, Morty’s TV invites you to play our version and have a chance to win a Big Brother t-shirt from Morty’s TV! The rules are simple. Pick a token House Guest, and then let Big Brother roll the dice. You will earn Monopoly Bucks for each event your HG Token experiences each week, and at the end of the season, the player with the most Monopoly Bucks at the end of the season will be the grand prize winner. Here’s how it works. Each HG Token starts the game with $500 in Monopoly Bucks. If your HG Token lands on: GO: If your HG Token Wins HoH, you will earn a $1000 bonus. Park Place or Boardwalk: If your HG Token gets nominated, you will lose $500. Connecticut, Vermont or Oriental Avenue: If your HG Token goes on slop, you will lose $100. Pacific, North Carolina or Pennsylvania Avenue: If your token is chosen to play in the Veto competition, you will earn $250. Ventnor or Atlantic Avenue or Marvin Gardens: If your HG Token wins the Power of Veto, you will earn $500. Virginia or States Avenue or St. Charles Place: If your HG Token is saved by the Power of Veto, you will earn $250. New York or Tennessee Avenue or St. James Place: If your HG Token becomes the replacement nominee, you will lose $250. Kentucky, Indiana or Illinois Avenue: If your HG Token avoids being nominated all week, you will earn $100. Baltic or Mediterranean Avenue: If your HG Token votes for the nominee who is evicted, you will earn $100. If your HG Token votes against the nominee who is saved, you will lose $100. A Railroad: If your HG Token wins an America’s Vote prize, you earn $250. If your HG Token wins an America’s Vote punishment, you lose $250. A Utility: If your HG Token is chosen to complete a secret task and they do so successfully, you earn $100. If your HG Token fails to complete the ask, you will lose $100. Community Chest: If your HG Token wins a prize during a competition, you will earn $100. If they suffer a penalty, you will lose $100. Luxury or Income Tax: If your HG Token receives a penalty nomination or vote, you will be penalized $500. Chance: Because Big Brother's motto is to expect the unexpected, Morty's TV is going to throw in some twists along the way. This is a game that anyone can play and anyone can win. If you know Big Brother! In Jail: If your HG Token is evicted from the Big Brother House, you will be bankrupt and lose all your money. However, if your HG Token re-enters the BB21 House, your balance will be restored. Just Visiting: If your HG Token is evicted, you can buy a new HG Token for 50% of your balance and remain in the game. You can also replace your HG Token for a fee of $500. There is no limit to how high your balance can grow, but it cannot drop below $0. Players whose non-evicted HG Token goes bankrupt will have the opportunity to earn again the following week without further penalty. Each week, Morty’s TV will post on the Morty’s TV Fan Forums the HG Token game actions for the preceding week and each player’s balance. The player with the largest balance at the end of the season wins a Big Brother T-Shirt from Morty’s TV! To play, simply go to the Game Board sub-forum on the Morty’s TV Fan Forums & Chat: https://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/forum/244-big-brother-21-monopoloy-game/ Create a thread selecting your HG Token. You can reply to your original post with requests for new HG Tokens. Only tokens for House Guests still in the house will be recognized. HG Tokens: Analyse Talavera Christie Murphy Cliff Hogg David Alexander Holly Allen Isabella Wang Jack Matthews Jackson Michie Jessica Milagros Kathryn Dunn Kemi Fakunle Nick Maccarone Nicole Anthony Ovi Kabir Sam Smith Tommy Bracco Players can earn money from the day their HG Token is first selected. You can enter the game at any time (and still win), but you cannot receive credit for events in the house that have already occurred prior to your start. Disclaimer: The Morty’s TV BB21 Monopoly game plays with Monopoly Bucks, which carry no real or virtual value. The Grand Prize for the game is a Big Brother T-Shirt from Morty’s TV. Monopoly Bucks are not valid for paying for your CBS All Access subscription, your ISP bill, mortgage, rent, car payment or any other financial transaction. In the event of a tie, the Grand Prize will be determined by random draw of players sharing the highest balance. So come to the Morty’s TV Fan Forums & Chat each week and be a player in the Morty’s TV BB21 Monopoly game! You could be the big winner! Please email contact.mortystv@gmail.com if you have any questions. Note: Morty’s TV Volunteers and anyone associated with or partnering with Morty’s TV may enter the contest but are not eligible to win the contest.
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  9. Introducing the Morty’s TV Big Brother USA Season 21 Live Feed Meme Contest! Morty’s TV knows you can’t get enough of the Big Brother Season 21 Live Feeds – you watch them, you read about them, you follow our real-time updates on Facebook and Twitter, take screen caps, and you discuss them on the Morty’s TV Fan Forums and the Morty’s TV Facebook group. And you definitely let us know what you think about Big Brother, the Houseguests and the season. This summer, Morty’s TV is giving you the opportunity to merge your love of Live Feed screen caps and your very creative comments in the Morty’s TV Big Brother 21 Live Feed Meme Contest. We want you to capture live feed screen images and turn them into memes. We’ll collect them and post them to the TV Fan Forums, and then Morty will pick his favorite meme and post it to the Live Feed coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bb each Eviction Night as the Morty’s TV Big Brother Season 21 Meme of the Week. What’s A Meme? 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Creating Memes If you need help in creating your meme, here are a couple online free-to-use meme-making tools you can use: http://www.mememaker.net https://imgflip.com/memegenerator http://www.memecreator.org/ http://www.quickmeme.com/caption http://memegenerator.net http://www.imagechef.com/meme-maker If you need a way to host your meme image in the cloud, you can use the free site: http://postimage.org Or feel free to use your own method. Please resize images to 640x480 (Message Board) to make the memes easier to handle. Note: Morty’s TV has not reviewed and does not endorse these web site tools. All meme images will be watermarked with the Morty’s TV logo. What makes A Good Meme? A good meme tells a story. Try to limit you’re your meme to 3 or 4 words per line and 2-3 lines per image. Use a white font at a reasonable size so as to make sure your meme is easy to read but the image remains visible. The best memes use images that focus on a single or a couple subjects. Here’s an example: So, what are you waiting for? Enter the Morty’s TV Big Brother Season 21 Live Feed Meme Contest today and as often as you like during the Big Brother Season 21 season. Your meme might just catch Morty’s eye and be featured as the Meme of the Week! Please email mortystv.memes@gmail.com if you have any questions. Note: Morty’s TV Volunteers and anyone associated with or partnering with Morty’s TV may enter the contest but are not eligible to win the Meme of the Week or Meme of the Season.
  10. Songland sets out to give undiscovered songwriters a chance to create a hit. Contestants are selected to work with producers and a well-known recording artist to release a song. Each week, producers Ryan Tedder, Ester Dean and Shane McAnally will team up with songwriters to create the next big hit to be recorded by a guest performing artist.
  11. Terry Crews, host of America's Got Talent: The Champions replaced Tyra Banks as the new host. Howie Mandel began his tenth season as a judge, while Simon Cowell returned for his fourth season. Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough are new to the judging panel, replacing Mel B and Heidi Klum. Auditions will run from 5/28/19 to 7/9/19. Judges Cuts will run from 7/16/19 to 8/6/19 Quarterfinals will run from 8/13/19 to 8/28/19 Semifinals will run from 9/3/19 to 9/11/19 The Finale will take place 9/17/19 and 9/18/19
  12. Ladies & Gentlemen, Lionel Richie, singing Dancing On The Ceiling. Lionel is joined by the Top 10 idol finalists. The incredible Lionel Richie! Give it up for your Top 10, working up a sweat. Tonight, it all comes down to these three on the stage: Laine Hardy, Madison VanDenburg and Alejandro Aranda. All three are superstars in the making but only one will take the title. This is the night we crown your winner. And this is American Idol! Laine: The Baoyou Boy. Madison: The next Kelly Clarkson. Alejandro: The Homie. This is the American Idol finale, live across the nation with real time voting for who you want to be the next American Idol: Madison, Alejancro or Laine. So do not let them down. Text 1 to 21523 for Laine Hardy, or 8 for Madison VanDenburg, or 11 for Alejandro Aranda. Get started and remember, posting on FB or Twitter does not count. And please recognize your judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. First up, your Top 3 will sing twice, after which the artist in 3rd place will be eliminated. You will then keep voting all show long for your winner. Laine is up first. Bobby Bones says Laine will be sining Marc Broussard's Home. Broussard is a swampy rocker and so is Laine. Laine hits the performance hard and intense, his non-nonsense vocal light and dramatic, picking up with the second verse, making it look easy and comfortable. From a young man who never intended to audition to a performer at home on the stage, this is Laine Hardy! Katy says every week his hair gets higher; he must be taking pop star vitamins. She says if he applies himself like he has and doesn't get lazy, he'll be one of the biggest pop stars on the planet within 5 years. Luke says he's proud Laine hasn't lost touch with his Louisiana roots. Lionel says he can't believe he had to beg Laine to join the competition; now he's stolen his look. That was a nasty song and you're on your way. Madison is singing Shallow from A Star Is Born. No pressure. Her voice is pure with a slight wistfulness reflective of the fog surrounding her on the stage. She hits the power notes head on with confidence and clarity, background vocals filling in for Bradley Cooper, this is all about Madison channeling her inner Madonna and there's no nervous holding back. She lets it all loose and the audience eats it up. Luke says the whole time you were singing, Katy was yelling in my ear. Your growth is so exciting, we've been pushing you to dig in and show what your next level is and it's been amazing to watch, the twinkle in your eyes, so beautiful to see. Lionel says you are an amazing light, 17yrs old, you have to know what a gift you have, we're happy to be part of your flight and you are truly on your way. Katy says you're shaking because the greatness is coming out of you, we knew it was inside of you since you walked up to an American Idol bus and you're here on the Top 3. This thing works. OK, OK, you got me. I was typing to fast. Of course it was Lady Gaga, not Madonna. I realized that as soon as I hit Submit. We round out our Top 3 with the original original, Alejandro, singing an original song, of course, Millennial Love. He brings his own music and style and creates his own moments. Sitting on a stool with his acoustic, it's a trademark vocal, light and floaty, eyes closed, his vocal delivering a coffee house narrative with his take on love in the modern era, the audience waiving their camera lights, he closes with almost silence in the audience, hanging on to every word. He almost looks disappointed with his performance as the audience cheers. Lionel says it was love at first sound for you, every once in a while, something captivates your soul and you are looking at something amazing, and from one songwriter and artist to another, we are so happy to have you among us. Katy says homie, everyone was truly listening, there is so much reverence and respect for when you sing, never forget that when you get adorned with compliments. Luke says In life, you have moments where you remember the first time, and back in October, I will never forget when I met Alejandro. We have been spoiled by you. That wraps up Round 1 of the Top 3 performances. Luke thinks Madison took the round (I agree), but all three are so amazing. Lionel says he's a sucker for a songwriter and the beauty of touching someone's spirit and soul, so his vote goes to Alejandro. Katy agrees with Lionel, there was something otherworldly and holy about Alejandro's performance, but everybody took it up a notch. Remember, Text 1 for Laine, 8 for Madison and 11 for Alejandro to 21523. One artist will be eliminated by your votes after the second round of performances, then keep voting for the Final 2 to determine your next American Idol! We now move on to the hometown hero visits as Laine Hardy returns home to Louisiana, stopping first at the Governor's Mansion to declare the day Laine Hardy day across the state. He heads onto the river with his brother for a little fresh air on his face. Next he returns home to Livingston for a family get together with his parents, nieces and and Mamaw. It brings the bayou boy to tears. Next is the hometown parade, riding jet skis on a flatbed, followed by the hometown concert, and the hometown selfie. Singing Jambalaya (On The Bayou) by Hank Williams, Laine is having fun wearing his gold sparkled jacket and playing some gumbo rock. For me, it's a little disappointing that while he's giving it his all, it feels like he's playing it a little safe, especially in the face of what Madison did earlier. But he's not a dancer and while he's solid, cute and entertaining, I have to wonder if that's going to be enough. Katy says I don't want Luke to take me fishing, I want you to! You had so much fun. Luke says Laine needs a trademark lawyer for his slogans. Great song choice, way to show your people back home you're stuck to your roots. Lionel says its a big deal when the governor of your state says Party with the Hardy. Next to return as a hometown hero is Madison VanDenburg, singing photos in advance on the executive jet with her father on the way to New York. She starts out with some press at her local ABC affiliate network and then her high school, where her friends greet her with great fanfare. Escorted by the school mascot, she returns home where hundreds of friends and family await, but also her dog who was happiest to see her. She relives her soapbox derby days with her father, and he tears up with pride. She climbs the steps to the stage for her hometown concert and takes the official Hometown Selfie. Singing Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson), the stage is bathed in purple accent as she opens with a light, tentative vocal, solidifying with the first chorus, working the front row and waiving to the back row, crescendoing slowly until she hits the power point where she lets loose with a dominating, yet controlled climax. Perhaps a little pitchy there at the end, but otherwise a marvelous performance. Luke says she finally tackled Kelly Clarkson. Great job. Lionel says when he first flew home on a jet, he couldn't get his father off the plane. Kelly says Madison has come so far and she must continue to nurture and grow her gift, this is just a condensed master class but she's about to spread her wings into the real world. Ryan adds that Madison was just 9 months old when Kelly won the first American Idol. We round out the last of the Top 3 performances with Alejandro Aranda, returning to his hometown of Pomona, CA via Metro train. He is recognized every where he goes, as he stops at the Ben Harper Music Shop to thank his duet partner. Ben picks a brand new guitar for Alejandro to use, and a Mable Staples vinyl album. They play a little, and then it's onto the Fox Theater in Pomona where the Music Tree Children's Choir surprises him with his original song, Out Loud. He's blown away that someone else might sing one of his songs. He tells the parents to keep encouraging the kids to play music. Then reply he's an inspiration. The parade is complete with lowriders, followed by his outdoor concert of originals and then his Hometown Selfie. Singing his original song, Tonight, he's playing at the piano with his soft and gentle, soulful vocal, a solid but sedate drum beat behind him, his astral passion for music spreading out through the theater, reaching out through the television, celebrating the marriage of music and lyrics that make up singing. There has never been an artist on American Idol to make it to the Finale, and it's a shame that it has taken 17 years for a dishwasher to find his way here. Lionel says throughout the entire process, you have tried to identify the place called home, and watching you return to your home town, welcome home to the business and to your heart. Katy says it's been such a pleasure to live in the same lifetime as you. That sounds intense, but I love being on AI, but it's been a bit karaoke in the past. Not anymore. You bring original music, artistry and raise the stakes even higher. Luke says what a beautiful moment, we've thrown so much at you and you take it and still stay true to who you are and doing it you're way. Don't ever change, be true to who you are. And when you're on the cover of Rolling Stone, I will buy it. This is your last chance to vote for your Top 2 idols. Text to 21523: 1 for Laine, 8 for Madison and 11 for Alejandro. You can also vote on the American Idol app. One artist will be eliminated by your votes next, and then the voting for your next American Idol begins! The votes have been tallied and America has determined their Top 2. But before we get to your results, here is Idol's Own, singing Southbound, please welcome Carrie Underwood! It is now results time as Laine, Alejandro and Madison join Ryan Seacrest center stage. It's time to find out who has been voted into the Top 2. Dim the lights and here we go. Based on the live nationwide vote, person who came in 3rd place and will not continue in the competition tonight is... Madison. Thank you so much, Madison. The competition is now between Laine Hardy and Alejandro Aranda. The live voting continues, via the American Idol app and by texting 1 to 21523 for Laine, and 11 to 21523 for Alejandro. Remember, Facebook and Twitter votes do not count. And now, the Idol Finale Party begins! Laine and Alejandro are your Top 2 idol finalists based on your votes but you still have to choose a winner. Let's take a look back at this season. Roll tape! Please welcome Montell Jordan with This Is How We Do It for Katy Perry! Montel is joined by Margie Mays, Austin Michael Robinson and VoKilz. You're still voting live for your winner, either Laine Hardy or Alejandro Aranda. Please welcome Katy Perry and Daddy Yankee with Con Calma! Earlier in the competition, Stevie Nix predicted Alejandro would play with a live orchestra. Now with his original song 10 Years, that prediction comes true. I think that's Alejandro's friend, mentor and partner Ben Harper conducting and I don't think I've ever seen the usually humble Alejandro so happy or impassioned as in this moment. Earlier this season, he mentored the idols during the epic Queen night, and now he's back again, singing his original, New Eyes. Then Dimitrius Graham leads off with Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, joined by Lambert. Luke has the champagne flute going as Dan & Shay performs All To My Self, before being joined on stage with Madison VanDenburg to sing Speechless! There's just an hour left for you to vote for your next American Idol! Vote now via the American Idol app or by texting 1 to 21523 for Laine Hardy, and 11 to 21523 for Alejandro Aranda. Who do you thinks deserves to win your vote? The voting and finale party continues with a B-Roll look back at Luke Perry's best (or worst) moments. Then he takes the stage with Knockin' Boots before being slowing it down with Laci Kaye Booth for a duet of Every Breath You Take (The Police)! VolKilz introduces Jon Pardi and Laine Hardy, singing Dirt On My Boots and Nightshift! You never know what to expect with Katy and she kept us on our toes all season. Roll tape! Please welcome Katy Perry singing Unconditionally with Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon! Next, Wade Cota and Walker Burroughs join Weezer for Africa (Toto), Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Tears for Fears) and Take One Me (A-Ha)! Performing 2 songs from his current album, Experiment, here's Kane Brown with Good As You and, joined by Miss Sauce herself, Alyssa Raghu, Lost In The Middle Of Nowhere! Less than 30 minutes for you to vote for your next American Idol via American Idol app or text message. Will it be Laine Hardy? Text 1 to 21523. Or will it be Alejandro Aranda? Text 11 to 21523. Time is running out to pick the next American Idol! Disney is not going to wait for your results - Disney Cruise Lines is sending each finalist and a guest of their choice a cruise to the Bahamas! And now, an ode to a man whose song, Hello, was #1 on the charts 35 years ago today, Mr. Lionel Richie. Roll it! This next young lady's audition went viral, reaching 103m people worldwide. She's back tonight to sing the song that caught our attention back in Louisville, with Rise Up and joined by Andra Day, please welcome to the Idol stage, Shayy! It's time to bring in the funk. In celebration of their 50th anniversary, joined by Uche', please welcome Kool & The Gang with Hollywood Swinging, Ladies Night and the classic party anthem, joined by Wade, Walker, Jeremiah, Laci, and the rest of your Top 8 sans Laine and Alejandro, Celebrate! Whatever happens tonight, both Laine and Alejandro will be joining Ryan on a cross-country flight to NYC tonight to appear on GMA. We now kick off Round 3 for your votes. But first, we look at what the other Top 8 had to say about Laine. Text 1 to 21523 or vote via the American Idol app as Laine Hardy sings Bring It On Home To Me (Sam Cooke) in his last performance to earn your vote. With a bit of gravel in his voice, he channels every ounce of his soul to this classic, before rocking out bayou style, then kicking the performance into overdrive with a fast tempo climax that brings him to glad handing the front row and bringing it on home. Luke says I got the holy spirit. Congrats, man. When I heard you last year, the tone in your voice is something special and you can't teach that, so identifiable. This is the last time I can comment on you and I love you. Lionel says all I want is for you to remember that when I come to the stage door, and say yo, please let me in. You have the best attitude I have ever seen in my life, you were rejected the first year and now you're back in the Finals, my brother! You are authentic, Katy says, you were not ready last time (no I wasn't, Laine agrees) but you are ready this time. Text 11 to 21523 or vote via the American Idol app as Alejandro Aranda checks out what the Top 8 think of him, then performs his original (and now classic) Out Loud. With his nimble fingers plucking his guitar like a keyboard, his vocal exuding every bit of love and passion for music this artist can muster, his smile infectious, Alejandro is truly an American original. The audience is deafening, chanting "Homie" as Luke waits to say sometimes its best to let the fans talk. Please one day send me a postcard from the planet you come from. Thanks for changing our lives. Lionel says there's instant identity with you, you're a gift to us all. Katy says it's such an incredible honor to have this opportunity to give you a little boost for you to find your wings. We love what we do and love when we see someone like you shine. Ryan points out that Alejandro sang four original songs during the season, and tonight, the audience was singing back to him. Voting is about to close during this commercial break, so it's your last chance to vote. Who is going to be your next American Idol? Laine Hardy and Alejandro Aranda await your results. The voting has officially closed and Ryan has the final results in his hand. Good luck to both Laine and Alejandro. For the final time this season, dim the lights and here we go. After the live nationwide vote, from coast to coast, the winner of American Idol 2019 is... Laine Hardy! That means your runner up is Alejandro. Your American Idol is Laine Hardy. Laine says he is so thankful but his mind is blank right now. He pulls himself together to perform his debut single, Flame! Final thoughts, as Laine is joined on stage by the rest of the Top 10. I think Madison had the best vocals tonight, and she will have a tremendous career. But from early on in the season, this was Laine's competition to lose. He had the personality, versatility, vocal talent and southern charm all going in his favor, not to mention a comeback story. That said, it may be best for Alejandro that he did not win. Free from the binding contract the winner gets, of which many an Idol winner have said was chaffing and restrictive), Alejandro will be free to master his art and reach his audience. I expect big things to come from all three. So that's what I thought. What did you think about tonight's Finale? Was it the right Top 2 and the right American Idol winner? I want to know what you thought of the season. After its second year, is ABC doing American Idol right? Are you looking forward to an 18th season in 2020?
  13. Tonight is a critical crossroads in the competition because our epic finale is just 2 weeks away. Have you picked your favorite yet? This is America's #1 singing show, and this is American Idol! Please welcome your judges, Luke Bryan, Lionel Ritchie and Katy Perry. And your host, Ryan Seacrest! Voting is now live across the nation through the final commercial break. Two more are in danger of leaving based on your votes unless the judges use their one save for the season, and that save expires tonight. Tonight, two themes. First, there are show stoppers with Lauren Daigle mentoring, but first, we're flashing back to 1969 for the 50th anniversary of the iconic music festival, Woodstock. Rock, folk, funk, world, blues, Woodstock had it all, including a 2am set by one of the most celebrated female rock stars of all time, Janice Joplin. Kicking off the show with Piece of My Heart, here's Madison Vandenburg! Madison takes the stage with a crowd pleasing rendition of the classic Janice Joplin song, a terrific song for her voice. Rocking the electric guitar, her vocal has power, urgency, and just enough originality to own the cover, but no guttural roar to sound like a copycat. Katy says you flung your pony (tail). You're not a stereotypical pop star, you brought your guitar back out, I want you to win this thing, so keep showing your teeth. The second half was better than the first half. Luke says you're sweet and timid, rocking the jump suit and electric guitar, you're digging in more every week. Lionel says you are not just a pretty face, the talent is showing all over the place, with star attitude tonight. Next, Laine Hardy is feeling good as he takes on Joe Cocker with I Don't Need No Doctor. Also sporting the electric, this is a straight laced R&B performance, a clear and simple vocal, a bit laid back (it's the blues after all), but an entertaining performance. Laine throws in some fancy footwork as he shows off his guitar work towards the end. Luke says you continue week after week to pick the right songs for you, your voice has a lane (no pun intended), that certain sweet spot and last year you didn't know what that was but this season you do. Lionel says he likes his jackets - a little fashionista means a lot. You are taking this to the core of who you are, you have an identity now connected to your voice. Katy says you've figured this chess game out, and now is the time to scare yourself, push yourself past the point you don't think you can go. Yes ma'am, Laine says. Jeremiah is next to take the stage, sings Swing Low, Sweet Chariot from Joan Baez, who was six month pregnant when she performed it at Woodstock. Sitting at the piano, he opens by taking us to church with gospel backup, then jazzing it up and taking us to church with an up beat vocal. He grabs the mic and hits the stage to lead the audience in song with his soulful power and utter joy of music. Lionel tells Jeremiah we will have to have a root check, you're blinking the bling and the swing tonight, your vocals are absolutely amazing and I don't even know where the top of your range is. In the future, frown up a little just so I know it's difficult. Hallelujah, says Katy, you may have taken a pass from the church but the church is still in ya, it was really good. Thank you for showing off. Again. All those notes. You were born the same date as John Lennon. I think you're chosen. Luke says that was one of your most solid performances, comfortable from the start, you took it to the next level midway through, showed off those smooth, flawless runs, a professional performance. Next heading to Woodstock is Laci Kaye Booth with To Love Somebody by Janis Joplin. With hair down to her elbows, in a frilly red dress and electric guitar, her vocal is as gorgeous as her visage. Not overpowering, but celebratory, the kind of performance that makes you want to sway arm in arm with the person on your left and your right. Katy says bigger the hair, closer to God and your touching the stars right now. A full on superstar. Keep singing like you are singing, a little more movement of the fringe next time. Luke says your voice can sometimes get buried because it is so smoky and sultry, but you dug in, stood out in front of the band, always put your voice out there. A big upward movement, cool to watch. Lionel says you are beautiful tonight. Remember there's a crowd in front of you, play it over there. The music doesn't stop with White Rabbit from Jefferson Airplane by Alejandro Aranda. With a psychedelic background giving way to a back lit performance, his vocal is soft and floaty, letting the band build up the drama into the second verse, never getting too far away from his core. The whole thing was very artistic but a little underwhelming for me. Luke tells Alejandro that embodied the spirit of Woodstock, a Pink Floyd type of deal, something we haven't really heard from you, kind of a rock star EDM moment. Lionel says the jacket is on fire. Play the microphone stand, if you're going to hold it, pull it back, talk to it, walk it back some more, make love to it. Katy says that was a fantastic performance, you dug in for a hot second and really felt yourself and keep doing that, unique and individual performance, one of your best vocal performances, you pushed yourself. Joe Cocker makes his Woodstock return through the talents of Wade Cota, singing With A Little Help From My Friends. Strutting to the mic stand, his voice has a mesmerizing warble perfectly suited to doing this classic justice while remaining unique and entertaining. He can't stay still, moving around the stage, having the time of his life. Lionel steps out from behind the judges table and says that is about as close to a 60's performance that I, as a kid on the front row, you had more movement than Joe Cocker and you brought the entire, a perfect song for you, knocked it out of the park. Katy says that was the best performance so far tonight. Luke says I'm watching you, trying to find an adjective to describe how awesome that was, a lady was losing her mind during that, you just spiritually moved the whole room and elevated the game. Next, please welcome former Idol Gabby Barrett with I Hope! Over 11 million votes so far tonight. We move into the second half of tonight's competition with Show Stoppers and Lauren Daigle Madison as the guest mentor. Returning to perform Celine Dion's I Surrender, here is Madison. Lauren says her vocal ability at that age is profound. She cautions Madison to relax her draw and make a smiley face in the roof of her mouth to avoid sounding shrilly. The stage is a winter wonderland and Madison a vision in purple lighting as she easily moves from softer lows to powerful highs. Her vocal is packed full of emotion, complemented by her dramatic stage presence. I don't think she quite got rid of the shrillness of her voice but it doesn't matter, she delivered. Katy says I could see and hear you felt it, the more you connect with a song and deliver, the more we believe it and are locked with you. There you are. Luke says you finally gave us a cry in there, we could feel you, 99.9% there and you just got the cry right. Lionel says your vocals are far beyond your age, beyond the zone, you are owning the song, not covering it. You killed it. It should be no surprise that you've never heard of this next show stopper from Alejandro - it's an original song called Poison. Returning to the acoustic guitar, Alejandro says his idea of a show stopper is coming from a pure heart. Lauren says his songwriting is stunning, he has such deep tone to his singing. He admits he is still learning to sing and she gives him some tips on breathing. Lauren also helps him use his arrangement to transport his audience. Singing intimately in a square in the center of the audience, his fingers are a master of motion on his guitar, the video wall echoing a sketch rendering of his live performance. His voice is pure velvet in his upper register where he is the most comfortable, expressive and transportive. Using the roughness of his guitar to complement his softness, it is a masterclass performance that certainly stopped this show for the audience. Luke says I pray America truly understands how challenging and tough it is to play the guitar like you did, and your voice, that is the best you have sung in the competition, your voice was amazing. Lionel says you've done a great job singing other peoples songs but watching you sing your songs is everything. Your voice is immediately identifiable, you already have a career for a very long time. Katy says that was the best you have ever sang on the show. How wonderfully interesting it will be when you change American Idol by winning it. Lacy takes us on a journey with Open Arms (by Journey). She's not a belter, so Lauren helps her with some exercises to find those big notes. Her voice is rich with texture, Lauren says as she works with Lacy to give more nuance and life to her runs. She opens a little quiet, tentative, beautiful and elegant, the stage bathed in fog. The vocal is sweet, sensitive, honest and devoted. You wouldn't know this was a cover with her angelic arrangement. Lionel says how you ended the song was perfect, a great delivery, you are in your comfort zone, controlling your vocals to a T. Katy says vote now America. That last note, it made me cry, exactly what I was asking for earlier tonight, you are unique and multi-dimensional, country, pop, whatever you want. Luke says we are so proud how far you've come. Jeremiah is singing Somewhere from West Side Story. Lauren encourages him to sing A Capella to focus on his phrasing. Make sure every single note is filled with emotion. His voice has the ability to create a story within itself, and that's the richness of a communicator. He's ready to fly. His voice opens in an impossible upper register, the audience all waiving lights to help set the mood. The transition into the first verse was a little abrupt, but his vocal is pure and inspirational, the sun rising on the video screen behind him, the stage fog adding to the the drama that explodes with his power vocal, his performance moving, his climax creating a huge moment. Wow, says Katy, you really took what Lauren said to heart and it did so much good for you. I was locked in every single word and syllable. Luke says you started a little unsure, but the end, praise. As a performer, that happens but half way through to the end, that was incredible. Lionel says you cannot study mesmerizing, or audience locked in on you. You killed it tonight. Wade Coda's show stopping performance will be Through The Valley by Shawn James. Playing the acoustic, Lauren says his originality is insane. He admits he has trouble staying in the performance after a mistake. She tells him to give himself the freedom to fail. Lauren says the lyric is heavy and intense and that mirrors his feelings right now, and that's the recipe for an incredible performance. This is a great song for his vocal coarseness and he delivers an intense, powerful performance, a heavy bass drum beat punctuating his devilish delivery. He then slips into a beautifully melodic falsetto, then just as fast drops back into his hard grow, a dramatic pause and then he brings it home. Move over House of the Rising Sun, Wade Coda has announced his presence. Luke says that felt like a total Johnny Cash moment, you got the character, everything you are selling us is believable. Lionel agrees, you have sold it to us. Katy says that voice is 1000 years old. You were shocked by last week's vote and I think something changed this week where you finally started believing in yourself. Laine Hardy closes out tonight's performances with his take on Chuck Berry's party standard, Johnny B Goode. Lauren was also from Louisanna, so Laine instantly felt at home with her. She loves his light-hearted go-get-em personality. She tells him to work on his timing with his guitar and helps him learn some cajun dancing, like stepping on a nail. Opening in silhouette to the classic guitar licks of the song, he takes a rocker's pose on the beat to set the mood. The lights come on to reveal a huge LAINE spelled out behind him on the video wall as he saunters up to to the front of the stage before he has even sung a note yet. He jumps into the vocals and never looks back, rocking the audience and the judges with an energetic performance, head rolling, shoulder shrugging, and then he goes even further, leaning into the audience for his guitar solo. The judges are on the feet and Luke has to restrain Katy from rushing the stage. Wait, Lionel shouts over the audience, I have one question to ask, you've been in my closet? That was to the point of feinting, the perfect song, the perfect attitude, I'm in love with what you're doing. I'm scared, Katy whispers, it was so good, who knew you had that in your lower body. Katy lets out a scream. Luke says Laine has left the building, is going to the limo. I have nothing left to say. Good job. Two people could leave the stage tonight. This is your final commercial break to vote. It's very close so keep voting! This is your last chance to have a say in your Idol Top 4. Voting is only open for a few more seconds. Your results are coming up! Will it be Madison? Laine? Jeremiah? Laci? Alejandro? Or Wade? Who is your favorite Idol this season? Voting is now closed and our Top 6 are on the stage. 2 are in jeapordy of leaving based on your votes. Dim the lights, here we go. In no particular order, the first person America has voted into the Top Four, after the nationwide vote is... Madison! The next person that is safe after the nationwide, coast-to-coast live vote is... Laine! Who's next? After your vote tonight, singing again for America next week in the Top Four is... Alejandro! So we have 3 remaining idols and one spot in the Top 4, between Laci Wade and Jeremiah. The person to make it into the Top Four, after the live vote tonight, is... Why not Wade? Wade cannot believe it as he joins Laine, Alejandro and Madison. The judges now have to decide whether to use their Judges' Save on either Jeremiah or Laci. This is the final week they have to use it so the real question is, which of the two they will save. The judges confer and Katy is called by Ryan to reveal their decision. Katy says they will use the Judges' Save. Who will you use the save for, asks Ryan? The judges confer again. Judges, I need an answer right now. Katy says you are all so great, I love you so much, Laci! Laci cannot believe it as Jeremiah is eliminated from the competition. So there you have it, your Top Five heading into next week's Semi-Finals: Laine Hardy, Madison Vandenburg, Laci Kaye Booth, Alejandro Aranda and Wade Coda. Who will be your next American Idol?
  14. We Will We Will Rock You! The Top 8 rock the house as the judges enter the theater: Lionel Ritchie, Luke Bryan and Katy Pery. And your host, Ryan Seacrest. This is Queen Night and this is American Idol! Remember, voting is live starting now through the last commercial break before the end of the show. 2 more idols will be going home and the judges have another week to use their Save. Brian May and Roger Taylor wish the Final 8 artists good luck on Queen night. All artists will be mentored by former Idol and now Queen front man Adam Lambert. Walker is singing Crazy Little Thing Called Love and confesses to be uncomfortable moving around on stage. Adam tells him he looks like he's having fun so all he has to do is move around a little, trust his instincts and be who he is, a little awkward. Walker bounces out from behind the judge and starts snapping his fingers and singing his swing and jive vocal, walking up to the main stage. He's mostly standing casually, with a few set antics, working the front row fans, even twisting his hips a little, interacting with the lead guitarist and background vocalists. The song itself didn't have much edge but was a fun romp. Katy says he used all his appendages, she knows its hard for him to be in the present moment but he did well. Luke says America will fall in love with that performance because you were just up there being yourself, very endearing. Lionel says the first rule is if you're not having fun, the audience isn't having fun and you had fun. Don't think at all, just go out and be present on stage. Next up is Madison, singing The Show Must Go On and Adam says that's a hard song. She has an incredible instrument that she makes sound easy, he says. He tells her to make it look harder so the audience is more invested. Queen is theatrical, he says, have authority and own the stage, bring the drama. Have a diva moment, he encourages her. Madison looks windswept on a fiery fog-filled stage, her voice clear and perfect, a smile affixed to her face as she moves her shoulders around, walks along the front row fans, and belts out the chorus, turning up the intensity with each chorus. With guitarists to her side and fireballs exploding (on screen) behind her, she blows up the stage with her climax. Luke says she just changed the whole gang, you showed that diva moment, that's your best performance, the best vocal performance of the season. Lionel says the acting is everything - singing is only half the equation - your voice was impeccable and you made us feel it. Katy says you've come so far but have a little further to go, turn it up a couple more notches - a hair flip and stomp - that's your voice but your body is still catching up. We switch gears now to our first duet, Laine Hardy and Laci Kaye Booth singing Jackson from Walk The Line. Bobby says their personalities are like Johnny and June Cash, but can they make us feel it on stage? The song is fast tempo, foot stompin' country romp that I think favors Laci a bit more than Laine, who looked a little stiff. Midway through, though, it felt like Laci stretched her voice a little too far whereas Laine never really strained. Lionel says Laci got sassy. Perfect song, perfect look, you both looked comfortable, fantastic performance. Katy says you were connected - Laine's never smiled that large. That's what you want people to feel and I felt it. Luke says I won't assume anything, but the talent is here and we're just enjoying the show, watching you grow into stars. Back to Queen, Jeremiah is next with Who Wants To Live Forever. It's the first time Jeremiah's parents have been to an AI show. Adam says Jeremiah started out with a folksy vocal and he suggests he lose the guitar in order to better communicate the emotion of the song. He's not sure which way he wants to go. Without the guitar, and in an uncharacteristic black robe, his vocal is mysterious, otherworldly and mesmerizing. The performance is full of feeling, drama, growing in power and emotion, climaxing into the kind of AI moment every moment hopes to achieve at least once along their journey. Just wow. Katy says he embodied the spirit of Freddie Mercury, beautiful seeing you perform in front of your parents for the first time, and for them to accept you as you are. Luke says you continue to spoil us, such an emotional ride, you have an easy knack for that, a complete journey. Lionel says you can't teach the ability to draw people in, the dynamics of your voice, a band with power, and you take the band to the next level. Your voice is something to be reckoned with. I know what you're thinking - how is Alejandro going to turn Queen's Under Pressure into his own song. He wants to do it acoustically and he's nervous because he's still learning the lyrics and changing the arrangement of a Queen song. Adam says the trick is to stick more to the melody while asking your audience to go to a place they don't know where you're going. Adam says he could have a special moment but has to believe it his vision. Alejandro's vocal is soft and insistent, picking at his guitar in a soft, hushed voice, working the guitar into a stress free performance, letting the band build up the tension while he remains even keeled. The audience is clearly enjoying his quiet nuance, clapping in rhythm and supporting him all the way. I bet Queen never heard the song quite like that. Luke says he loves how Alejandro sees the painting in such a different way and sticks to that, hard to do with what this show pushes you to do. Vocally you've been better but you're doing your own thing and that's so cool. Lionel says you are an artist and you can't get away from it, and an amazing stylist, it will always come out your way even if its 3 Blind Mice. Katy says your authenticity is your secret sauce and your worst enemy and you're figuring that out. Life is giving you a crash course in success and you're handling it very well. We're back to the duets with Wade Cota and Alyssa Raghu teaming up for Ain't No Mountain High Enough from Guardians of the Galaxy (pretty sure the Marvin Gay song predates the Marvel universe, though). An unexpected pairing, Wade starts on stage with his trade mark roughness, and Alyssa walks up on stage with her pure, clear vocal styling. I think she owned the stage with her voice, her stage presence, and personality. Wade sang well but this was her show. Lionel says Marvin has sure changed. He never imagined Marvin with that voice, and the two of you were having fun together and we got that. Katy says this was rolling the dice and we got a full on sixes. Luke when Wade starts singing, it's him and Alyssa was so comfortable. For some reason, Katy is sitting on the floor. We continue with the duets, pairing the sweetness of Jeremiah and the power of Madison with A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman. Bobby says the key is for them to work together. Jeremiah starts out at the front of the stage, and Madison walks in from the back. When they meet up with each other, the harmonies come out and the hands start swaying, a vocal duo of satisfying sugary sweetness. Katy says it was wonderful watching and hearing you show each other so much respect, a beautiful dance. Luke says that's called property not getting in each others' way. Lionel says you've both been the Voices, and the two of you together were unbelievable, you managed to stay on top of the song together. Back to Queen, it's Laine Hardy singing Fat Bottomed Girls. Lain tells Adam he's shy and Adam says Freddie was shy as well. You have to make this your moment, hanging out with your friends, having fun. He tells Laine to act like a rock star. Laine says he's not a rock star. You sing like a rock star, Adam tells him. That moment is rock'n'roll, he tells Laine. Dressed in a green sequined jacket, he opens with a vocal chorus then gets his rock on, belting out the first verse with authority, taking the second verse down to the front row fans, bringing the whole hall together for the second chorus, leading the hand waiving, then getting back on the electric guitar for the final steamy chorus. Luke says Katy's giddy over here, you got her. You are a country boy but you have to always think rock star when on stage, great job showing confidence. Lionel says you are the head cheerleader - if you aren't pumped, we won't join you. If you don't feel it, fake it. And tonight, you felt it. Katy says fake it until you make it and then shake it. You faked it, baked it and then made it. We step away from the competition for just a second with a special performance of Bohemian Rhapsody by visually impaired viral piano prodigy from Dayton Ohio, here's 7yr old Avett Maness! Lace brought to Adam the Queen song Love Of My Life, and he was immediately enamored. She wonders how Adam always seems confident on stage. He says you have to harness the nerves and frenetic energy, use that butterfly in your stomach to make emotion. He gives her some advice on how to take some time to process the lyrics and add dynamics to the performance. With the trademark crack in her voice, she's a vision of elegance sitting on a stool with her guitar and rough along the bottom vocal. It's imperfection gives her performance a captivating degree of honesty and sincerity, making you think you're watching a young lady singing a lament to real life. I didn't think I was liking it and then by the end, I felt amazing to have heard it. Lionel says that smoky voice can take you forever and forever, that's one heck of a vehicle you have, you can have fun, draw us in and make it personal, and tonight it make you a star. Katy says you are sparkling like a diamond, your voice shimmering, whether you win or win, you've won. Luke says how you sell the emotion of a song is so impressive, capturing emotion and making it happen under the lights, truly remarkable. Don't forget your live results are coming at the end of the show. Next up, Alejandro and Walker pay tribute to Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate. Bobby says they want to do it right and different but not too much different; this performance will require teamwork. Sitting next to each other on stage, I have to say I loved the die color outfits the boys brought to the performance. Their vocals were soft and harmonious, with a bit of a jazzy, up tempo arrangement. Not a case of each artist taking turn but of channeling their Simon & Garfunkel duality from start to finish. Katy says of course you picked that song, voices were like two peas in a pod, so sweetly put together, right tone. Walker says he's Simon. Alejandro says he's Garfukel. Great job, Katy says. Luke says the saviness lies in the song choice, speaking on your characters, the creative savants of the season. Lionel says let's start with the clothing, psychedelic flashbacks. But nothing psychedelic about your voices, you showed off your true abilities. Wade is a huge Adam Lambert fans and has been performing We Are The Champions in bars and concerts for a long time. Adam tells him there's a lot of power in just standing and delivering. Adam notes Wade feels small but his voice is so big. He tells Wade this is his moment of celebration and he can create an equal moment for the audience. Wade tries to sound wistful, hopefull and determined but instead it sounds kind of like Sylvester Stalone trying to sing. I don't think this was a good song choice for him, but he gives it all he has. At one point, he falls out of sync with the band, but waits for them to catch up and jumps into the chorus again, closing out strong but knowing this was not his best performance. Luke says the way you carried through that missed lyric was perfect and we heard some real singing out of you too, some real vibrato. Lionel says you fight and fight and every time you pulled it back to center, you were victorious. You've already one in the Top 8 of American Idol. Katy says you push yourself, trying to show a different side of yourself every time, and Adam Lambert won his life even though he didn't win American Idol. The last performance tonight comes from Alyssa, with her take on Somebody To Love. Adam says she has a natural theatricality to her that is perfect for Queen week. He gives her a note to go wild at some point and says diva is not a bad word, it's about being a confident woman and owning your moment. Opening in silhouette, she delivers a power note to kick off a song about vulnerable empowerment. Her vocal is strong and rings out, her stage presence full of breathless drama and performance that sometimes gets in the way of lyric delivery. It was a fun, entertaining performance, but not the best of the night. Lionel calls Alyssa the epitome of determination, you just whaled away at it, never lose your determination, you're on fire. Katy says you're only 17, your voice is still going through puberty but I believe in you all the way. Alyssa admits she's stalling for time to give people more time to vote. Luke says there's still a bit of high end power she's not capturing yet but in that zone, she's amazing. Thats it for competition and live voting closes during this commercial break so this is your last chance to save your favorite. Voting is now closed and it is time to find out who America voted into their Top Six. Dim the lights and here we go. The first person through to the Top 6 after the nationwide vote is... Jeremiah! America also wants to see more of... Laci! And safe for another week, after the nationwide vote, into the Top 6 is... Madison! Singing again for America next week after the live coast to coast nationwide vote is the one and only... Laine! Now, the 5th person who secured a spot in the Top 6 of American Idol this season after the nationwide vote is... Alejandro! That leaves Walker, Wade and Alyssa here on the stage. The next person here into the Top 6, after the nationwide vote is... Wade! Wade is stunned. That leaves Alyssa and Walker as the audience shouts Save Him and Save Her. The judges have one Save for the season. Will they use it tonight? Luke says, speaking for the judges, they have decided to not use the Save tonight. That means we say goodbye to Walker and Alyssa tonight. Here's your Top 6, America: Wade, Alejandro, Laine, Laci, Jeremiah and Madison!
  15. 3:10pm BBT Quiz Time. They have to get 5 out of 7 questions right to close the HNR for the season. True or False - 3 pink binders on the desk. They say True. The answer is true! How many boxes said evidence and Anthony says 7 before Kyra finishes the question. They get it right. What color was the evacuation strip on the emergency evacuation binder? They don't know. Mark thinks Green but the others overrule him and say Red.They guess Green. The answer is Green! They need 2 more. How many boxes in total on the top shelf? They do the math and Adam walks through the room in his mind. They guess 31. The answer was 35. What did the label say on the bright green folder standing up on the shelf? The guys are stumped. They guess "Evidence". The answer is "Heat Up Procedures For Glass Furnaces". They have to get the next two right or they lose. On the bingo card on one of the boxes, what number was circled? Mark yells I-24. That is right and they are still alive! How many red binders in total are there in the room? Mark says 389 binders total. Adam only saw one red one. Then he says no red binders. Mark can't remember. It's a total guess - zero. The correct answer is 2 and the HG have failed the quiz. They are all Have Nots for the rest of the season. The guys are stunned. Adam waits to find out this is a joke. But nobody is laughing.
  16. 2:25pm BBT Kyra calls the HG to the LR for an announcement. After viewing clips on HG reaction to slop, she reveals that in 30m, there will be a quiz on the contents of the archive room and if the HG pass the quiz, they can close the HNR and end slop for the season.
  17. During Thursday's taped live show, Estefania was evicted by a 3-1 vote, with only Dane voting out Mark. Dane then won HoH and nominated Kyra and Damien for eviction. When Anthony won the Veto, Damien's fate was sealed and he was evicted 3-0. 9:10pm BBT Feeds return. Kyra is talking about who she'll take to Wendy's and not crying during the upcoming video from her mom. Someone other than the PBs has won HoH! Kyra wonders what kind of alcohol she'll get in her HoH basket.
  18. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's time to sing we know. We have three judges and we have a host, so let's get on with the show. It's Disney Night and this is American Idol! Please welcome your judges, Lionel Ritchie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry (dressed as Ursula), your host, Ryan Seacrest, and special guests, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse! Welcome to the only show where you can vote live in every time zone at the same time. Real time voting is back starting now. Real time results will be announced at the end of the show, and the Judges Save is back this season. It must be unanimous and can only be used once for the season. First up tonight last night is Uche. His sister and mom surprise him at Disneyland Resort where they explore California Adventure and meet with Rebel Wilson for some coaching advice and a Churro (or two). He has chosen I 2 I from A Goofy Movie and Rebel notes he has confidence and energy. Rocking out and giving Goofy a modern pop flavor, it's a high energetic performance with a vocal that could easily climb the charts on Disney Radio. The audience is into it, despite the obscurity of the song (Rec this post if you've heard it before!), and demonstrated he knows how to own the stage and leave nothing behind. Ursula says it was good; she doesn't know the song well but thinks he has more voice to bring. Lionel says you can't do wrong by me, but you are a performer and you can take 3 blind mice and make it something amazing. Uche can't believe they've never seen A Goofy Movie. Luke says bottom line, it's not a problem we don't know the song if you make the song an Uche song, and that's what you did tonight. Goofy joins Uche on stage and says that was an amazing performance (in Goofy speak). Remember you get 10 votes per contestant per method and voting is live in real time. Next is Laci Kay Booth who along with her mom meets Rapunzel in Disneyland where she felt like a kid again. In their practice session, Rebel tells Laci to go for it more and channel any anger she's ever had towards her mom. Disney princess can be sweet, Rebel says, but they can also be powerful. Laci is dressed in a white gown, standing in a light stage fog and lanterns are overlayed on the TV broadcast and on background screens. Her vocal is not quite as clear as the movie, but it is sweet and sincere, unique to her stylings, no liberties taken, but maybe a bit lacking in energy. Luke says you're like becoming a Disney Princess in front of our eyes, you make every song yours with your subtle delivery, felt like a live show. Lionel says that was a perfect song for you, perfect delivery, you're on a roll. Ursula says I agree with Luke, you made this your own, your own scamp and texture, instantly identifiable and you have stolen Cinderella's shoes. The judges are joined by Mickey, Donald, Pluto and Minnie, as Ursula gnaws on a lobster tail. Jordan's nephew joins Alejandro Aranda with his own arrangement of Remeber Me from Pixar's Coco. He confesses to Rebel he doesn't actually know the song. Wearing Mickey Ears, he plays his own arrangement of the song and she tells him to wish upon a star that he remembers the lines. Playing the acoustic guitar and singing in his upper octave with a breathy vocal, Alejandro easily captivates the stage with his unique take of Oscar-winning song. The arrangement carries an unearthly feeling, infused with a quick jazz beat, emotional vocal and a starry quality. Lionel says you embody true artistry, make any song your style, take us in on your journey. Audience, please vote. Ursula says everything you do is heartfelt and I can feel the emotion and I will remember you. Luke says this show forces you out of your comfort zone, even into your lower notes. You're still learning and your artistry has grown, just a great job. Carrie Underwood congratulates the Top 10 and to announce her upcoming tour. The sauce is next as Katy's final save Alyssa Raghu is surprised on Main Street USA with her family and all her little sisters together for the first time. She is singing Colours Of The Wind from Pocahontas. She learns how to focus while Rebel dances around her waving cotton candy. Alyssa's vocal is strong, confident and innocent in her Earth Day appropriate performance, the set decorated with flowers. Like many artists, she has a little trouble handing onto the lowest notes but in her comfort zone, she shines with all the beauty of a Disney heroine. Ursula says beauty and grace, such elegance, if only I could have your voice in my little conk shell! I know I'm purple but I'm glad you tried new notes. Luke says way to come out and fight after last week. You're going to be in the music business fighting every day so just make it happen like you did today. Lionel says this is not a beauty contest but you look absolutely beautiful. You are the most gorgeous fighter on the planet. Alyssa praises the band. She joined us last year for our duet's round, and tonight we're happy to welcome her back. She'll be playing Ariel at the upcoming production of The Little Mermaid at the Hollywood Bowl in May, and right now, here's an exclusive sneak peak with Part Of Your World, here's Leah Michele backed up by the Top 10! When Wade Cota visited the Happiest Place on Earth, he was greeted with a glowing magic wand from Rebel. She loves his cool, gravely voice. He was feeling homesick so it was great meeting his sister in Disneyland for some homespun support. Singing You've Got A Friend In Me from Toy Story, his vocal is perfect for the song, kind of a cross between Randy Newman and Louis Armstrong. He even gives a leg lift as Rebel suggested. Solid, happy, positive, foot-tapping and hand-clapping, classic Disney. Luke untangles himself from Ursula's tentacles and says that was a glimpse into the future of what your future could be, right song. Lionel says you're having fun and you're a star, that identifiable voice in less than 5 seconds. Ursula says you're coming out of your shell, fantastic song choice, so approachable and relatable, you even put Andy on your foot. Hoping to win your votes tonight is Dimitrius Graham, who says Rebel Wilson smells like strawberries. Singing You'll Be In My Heart from Tarzan, she helps him learn how to use his fact to sell the song. Surprised out in front of Disneyland by his mom, the smile on her face was a dream come true. She pats down his tears with her Minnie hands. Mom became a little girl again and being able to do that for her meant everything to Dimitrius. On a misty stage in front of a dreamy jungle background, Dimitrius's vocal is soft and supportive, his outfit full of straps and flowing tails, as the arrangement jumps around. But when he is finally able to build up, he crescendos into a powerful vocal that brings the audience to their feet and him to his knees in tears. Ursula runs onto the stage and wraps her tentacles around Dimitrius as he regains his composure. This was the one song he wanted to truly devote to his mother, he tells Ryan. Lionel says your journey has been amazing and fans need to vote, your heart and soul is in everything you do. Ursula says you have an incredible instrument in your voice, great song choice, you took us on a right that was just enough, really emotional. Luke says I saved him. We've picked your voice apart, little things missed, but you didn't miss one note tonight on a very challenging song. Walker Burroughsis met by his sister and parents in Disneyland, the first time his parents have seen him famous. He is singing When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2 and tells Rebel he's not going to play the piano because he wants the performance to be about his voice. She helps him with a pitchy note, and tells him to find some inner emotion to connect with in the song. Behind the piano, Walker opens with a solid, clear and beautiful vocal, accompanied by a bass, it's a terrifically mesmerizing narrative performance that keeps your attention focused on the sweet, sensitive lyrics and melodies. The audience is silent until the final applause. Ursula says that was so impressive, you transported me into another time and place, the audience was so quiet and respectful of you telling that story, we tuned into every word. Luke says it is so difficult to do what you just did, to play piano, to hit the notes, to twin the notes on the piano to what your singing, you hit chords I don't even know, you're a seasoned veteran at 20. Lionel says we call you in our business a pro, as close to perfect a performance as I can think of. Disney's #1 couple (Mickey & Minnie, joined by Donald, Goofy and Pluto) are excited for this next performance by Idol's #1 sweetheart, performing A Whole New World from Aladdin, and Runner-Up, Caleb Lee Hutchinson! Madison VanDenburg meets up with her sister Taylor in Radiator Springs and explore their passion for going fast. After being a kid again, she rehearses How Far I'll Go with Rebel and they share a bathtub moment, They are in the Disneyland Dream Sweet, which gives her a more magical experience. Rebel says she'd cast Madison in a movie musical tomorrow. With the stage doubling as a sandy beach with ocean waters nipping at her feet, Madison's vocal is amazing, multi-dimensional, lilting, smiling, hopeful, wistful, powerful. Then she breaks out and glad hands the front row fans, pushing her voice to even further heights, a sense of urgency, destiny. Luke says can you just try to make it look difficult? Please? You just surpassed any version of that song. Lionel says what was that last note, the stratosphere of notes, your talent is amazing. Ursula says you really stepped into your power, so gorgeous, climbing the mountain of so many notes, when will you stop? Next in the spotlight is the one and only Laine Hardy, on the Mark Twain in New Orleans Square when he's surprised by his sister. He's singing Oo-De-Lally from Robin Hood, a song his father loves. Rebel gives him a beneits. Rebel tells him he needs to open his mouth a little and has him sing off the balcony to the Disneyland fans below. It's an interesting mix with his slicked back hair and Vegas jacket, but the vocal is infused with his southern rolicking vocal, delivering the rapid-paced lyrics with ease and fun. He jams with his fellow guitarist, then parties back into the chorus and basically just has a heck of a lot of fun on stage and maybe sending kids to check out the movie the song comes from on Netflix. Lionel says you have found your wheelhouse, hometown boy, hand clappin', foot stompin', perfect song. That was straight down the alley. Ursula says I said you could win it this time, don't not believe that. Luke says last year in New Orleans I said you better be careful or you might win American Idol. Our final performance tonight comes from Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon. Jeremiah thinks he's getting a photo shoot with Mickey but it's his newlywed sister and brother-in-law of 11 days that surprises him. Mickey might as well not even be there. She says his sexuality has been a journey for the family and an opportunity for them to grow. Singing Candle On The Water from Pete's Dragon (the original), Rebel says he's more interesting than he lets on and tells him to rip off his hoodie like Magic Mike. His range is incredible, she says, and you can't improve on perfection. Dressed kind of like Michael Jackson (no glove), Jeremiah opens with a strong, romantic vocal, just a bit of roughness around the edge, confident in his upper octave, delivering powerful notes and giving this classic Disney ballad a whole new life as a pop song. Ursula says you hit that note at the end with such gorgeous ease, it's a pleasure to watch you sing, you've grown in leaps and bounds. Luke says you're a pro pro pro, never not in complete control. We're relaxed because we know you're going to deliver. Lionel says we are watching one of the greatest shows ever, and you are just owning your talent. This is your last chance to vote. Voting closes at the end of this commercial break. Two people will be leaving the show tonight unless the judges use their one and only save of the season! After an amazing show of fantastic Disney performances, the voting is now closed and I have the results. We are going to start building your Top 8 right now. Dim the lights and here we go. The first person through to the Top 8 after the nationwide vote is... Laine! The next person taking a spot in the Top 8 after the nationwide vote is... Madison! Also America wants to see more of... Alejandro! Up next, singing again for another week, after the nationwide vote, it is... Jeremiah! Up next, in the Top 8, after the nationwide vote is... Walker! And sealing a spot in the Top 8 is... Laci! The nation has totally fallen in love and wants to see you back again... Wade! That leaves three left: Uche, Dimitrius and Alyssa. One spot left in the Top 8. These were last week's Wild Card picks. The person taking the final spot in the Top 8 is... Alyssa! Uche tells Alyssa he's so proud of her. Two people on the edge of elimination. Judge, it's down to these two guys. Will you be using your Save for either of them tonight? It must be unanimous and you only get one per season. The judges talk it over. Judges, you get one per season, It has to be unanimous. Ursula asks how many shows are left? You have 3 weeks to use it, Ryan says, and 25 seconds to decide. I need results, Ryan says. OK, Lionel says, we're going to hold our vote. That means we say goodbye to Uche and Dimitrius tonight. Monday night is a highlight show with never-before-seen performances and we'll be back next Sunday live with your Top 8!
  19. Host - Phil Keoghan Serving as host and co-executive producer of CBS' multi-Emmy Award-winning reality series The Amazing Race, Phil Keoghan is arguably the most-traveled host on the planet. Born in New Zealand, Keoghan has experienced a life full of travel and adventure. He started traveling around the world at the age of two and has been globetrotting ever since. After Keoghan survived a near-death experience at the age of 19, he wrote a list of things to do before he died. He created the Tick-it Before You Kick-it! philosophy which he turned into a bestselling book, No Opportunity Wasted. Now, he is a regular motivational speaker at colleges and Fortune 500 companies around the world. Keoghan has visited more than 100 countries and has been sharing his stories in front of a TV camera for almost 30 years. His adventures include riding his bicycle from Los Angeles to New York; having a five-star meal on top of an erupting volcano of Stromboli; breaking an unofficial world bungy jumping record; putting a golf ball across Scotland; changing a light bulb on top of the Verrazano Bridge; diving the world's longest underwater caves; and swimming from Asia to Europe across the Bosporus. Keoghan's most daring challenge to date involves retracing the exact route of the 1928 Tour de France riding an original heavy steel vintage bicycle that had no gears. Riding an average of 150 miles a day for 26 days, he shot a documentary, Le Ride, to tell the forgotten 'underdog' story about the first English speaking team to take on the toughest sporting event on earth. Le Ride screened at SXSW and was selected as the opening night and festival favorite film at a number of festivals around the world. As a philanthropist, Keoghan has raised over $1 million for his favorite charity, MS, and was voted into the world's top 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs in 2017. Keoghan's work has earned him numerous awards, including 10 Primetime Emmy Awards as a producer and host of The Amazing Race; Best Director Award at the 2017 American Documentary Film Festival; the 2018 Sports Documentarian Award from the International Sports Hall of Fame; a World Class New Zealand Award; The Dorothy Corwin Spirit of Life Award for services to MS; a 2012 Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award; and the Endurance Live, Celebrity Athlete of the Year in 2013. Keoghan was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2014 for his services to television and tourism. Phil lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter. His birthday is May 31. Follow Phil on Twitter @PhilKeoghan and on Instagram @Philiminator.
  20. Chris Hammons and Bret LaBelle (Friends) Previous season: Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Bret LaBelleAge: 44Hometown: Dedham, MassachusettsCurrent occupation: Police SergeantThree words to describe you: Funny, proud, and easygoing.What excites you most about traveling?Seeing other places and experiencing other cultures.Who do you think will be your biggest competition: Racers, Houseguests or Castaways?Our biggest competition will be the Racers because they have done it all before and we are new to the Race.Chris HammonsAge: 40Hometown: Moore, OklahomaCurrent occupation: AttorneyThree words to describe you: Competitive, tough, and loyal.What excites you most about traveling?I love seeing new and exotic places. Experiencing the cultures, so that I appreciate ours even more.Who do you think will be your biggest competition: Racers, Houseguests or Castaways?I believe the Race teams are the scariest competition!
  21. Rupert and Laura Boneham (Married) Previous seasons: Survivor: Pearl Islands, Survivor: All-Stars, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and Survivor: Blood vs. Water (Rupert); Survivor: Blood vs. Water (Laura) Rupert BonehamAge: 54Hometown: IndianapolisCurrent occupation: Self-employedThree words to describe you: Strong, smart, and brave.What excites you most about traveling?The adventure.Who do you think will be your biggest competition: Racers, Houseguests, or Castaways?The Amazing Race-rs will most definitely have the advantage. Returning players always have the advantage over newbies.Laura BonehamAge: 49Hometown: IndianapolisCurrent occupation: Registered NurseThree words to describe you: Kind, strong, and smart.What excites you most about traveling?Seeing breathtaking scenery and new places I have never been before.Who do you think will be your biggest competition: Racers, Houseguests, or Castaways?Our biggest competition will most definitely be the Racers. There is a learning curve to running the Race and returnees have the advantage, no question!
  22. Corinne Kaplan and Eliza Orlins (Friends) Previous seasons: Survivor: Gabon and Survivor: Caramoan (Corinne); Survivor: Vanuatu and Survivor: Micronesia (Eliza) Corinne Kaplan and Eliza Orlins (Friends) Previous seasons: Survivor: Gabon and Survivor: Caramoan (Corinne); Survivor: Vanuatu and Survivor: Micronesia (Eliza) Corinne Kaplan Age: 39 Hometown: Denver Current occupation: Medical sales for the real money, podcasting for the side hustle Three words to describe you: 100% that bitch. What excites you most about traveling? Hangovers don't exist on vacation and calories don't count on airplanes. Who do you think will be your biggest competition: Racers, Houseguests, or Castaways? Racers. It's the same concept as taking your SATs. Your score goes up every time. Eliza Orlins Age: 35 Hometown: New York City Current occupation: Public Defender Three words to describe you: Intense, politically active, and outgoing. What excites you most about traveling? EVERYTHING! I absolutely love to travel and love seeing new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. Who do you think will be your biggest competition: Racers, Houseguests, or Castaways? Racers. Hands down. It's like when Boston Rob went up against a bunch of newbies on Survivor: Redemption Island.
  23. Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo (Engaged) Previous seasons: Big Brother 16, winner of Big Brother 18 (Nicole); Big Brother 18 (Victor) Nicole FranzelAge: 26Hometown: Ubly, MichiganCurrent occupation: Registered Nurse, content creator, podcast co-hostThree words to describe you: Cuddly, quirky, and competitive.What excites you most about traveling?Being immersed in different cultures and learning about them. Also, as cliche as it sounds, getting to see the world; it's not easy to get this experience and I'm not going to take it for granted.Who do you think will be your biggest competition: Racers, Houseguests, or Castaways?Former Race teams, for sure! They know how to work together as a team, what their prior strengths and weaknesses are and know what to pack, which we are very uncertain about!Victor ArroyoAge: 28Hometown: Ubly, MichiganCurrent occupation: Freight brokerThree words to describe you: Outgoing, silly, and competitive.What excites you most about traveling?Experiencing different cultures, foods, meeting new people and trying new activities. Also, seeing the other beautiful landscapes of the world.Who do you think will be your biggest competition: Racers, Houseguests, or Castaways?Racers, because they have done this before which makes them more prepared for this type of competition.
  24. Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater (Sisters) Previous seasons: Big Brother 12, winner of Big Brother 13, The Amazing Race 20 and The Amazing Race: All-Stars (Rachel); Big Brother 15 (Elissa) Rachel ReillyAge: 34Hometown: Van Nuys, CaliforniaCurrent occupations: Student, PT tech, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, casting, mom, entertainment, and blogger.Three words to describe you: Loyal, fierce/competitive, and courageous.What excites you most about traveling?This is my third Race and my first two I did with Brendon, my husband. It was really fun to race with him but this Race is really exciting because I get to do this with my sister. Growing up, Elissa and I moved a lot. I think I went to three middle schools and two high schools.Moving and only having your sister as a constant made us super close, then we went to college, got married, and didn't live together anymore. We still love to do everything together. Elissa was on Big Brother after I was, we got engaged the same weekend, we got married the same year, and we had babies together! So for us, doing the Race together is a dream come true! SISTER BONDING!Who do you think will be your biggest competition: Racers, Houseguests, or Castaways?I think the biggest threats are the Racers. The Race teams know what to expect and even though I have raced twice, my partner has never raced so this will be totally new to her. It's probably good to have a new set of eyes on something I feel so confident about, but I also hope that she listens to me because after all, I've done this twice before and NEVER BEEN ELIMINATED. This also adds pressure on both of us, but I mean, I'm Rachel Reilly, I've won two reality shows. I've got this in the bag Elissa SlaterAge: 32Hometown: Las VegasCurrent occupation: Founder, CEO Drop Method® appThree words to describe you: Go-getter, focused, and determined.What excites you most about traveling?Seeing the world—especially with my sister, meeting new people and cultures, realizing the infinite possibilities of our world.Who do you think will be your biggest competition: Racers, Houseguests, or Castaways?Definitely the Racers.
  25. Janelle Pierzina and Britney Haynes (Friends) Previous seasons: Big Brother 6, Big Brother All-Stars, and Big Brother 14 (Janelle); Big Brother 12 and Big Brother 14 (Britney) Janelle PierzinaAge: 38Hometown: Lakeville, Minnesota Current occupation: Realtor Three words to describe you: Determined, competitive, and honest.What excites you most about traveling? Seeing new places and experiencing new cultures.Who do you think will be your biggest competition: Racers, Houseguests, or Castaways? Our biggest competition will absolutely be The Amazing Race teams. They have done this before and know what they are doing.Britney HaynesAge: 30Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma Current occupation: Stay-at-home mom Three words to describe you: Sarcastic, emotional, and witty. What excites you most about traveling? Experiencing other cultures. Who do you think will be your biggest competition: Racers, Houseguests, or Castaways? Definitely Racers! They are well-seasoned and more prepared for the Race.
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