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  1. Big Brother airs on Canda's Global TV in Canada, premiering Wednesday, March 6th at 7pm ET/PT. Weekly episodes will air Thursday at 8pm ET/PT, Sunday at 8pm ET/PT and Wednesday at 7pm ET/PT. For Season 7, viewers can stream #BBCAN live on GlobalTV.com and Global GO by signing in with their TV service provider credentials or catch up the next day on GlobalTV.com and Global GO (now available on Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, etc.), and BigBrotherCanada.ca. The live feeds are free, but are blocked to viewers outside of Canada. If you live in Canada, just go to https://globaltv.com/watchlive for a live stream of the Global TV broadcast. You can also watch previously aired episodes as well as the live feeds at https://www.bigbrothercanada.ca. For those outside of Canada, an alternative viewing experience for both streaming live broadcast episodes and live feeds is the BB Viewer app from Liquid8d (https://mortystv.com/to/bbviewer). The BB Viewer app supports both BB Canada and BB USA in one package, as well as archives of past seasons and other bonus video. The BB Viewer app still requires the use of a Private VPN Proxy service for viewers outside of Canada, but can be used without a Private VPN Proxy service by viewers within Canadian borders. Officially, Morty's TV does not endorse violating legal geoblocking, but non-Canadians who want to watch Big Brother Canada episodes can go to: https://videobrother.net. If you this or similar sites, do so with caution. There may be prompts to update your video player, Flash, Java, or Silverlight. DO NOT DO IT!!!! You can watch everything without installing anything new; these prompts may try to install unwanted software or malware. Another method of circumventing geoblocking is to use a Private VPN Proxy service, which makes it look like your browser is in Canada. There are Private VPN Proxy applications that can be installed to the computer, some web browsers include a built-in Private VPN Proxy service, and many have free and paid Private VPN Proxy service extensions that can be installed. Beware that some Private VPN Proxy services Learn more about Big Brother Canada viewing alternatives here: https://write.as/x39937ts8kefd1y4.md Morty's TV accepts no liability for the use of any video streaming web site, application or Private VPN Proxy service.
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  4. Welcome to the Big Brother Picture Thread! This thread is for posting screen captures and pics (with captions that explain them) from the Big Brother Canada House live feeds.After you post here, we may reprint your post on the main Big Brother page, and not credit you right beside it for submitting the information. It's not that we don't want people to know you helped, but it's just that when we tried it last year, all the credits annoyed people. We do give credit to the other sites that send us cool stuff. I will list contributors at the end of each day's report. Your input is vital to our success, and we really do appreciate your help. Don't limit yourself to Live Feed Pics, feel free to share other neat finds with us! Most of all Have Fun and consider this thread like a Pictorial Daily Library. -- Morty
  5. ALL-NEW SUPERSIZED SEASON OF BIG BROTHER CANADA PREMIERES MARCH 4 ON GLOBAL Canada’s most iconic social TV experiment is upping the ante as Global announces a supersized eighth season of Big Brother Canada kicking off with an epic two-night premiere Wednesday, March 4 at 7 p.m. ET/PT and Thursday, March 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, followed by the dramatic fallout on Sunday, March 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. With series host Arisa Cox and a new cast of unsuspecting houseguests, the series returns three nights a week with all-new episodes Wednesdays (7 p.m. ET/PT), Thursdays (8 p.m. ET/PT), and Sundays (8 p.m. ET/PT), in addition to free live feeds from inside the house at BigBrotherCanada.ca. Last season, Big Brother Canada averaged 1.2 million viewers (Ind. 2+) per episode, making it the highest-rated season to date. So just how supersized is this season? Fans will find out during the season premiere on March 4! https://www.corusent.com/news/all-new-supersized-season-of-big-brother-canada-premieres-march-4-on-global/
  6. Survivor: Island of the Idols welcomes its final Jury member in 28-year-old nanny Lauren Beck. After working her social magic throughout the season, Lauren didn't expect a fiery face-off would send her packing. See what she has to say about her Survivor journey as she lands at Ponderosa.
  7. Survivor: Island of the Idols has welcomed its next Jury member in 59-year-old chief lifeguard Janet Carbin. After waiting to use her idol until the last possible Tribal Council, she never thought an Idol Nullifier would be played and ultimately send her home so close to the end. See what she has to say about her Survivor journey as she lands at Ponderosa.
  8. Survivor: Island of the Idols has welcomed its next Jury member in 41-year-old factory worker Elaine Stott. Despite her strong relationships and positive attitude, she wasn't able to fight her way out from the bottom of the Tribe. See what she has to say about her Survivor journey as she lands at Ponderosa.
  9. Survivor: Island of the Idols has welcomed its seventh Jury member in 37-year-old personal injury attorney Karishma Patel. After many weeks of being a high-profile target, Karishma was sent home after a tense Tribal Council vote. See what she has to say about her Survivor journey as she lands at Ponderosa.
  10. Survivor: Island of the Idols has welcomed its next Jury member in 26-year-old Olympic medalist Elizabeth Beisel. After an intense Tribal Council where Immunity Idols threw the vote into chaos, a re-vote forced Elizabeth out of the game. See what she has to say about her Survivor journey as she lands at Ponderosa.
  11. Survivor: Island of the Idols has welcomed its next Jury members in 36-year-old gym owner Aaron Meredith and 24-year-old Air Force veteran Missy Byrd. After a shocking Immunity Challenge twist that resulted in two Tribals, two unsuspecting castaways were sent home. See what they have to say about their Survivor journeys as they land at Ponderosa.
  12. Jamal wasn't affected by hunger, despite dropping 18lbs over his 24 days. He is settled by the time he reaches Ponderosa and is presented with pretzel chocolate chip cookies from Jack. He is enjoying connecting with people outside of the game, successfully valuing honesty while in the game. Then for the fun of it, he and Jack wrote a song, titled "Ponderosa".
  13. Kellee knew something was off but was still voted out with two HII in her pocket. Jack welcomes her to Ponderosa with chocolate chip cookie garnished with an orchid. In life, she plays it safe but in life, failing isn't that bad so you might as well take risks.
  14. Pirate Jack arrives at Ponderosa with one thing on his mind - ice cream and beer. Flavors are the thing he missed the most. It has taken 6 years for him to come to terms with his father's death and that is his Survivor takeaway.
  15. Vokai, Night 16. Elaine says she blocked Jason's vote and Jason went home. She explains to her tribe that she had the opportunity and had to take it. Now they're shaking in their shoes, she tells us. Luaren says she, Tommy and Dan were on the outside which is a shame because she had built a good relationship with Missy. She feels she was lied to. Lairo, Night 16. It's pouring down rain and the castaways are miserable. The next day, they have to restart the fire. Jamal takes lead but usunsuccessful. Kellee offers to try it but Jamal starts telling her what to do so she walks off. She comes back and starts the fire. They have one scoop of rice left and an argument over how much rice they are eating breaks out, with Jamal the object of Noura's ire. Noura decides to play the "woman" card and proposes playing their own game and voting out Jamal. Janet talks her down until after the merge and they agree on Dean instead. A boat arrives and Janet has been selected to go to the Island of the Gods, and Janet pretends to be distressed. Going to the Island of the Idols puts a target on your back, Janet tells us. Then her scowl turns into smiles when she meets Rob and Sandra. She tells Rob & Sandra she's in a good spot, her tribe trusts her. Rob says you have to think ahead. Today's lesson is about calculated risks - knowing why you are making moves in the game. The minute you stop analyzing situations is the minute you're gone. They play a Risk/Reward game. If she wins, she earns a safety without power advantage - protecting her from being voted out at one TC. She leaves TC before the vote and returns to camp alone. This can be used up to 7 players left in the game. But if she loses the Risk/Reward game, she loses her vote at the next TC. Do you want to play the game or play it safe? If I win and walk away before the vote, Janet muses, does that put a bigger target on me at the next TC? I could be screwing my alliance. But I could also be voted out. She decides to not play because it would put a bigger target on her. Rob is smiling because she understood the lesson, calculated the risk and made a decision. Sandra notes Janet is the first to just say no. Janet returns to her tribe. Sandra says the winner this season will be a female. Rob says let's go make some rice. As Janet's boat approaches Lairo camp, she decides to flash her tribe to confirm she has no idol with her. Kellee is worried Janet's story won't be consistent with hers. Janet explains her game choice and that she chose not to play, keeping to Kellee's decision to keep Rob and Sandra a secret. Vokai, Day 18. The talk in the morning is of how grabby Dan was in his sleep last night. Lauren tells us bonding is one thing but Dan does some uncomfortable things, if it comes to one of her, him and Tommy, her #1 is Tommy. There are still 3 chickens left. Tommy asks which one is Dan - he's the one that is going to get killed next. Lauren says the black feathered one like her can stay. It's Operation Save Lauren & Tommy, Lauren tells us. Gathering water, Lauren tells Tommy that the others know the two of them are close so they have to put a plan into action to paint Dan as a flip flopper. Tommy is worried but Lauren tells him she won't let him go home before emerge. Time to lie, cheat and steal to make Dan look sneaky, Tommy tells us. He whispers to Aaron and Elaine separately that Dan is plotting against Aaron. To Missy he and Lauren says Dan goes back and forth and cannot be trusted. Missy tells us she sees what is going on - Lauren and Tommy want to get out Dan but the two are super tight. She tells Elizabeth that Dan is irrelevant - Tommy and Lauren are too close. She thinks Lauren can pull in the people she and Tommy are close to. Without Tommy, Lauren will be said she doesn't have a comfort blanket. We're doing this, Elizabeth says. Perhaps, Missy says. Without Tommy, Missy tells us, Lauren will have nowhere else to go. Day 19 and it is time for a rain-drenched Immunity Challenge. Tribes will race to shoot coconuts into a basket, which will drop the puzzle pieces when heavy enough. Tribes must then solve a large and heavy block puzzle. First to finish wins Immunity. The rain has stopped. For immunity, Survivors ready? Go! There are three shooters from each tribe rotating to land coconuts. Lairo has 2 to Vokai's 1. It's the size of the coconut that matters. Vokai gets on a run as Lairo struggles. Vokai's bucket begins moving and gains momentum, releasing the puzzle pieces. Lairo releases their puzzle pieces, which have to be carried to the puzzle platform. Vokai starts working on their puzzle with a lead. But which tribe can figure out where the heavy blocks go? It's the tribe mates who did not do the shooting that are working the puzzle. Lauren is barking out orders for Vokai but Lairo is making up time. Vokai is close to victory. Elaine says a piece is wrong but Lauren insists on having Jeff check. They do not have it. Lairo gets a dose of adrenaline as Vokai tries to figure out there mistake. Lairo is sliding in their last piece but Vokai manages to swap their errant pieces just before. Vokai wins Immunity by one piece and just seconds. Kellee says she has an Idol that's good for only one more TC and she feels pretty safe but it would be a shame for an idol to go to waste. Jamal tells us the plan is to unanimously vote out Dean. He's hard to read, smarmy and has people on edge. Karishma asks Jamal who it is and trusts him when he says Dean. Jamal tells us he brings his HII to every TC but this one should be the safest. That's what you can do when you're in the majority. He congratulates Noura for making it to the merge. Jamal says this is not going to be an emotional vote - it makes no sense to deviate from Dean. Dean asks Jack if he's going home or voting out Noura and Jack says Noura is 100% who he's thinking. Jamal agrees that she's a loose cannon. Jack says the guys have to try to stick together. Jack tells us that they have been very fervent making Dean feel like one of the guys and pointing the finger on Noura. Dean tells us that unless these guys have really good poker faces, he feels OK. Dean tells Kellee that she can backstab him after they get to the merge and she agrees, deal. She tell us she has her idol that has to be used tonight. She likes Dean, his GF is a mutual friend and she doesn't want her idol to go to waste. She has an inspiration - silence while she works it through in her head. If she gave Dean her idol, would he write down the name she wanted to go home - either Jack or Jamal? Jack is fun and empathetic and it's not smart to keep someone so connected in the game. And she doesn't trust Jamal at all. Kellee's plan is to give Dean the idol right before DC, but convince Noura that she goes home if Dean has an idol, and then get her to write down Jack or Jamal's name. That would be brilliant, she tells us. It's a mitigated risk. She puts her plan in action, telling Dean he's Janet, Jack and Jamal's target. Kellee thinks giving Dean her idol will bond him to her for a little bit. She tells him about her idol and he asks if she wants to pull something crazy. I kind of do, Kellee grins. Kellee thinks she could be setting off a string of dominoes with this move. Time for Tribal Council. Rob and Sandra sneak into their spy hut. Let the show begin, he tells her. Kellee agrees it's unlikely a Vokai member will suddenly shift sides to Lairo, bonds were made during the first 12 days. Dean adds that Vokai had so much success early on, that makes the bonds tighter. Noura says they are a group based on individual partnerships. But Dean can barely make eye contact with her, so why would he trust him? Jeff says that's pretty clear. Dean says why would I go back to a tribe that blindsided me instead of someone who already brought up a fellow Vokai member, Jamal and Noura. It's apparent we're big personalities, Noura acknowledges of her and Jamal, and it's great for Dean to capitalize on that. But the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. I can hate Jamal but that's weaker than being indifferent to Dean. Wow, says Karishma. Jamal asks Noura, you have actually been trying to get me out? Is Dean right? Dean is trying to get in between us, Noura responds. That's not an answer, Jamal retorts. It's gone through my mind, Noura admits, but I put way more effort into being a cohesive unit and we shouldn't let someone we don't trust as well get in the way of that. I'm open and honest where I'm at. Jack says knowing Noura feels is great, but in a merge situation, if you're trying to keep a secret, it is marginally scary. As Kellee pointed out, we've developed more of a trust with Noura, so I think Noura benefits my game to have my back. Thanks, Jack, Noura says. Jamal says he's not convident he'll be here tomorrow let alone have a team in place when there's a merge. I'm very fearful of an all-girls alliance right now. I know the power of women when they get together and in this tribe, 4-3, guys are outnumbered. Kellee thinks the idea of a women's alliance is sexist. There is so much fear about a women's alliance outpacing how many times there's actually a women's alliance. And nobody ever talks about a men's alliance, nobody ever fears a men's alliance. It's a thing for 3 women to sit at the very end but nobody mentions it when it's 3 men. Why is this thing being split arbitrarily by gender? Jamal says while I back Kellee 100%, the key word is arbitrary. I don't think it is arbitrary. At Jamal's request, Jeff asks Noura if she's ever considered an all-women's alliance. Noura says it sounds cool, of course she has. We all think about many things. I'd be dumb to not think about it at some point. I believe in confident women who make things happen in the world. And that's why I'm afraid, Jamal says. You're allowed to be, Noura allows. Karishma says the seismic cultural in America towards women makes a women's alliance a bigger deal, with the #MeToo movement, women feeling empowered to speak up, it plays a part in how you play Survivor. Exactly, whispers Sandra. But it is arbitrary as Kellee said. This is the world that young girls know now, Jeff says. Janet says it is negative to assume women will bond based on gender, that puts women down, to say women can't think that maybe Jamal has something to offer. It's who you are, not your gender. You can't be a powerful woman without the backing of both men and women. You have to earn respect and dignity. Jamal says he's passionate about this topic and appreciative of this Tribal conversation. But, Jeff reminds Jack, someone has to be voted out. Jack says just because I vote someone out does not mean I don't value our relationship. Kellee hopes it's true that you can have a bond with someone and still vote them out. It is time to vote. Karishma says Dean took three shots at her and missed, so she's voting for him now. Jamal and Kellee vote. Jack, Janet, Dean and Noura vote. It's time to tally the votes. Dean tells Jeff he has a little something something, and Karishma has a look of shockon her face. Kellee pretends to not know what is going on as Noura gives Jack a look. Even Rob is taken by surprise in his spy shack. Just trying to make it to the merge, Dean says, handing Jeff an Immunity Idol. Why didn't he play it last time, Noura wonders. I don't know Kellee replies. This is a HII, Jeff confirms, and all votes for Dean will not be counted. Noura smiles and Jack and Jamal look uncomfortable. Jamal says Jeff, hold on. Holy blank, Sandra whispers to Rob, they got all kinds of idols! Jamal gives Jeff his HII and Karishma exclaims OMG! Jamal hands it to Jeff and says he's playing it for Noura. You are, she purrs. What just happened, Kellee wonders! Jeff confirms it is a HII and any votes for Noura will not count. Rob tells Sandra that was a mistake. Jeff reads the votes. First vote: Dean. Does not count. Dean. Dean. Dean. Dean. Jamal looks resigned while Karishma can't believe it. Jeff reads the next vote: Jack. Janet has her eyes intently on Jeff. Karishma cannot believe Jack's name was just read. Jack looks like death has come to dinner. Woah, Sandra whispers from the spy shack. Kellee looks at the others with uncertainty. The seventh person voted out and first member of the jury, Jack! Jamal tells Jack he tried. Janet says she's so sorry. Dang, Sandra says, they got his a$$. Jamal can't even look up as Jack takes his torch to Jeff, then stumbles as he hands it over. Jack, the tribe has spoken, as he quitly leaves the area. I'm sorry you wasted your idol on me, Noura tells Jamal. It's nights like tonight, Jeff concludes, that have kept Survivor relevant going on 20 years because you take a group of people, force them to make their own society, and that society is a reflection on the greater society. Then you've got to vote them out. RIP Rudy Boesch, January 20, 1928 - November 1, 2019. A survivor icon. An American hero. Next time on Survivor, a milestone is hit (merge) and all hell breaks loose. Jack says I'm really sad I'm out of the game. Maybe Dean sees me as a threat, which is kind of cool, but everyone who was there tonight wanted me to be there except for one or two people (Kellee & Dean). Overall, this was way freakin' harder than I ever thought it would be. But I'm happy with how I did, I think I was able to show my true colors, and I'm freakin' pumped to be on the jury!
  16. #S39 Lairo, Day 12. Alone on the beach, Dean was completely blindsided at the previous night's TC. He feels left out and ostracized, he got got. He turned into Detective Kowalkski to learn who ordered the hit on Chelsea. Main suspects are Elizabeth, Elaine, Missy and Aaron. So I interrogate them. #S39 Karishma tells Dean she was the last one to learn about the plan. No, Dean corrects her, I was. Dean tries to figure out where the idea originated but nobody confesses. Missy says it wasn't a hit but the showmance put Chelsea at risk. Dean tells her she's not making sense. It was in fact Missy's blindside and she tells us Dean shouldn't bite the hand that feeds him. #S39 Vokai and Lairo arrive at the challenge site and Jeff tells them to drop their buffs, they're switching tribes. Castaways pick new buff bundles and on signal, they reveal their new buffs. Elizabeth, Missy, Aaron and Elain join Vokai (purple), while Jamal, Noura, Jack, Kelee and Janet join Lairo (orange). Vokai has a 4-4 split, while Lairo has a 5-4 former Vokai majority. #S39 Time for Reward Challenge. Feet will be tied together, arms bound to the side, Castaways must slither through the sand across a series of obstacles then race to finish a puzzle in the shape of a fire flame. First tribe to get it done wins Applebees in Fiji - Loaded Sizzling Fajitas and queso with all the fixings, spinach, artichoke dip, quesadillas, a Blue Ribbon Brownie and the Shark Bowl to drink.. #S39 This RC is a race between pairs of castaways from each tribe, linked by rope. First up are Elizabeth (Vokai) & Dan vs. Tom & Janet (Lairo). They have to slither over the hot sand over hills. After the first hill, Vokai tags Tom & Missy with an early lead. Luaren & Elaine are the final pair for Vokai. Jack & Dean tag in for Lairo. Vokai reaches the puzzle, Jason & Aaron. #S39 Karishma and Noura are the final pair for Lairo while Jason & Aaron work the puzzle. Karishma struggles to get up the mound. Noura is pulling Karishma up the hill but will it be enough? They reach the mat and Jamal and Kellee start working the puzzle. They quickly get their first two pieces but Vokai only has 3 remaining. Vokai wins Reward! #S39 Vokai heads out to their Applebees meal and Tom quickly tells us that it was Karishma's fault Lairo lost. Drinks greet the Vokai tribe mates at the Applebees hut as they dig into the steaming hot food. More Shark Bowls and beer are brought out. Jason tells us a 4-4 split is dangerous - there could be a TC tie - so they need to get someone from Vokai to join the former Lairo. Elaine isn't happy her other Lairo tribe mates are getting so friendly with the Vokai. #S39 The former Vokai are impressed with the Lairo shelter and Karishma is already feeling the pressure to flip on Lairo. She spills the beans with Kellee as soon as the guys walk away. Tom is in the water, poisoning Karishma to the other Vokai. Dean and Kellee also get to know each other and discover that they have a mutual friend - a girl he dated for six years with whom Kellee went to business school. #S39 Kellee tells us they are staying Vokai strong, so the three Lairo are at their mercy. Karishma reveals she had an arranged marriage and her parents met just 2 weeks before they were married. But after 4 years of marriage, she's now questioning her life decisions - they are more like roommates than spouses. Karishma thinks revealing her personal life will help her get in good with her new tribe. #S39 Over in Vokai, it's a throw down as Missy and Elaine square off in a wrestling match. Elaine wins. Aaron sets out to make a connection with Tommy, talking about his purple socks with his son's picture woven in. They agree to have each other's back into merge. Someone's going to have to break the 4-4 tie but hopefully not either of them. Aaron tells Missy that Vokai won't flip. They agree that Orange is dead. #S39 Day 14, and it's time for an Immunity Challenge. Tribes are starting out on a floating platform, have to swim out to a ladder and leap off the top rung, then release 3 buoys from an underwater cage and maneuver them on a rope-held disc while walking across a set of floating balance beams, then throw the buoys into three floating net targets. First tribe to hit all three targets wins Immunity. #S39 For Immunity, Survivors ready? Go! Everyone is in the water. Everyone must be on the platform before they can start going up the latter. Both tribes even, but Karishma is slow up the ladder, giving Elaine a chance to catch up. Lairo still has a slight lead. Dan laps Noura and Vokais the first to release their buoys. Jeff calls out Karishma again for being slow getting up onto the platform. #S39 Vokai is halfway across the balance beams while Lairo struggles to get the buoys onto the disc. Vokai is through the middle part of the challenge and swims over to the final platform. Lairo drops a buoys in the water and has to start the middle part over. Missy gets the first target for Vokai. Lairo completes the middle stage. Missy misses two in a row. Lairo starts shooting. #S39 Tommy takes over for Vokai and scores a shot. Dean gets the first shot for Lairo. Tommy misses and is unable to bring Vokai a win. Dean nails his second shot and Lairo has tied Vokai. Dean tosses short. Tommy is short. Dean hits the rim and bounces off. Tommy wins Immunity for Vokai! Lairo is heading back to Tribal Council for the 4th time this season. Jeff confirms that nobody is going to the Island of the Idols. Jack says Karishma can't do challenges and he's ready for a W for Orange. #S39 Dean tells his Lairo tribe mates he appreciates the positive vibes but he didn't make it happen. You stepped up, Janet says. Jack confesses to us that he's a Division I basketball player and he blew it, and he, Tom and Karishma are at the whim of the former Vokai. Dean tells Tom that he's probably safe - Vokai will probably either want to get a threat out or cut the fat. Tom says they have to rock the boat to make sure Karishma goes. #S39 Jamal walks up tells Tom and Dean that it is clear what they have to do to minimize the challenge damage. There's no case Karishma can make, he tells us. Karishma tells Jack she has no one at Lairo and wants to work with the former Vokai 150%. I'm not an athlete, she says, I know my weakness. Jamal tells us that voting out Karishma is not mean, just reality. Karishma tells Jamal, Jack and Janet that she'll write down Dean or Tom, whichever one they want. #S39 Karishma tells us she assumes she's the target so she's playing up the social game. Janet talks to Tom and observes he's old school, with no hidden agenda. But he has more of a tribal mentality and would flip back to his old tribe after a merge. Kellee wants to work with Dean and says there's something about him that makes you want to trust him, but that makes her wary of him as well. He's not the right person to bring to the merge. #S39 Walking on the beach, Janet tells Kellee and Noura that Tom is with her. Kellee says she has Dean. And Karishma wants to work with all of them. They don't know who to vote out first, however. Noura reminds us that she lost her vote tonight at Island of the Idols, which puts the former Vokai at 4-3 against the original Lairo, but they still have the numbers. Do you get out weakness or threat? #S39 Time for Tribal Council. As the former Vokai light up their torches, Rob & Sandra (remember them?) sneak into the back door of their spy hut. Jeff says either Vokai stays strong, or the Lairo three find a crack. Tom says the Vokai tribe has been fantastic to them, open to talk, but no crack. Jack says everyone is open to a conversation, but whether that changes his mind, he doesn't know. Jeff says it's like a job interview with the Lairo three as the candidates. Karishma agrees, it's tell me how you can help me and then I'll decide if it's good enough. But the name of the game in the minority is self preservation. #S39 Jeff asks Janet what is her purpose behind the vote? She says to avoid sitting here with you, and that means we need to win, and to do that, we have to be strong. Jeff starts to ask Noura a question and she starts laughing for no reason, so Jeff drills in on that. She says we don't know what challenges are coming up and some are more well-rounded than others - some are physical, young and great at shooting and some are older and can pull their weight around camp more. Jeff asks Karishma who she's talking about. Karishma says it's Dean (young) and Tom (old). Who's old, Tom asks. #S39 Jeff points out that Noura only mentioned the two guys. Karishma says she could already have been swept to the side and not worth considering. Tom says he's never had to plead to be in a group; you have show who you are, carry yourself a certain way, have character and leadership. Jeff asks Janet if Tom is confident because he's older. She says no, it's not an age thing. We are who we are. Dean says as a marketing person, he's used to pitching himself, both to the group and individually. Janet says he never spoke with her, but Tom and Karishma did. Dean says forced conversations feel awkward. But you made time with the others, Janet says. #S39 In the hut, Rob says Dean is gone. Jamal says his criteria is connections to the other side; is it more of an advantage if they do or do not? Dean says he thought it was a unanimous vote for Karishma last TC and was blindsided, but someone brought Karishma in and flipped the tribe and now someone and Karishma are loyal together. There you go, Dean, Rob quietly cheers. Karishma says I don't even know who I owe. Tom says it's not true that she got a whisper only a minute before Tribal. Karishma swears she doesn't know and doesn't care. #S39 Jeff says the tension is permeating. Kellee says there can be many truths that exist simultaneously, everyone has their own truths and Survivor is about taking leaps of faith. It's time to vote. Tom is up first. Noura writes "No Vote :-(" on her parchment. #S39 It's time to tally the votes. No HII are played. First vote, Tom. Karishma. Karishma. Tom. Tied 2-2. #S39 Tom. That's 3 votes Tom, 2 votes Karishma. Tom. Fifth voted out, Tom. Karishma finds a way to survive another TC. #S39 They're not going to win any challenges now, Rob whispers to Sandra. Sometimes, Jeff lectures, this game comes down to just surviving a moment, like tonight's Tribal. And if you can, tomorrow's another day. Grab your torches and head back to camp. The votes for Tom were Karishma, Janet, Jamal, Kellee and Jack, with Tom and Dean voting for Karishma. #S39 Tom says I guess naively felt Karishma was the one going home because she was holding people back in the challenges, but there's all kinds of strategies to the game and they have a strategy for why they kept her. But I am totally proud of myself, the first Canadian to play, and if I take credit for that, I have to take credit for being the first Canadian voted out as well. #S39 Next time on Survivor, if you step into the ring and put on the gloves, then you better be ready to fight.
  17. #BB21 http://bit.ly/2mRIdQA Holly says she probably didn't win because her game was too low key. She tried to take big shots when she had to but the jury didn't understand the moves she was making behind the scenes for her and Jackson. I don' think anyone would have won sitting next to Michie. Her showmance helped her game because she and Michie kept winning back to back HoH. We were power players together and that helped her game. She promised herself to not get into a showmance unless it helped her game. Her smartest game move was separating herself from the Six Shooters. It led to getting to a Final 3 with Cliff and Nicole. After the Day 44 blowup, we sank to the bottom of the alliance and were public enemy #1. Her goal was to avoid the block entirely but it was her social game, being authentic and genuine with everyone, building real relationships, that kept her off the block for 82 days. And it helped that Michie and I were in power for much of the summer. I figured I would only go up on the block against him so I kept others at a distance. Sometimes I felt like a third wheel next to Michie and the watermelons. He's very passionate about the things he's passionate. They are taking their relationships day-by-day. Friends regardless, and they have some travels and adventures planned, and after that, they'll see. No, the best player didn't win BB21 because I lost. My pride says no, but being realistic, Jackson is an animal. He plowed through comps and is brilliant. I am proud of the game I played, but anyone next to him would have lost. #BB21 http://bit.ly/2mOwcvl I was shocked to win BB21. There were a lot of emotions - happiness, sadness, fear, everything in between. I had a goal to exit with confetti. Now that I've had a chance to reflect, the happiness is coming to the surface. It was an experience that I'm thankful for, and the $500k doesn't hurt. I'm going to save and invest the money. As Zingbot said, it's chess, not checkers, and I'm trying to set myself up for success in life and look long term. Trips here and there, and I need to get a car because I totaled mine 2 weeks before coming in here. Ultimately it is going to my family and me. I don't know how many watermelons I ate during the season, but one summer in college, from May to August, my mom tracked my eating 126 watermelons. That's more than this summer. If you think you can break that record, give it your best shot. If Tommy had 16 more hours, he would have stayed instead of Holly, so lying about him was a snap decision that had to be done. It was game move - I couldn't sit back and let her get evicted. It would have been hard on a personal level but a bad game move - it would have been 3 against 1. There's nothing I wouldn't do for Holly inside these walls or outside. My future with Holly is just like in this house. We are two very individual people who love and care about each other, but also respectful of the different lives we live. Our lives are top priority to each other and I want her to be happy more than anything. Where our lives can come together logistically and coincide, that's great. But if not, she'll always have a place in my heart and be my best friend. If she ends up dating other people, I've told her her new boyfriend will have to deal with me being her best friend. I'm going to go celebrate because I just won Big Brother 21.
  18. http://bit.ly/2mRlV1m The HG are answering questions in the BY. First up is Jess. In 3 words, Jess described her BB experience as insane, intense and rewarding. She cannot describe how amazing the experience was to represent a type of person not represented in mainstream media very often. She is physically active and wanted to kick but. The worst game move of the season was Nicole taking out Tommy. She should have aligned with others in the house but it's hard to make alliances with people who don't want to make alliances with you, so she focused on personal relationships. She has no regrets and wouldn't change her game other than to lie a little more and deceive people. She didn't realize how many HG were lying. Jackson wasn't the best player, he was a great player, but there were strengths in what Holly did. This wasn't America's Best Comp winner. http://bit.ly/2mLMWn6 Kat is next to answer questions. The funniest HG was Nicole. Everything about playing BB surprised her, she thought she had everything figured out and she knew nothing. She would do a lot over again differently. Everybody was conspiring against her, or strategically telling some truths. It was a relief to get evicted. Comps don't mean much to me and Holly was playing Jackson's social game. Plus he made such controversial statements. I would have rather seen Nicole, Holly or my dog win. http://bit.ly/2lGCxch Analyse is next. Her BB experience was so fun - not much game and wish she could have stayed in longer to show her cards. Huge emotional roller coaster but she's so glad she did it. She doesn't know what will happen with Jack - they will see what happens with a long distance relationship. They did grow a lot closer in the Jury House in an unstressful situation. One of the best players won BB - Nicole played a really great game too. I came to understand her strategy during the Round Table. http://bit.ly/2mRJLdi Tommy grabs the mic next. I can't believe we're here on Finale Night. That's insane. As soon as I got evicted, I told Jackson he got him. It was ultimately why he voted for Jackson to win, I realized he was more than just comps. Choreographing the house dance was hard - not everyone wanted to do it. But they all did that was the highlight of my BB experience. I thought everyone was onto me and Christie - shocked that nobody was. Tommy says he's hearing there's a meme of him telling Christie she can look at him and see home. The funniest moment in the BB21 House was when Bella was changing the guys' diapers. Never laughed so hard in my life. Will tell family I hope I made them proud when I see them. Absolutely the best player won BB21. He was well-rounded player. Thank you so much to CBS, the fans, I remember being a fan and wanting to be on the show so much. If you dream of being a HG, go to the open calls. That's how I did it. It can happen. http://bit.ly/2mQQunS Nicole in the BY says she didn't win because she brought a showmance to the F3 like an idiot. If she coudld go back, she would evict Holly instead of Tommy but who knows, maybe Tommy would have broken up Nicole and Cliff. You never know. But I'd like to see what might have happened. For my students, I'd talk about the clowns, pies, and that it's important in life to try new things, don't hurt others, don't be afraid to be different. Funniest moment was pie week, hitting Michie with the pie. Clown night wasn't funny at the time but looking back, it was still not funny. I've learned the importance of practicing what I preached, embracing my quirk and being funny. I learned to love myself. The best player did win BB21. Game play, strategy, he was a manipulator. I knew he was lying about Tommy and I still kept Holly. Time and time again, he blew everyone out of the water with comps. Third place, America's favorite, I cannot thank you enough! http://bit.ly/2lSXP6h Jack got to spend a ton of time with Analyse in the house and he's super crazy about her and can't wait to spend time with her outside the house. He would take back telling everyone on Day 44 that Jackson said Kat and Holly knew each other because it was Tommy and Christie! Staying in shape in the BB House is hard because you only get a couple days a week in the BY. It all starts in the KT - you have to eat well. Cliff, Nicole and Sam could have won if they had made it to the F2 but Jackson deserved to win of the Final 2. http://bit.ly/2lHbuxv Christie says Tommy was a positive for her game - he used the Veto on her twice and he was a bit of home to keep her sane, though she didn't look very sane. She was most surprised by the lack of freedom - which sounds crazy, but it was much more intense than she prepared for and she unraveled quickly. The biggest thing she manifested in the game was the camp vibe - she's a nature girl - HoH was what her store looks like. If she could change it, she would have kept her personal opinions about Michie private around Day 44. We were sitting pretty and I ruined that. I love tacos and I will still enjoy Taco Tuesdays. That bought me 2 weeks in the game, so I'm proud of that. Yes, game play, strategy and comps, the best player won the game. He had double-digit comp wins and played the heck out of all of us. He deserved to win. Peace and love. http://bit.ly/2lHgeDj Cliff Hogg says he didn't win because he was a little too loyal and trustworthy. He probably made one deal too many at Final 5, but deal making is what helped him last as long as he did. He's not going to say anything to his wife and kids - he'll just give them a big hug and apologize for leaving them so long. He'll never do that again. Hindsight being 20-20, taking a showmance to F4 may not have been the smartest thing, but I had reason to be concerned about Tommy, there were a lot of reasons. The stress of the show surprised me the most. I wasn't expecting to win a lot of comps, and mental gymnastics each week I was prepared for. It was the downtime and the stress, doing nothing but talking, much more stressful than I ever anticipated. I do think the best player won BB21. I threatened not to vote for him but he got me, pulled one over on me strategy wise, so I had to be objective. Of everyone playing the game, not just F2. I had a blast, I love BB, and I'll be back to being a fan again next summer. But I'll never watch it the same way again. http://bit.ly/2mTnqMv Nick says the best player won BB21, Jackson played an amazing game - his social game was better than he was given credit for. He wouldn't have changed anything about the Taco Tuesday fight. Christie knew how to get under his skin and was going to blow up his game the next day anyway, so no regrets. Nick learned that he's human and still makes mistakes, there's still lapse in his character and its about how he grows from it. The funniest moment in the house was when they picked camp director, the ooze was so funny. He shouldn't have tried to play so hard so quick; it caused his alliance to not trust him.
  19. It's the greatest feeling in the world to sing live. Having your music heard by so many people is a dream come true. It's so rewarding to hear the reaction of the crowd. There's no better feeling than to connect with your audience. Welcome to the second night of Blind Auditions on The Voice! Shane Q leads off tonight's blind auditions with his performance of Tennessee Whiskey (Chris Stapleton). Gwen thinks his voice is pretty and points to Blake. Blake points to himself. Gwen presses her button. His voice is silky smooth and controlled and Kelly presses her button. Shane lets loose a riff and Blake is next to turn around. On his final notes, John makes it a 4-chair audition. Shane Q is from Sacramento, CA where he drives special needs people around town, providing conversation as well as transportation. Shy growing up, he broke out of his shell when he started singing. John says he has a lot of fun gospel behavior in his vocal. Gwen says she was first. Shane noticed. But then she flubbed and said he was from San Francisco. She says his voice kept changing and surprising. Mr. Blake says San Diego is proud tonight. John says Santa Barbara. Blake says an article he read after losing Season 16 is driving him this season: Blake Shelton may have lost Season 16 of The Voice, but he's still the greatest of all time. Not only has Blake won more titles than any other coach with 6 total, he's also had more runners up and finalists as well. In the past 16 seasons, Shelton has coached a staggering 24 to the finale. Blake takes a victory lap around the chairs. A lot of arrogance from someone who just lost The Voice, John says dismissively. Kelly asks Shane if he wants it to be about the coach or about him? John asks him if he wants his coach dancing all up in his videos. That's a Suge Knight reference. Blake spits out his "coke" and it goes up his nose. Kelly says you didn't categorize yourself, I'd be good for you in that sense. Whomever you pick, you're going to be in the Finale. Shane says I pick... Kelly! Max Boyle is a 23yr old from Toledo, OH, the youngest of 6 who performed for his siblings. His senior year of HS, he realized music was something he wanted to pursue. He just graduated from college and is trying to figure out what comes next. Singing Wayfaring Stranger (folk song), you can hear a pin drop as he owns the stage. John is the first to press his button, followed by Kelly. Max pauses before breaking into a jam, and Kelly realizes she's blocked. Max ends his performance in a falsetto and Kelly uselessly slapping her button. I'm so sorry, John apologizes. You are not sorry, Kelly accuses. You are good, she tells Max, you should have been on my team. Max tells John he's from Toledo, OH. O H, John calls out. I O! Max's family says from backstage. John is from Springtown, OH. You commanded the stage without any accompaniment. It was a daring performance. After a 5m break, the next audition comes from Hello Sunday (Myla Ferklen & Chelsea Grover), ages 13 and 14, from Atlanta, GA. Singing This Is Me (Keala Settle), Gwen makes a quick move towards her button upon hearing the first voice but pulls back. The second voice kicks in and the coaches all take notice. The two young ladies deliver terrific harmonies, playing off each other with experience and professionalism, building up until Kelly can't stand it anymore, pressing her button. What? Kelly exclaims as she turns around to meat Myla and Chelsea. The other coaches turn around to meet the duo, who met in summer camp and became immediate friends over their love of music. Hello Sunday means new beginnings. Kelly says she grew up singing in choirs and having to blend together. Blake agrees that Kelly is good at this stuff and Kelly can't believe he's complementing her. The next artist to face the backs of Blake, John, Gwen and Kelly's chair is Emily Bass, 16, from Magnolia, TX. When not doing music, Emily sketches and she shares a drawing of Carson with him. She also has sketches of Blake and Gwen and Carson puts them together, kissing. Singing since she was 5 and performing since she was 8, she developed a disease that makes her think an injury is worse than it is, and she wasn't able to continue singing - it felt like needles in her throat. She thought she could never fulfill her dreams, but after 7 months of physical therapy, she's ready to give it a shot. Singing Blank Space (Taylor Swift), Gwen likes her voice. The vocal is bubbly and peppy and Gwen is THAT close. But she doesn't press her button and Emily does not make a team. Gwen says she loved her tone. John said a lot of potential that needs more polish. Kelly says a couple more moments where you went big would have gotten a chair. Blake says sometimes we get so focused on looking for what's missing that we forget we're supposed to be coaching. Emily gives the coaches their sketches. 30yr old Royce Lovett from Tallahassee was so named because his mother really wanted a Rolls Royce. He grew up in the stix, rapping into the wind, and Lauren Hill changed his world view - he could rap and play guitar. He started blending reggae and soul and met his wife playing in a band. His son, Levi, wants to be a singer like his dad. He wants to provide for his famly but also spend time with them. But being a husband and a father makes him more creative. Singing 911 (Wyclef Jean and Mary J Blige), Royce gives a nod to the band then with Levi looking on from backstage (that's Daddy!), he opens with a guitar lick and unique vocal that Gwen immediately says is amazing. Kelly thinks it's a girl. Gwen presses her button and is the first to see Kelly is wrong. Royce has a big smile on his face as he plays his guitar and owns the stage with his performance. Blake presses his button and Gwen is not happy. She gets up and starts dancing in front of him. Gwen tells Blake he's stupid. John says it's a competition between two very fine coaches... One being the obvious choice, Kelly finishes, pointing to Gwen. I didn't get to dance yet, Blake explains. John continues, I love your energy, pitch and control issues can be worked on. Gwen says very androgynous - I didn't know if you were a boy or girl. This is my lane. Your voice is so animated, bringing reggae to a rock place. I will be so embarrassed if you don't pick me. Kelly says I didn't turn because she did. In the name of God, Blake begs, can I talk now? Royce, I have a lake play list that consists of Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffet (OK, says Royce, interested)) who is seriously reggae... So different from Bob Marley, Kelly offers an alternative finish to Blake's sentence. Screw it, Blake says, pick her. Who else is on your play list, John asks. Level 42, Blake jokes... And WD40, mocks John. Do not pick Blake, Kelly says. Pick a coach, a dejected Blake tells Royce. Gwen, I love you. I pick Gwen! A producer asks Royce if Blake ever had a chance and after a pause, he says no. The next blind audition comes from Elise Azkoul, 28, from Atlanta, GA. Representing middle easterners, loves to sing and dance as part of a big musical family. Among her father's side of the family are credits for Last Dance (Donna Summer) and It's Raining Men (The Weather Girls). Her grandpa passed 6 years ago but is with her tonight. Elise sings Million Reasons (Lady Gaga) and John has a smile on his face, his head bobbing to her lilting vocal. She hits a power note and it's Gwen who presses her button, the other coaches ceding to her. Gwen says you have a soft tone but a strong side too. Blake says this will be a good match. The final artist of the night is 24yr old Cory Jackson from Johnson, AK who pretty much only knows farming and playing country guitar. He is marrying his finance right after the Blind Auditions. As long as he's back for the wedding, Sarah, his bride-to-be says. Singing Galveston (Glen Campbell), the music signals country before the vocal begins, but it too is unmistakable, a deep, rich and creamy vocal. The audience is really into the performance as he shows some power notes and dynamic range. As Cory kicks it into second gear, Blake is the first to turn his chair and Cory points to him. Kelly challenges him and so does Gwen as Cory hits his final bar. Gwen is surprised Blake turned because that's so theatrical. Blake says Kelly won't know this, but that's from the late, great Glen Campbell. Jackson tells them that his wedding is this Saturday. Blake says you sang the crap out of it, and it is theatrical. Wait a second, Kelly says before Blake can continue pitching to Cory, you and Gwen are going to team up like boyfriend/girlfriend... This is a competition, Blake reminds Kelly. Blake tells Cory that a lot of Glen's records were big sounding for country radio. Great job. Gwen introduces herself and says if you want to take a risk, she could help him be really unique, that's a crossover song. That's a country song, Blake corrects. Mom & Dad are fighting, Kelly exclaims gleefully! Do you want to be country, Gwen asks Cory? I do, Cory practices. Oh, Gwen says, as Kelly and Blake laugh. I'm kind of country now, Gwen tries to save with a Cheshire grin, I really liked your voice. Cory says he took classical voice in college. That's so interesting, Kelly says, I also studied classical and dabbled in country. That's my least favorite song of his but I loved your voice and said I don't care. Kelly has already admitted she hates your taste in music, Blake counters to Cory. John laughs as Kelly tries to shout over him and Gwen to yell at Blake. Cory, who do you pick as your coach? Cory takes a deep breath and picks Blake! Cory Face Times with Sarah, tearing as he tells her he got three chair turns. After the first week of Blind Auditions, Team Kelly has Hello Sunday, Shane Q, Alex Guthrie and Brennan Lassiter. Team Gwen has Jake Haldenvang, Rose Short, Kyndal Inskeep, Royce Lovett and Elise Azkoul. Team John has Katie Kadan, Will Breman and Max Boyle. And Team Blake has Kat Mammock, Marina Chello and Cory Jackson. What do you think of the voice talent so far this season?
  20. Fri 12:28am BBT Jackson checkmates Nicole in Chess. She says she was better when she played Tommy, then reflects that Tommy just wasn't as good as Jackson. They head down to play backgammon and Jackson hits his funny bone on the stairs. Nicole says God was punishing him for whatever he was thinking. She compares Jackson to the villain in Sleeping With The Enemy, but he's learning from her. Fri 12:33am BBT Jackson is moving around Nicole's soda in the fridge and she calls him out on it. He says it's his OCD, he doesn't know why but it makes him feel better. The chocolate milk doesn't expire until their last day in the house. Holly is out of the DR and Nicole gets called just as she sits down for backgammon with Jackson. Fri 1:00am BBT Once Nicole is in the DR, Holly and Jackson compare Nicole notes. She says it was fun to compare game notes with someone she hasn't really played with. Jackson says Nicole was really impressed with his game moves. Holly says Nicole told she hadn't given her enough credit. Jackson thinks she's already given up and they should treat her carefully going forward. Fri 2:15am BBT Jackson and Holly join Nicole in the RV. It's snack time, Nicole says, offering them from her HoH basket. Holly says they should go to Mexico to celebrate Jackson's birthday. Nicole says she doesn't even have a passport. Holly says David was a staring contest beast, beating 4 people before facing Christie. Jackson challenges Nicole to a staring contest and she struggles not to laugh. Nicole suggests a 3-way staring contest, and when Jackson points a finger gun at each of them, she tells BB that he just threatened them and should be evicted. He jokes not to make him look bad on live feeds. Fri 2:39am BBT Holly thinks Nicole was a bird in a past life, that's why she's so afraid of them now. Nicole thinks she was eaten by a bird, and that's why. Holly says buzzards are the only birds that eat other birds. Nicole mentions carrions but neither Jackson nor Holly are familiar with that. Nicole says she would call in sick to work if she saw a turkey pecking at her car. Fri 2:44am BBT Nicole says she leaned how to jump on her feet in the comp. Her problem was with the ropes. Nicole heads to the WC and Jackson/Holly are in the WA preparing for bed. Holly says something to Nicole and she yells back, I"I can't hear you. My pee is too loud!" Holly tells a story about a roommate that was hard to live with. They lived next to a crack den. Jackson says driving in Los Angeles is anarchy. Holly says its worse in NYC. Fri 3:05am BBT "HG, remember to enjoy yourselves today. These are the good old days," says BB. Jackson says tomorrow is Day 94, the year he was born. Holly tells him to not remind her of their age difference. Could you have picked a better third wheel, Nicole asks? We didn't have a choice, Holly says wryly. It's actually a unicycle, Nicole retorts, and you two are training wheels. Fri 3:18am BBT Nicole wants to see the jury footage from today's episode. Jackson says it's only 5 days left but Nicole says you're not counting tomorrow. Holly says she looks like she's just woken up all day and has given up. Fri 3:26pm BBT Nicole announces she's ready for bed but she hears Holly in the RV and thinks Jackson is trying to scare her. He's actually in the target BR and Holly says she was just joking. Jackson is praying in the target BR while Nicole and Holly settle into the RV, Holly taking Jess's bed. Fri 3:36am BBT Jackson hugs Nicole goodnight and Nicole says her customary I love you more. No you don't, Jackson retorts. Probably true, she agrees. Jackson acts offended and she says just messing with you. BB says Big Brother Loves You before turning out the lights. Love you more, Nicole says back.
  21. Thu 10:32pm BBT Jackson has decided to cheer up Nicole by laying on top of her. She turns her face away from him when he moves to the other side of the bed. She just wants a moment before she talks to him. She doesn't want a lecture, but he delivers a pep talk anyway, saying she is not alone in the house. Nicole doesn't want to be the girl carried to 3rd. She's embarrassed and disgusted with herself. While Jackson is in the SR, Nicole opens up to Holly: My ego is bruised worse than my knee. It's going to swell real bad. Thu 10:47pm BBT Jackson is preparing to cook dinner when BB calls him to the DR. Nicole takes the opportunity to ask Holly to just consider taking her to F2. Holly says she'll consider it - she realizes how much of a threat Jackson is to win. Nicole doesn't want to be that person who loses while limping. They wonder what the Part II comp will be like and and speculate on the memory brunch. Thu 10:58pm BBT Nicole tells Holly there was nothing against her when she was campaigning for Cliff to stay and she's fine with the F3. Holly admits she's worried about being seen as riding Jackson's coattails. They say the people closest to them are the angriest when evicted. They talk about Kat's eviction and then how angry Jess was at Nicole. Nicole says it's too exhausting to dislike someone. Thu 11:16pm BBT Nicole says she never knew where Sis stood and that Sam had said Sis wanted Nicole and Nick nominated together. Nicole says Holly was the most level-headed member of the Six. Holly said Sis was close to Jackson then Christie. She was emotional and always needed a friend. Nicole says Kat & Jess felt she was choosing Nick over them. Tommy, Christie and Sis ignored her for most of the game but not Jackson and Holly. Thu 11:27pm BBT Holly says Tommy spearheaded the attempt to flip on Kat and led the effort to go after her. You can only burn me so many times, she says. Nicole says she was confused why Tommy never put up Jackson or Holly and was happy when Jackson won Safety and he wouldn't have to. Tommy would tell her they should work together then he'd ignore her for weeks. Holly says she promised Nick to protect Nicole. Nicole says Holly woudl have won F4 HoH if the "flippity jibbity" didn't happen. Thu 11:41pm BBT Nicole says her knee doctor will be so mad at her, she feels 90yrls old right now. She hobbles to the KT where Jackson says he's so proud of her. I don't need your pity, Nicole shoots back. It's not pitty, Jackson assures her. Thu 11:46pmBBT Nicole tells him he was good, his plan was flawless. Not flawless, Jackson insists. It looks that way. Jackson worries to Nicole that Holly has a lot of friends on the jury. Nicole has a lot of friends too, he insists. Nicole thinks jury members will vote Jackson if they vote on game. Jackson sneezes and Nicole thwaps him upside the head, saying Pineapple! Thu 11:56pm BBT Jackson is in the WA when Nicole sneezes. Damn, he exclaims, I'm in the bathroom! Nicole comes into the WA to change clothes in the shower and apologizes for the Pineapple. You got me good, Jackson assures her. When asked, Jackson tells her that if they had evicted Holly and Tommy was F4 and Jackson won Veto, he would have listened to Cliff and Tommy's campaigns and made the decision based on that. Fri 12:01am BBT Jackson insists to Nicole he was trying to be fair and square with everyone and it meant the world to him that Cliff apologized for threatening him with jury votes before leaving the house. Nicole sneeezes twice and defends herself against Jackson's Pineapples. Jackson says he's afraid of going out 3rd if he doesn't win Part III. He would be content with coming in second though. The $50k wouldn't last long but it would be enough. Nicole says she would also be happy with 2nd. Fri 12:07am BBT Nicole says she's graceful mentally but not physically. She didn't think HoH Part I would be so physical. She just wants to be considered for F2. Jackson says same for him. Nicole and Jackson head upstairs to play a game of Chess. She thinks she gets worse at it each game she plays. Jackson sneezes and Nicole holds back Pinappleing him. His nose is tickling too. Nicole thinks it's all the jalapeño Jackson was cutting up.
  22. The four-time Emmy Award-winning The Voice returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the blockbuster vocal competition show's new season. Rock icon and pop culture phenomenon Gwen Stefani reclaims her red chair alongside superstar coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 17. Carson Daly returns as host. The show's innovative format features five stages of competition: the Blind Auditions, then the Battle Rounds, Knockouts, Playoffs and, finally, the Live Who are your favorite artists? Watch with us and join the conversation!
  23. Based on an international hit, which already is a viral phenomenon with more than half a billion fans worldwide, and the No. 1 top-trending video of 2017 on YouTube, THE MASKED SINGER features celebrities facing off against one another with one major twist: each singer is shrouded from head to toe in an elaborate costume, complete with full face mask to conceal his or her identity. Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke serve on the panel and play detective, alongside host Nick Cannon. Season Two boasts 16 celebrity singers in all-new costumes and masks, including The Flamingo, The Leopard and The Egg. With each performance, the host, panelists, audience, viewers and even the other contestants are left guessing who is singing behind the mask. Ranging from Grammy Award winners to legendary athletes, and everything in between, the singers may attempt to throw the crowd off of their scent, while keen observers might pick up on tiny clues buried throughout the show. One singer will be eliminated each week, ultimately revealing his or her true identity. It’s not a “whodunit,” it’s a “whosungit!” The competitors are believed to have 140 films, 69 Emmy Award nominations, 42 Grammy Award nominations, 31 Billboard #1 singles, 22 Broadway shows, 20 platinumrecords, 19 Emmys wins, 15 marriages, 8 divorces, 7 Super Bowl wins, 6 multi-platinum records, 5 Hall of Famers, three New York Times Best Sellers, and two have been named Time magazine’s Most Influential People. Who is The Masked Singer? Join us this fall as we try to solve the mystery!
  24. Buckle up, this America's Got Talent - The Semi-Final Results! Tonight, we reveal the last 5 acts for the Finals. But first, here's a Britain's Got Talent winner with one of the all-time greats, give it up for Tokio Myers and from The Police, the legendary Stewart Copeland! Last night, the last 11 semi-final acts performed for your votes. V.Unbeatable performed an acrobatic dance routine. Magician Dom Chambers drank a mega-sized mug of beer. Singer Luke Islam performed Never Enough (Greatest Showman). Lukas & Falco performed a Man & Dog act. Singer Chris Klafford performed an original song, If Not With You, For you. Detroit Youth Chroir performed High Hopes (Panic! at the Disco). Blacklight painter Alex Dowis paid tribute to 9/11. Guitarist Marcin Patrzalek performed Shape of You (Ed Sheeran). Opera singer Ermanne Beasha sang (Everything I Do) I Do For You (Bryan Adams). Comic Ryan Niemiller performed a routine. And vocal group Voices of Service performed Choke (OneRepublic). Here they are, give it up for your 11 semi-finalists! But there are only 5 spots in the finals. The voting last night was unbelievably close. And for the last time this season, the judges will determine the final spot. Give it up for Howie Mandell, Simon Cowell, Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough! The top 3 acts from last night's vote will go straight into the Finals. The acts who came in 4th, 5th and 6th all risk being sent home. But you can rescue one of them with the Dunkin' Save Vote. Here are the three acts in danger: Alex Dowis, Emanne Beasha and Ryan Niemiller. Please step forward. The vote is open now to vote using the AGT App or at NBC.COM/DUNKINSAVE. The Dunkin Save vote is underway. As each week goes by, the acts raise their game on stage, but also their level of crazy in the Dunkin' Lounge. Roll clip! Let's get to the main business of the night. Which acts are getting into the Finals? Let's find out. V.Unbeatable, Chris Klafford and Dom Chambers, please step forward. America has voted. The first act going through to the Finals is... V.Unbeatable! One act is through and one of the Dunkin' Save acts in the greenroom will also be going through. You have about 20 minutes to vote via the AGT App or at NBC.COM/DUNKINSAVE! The judges love to play jokes on the public, and recently they set up an AGT photo booth. Check it out! Up next on stage, here's a mythical serpent-like creature, better known to you and me as Piff the Magic Dragon! Don't forget there are three acts in the Greenroom looking for your Dunkin' Save. Vote via the AGT App or at NBC.COM/DUNKINSAVE! If you haven't voted in the Dunkin' Save, vote soon because voting is almost over. V.Unbeatable has made it to the Finals and there are 4 spots left. Here are your next results. Lucas & Falco, Marcin Patrzalek and Detroit Youth Choir, please step forward. America has voted and the next act going into the Finals is... Detroit Youth Choir! We are down to just 2 acts left up on stage. One of them is taking the next spot in the Finals. Let's do it. Luke Islam and Voices of Service, please step forward. America has voted and the next act going into the finals is... Voices of Service! So we now have just 3 acts left, the Dunkin' Save acts. It's time for them to come out onto the stage: Alex Dowis, Ryan Niemiller and Emanne Beasha. The next act to go through will be based on your Dunkin' Save and let's get that result. We have Alex Dowis, Emanne Beasha and Ryan Niemiller. Based on tonight's live vote, the next act to go through to the finals is... Ryan Niemiller! That leaves Alex Dowis and Emanne Beasha. One will go into the Finals, the other will be going home. Judges, for the last time this season, please consider your vote. The finals begin next Tuesday at 8pm ET/7 Central. But we're still one act short and it's up to the judges to choose between Alex Dowis and Emanne Beasha. Gabrielle votes for the voice of an angel, Emanne. Julianne votes for Emanne. Howie votes for originality and Alex Dowis. Simon says both are deserving but he sends Emanne to join the other acts in the Finale! Next week are the final performances to win it all - $1,000,000 and a show in Las Vegas! See you there!
  25. 10:52pm BBT Cliff, Jackson, Nicole, Holly and Tommy put the finishing touches on their 9/11 remembrance, covering the LR table with the message "We Remember" made with Fruit Loop letters. They add a yellow sunflower and an American Flag.The HG gather on the balcony to look down on the memorial, contemplating the events of 18 years ago and the meaning it holds today.
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