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  1. Can you recognize your favorite celebrity just by their voice? You're about to find out. This is The Masked Singer! Last week, Raven had to take it off (Rikki Lake). Tonight, the six remaining celebrities fight for their place in the semi-final: Monster, Lion, Alien, Bee, Rabbit and Peacock. And comedian J.B. Smoove joins the panel. Who will live to sing again and who will be unmasked before your eyes? Please welcome your host, Nick Cannon! Between them, these six stars, Monster, Lion, Alien, Bee, Rabbit and Peackock, have 54 Grammy nominations, 41 Gold Records, have made 49 films and starred in 8 Broadway shows. But that doesn't change the fact that one of their famous faces will be unmasked tonight. And as always, we depend on the wit and wisdom of our lead detectives, our celebrity sleuths: Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and J.B. Smoove! First up is Monster, who just might owe Nick money. Being here has given Monster a chance to share his true voice with the world, discovering a vulnerable side he never knew he had (Monster in bed with a security guard reading to him). When I was just a little monster growing up down south, I had to stay inside because it was too dangerous out. Eventually Monster discovered he had a gift and he was flying off and discovering the good life (Monster partying). I was even winning awards. But out of nowhere, people started saying I wasn't the real deal. It took me a long time to realize I couldn't let them make me a bad boy for life. So I came out from under the bed (Monster in closet) and decided to step back into the ring. My spot in the semi-finals is all Tee'd up to tonight, I'm coming out swinging and I hope the little monster in me will be proud. Singing I Love Rock'n'Roll by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Monster is geared up and ready to go with a southern rock vocal and a wandering choreography that brings him around onto stage. Ken and Nicole think he's a real singer as Monster nails the performance. J.B. says this Monster is a fabulous performer with one eye and two teeth. Nicole says he's stepping it up with runs and adlibs, made it his own. Robin says he's unpredictable, different styles of music each week, has to be professional. J.B. knows who it is - Mike Tyson. Ken says he's too amazing and charismatic to be an athlete. Robin thinks he's a comic. J.B. says those are the feet of a black man. Monster gives the panel a Moment of Truth: I was not on the show In Living Color, but my shoe size is 12. The panel is way off by miles and I'm going to be the last Monster standing. Now let's look at Lion. Into the Lions Den: Down the cabaret bars in Old Chicago, I hear whispers (B&W film nor, newspaper headline reads "God Found In Hailey!!!") and gossip as people seek me out but I like that they still can't say my name. Here in Hollywood, you can lose yourself in a famous family. It's not like the bluegrass state I've known (row of dominoes on a piano). (Blue Moon written on an envelope), I know I can't get too comfortable in the competition. It's scary. But with true grit and a diamond heart, I'll separate from the pack and build my own empire. The End. Singing Diamond Heart (Lady Gaga), Lion's mane shines with her animated motion, big pipes and prideful presence. Queen of the food chain, Lion has come to play, Ken says. No wonder she wants to go solo, Jennifer says. Jenny says she delivers every week, a true star. J.B. says you are golden and gaudy and I'd wear you as bling around my neck any time. Nicole says she has a soulful, country tone. J.B. brings Lion to her knees laughing. Now it's time for Lion's Moment of Truth: I have a subscription to a monthly murder mystery game. Ken guesses Angela Lansbury. Jennifer says she walks like a dancer. Next we deep dive Alien. During the last performance, I finally got the panel to recognize my voice and not just my body. Not winning now would be criminal and I know a thing or two about the law (Alien in law library). Welcome to Alien & Alien Associates: Have you been convicted of a crime against fashion? (Dog in floral clothes) Have you ever fallen off of a runway (Runway with models from Idan Cohen)? Whether you're from the boo (Malibu, Robin says) or the Moulin Rouge, (telephone) find s at 52.2 N, 57.66 E. We are <unkown> best law firm. All calls $19.56/min. Singing Ex's & Oh's by Elle King, Alien makes extraterrestrial sexy with sensuous moves and a breathless vocal. J.B. says take me to your leader. Nicole says your stepping up your game, some type of recording voice. Alien's Moment of Truth: I have been on the NY Times Best Seller List Twice. Now the singer with a voice like honey, Bee. So far on this show I've been singing today's hits. But now I'm going back to what I know best (men in pool doing synchronized swimming). A few of us queen Bees got our groove on back then (the men now in lounge chairs doing leg kicks). So which one am I, bringing a new attitude or a super woman. Am I proof we don't need another hero? (men now splashing in the pool) Am I giving you the best that I've got? Or do I buzz around a different bee hive? I'll let you figure that out while sing a sexy song from a very close friend. Singing What's Love Got To Do With It by Tina Turner, Bee tapping her foot as she delivers a dynamic vocal and waggles her wings. All J.B. can say is Wow. Ken wonders if Tina Turner is trying to throw them off by singing her own song. She ends with a music cut-out, and Nick and the panel bow down. Nicole says so commanding and powerful but with grace and ease, nobody does it like that today. Robin says she's obviously a living legend, who else can do Tina Turner. He thinks Bee is trying to throw them off with false clues. J.B. says nobody's grandma does this every day - Bee has a rep for being sexy. And yes, she has a stinger in back. Ms. Bee gives us a moment of truth. Robin asks if she's won a Grammy before. Actually, Bee says coyly, I have 10. Bee tells us she's not worried about the panel figuring it out. This Bee's buzzing through this competition. Examine every hare on this video of Rabbit. Nothing's been more satisfying than week after week showing off what I've got and standing out all on my own. Much of my career was spent in a herd (desert), others pulling my strings (Rabbit as a marionette). So it's nice to finally be (interacting with Muppets) the puppet master. I prepared for this since hanging tough in the Sunshine State (in a barn with hey and security dancing like cowboys). Being unmasked tonight would break my achy heart (Rabbit rips up some pink paper). The competition is cooking with some amazing singers(serves a plate of fried chicken). So now the puppet master turns ring master (amusement park) as I put my own twisted spin (carousel) on a lovely classic. Singing Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder, the set is Circus Circus, complete with woman spinning on a knife board. The arrangement is up tempo and athletic, with Rabbit hopping around. Nicole says Boy Band for sure. She thinks she knows the voice. He ends in harmony with his background vocals. Ken tells J.B. to look for the twitch, and sure enough, Rabbit twitches to the right. Robin says you love soul, country and rock, this was a great amalgamation of all that. Jennifer says this is like buying tickets to a psychotic bunny concert. Dr. Smoove says he's blown away by this rabbit, like a futuristic strip club. It's time for a Moment of Truth: I have 17 tattoos on my body. Ken calls Nick Not-Steve-Harvey. Rabbit says I took a big risk with that song choice, but I hope my vocal chops impressed everyone enough to keep me here. I really want that trophy in my house. It's hard to be cocky on this show but Peacock knows how. I've been getting fan mail since I was a wee little peachick. After all, I started my career as a show biz prodigy (Peacock answers fan male next to a framed sign: Department of Youth) and it's led me down many different magical paths. I performed on stages, screens, hosted award shows, and I've accumulated fans all over the world, including knights, kings and queens. But the crazy thing is, those fans don't even know I'm here. I am more determined (The Big Yay on a greeting card) to outshine the rest of the singers. I want this so badly, I can't feel my face. Singing I Can't Feel My Face by The Weeknd, Peacock is on a Broadway-lit stage, strutting and grooving to the beat with style and practiced dance moves. Jennifer is sure it's Neal Patrick Harris, a prodigy born to be an entertainer. Robin says you make us laugh and smile. A smoother song doesn't let you be over the top where you're most comfortable, but it's always a great physical performance. J.B. stands up with his glass and says this is all a cult. To Peacock, he says your style, movement, mannerisms are fabulous and you have a background that should have a residency in Vegas somewhere. Ken and J.B. don't think it's NPH, as Peacock kind of glares at the panel at the suggestion. Peacock's moment of truth: My face has been tattooed on a person's body. It's now time for the audience and panel to vote. The artist with the least number of votes will be unmasked. The votes are all in. Bee, Alien, Lion, Monster, Peacock and Rabbit gather on stage. Tonight's Unmasked Singer is... Alien! That means Lion, Bee, Monster, Peacock and Rabbit move on into the Top 5 Semi-Finals. So, who do you think Alien is? We're about to find out! Who on earth is Alien? Jenny guesses Sophia Ritchie. Nicole says it is LaToya Jackson. Ken guesses Paula Abdul. Jennifer says you could be right, but you're wrong. J.B. says Carmen Electra. Robin agrees with Nicole on LaToya Jackson. Do you think they panel has figured it out? It is now time for Alien to show us who is behind the mask! It's superstar entertainer LaToya Jackson! Nicole and Robin are right! LaToya says being truly honest, the reason she did this was that people tend to pre-judge you and compare the way you sing to other people and your family, and I wanted to just be me and see how far I'd go. She used to own two snakes, Adam & Eve. Next week the Semi-Finals begin and two singers will be unmasked. But before we go, singing for the first time unmasked, make some noise for LaToya Jackson! Alien Clue Answers: The police badge referred to the badge La Toya earned while starring in the show "Armed And Famous". Nick is dancing behind LaToys as she reprises her song and when she twirls around, she bumps right into him. So how did you do this week? Did you predict Alien would be unmasked, and did you correctly guess it was LaToya Jackson? Will you be back next week for the Semi-Final double-unmasking?
  2. #18 would have been perfect with Tamar. I have to go with #21 because I think it perfectly represents how Ricky played the game and there's a good chance he will win. Fuskie Who thinks if Ricky is in F2, he'll win the jury vote...
  3. 2:35pm BBT Dina tells Tamar she knows which of her 4 children are in need and you just gotta go when they call. Her nest is always full. Kandi tells Ricky that after talking to Tamar and Lolo, they are both in it for themselves. Ricky says that if it comes to a tie and I vote to keep you, I would appreciate your taking me to F2. 2:45pm When feeds returned, Kandi, Dina, Tamar and Ricky were all in the Hotel BR. Kandi leaves and then Ricky follows a minute later, leaving Dina and Tamar. Kandi and Ricky are in the KT. Dina and Tamar are talking about what a difference FaceTime makes with their families. Kandi wants BB to drop of some food. Something she doesn't have to cook. 2:50pm Kandi gets a big bowl of prepared salad, picks something off the top, then pours in the dressing. She is alone in the KT. Ricky comes in and Kandi wonders out loud how Tom was received in the real world. She says he may be the star of the show. She hopes all the HG get a boost in their careers from the show. In the BR, Dina says after the show will be busy and they won't have much time to ponder what the show meant to them. 2:54pm Ricky is cleaning out some coffee cups - left over from when Tom was in the BR. Tamar and Dina are wondering where the studio lot is for the CBB House. They just dropped us in it, Dina jokes, like Dorothy. Tamar says the Hotel BR is too dirty. Dina says she had to keep her BR clean because it was in the open. 2:56pm BBT Dina says that Kandi was a last minute replacement for 2 other HG who dropped out. She had signed to come on the show a long time ago. Ricky has made tea in the KT as Kandi eats her salad. Dina is thinking about what she wants to eat when she gets out of the house - KFC or Outback Steak. In the KT, Ricky says he wonders how she convinced Lolo to keep her. 2:59pm BBT Lolo is out of the DR after apparently taping a bunch of HoH stuff for production. Tamar is cold and still blowing her nose. Kandi is in the KT finishing her salad; everyone else is in the Hotel BR. Lolo is packing. Ricky is watching, Tamar is tucked under the covers and Ricky lays to rest.
  4. 1:40pm BBT Kandi says she has an uphill battle because whomever she goes up against (Ricky, Lolo, Tamar), she'd going up against their whole room. If she doesn't pick Tamar, she won't get Tamar's vote, but if she does, she looses to the rest of Tamar's room. Lolo says Natalie would vote for Ricky over Tamar. Kandi thinks she'll only get 2 votes. Lolo says if you win that last HoH, you could flip everyone. She calls Kandi a true warrior. 1:45pm BBT Ricky tells Dina to keep it real and keep it moving. Dina says her strategy for F2 is to win HoH even though she hasn't won anything yet. Ricky keeps turning the discussion into Dina's life strategy and lessons she should take from the game. He basically has ignored her attempts to win a tie breaking vote. 1:48pm BBT Kandi reveals that she and Tamar met through mutual best friends. Lolo encourages Kandi to talk to Ricky. She says Dina is either helping her case with Ricky or burying it. Ricky likes to talk game, Lolo assures Kandi. Kandi says ultimately, other than Ricky, I'm your best chance for a Final 2. 1:52pm BBT Lolo says you don't need the money. Kandi laughs, I know that. They talk about Kandi's restaurant projects and Kandi says she's putting a lot of people to work. Kandi talks about Dina asking how Lolo doesn't have health insurance but owns rental properties. Lolo says she bought her first property instead of a car and the rent barely covers the costs. She grew up homeless, so owning homes is important to her. 1:54pm BBT Lolo owns 2 rental homes. She wanted to go commercial with her training mates but couldn't put it together. She says she's going to use their F5 bonus to buy health insurance. Back to game, Lolo says again she has a good chance against Kandi. Dina has been telling stories about raising and managing her kids and her ex and what it was like being filmed in her "actuality" reality show. 1:56pm BBT Kandi jokes the first time she saw Lolo on the treadmill in the Fitness Library she knew she had to go. Lolo is glad they talked. Kandi says it's so funny Dina believed she and Tamar were so tight. Ricky and Dina are now talking about her "Facebook Friend". My "friend" friend, Dina corrects. She's used to being asked and rarely the aggressor. But everything's changed now. 1:58pm BBT Lolo tells Kandi she can't believe she's thinking this but she's got a better chance with Kandi. Ricky and Dina leave the BR and head to the KT. They're hungry. Ricky checks out the freezer in the SR. Lolo and Dina head to the lounge where Dina says she had a good convo with Ricky. Ricky walks past but doesn't stop to listen in. Dina says he's 50-50 how he would vote. 2:05pm BBT Kandi tells Ricky in the BR about her convo with Lolo. Dina gets off on talking about her life story again, distracted from sticking to her convo with Ricky. Kandi is carefully repeating for Ricky the arguments she made for Lolo, with Ricky peppering her with questions about what Lolo thinks now. Dina tells Lolo she told Ricky she wasn't playing the game for herself but there's still time to fix that. Lolo is glad Dina and Ricky talked. Dina thinks Ricky is on the fence. 2:10pm BBT Dina tells Lolo she told Ricky she's winning just by making F5 and Ricky says no one expected her to last this long. Dina is worried the jury is going to go home and watch thing and their whole view on the game will change. All feeds on Kandi and Ricky as the camera operators get tired of listening to Dina. Kandi says she can't see Dina winning but everyone's brought her along. 2:21pm BBT Feeds come back and Lolo, Kandi had been talking, and Dina and Tamar had been talking and we didn't get to hear any of it. Kandi tells Ricky she never thought how the game would end because she never thought she'd get this far. Ricky jokes he knows she never thought she'd get this far. 2:24pm BBT Kandi pitches to Ricky he has a better chance to win against her with all his room voting for him. Ricky claims he hasn't thought about the numbers, he thinks his game play will win him votes. Tamar still sneezing and invites Dina to come talk to her in bed. They commiserate over being sick and the lack of fresh air. Tamar thinks its allergies. Rick thinks he's ticked people off and can't win. 2:27pm BBT Dina jokes she's never reading Cinderella to her grandkids. Tamar can't wait to get out and return to work. Dina says she's never lived in Hollywood - this isn't her life. The two rehash Tom and Tamar's arguments and FotH.
  5. 1:06pm BBT Ricky is out of the DR and talks with Dina in the BR. Dina starts laying the groundwork and Ricky interrupts her, putting her off balance. Lolo, Tamar and Kandi are in the LR. Dina eventually gets to the point that Kandi and Tamar will pick each other. Tamar interrupts in the BR looking for her mic pack. 1:08pm BBT She leaves and Ricky says he's talked to everyone on the show a lot and he's known everything that's going on in the game based on his conversations. He tells her Dina is basing her feeling of Kandi and Tamar choosing each other in F2 is based on incorrect information. He explains to Dina how the new HoH will pick one person to be in the F2. Dina says and Tamar will pick Kandi. 1:10pm BBT Dina says for their public images, Tamar and Kandi may never settle their deal privately but they will pretend for the show. Ricky says Kandi has to make F4 first and she hasn't made a deal. Dina says are you sure? Ricky is basically just deflecting everything Dina is saying, implying that Dina is just saying these things to have a chance to win. Dina says not everyone here is in it for the money. 1:15pm BBT Ricky says if all you want out of CBB is to win the money they are losers. He says everyone has their own strategy though he doesn't know what Dina's was. In the LR, Lolo asks Kandi if she's going to take Tamar to the final because of their relationship? Kandi says no, it's not been a great 20 years. She says if she and Tamar will be cool after the game, it won't matter who she takes to the F2. 1:16pm BBT Kandi says she's done the numbers and doesn't think she can win. Lolo jokes she's bad at math. Kandi says she has no relationships in the game. She names Lolo 5 easy votes for her. Lolo counters with 5 votes for Kandi. Kandi won't say she'll choose Ricky either, saying she just wants to make it to the Four. In the BR, Ricky continues talking in circles and confusing Dina. 1:20pm BBT Kandi and Lolo head to the Memory Wall and start counting votes Tamar would have. Lolo tells Kandi what Dina said and Kandi says she never told her that. Kandi said she thought about taking Ricky but thought Ricky, Tamar and Lolo had a pact. Lolo says she doesn't have Joey's vote - they had a falling out and she didn't warn him about his eviction. 1:25pm BBT Lolo tells Kandi that Dina is talking to Ricky now. Basically she's lying, Kandi says. Lolo talks about "The House" making the eviction decision as if there were more than just 2 HG voting. Lolo says Kandi is a lot like her only calmer. Kandi says she and Tamar don't want to be in a situation where one loses to the other. 1:26pm BBT In the BR, Ricky seems to be taking credit for pushing everyone else's game at his own expense. Lolo is trying to find out from Kandi whether Tom really was trying to get Lolo out. Kandi says Tom listened but never actually said he wanted Lolo out. Lolo says Dina in the final is a nightmare because of her life story. Kandi counts the votes for Dina and Lolo agrees Dina could win the Jury. 1:30pm BBT Kandi continues to downplay whether Tamar would take her or even vote for her to win. She hasn't even thought that far ahead. They both agree that if Natalie was still in the game, she'd have won because he never fought with anyone and talked with everyone. Kandi says she didn't realize it wasn't just eliminations after the Final 5, that you could still be voted of. Lolo says neither did her. 1:35pm BBT In the BR, Dina continue rehashing the house past trying to push her point that Ricky can't depend on Tamar to take him to the F2 but Ricky is a master of deflection. Lolo now thinks she could have a fair shot against anyone. Kandi says Tom has such a love of country, he'd never vote against someone who represented the USA. Lolo worries what he might see on the DVR.
  6. 12:55pm BBT Lolo exits the lounge and finds Tamar walking back to the WA from the BR. Tamar doesn't let on what if anything she heard. Lolo asks if she knows where Ricky is. Lolo returns to the lounge and whispers to Dina that Tamar is out in the WA. They both leave the lounge. Dina asks if Tamar has to go into DR and Tamar moans yes. Dina hits the WC, flushes and washes her hand. Lolo is back in the KT looking for food. 1:00pm BBT Lolo asks Tamar in the WA if Ricky had a problem with her Veto speech. Lolo worried that Ricky was upset she kept it fair to both Dina and Kandi. Tamar says Ricky thought it was funny but she didn't know what was funny. Lolo says she has to pray on who to vote for. She says she's going to read her bible then wants to talk to Tamar later. Dina says it's cold and puts on a robe. Lolo makes a sandwich. 1:02pm BBT Tamar wakes Kandi up in the BR and whispers that Lolo and Dina have been talking and she can't trust them and not to tell them anything. Dina says all her showers except one have been in HoH. Tamar is making some hot tea with water heated in the microwave. Kandi starts to get up. Tamar is sneezing loudly throughout the house. 1:04pm BBT Kandi joins Dina and Lolo in the LR. Tamar in the KT. Ricky has been in the DR for a long time. With everyone together, game talk has ceased. And FotH.
  7. #BBCeleb #CBBUS2 12:45pm BBT Dina says silent bullying is worse than verbal. Dina doesn't like the backstabbing in the game. Lolo says Dina needs to tell Ricky how Kandi has been playing him in Chess to curry favor but is always going to stick with Tamar. She says Dina is right on with her observations. Tamar is up and grabs something out of Kandi's BR then heads to the WA. She pauses when she hears voices out of the lounge and listens in. 12:48pm BBT As Tamra is listening to Lolo and Dina through the lounge door, they are talking about Ricky so Tamar moves on into the WA, fighting sneezes and trying to be quiet. She returns to the door where the two are talking about how Ricky manipulated Tom into saving him with the Veto. Dina says that we always thought Ricky was pulling strings with the women. 12:50pm BBT With Tamar listening outside the door, Lolo tells Dina she has to go to Ricky and tell him he doesn't have Tamar. Tamar keeps tip-toeing between putting makeup on in the WA and listening in at the lounge door. You can't break something they've had for 30 years, Lolo tells Dina. Tamar returns to the BR, blowing her nose, sneezing.
  8. 12:35pm BBT Lolo heads up to HoH to get Ricky and bring him to the Lounge to talk with Dina. She comes downstairs empty handed, looks in the SR, looks in the BR, then returns to the lounge and says she can't find him. They think he's in DR. Dina says Natalie was nervous about telling Lolo about Kandi and Tamar's relationship. #BBCeleb #CBBUS2 12:40pm Dina tells Lolo she thinks Tamar wants to go F2 with Ricky but is OK with Kandi. Dina says Lolo would have her vote and Natalie's vote. Lolo would have to win Final HoH though. Dina thinks she would have all the guys' votes because they would respect her for voting them out. Lolo says Ricky and Tamar have been offish ever since on the wall Kandi said Lolo would have the votes.
  9. 12:10pm BBT Lolo is alone in the lounge tweeting when Dina comes in and starts talking through the game with her, sharing some of her observations of Lolo and the other HG. Lolo says she wishes they had talked earlier in the game. Lolo confirms she couldn't save anyone or Tamar would have gone on the block. Kandi is snoring loudly in the other BR. 12:15pm BBT Dina tells Lolo that she wanted to see Lolo and Tom working together. She says Tom really respected Lolo but Natalie had a stronger personality, and Tom was overshadowed by Kato. She thinks Natalie had more conversations with people but she had conversations with the right people. 12:17pm BBT Lolo says she was told that Ricky and Tamar don't want to take her to F2 but now they say they do. Dina tells her to not be manipulated but go with her heart. Apparently the Final 5 earned an extra $5k in their contracts. Dina seems to be making an indirect pitch to stay in the game as Lolo's friend. She says her life has always been being protective. 12:20pm BBT Dina says she's a good judge of character - she was raised to trust but learned you can't trust everyone. Dina is talking life but there are game implications as she encourages Lolo to open her heart. Lolo turns it to Kandi and how tight she is with Tamar and Ricky. Dina says Kandi doesn't have an alliance with Tamar but they have so much connected outside. 12:25pm BBT Lolo says she wishes she had talked to Dina before the Veto meeting because she might have saved her. Dina says Kandi and Tamar would probably take each other to F2 because they have so much connectivity outside the house. Dina didn't even know she had a Veto speech. Lolo suggests Dina talk game with Ricky for his vote. Dina says Kandi will deny it to stay in the game. 12:30pm BBT Lolo says Kandi makes more money in 2 episodes (of Real Housewives) than she makes in a year. Dina says Tamar is tight with Ricky too. I'm the odd man out, Lolo says, I went through a lot of sh*t to get to the final. Lolo wants Dina to feel out what Kandi would do if she wins HoH. Dina says she already knows what Kandi will say. Lolo tells Dina to tell Ricky the same story she just told him and she'll have Ricky's vote.
  10. 9:30pm BBT Lolo tells Ricky he's glad it was one of them who won Veto. They agree it makes things easier. Ricky beat Kandi by about 30 seconds. Lolo wants to talk in the morning if there's time. Tamar joins them and says she saw Dina and Kandi high-five and now she's worried Lolo is going to backdoor her. Lolo denies this. 9:50pm BBT Lolo recalls that last night Kandi said if she won the Veto she wasn't taking Lolo. She asks Tamar why she would save her after that? Ricky tells Tamar Kandi and Dina had given up and were just congratulating each other making Final 5. Tamar says she doesn't care who gets evicted but she's going to talk to Lolo before making up her mind. 9:55pm BBT Tamar and Ricky are talking. Tamar says she didn't come all this way for Dina to win. Ricky tells her that Lolo thinks she can beat Dina, that's why she wants to evict Kandi. Ricky says Lolo won't like Tamar sounding indecisive about Kandi. Tamar just wants Lolo to think about it. 9:58pm BBT Ricky says he wants to be there for Tamar talking to Lolo about saving Kandi. He thinks Lolo will go off on Tamar if she does. Tamar complains neither Kandi nor Dina have won anything. Ricky reminds her that last season Marissa didn't win anything until Final HoH and she won the whole game. Ricky assures Tamar that she's his F2 pick. 10:02pm BBT Tamar says she saved Kandi once and doesn't owe her anything else. Ricky he guarantees Lolo will vote out Kandi. Tamar asks Ricky who he's voting for. If it's a tie, Ricky says, he'll have to think about it. Doesn't matter to me, Tamar says, though clearly it does. 10:05pm BBT Ricky reminds Tamar that if Lolo uses the Veto, Tamar goes up. Why would she do that, asks Tamar? If she thinks she can't beat you in the F2. Don't nobody like me, Tamar says. Ricky says she won't use it unless you get into an argument. 10:10pm BBT Ricky tells Kandi that she still has control over her game, she can talk to people. Kandi says she's going to have conversations but she wants to relax first. But she's not giving up. I just have to think things through. 10:55pm BBT In HoH, Lolo tells Ricky that he's played chess with Kandi and Tamar's renewed her relationship with Kandi, so why should Lolo want her in the Final 4? Ricky tells her if she feels it's best for her game, she's got a vote. But you need two votes. Lolo says nobody's going to send Tamar home if she saves Dina. Lolo realizes then Dina has a vote. 11:00pm BBT Ricky doesn't think the jury will vote for someone who hasn't won anything. But what if Kandi wins final HoH, Lolo worries. Then that's a different conversation, Ricky says. Lolo says let's say I take Dina off and vote to evict Kandi. Dina votes to evict Tamar. Who do you vote for? Ricky says he would assure Tamar she was safe. Lolo says the alternative is trusting you or Tamar to vote Kandi out. 11:01pm BBT Ricky tells Lolo that if you do anything to upset Tamar, she's going to go off. We have to deal with her. There's an alliance but it's going to come down to two and there's three of us. Lolo doesn't think Tamar will over vote out Kandi, so it comes down to Ricky. Ricky seems that means you and Tamar won't see eye to eye. Ricky tells Lolo that Dina is more threatening than Kandi but not by much. Marissa played a good social game. If we let Dina beat us, it's our own fault. 11:05pm BBT Tamar joins Lolo and Ricky. Lolo says she doesn't want Kandi in the Final 4 - Kandi already said I was a bigger threat and she has a better relationship with you guys. Lolo says she could save Dina and reassure Tamar that she's safe... Tamar interrupts and says she has no problem voting Kandi out. 11:06pm BBT Tamar says Dina has come close to winning comps more than Kandi. She almost got Lolo in HoH. But Kandi has Jury numbers down solid, Lolo argues. Kandi would know more (about the house) than Dina in that last one. Could you stand Kandi winning? Tamar says she doesn't want either Kandi or Dina to win. 11:10pm BBT Lolo tells Rick and Tamar that she's still on the same page they agreed to earlier. Tamar says she still wants the 3 of them to thug it out in the end. Lolo says she'll just sit and pray on it and talk to them in the morning. She asks Tamar to pray on it tonight as well. She says she'll not use the Veto and they can decide who to evict tomorrow. 11:20pm BBT Tamar leaves and Ricky asks Lolo if she's OK with how that went. Lolo says Tamar wanted to avoid being on the block at all costs. She says if she doesn't use the Veto, then at least either Dina or Kandi will go home. If she's outvoted, she'll be OK with it. 11:30pm BBT While Lolo, Tamar and Ricky have been discussing their fate in HoH, Dina and Kandi have been playing cards in the kitchen. Tamar is stressing in the BR. Lolo comes downstairs to chat, before heading to the BR with Tamar. Ricky remains in HoH. 11:45pm BBT Lolo creates a fake Lolo in her bed using a wig and head-shaped wig stand. She puts her baseball cap and sunglasses on it, with the Veto around its neck. Not sure if Tamar was awake to see this. Lolo heads back to the KT where Kandi and Dina are having fun playing cards and talking Kato. Lolo heads to the BY and Dina grabs her arm and asks to talk. 11:50pm BBT It is cold outside so Dina goes back to playing cards with Kandi. Lolo takes her bowl (Ice Cream I think) to the fire pit and eats alone, possibly contemplating the eviction vote. Tamar is out to the KT where Dina asks her when the votes will happen but then it's just general chat and back to the card game. Lolo contemplates her empty bowl and the burning fire. 11:59pm BBT Tamar's head is stuffed and she's going to bed. Dina tells her to try and lay on her side so her sinus can drain. Dina wins the card game. Dina wonders who from her family will be coming to the Finale as she shuffles the cards. Lolo comes inside and puts her bowl in the trash and puts the ice cream back in the freezer. She listens to the outside for a minute then heads to the WA and coughs. Poor child is still coughing, Dina says, I thought the cold air would help.
  11. 5:58pm BBT Lolo wants BB to play 3 songs tonight. Ricky says it's a day off on Sunday. Tamar is in the KT, cooking him burgers. Dina is still tweeting. Ricky grabs some paper towels out of the SR. Kandi is in the DR. Ricky returns to the LR. Lolo is talking about some woman who called herself an athlete's wife and would sit in the stands but she wasn't. She called him out (presuming her BF) about it.
  12. 5:29pm BBT Lolo is upset BB didn't give them videos or let them know who won the Superbowl. She says since planes are flying over, the shutdown must be over and TSA got paid. Tamar says how do you expect these people to show up and work and not get paid. Ricky said he'd work without pay if he got overtime. How long could you do that, Lolo asks? He doesn't answer. 5:32pm BBT Kandi says some people live paycheck to paycheck. They depend on that money every week and can't miss a week. She feels sad for those people. It gets quiet in the KT. Tamar is now working on what appears to be their order request sheet, putting down red fake nails. Lolo likes quick on/off nails, where you can compete without them, then pop them on for the press. 5:35pm BBT Kandi pulls out a tray of chicken nuggets and has some BBQ sauce. Are those good, Tamar asks skeptically? Lolo grabs some. Tamar says add some sauce to the list. She puts 5 nuggets onto her plate. They distribute what's left of the BBQ sauce. Lolo says she could make some if BB provided the ingredients. Tamar says she should make an Olympic Cookbook because her recipes are simple and easy. 5:40pm BBT Tamar agrees to cook Ricky a pair of burgers. They have a lot of gluten-free desserts in the SR. Ricky sits at the counter while Tamar cooks for him. Lolo picks up the clip board and adds a few items to it. She has to be reminded the name of the Tollhouse Cookie Dough she likes. Tamar says BB said they've only had 13 bottles of wine. Lolo thinks this will be the last order of the season. 5:44pm BBT Tamar finds more cookie dough in the fridge. Ricky is jonesing to write something. He takes notes on things he reads. They count the number of days remaining. Kandi expects BB will feed them on Wednesday because they'll have a lot to do to get ready for the finale. Lolo thinks the list will get them through. Should, Ricky asks? Hope, Lolo smiles. 5:47pm BBT Kandi sings, "I never would have made it without you". Dina comes out of the DR and Lolo asks if she's OK. Dina says yes and Lolo goes into the SR to work on the order sheet. Dina finishes folding her blanket, still with a sniffle. Ricky heads up to the HoH room. Kandi is called to the DR. Tamar tells Dina he's cooking Ricky's burgers because he can't cook for himself. 5:50pm BBT Ricky, Lolo and Tamar are in the LR talking about working out tonight or tomorrow. Dina gets her gluten-free treats. In the Lounge, Dina says hi to anyone from the house still watching: Jonathan, Anthony's probably busy, Kato is probably only watching the live show. They are still being mean, she says, so wish me luck with Veto. Gotta win something. You were way right with some people. 5:52pm BBT Dina tweets her children. She says Tom, I feel you because you were isolated from everyone except her when she brought him food. It's so wrong on every level that their alliance (Tamar, Ricky, Lolo) did that to you. But I'm F5 and praying. Dina starts tweeting. In the LR, Ricky jokes there will be new rules next season. Tamar says their season was cutthroat and no one will want to do it next season.
  13. 5:08pm BBT Tamar is still sore from last night's comp. Everyone except Dina is in the KT. Ricky says he tried talking to Dina yesterday but she was already crying. We're in the home stretch, says Kandi. Ricky wonders what Dina thought the game was about, just walking around the house and not doing anything? She wasn't helpful but she did lie to him, he says. 5:10pm BBT Kandi says Dina just was depressed to go on the block. Ricky says that she should be thinking about trying to stay. Kandi and Tamar are doing the cooking while Lolo and Ricky watch. Lolo is filling out a form on a clipboard. Kandi says this has been an interesting experience, especially for someone who hadn't seen the show before. She didn't know you still voted people out after the Final 5. 5:12pm BBT Ricky says he learned how to not be put on the block, but if you are, you have to learn to get off. Kandi says she needs to lose weight for spring. Tamar says she and bread have broken up. Ricky asks Kandi about her weight loss goals. Kandi says she'll work out with her trainer. Tamar offers to be her motivational partner. 5:17pm BBT Ricky tells Kandi to fast one day a week. It resets the system. Lolo says that's what she does. Tamar wants to work out but not body build. She's worked out since she was 11. Kandi was remotivated by her daughter losing 50lbs as a teenager. Kandi says it is hard being the parent of a teenage girl with weight issues. She wants to help her but not upset her. She's glad her daughter took it upon herself to lose the weight. 5:18pm BBT Kandi says she used to weigh herself everyday. And then FotH. 5:24pm BBT Feeds are back and Ricky is talking about how calories turn into fat and using phone apps to keep a food diary to keep track. Kandi and Ricky are talking about people who haven't signed releases, so FotH again. 5:25pm BBT Lolo is taking out the trash. Ricky says his time with his kids is based on quality over quantity. When he's with them, that's all he's doing. He goes to their football games. His first was when he was 21 and he wasn't ready but he got older and more mature. She just broke up with her BF in her first year of college.
  14. 5:00pm BBT Feeds are back and Tamar is in the KT with Lolo, Kandi and Ricky. Dina is folding a blanket in her BR. Dina is called into DR and Kandi talks about Dina's bad mood this morning. Tamar thinks it's something Tom said, that the others in the house don't like her. Ricky says I like her.
  15. 4:25pm BBT Feeds have gone to Reels, presumably for Nominations.