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  1. That Christian, Nick and David hatched a plan, or that Carl was left out?
  2. Three votes, actually. Christian, Nick and David. Carl was left out voting for Angelina.
  3. Fuskie

    Survivor 37: Show Recaps

    Episode One: The greatest social experiment on television is back with a modern take on one of the most intriguing match-ups of all time. This is Survivor: David vs. Goliath! The David time, 10 strangers that share one thing in common - overcoming obstacles. They have spent their lives battling adversity and are always the underdog. They'll take on the Goliath tribe, 10 strangers who also share one thing in common - winning. They have spent their lives capitalizing on their assets and are always considered the favorite. Which traits will prove most useful in this cunning game of social politics? For the next 39 days, they'll be abandoned in the islands of Fiji. They must learn to adapt or be voted out. In the end, only one will remain to claim the million dollar prize. 39 days, 20 people, one Survivor! The two tribes assemble before Jeff aboard the trawler, Krishnan. Welcome to the 37th season of Survivor, Jeff says. Survivor is a game of social politics which often revolves around the story of the underdog vs. the favorite. It might be the physically weak vs. the strong, the socially awkward vs. the naturally charming. Whatever form it takes, it's an enduring match-up that has provided some of our greatest showdowns. But what complicates Survivor is the unknown. You don't know which skill set will come in handy and very little about the other players. So the question every day is not who has the advantage, but what is the advantage. That is the we are going to explore this season - this is Survivor: David vs. Goliath. Jeff yanks at a strong and the season logo banner is revealed to two cheering tribes. He tosses orange buffs to the David tribe. Nick says he grew up in a trailer in the holler and had to go get everything for himself, first to go to college, he learned it by doing it. Gabby says being a David means having a lot more to prove, starting at the bottom is a cooler story. David not only slew Goliath in the bible, Nick says, he grew up to be King too. Jeff tosses purple buffs to the Goliath tribe. John says he was on the high school wrestling team to get into pro wrestling, and that's what happened. The Mayor of Slam Town, the Friday Night Tonight, etc. He tells us privately that he's college educated and will be underestimated. Allison has no doubt she belongs on the Goliath tribe - I have a huge legion of support in my family but I understand what it means to be an underdog and working to achieve what you put your mind to. I get the work ethic, Jeff clarifies, but lets put this to the test. Let's compare Pat's story (David tribe) to yours. Ali says she was middle to upper class, her dad a physician and she's a Doctor Joetor too. Pat grew up in a paycheck-to-paycheck family, his mom paralyzed when he was 9yrs old, his father a fireman and police officer. Everything he earned went to bills. Medical school was not an option, nor was medical school. I went to work right out of high school. So, Jeff concludes, as a group, do we all agree this isn't about hard work. It takes hard work to become a Doctor Joetor. This is about how you look at life and how life has started for you. Often the advantage Goliath has is visible, but the advantages on the David tribe invisible. But until you you know the situation, you don't know how to define the advantage. The question this season is which one of you is the best in turning turning every situation into one that gives you the advantage. That person will win this game. So let's start on this experiment of capitalizing on advantage. Let's start with the premise the Goliaths are the favorites. Jeff has Goliath choose the weakest woman and man on the David tribe. They go with Purple Hair and Big Bang Theory (Lyrsa and Christian). Lyrsa is not surprised because she's tiny, chunky and from Puerto Rico. Christian says it seems like a logical deduction but perhaps appearances are deceiving. Now, it's David's turn. Who do you think are the strongest man and woman on the Goliath tribe? Maximum disparity in the match-ups. They choose Ali and John. Lyrsa and Christian whisper a pact to help each other. At this point, Jeff posits, the Goliaths should have the advantage. They have their strongest competitors against their weakest Davids. Allegedly, Christian corrects. Part II, let's give the Davids the chance to tilt the favor to their side. We will run a challenge in which the two pairs compete. Davids will choose the path the Goliaths have to take and which they take. You want to put Ali and John on the most difficult path and choose the easiest for yourselves. The first stage is balance. You have a choice between a beam over water, a plank bridge, or a two person track. The next stage is agility. You have a choice between the net tube, the rope tunnel, and the crawl-under. The third stage is a puzzle and you can choose between a 15 piece cube puzzle, an 8 piece slide puzzle, or moving 30 sandbags between platforms. At the end, the winner will crawl out on a pole to release a shelter-making kit. After huddling, the Davids decide for Goliaths to do the plank bridge, net tube and the the 15 block cube puzzle. Davids elect to follow the beam over the water, the crawl under and the 8 piece slide puzzle. It's the first Reward Challenge - let's get to it. For reward, Survivors ready? Go! Davids grab a quick lead by leaning back on their rope bridge and risking falling into the water. They move onto the crawl under and slow down. Goliaths complete the plank bridge and head into the net tube. Davids are out of the crawl under and start working on their puzzle. Goliaths are right behind them. It's all Christian on the slide puzzle and before Jeff can blink, Lyrsa crawling out on the post to release the supplies and win the challenge. David stops Goliath in round 1, Pat cheers. That was a blowout, Jeff says. Christian reveals he wrote puzzle solving algorithms as an undergrad, so it wasn't really a fair fight. This is why the story of David vs. Goliath is one of the greatest metaphors for improbable victories, Jeff says, who would ever guess someone would have written algorithms for a slide puzzle and that would come into play minutes into this season. Jeff gives the Davids a map to their new home and they head off in their raft with their supplies. For Goliaths, they receive a map and their map and that's all. Christian says you could say he slew Goliath with an algorithmic sling shot but all he can see is what he did wrong and what he needs to fix about himself. Mike is stoked to be on the Goliath tribe with a lot of strong men and fit women. He's a Hollywood writer/Director/Actor and Dan quickly outs him. He wrote School of Rock and Nacho Libre and has been more successful than he though the could be but has been obsessed with Survivor Forget an Oscar, he wants to win Surivor! Dan reveals he used to be a fat kid and he worked for this (physical look), to make the SWAT team, be a cop. His shirt says POLICE so there was no point in hiding it. He set a goal, lost 100lbs in a year and made it. Old, fat Dan would never have had the confidence but now a beautiful girl is telling him he's good looking. He tells Kara that she's his Kryptonite. She says in Superman, the blond girl is Kara. Dan says he named his dog after Super Girl, Kara. Everything I would want in a woman, Dan tells us of Kara. Kara tells us Dan is a genuine soul to which she immediately connected. A former NFL Cheerleader, it's in her nature to be charming and it's natural he's drawn to her, which makes it impossible not to be drawn to him too. They joke about being a secret showmance. I'm so screwed, Dan tell us. But why can't I find love on Survivor? On the David tribe, after a team huddle, Pat starts dishing out shelter instructions. Gabbby thinks the David tribe will be scrappy and work together to succeed. Pat tells us he's self-made, blue collar. Christian says Pat immediately takes lead on the shelter and can be a bit directive at times, and in engineering and science, there can be strong personalities that conflict, but Pat can really shout and some might have felt bossed around. And jokes can be risky and fail. But people are putting up with it as long as we're succeeding and getting things done. Goliaths have one machete and an expectation of rain so they have to make the most out of it. Natlie says she's twice as old as the others in the tribe. Since she has young people who work for her, she starts making suggestions. The other Natalie says she's an industrial engineer but the first Natal is barking orders. Over on David, Path is putting his body and not just his mouth to work, climbing trees and doing the work. Jessica says nobody knows she's 19 - she told them she was 22 - and approaches Bi and Carl separately about an alliance. Cark and David make an agreement - we're here but we can't look like we're here. Avoid TC is their strategy, but Pat is their first target. Lyrsa and Elizabeth form an unlikely trust bond. Christian tells Cabby he's a bit of a weirdo and asks her to let him know if he goes overboard on the science stuff. She thinks its endearing but she's nerdy too and nerds have to look out for each other. She tells us they are kindred spirits and she's a nerd whisperer. Over in Goliath, John says he can be a good or bad guy depending on where he's wrestling. He lists all his aliases but none of them will win Survivor - he's playing as himself. Natalie #2 points out to others as it is raining that Natalie #1 never helps but stands there, watching. Mike uses the distraction to walk off and look for a HII. But his absence is noticed. Natalie #1 quietly goes out after him while the rest of the tribe says it just puts a target on his back. Jeremy says they all know Mike was on The Amazing Race and has money and looking for the HII just gives them an excuse. Natalie #2 says Natalie #1 is going to cause more problems at camp. Dan thinks Mike is a lot more slick. Ali plays peace maker and says they don't have to decide yet. Natalie #1 catches up with Mike and tells him he's putting a target on his back. Mike pretends he was just going to get his shoes. Mike admits he made a rookie mistake - he didn't need the HII, he just wanted it. Day 2. David tribe is suffering in the rain, adding more palm leaves to their shelter. There is no initiation from the island, Elizabeth says, though I think she meant honeymoon. But sometimes the struggle is what makes someone who they are. We care about each other way more than Goliath. You tend to empathize with each other, it's inbred in being a David. Jessica isn't rooting against the other tribe, but Nick hopes they are going through hell. The only thing on his mind is scheming and plotting and he needs to find his flock of sheep. Nick says it's too easy to get people to trust you on Survivor, and his first targets are Christian and Elizabeth. He wants to name all the alliances, to have fun winning $1,000,000. Gabby thanks Pat and Carl for their work on the shelter, which is keeping them dry. But Nick hasn't done anything, he observes. I can't stand a man that doesn't work, he confides with Pat. Over on Goliath, Natalie #2 and Angelina come together over the well and plan to look for the idols. Angelina asks Natalie #2 to stand watch while she searches. Why is it only men find HIIs? Mike is continuing to search every gap in every tree. Jeremy says he's not going to sit around while others are looking for idols. Alec watches him walk off. Soon everyone on Goliath is looking for idols. John tells us it's in Goliath's DNA - everyone wants the power. Dan says it's funny watching everyone getting worked up by the HII because it's in his pants. Where he's hiding it in his form-fitting boxers, I don't know. He, Kara and Natalia #2 were looking for Idols and he sees a rock that looks cool and then he sees purple string. He calls the two women over, opens the package in front of them. He set the goal of finding an Idol and then did it. He is becoming the person he wanted to be, finding the idol with a couple of the most beautiful girls in the game. Over in David camp, David has snagged an octopus with his fishing spear. Davvy Crockett, he jokes. Davie he's always been a non-conformist, a Blerd, a Black Nerd, loving comic books and things. The tribe prepares the octopus with additional veggies. Neither tribe has fire but they have plenty of rain. Under the David shelter, Jessica opens up about missing her mom who suffered an abusive boyfriend. Bi reveals she had been beaten daily by a former boyfriend, often ending up in the hospital with nowhere to go. As a MMA fighter, she speaks out against domestic abuse. SHe tells Jessica her mom was lucky to have her. Nick says it's not really how he usually talks to people, but he decides to drop his guard and reveal his own personal story. His mother had problems with drugs and overdosed 3 years ago. Crying, he gets the comfort of his whole tribe and feels like there's a weight lifted off him. The storm has brought good things for tribe, Bi says, helped them bond. Day 3 and it's time for the Immunity Challenge. It's pouring down rain as both tribes walk up, soaked and soggy. Welcome to Survivor, Jeff grins, let's get to it. He reveals the tribal Immunity Idol. For the challenge, tribes will sprint through an obstacle to a sand pit where one person from each tribe will dig under a log, grab a machete, cut a rope that releases 3 ladders. The second tribe is then penalized and must untie knot to release their ladder. You will then confront the Survivor Pole Vault to cross from one high platform to another, making your way across a netted path and then solve a giant number puzzle. First to finish wins immunity plus reward - fire in the form of flint. Losers, tribal council where someone will be the first to be voted out. For immunity and fire in the form of flint, Survivors Reach? Go! Everybody is mixed up early as castaways throw each other over and under the obstacle course, tackling the other tribe to hold them back. Both teams hit the sand trap, Alec vs. Carl, and Alec is the first through. Carl is stuck and Goliath gets the early advantage. One by one, Goliath crosses over the pole vault. Carl gets through the log and starts untying the knots. He finally releases the knots as Goliaths run down the cargo net to the puzzle.. Davids are crossing the platform. One Goliath stands on a platform barking orders to the rest of the tribe. Personalities battle for control over the pieces. David gets through the pole vault and starts their puzzle, with Christian providing direction. It starts raining again. Goliaths have their first vertical row but the Davids have the last vertical row. Natalie #2 is yelling at her tribe but it seems to be working. Davids are right on their heals. Will it be the Goliaths or Davids? Golaths have their 4th row but so do the Davids! Goliaths Win Immunity! Davids are headed to Tribal Council. Pat says the rain has brought the Davids together and they are operating with a single heart. But it sucks they will lose an artery tonight. Bi tells us she doesn't trust Nick - he's not doing anything and it's not just her, it's the consensus of the tribe. The rain continues and the seas are rough. I can't see, someone says. It's OK, nice, slow, deep breaths. Someone is being carried off the boat carrying the tribes back to their camps. It's Pat in a stretcher with production crew bringing him to the beach. His hands are in the air, shaking as medical starts to look at him. They are immobilizing his head while taking a reading of his breathing from a tube and staring an IV line. Where is your pain, he is asked, and Pat replies it's his back. They promise to give him something for the pain. You've done a good job, he is reassured by the medic. The rest of the tribe walks hesitantly up the beach. Gabby says the boat slammed down on one of the waves and we hear a crack. I thought Pat had just tweaked his back but we don't know what's happening, watching, hoping for the best. You're going to feel a cold sensation going up your arm, Doctor Joetor tells him as he pushes the plunger on a syringe. Where am I, Pat asks, I'm scared. Don't worry, Doctor Joe says, just focus on me. Jeff comes running in. We all groaned when Jeff arrived, Bi says, because it means something really bad has happened. Doctor Joe tells Jeff that it sounds like there was an impact on the boat and which hit Pat pretty hard on his back, causing him a lot of pain. Pat opens his eyes as Doctor Joe says the pain is the biggest problem at the moment. Jeff says that even though a boat right back to camp is normal, we've never had anyone injured during transport. Doctor Joe says they are worried there could be damage or a fracture to his back. Jeff tries to talk to Pat but he doesn't respond. Jeff asks Doctor Joe if this is severe enough to take him out of the game? I think it might be, Doctor Joe says. I can't, Pat says, talking into an oxygen breather, I can't... You can't take me, he pleads, I can't leave. I can't leave. Be strong, Lyrsa calls out for the whole tribe, we're here for you, Pat! Pat is visibly and audibly in pain. It can't end, he struggles to say, this way. Is there any way for him to continue, Jeff asks Doctor Joe, or does he need to go to a hospital? He's a tough guy, Doctor Joe says of Pat, but for someone this tough to be in this much pain makes me concerned. We need to rule out any serious damage and that's something we cannot do on the beach. So you're pulling him from the game. I don't think I have any choice. He needs to get to the hospital to get the right scans. Not this way, Pat gasps, this can't be the way it goes. I'm afraid there is no other choice, Jeff says, we have to look out for you. That's the #1 job of our medical team. Let's bring in the helicopter guys. They're taking him out, the David tribe says, nothing can go our way. They feel so bad for him. Not this way, Pat cries. You just said at the end of the challenge that the David tribe was going to lose an artery but the heart would go on. You clearly didn't know you were going to become the artery. I don't want to quit. You are not quitting, Jeff assures him, Doctor Joe is pulling you from the game for your own safety. There is nobody who is going to question your heart. The David tribe are all on their feet looking on as the chopper lands. Jeff waves them over to say their goodbyes. Your kids are going to be so proud of you, Jessica tells him. He was fighting to stay in, she tells us, tears rolling down his face. They all tell him they love and to be strong. I hope he knows how much we love him and is grateful for the experience, Jessica tells us, because we're grateful for him. Pat is lifted into the chopper as his tribe wishes him well. I feel a sense of guilt, Gabby tells us, because I misjudged him as a bossy jerk guy from New York and I couldn't have been more wrong. He organized how to build the shelter, he was a leader from day 1, a center of camp and this is a huge loss. After the chopper takes off, Jeff walks up to the remaining tribe mates. Man, expect the unexpected out here, he tells them, I can see the emotion. To lose him so early, Jessica says in tears, makes you sit back and think if anything will go our way because we just lost one of our strongest players. Of all the tribes for this to happen to, observes Jeff, it's the David tribe. You are constantly thrown an obstacle every day. Gabby says none of us were expecting this and it fits what we've been talking about so perfectly in the worst way. But Pat would want us to succeed and stick together as much as we can. Well, Jeff says comfortingly, if there's a silver lining, you lost a challenge, you lost a tribe member, but you won't lose another one. There'll be no Tribal Council tonight. One last bit of good news, there will be a flint waiting for you back at camp. Hopefully the rain will break and you guys can get to work on starting fire. Three days in, down a tribe member, but you are still in this game. The fight ain't over, Elizabeth says confidently, we're going to keep bringing it. Grab your stuff and get back to camp, Jeff says, the game continues on. Elizabeth tells us today has been one of the most draining days in her life, it's been crazy and testing you right out the gate, one disaster after another. This is typical of what a David has to go through to accomplish anything in life. But this isn't the first time I've been knocked down, and I think that's something the Davids have going for us - we WILL keep fighting. Next time on Survivor: There's a new war, a new target and a new man in charge. To be out of the game, a recovered Pat tells us, not by vote but by peer accident, it's gut wrenching. But my life and my health is bigger than this game and ultimately, I will pick myself up off the beach, dust the sand off, and get back on my horse. As a David, it's what I've done for 41 years. It's the story of my life. Pat was treated for his injuries and has made a full recovery.
  4. Congratulations to gishy333tx, winner of the first annual Fantasy Big Brother Contest! Check out the results here:
  5. And now, the moment you've all been waiting for. It's time to find out who really knew Big Brother Season 20 and scored the most points, and will be the winner of a Big Brother T-Shirt from Morty's TV! Drum roll please... Coming in with Single Digits (if only you'd played more weeks!): Vampirelover - 2 Delana - 3 Jinx - 4 nataliebb23 - 5 flickz - 6 Kakidoodle09 - 6 Moving up to players with Double Digits (Well done!): Brookenboyle - 13 splatgun - 18 Dade* - 36 Kitten_200* - 18 monadyan* - 46 Katfer - 68 BBWatchr - 86 vyvashuss44 - 91 And then the superstar players with Triple Digits (you really know your stuff!): Amy123 - 101 Fuskie* - 118 And finally, our Grand Prize winner, a Big Brother fan who really knows his way around the Big Brother House... gishy333tx - 144 Congratulations gishy333tx!
  6. Week 13 Results: Here are the answers to the Week 13 questions and the final results for all three Wild Card rounds. Part I Questions: Which HouseGuest will win the Final 4 Head of Household (2 Points)? JC Which HouseGuests will be nominated for the Final 4 Eviction (name 2 HouseGuests, 1 points each)? Tyler, Angela Which HouseGuest will win the Final 4 Eviction Veto competition (2 points)? Kaycee Will the Final 4 Eviction Power of Veto be used (Yes or No, 1 points)? No If the Final 4 Eviction Veto is used, which nominated HouseGuest will be saved (2 points)? -- If the Final 4 Eviction Veto is used, which HouseGuest will be the replacement nominee (1 points)? -- Will the Final 4 nominee sitting on the left be a Man or a Woman (Man or Woman, 1 point)? Female Will an Original Final 4 Nominee be evicted or a Replacement Nominee (Original or Replacement, 1 point)? Original Which Final 4 HouseGuest will be evicted from the Season 20 Big Brother House (2 points)? Angela Part II Questions: Will the Final 3 HoH Part I Competition involve a Button, Key or Other (Button, Key, or Other, 1 point)? Other Will the Final 3 HoH Part I Competition last more or less than 2 hours (More or Less, 1 Points)? Less Which Houseguest will be the winner of the Final 3 HoH Part I Competition (2 points)? Tyler Will the Final 3 HoH Part II Competition be Timed or a Concurrent Race (Timed or Race, 1 point)? Timed Will the Final 3 HoH Part II Competition be with all Males, all Females or Mixed (Males, Females or Mixed, 1 point)? Mixed Which Houseguest will win the Final 3 HoH Part II Competition (2 points)? Kaycee Which Juror will the first question of the Final 3 HoH Part III Competition be about (1 point)? Rockstar Will the Final 3 HoH Part II Competition be decided by a tie breaker question (Yes or No, 1 point)? Yes Which Houseguest will win the Final 3 HoH Part III Competition (3 points)? Kaycee Part III Questions: Who will be the last Houseguest evicted to the Jury (2 points)? JC Will there be more Men or Women on the Jury (Men or Women, 2 points)? Women Who will be the first Jury Member to vote for the winner of Big Brother Season 20 (2 points)? Bayleigh Who will be the last Jury Member to vote for the winner of Big Brother Season 20 (2 points)? JC Who will be the first non-jury Houseguest to be asked a question by Julie Chen (1 point)? Faysal Will the Jury Vote margin be Greater or Less Than or Equal to 2 (Greater, Less Than or Equal), 2 points)? Less Than Wild Card Round 1 Questions: Which HouseGuest will be the first to climb the climbing wall on a broadcast episode (4 points)? JC Which HouseGuest will be the first to threaten to DOR (Depart on Request, 4 points)? Kaitlyn Which HouseGuest will be the first to call a house meeting (4 points)? Sam Which HouseGuest will be the first to give up and not complete a competition (4 points)? Sam Which HouseGuest will be the first to cast a mystery vote (4 points)? Kaitlin Which HouseGuest will be the first to win a tie breaker (4 points)? Scottie Which Houseguest will be the first to complete a secret task (4 points)? ´╗┐None Wild Card Round 1 Questions: In what Week # will the first Double Eviction occur (Week 4 through Week 13, 4 points)? Week 11 Which evicted HG will use the Bonus Life Power App for a chance to return to the game (Kaitlyn or Rockstar, 4 points)? Kaitlyn Who will be the last Houseguest evicted before the start of the jury (4 points)? Rachel Who will be the first Houseguest to join the jury (4 points))? Bayleigh Who will be the first Houseguest to intentionally start a fight (4 points)? Brett Will Pandora's Box make a return appearance (Yes/No, 4 points)? No Who will be the first Houseguest insulted by Zingbot (4 points)? Angela Wild Card Round 1 Questions: Which HouseGuest will win America's Favorite HouseGuest (4 points)? Tyler How many total past season HouseGuests will enter the Big Brother House this season (4 points)? 11 How many HouseGuests will repeat as HoH this season? (4 points)? 3 (Tyler, Angela, Kaycee) Will the winner of Big Brother have avoided being nominated all season (Yes or No, 4 points)? No Will the winner of Big Brother Season 20 be a Man or Woman (Yes or No, 4 points)? Woman How many total comps (not including Power Apps but including Hacker Comps) will the winner of Big Brother Season 20 have won (4 points)? 9 Which HouseGuest will win Big Brother Season 20 (4 points)? Kayee Now let's see how well you knew Big Brother Season 20! Here are the Week 13 Point Standings (out of 40 total points): gishy333tx - 11 vyvashuss44 - 17 Fuskie - 12 Amy123 - 13 Brookenboyle - 13 Here are the Wildcard Totals (out of 84): Delana - 0 Jinx - 0 Vampirelover - 0 gishy333tx - 8 flickz - 0 nataliebb23 - 0 Dade - 8 Kitten_200 - 8 Fuskie - 20 monadyan - 20 vyvashuss44 - 20 Katfer - 20 Kakidoodle09 - 0 BBWatchr - 16 Amy123 - 4 splatgun - 0 Brookenboyle - 0
  7. After the Season Finale (Congratulations Kaycee for winning Big Brother and Tyler for winning America's Favorite Houseguest), Facebook's Ross & Marissa's conducted Interviews of all the Houseguests. Here is a recap. Brett Brett says it was a tough decision who to vote vote - 50/50 - but in the end, Tyler did the least likely thing he thought he'd do, have a F2 with Kaycee, and have to respect he got me out. But Kaycee did amazing and got to F2. I didn't. Brett says he played the game and can't be upset for someone else playing the game. I walked into the house playing the game so I can't blame anyone else for doing the same, and if I can't forgive them, then they won't forgive me. Marissa reveals that Rachel, Winston and Kaitlyn have all moved in together in LA. Where will you end up? Brett says I'm having a vision and I'm seeing LA! I'll sleep on the couch, rotate beds, we've all slept together all summer. It would be exciting to hang out outside of the house. I wasn't surprised by any of the showmances. Trust me, I knew. Brett says he's so happy for Swaggy and Bayleigh. I can barely take care of myself - if they can figure it out, I'm so happy for them. You'll have to ask Haleigh and Faysal if it's the real thing. In the jury house, they weren't were I was so you draw your own conclusions. Rockstar Rockstar reveals that her dress had been in her suitcase for finale night. She was finally on the right side of the vote on Finale night, but it was a hard decision. It was just a feeling of who to vote for and she wanted to see Kaycee win. She didn't know she was going to vote that way before coming in tonight. No one had a problem with Kaycee, she had a terrific social game. Rockstar so misses her kids. She has no regrets and learned that she cries a lot. Rockstar says she knew JC was the swinging vote and that was very disappointing and knows Kaycee was the mysterious hacker. She feels vindicated. She says Tyler was the only one who called her out on her stuff each week. It made her feel like she was playing a good game. Sam Sam says her vote was not influenced by Tyler's actions in the game but her talking with Kaycee and sharing her story. She has a clear picture of Kaycee's family and made up her mind a long time ago. Kaycee and Tyler were her top picks but Kaycee was always on top. She had considered JC, and probably would have voted for JC over Tyler or Kaycee. He has a lot of depth, representing so many communities, smart, lots of social stuff. Sam says she recognized Kaycee's mom in the crowd. Ross says you blocked everyone out of your HoH room. Sam says I don't care if it was good game pay, I already had my mind made up and just didn't want to the room to become a secret meeting hole - just one at a time. Marissa asks if volunteering to be the hacker was something she thought would work? Sam says I had no strategy, and any time I thought I would try, it didn't work. Ross says you played with so much heart, did you consider a strategic game? I guessed wrong a lot, Sam says, paranoia causes you to guess 10 steps in the wrong direction. But I have no regrets and took from the experience that I won my own heart back and grown immensely and have a brand new perspective. It was about the experience and I am joyfully indebted to all these folks. Bayleigh and Swaggy C Congratulations to the newly engaged. Bayleigh says she's bursting with happiness. Swaggy says there's was no fear while outside the house that what they felt wasn't real. Bayleigh says she was sending him messages to not play with her emotions. Swaggy asked her father for permission and knew weeks ago. Bayleigh's sisters found out this morning. Nobody says it was crazy or too soon. Bayleigh says her parents met on a blind date, so she didn't hesitate. Bayleigh says we will not comment on anything baby related but we want children. Bayleigh says both Tyler and Kaycee played a good game but Tyler messed up and had to escape his own messes. She would have voted for Tyler over JC. Swaggy C says he stopped watching after Bayleigh was evicted but would have voted for Tyler. He forgave Kaitlyn but hasn't forgiven her or talked to her. Bayleigh says we forgive. Rachel Rachel says Winston and Kaitlyn are lifelong friends, pre-jury and really bitter. She would have voted for Kaycee because they were closer in the house and we played a similarly local, social game. She says of her GB message from Angela, after talking to her, Angela apologized while the confetti was dropping and they're still friends. She thought Tyler was trying to backdoor her which wasn't true. I cried but moved on. She's my friend. How you're treated afterwards is what matters. Kaitlyn Kaitlyn says she would have voted for Kaycee too. Both were super impressive but Kaycee's game was cleaner. She stayed loyal the whole time and I was betrayed by Tyler. He will always be a friend, we're onto the next thing. She wants to stay in LA. She's not in a relationship anymore - her heart went somewhere inside the house and she realized outside the house what was real. My heart is not OK yet but now she wants to meet the person she was meant to be forever. It's no surprise I got the most hate when leaving the house, but that's good because I had thick enough skin to handle it, and that's what I can teach people about. I'm not healed but this experience will help me help people. Winston Winston says both finalists were deserving. Tyler played from the get go. Kaycee played different, was a competition beast and maybe better at jury management. The blindsides hurt Tyler as well as the Final 2s. I would have voted for Tyler because I saw more moves. More so I would have voted for Brett. Nobody had more fun than me and him in the house. I'd do everything again completely different but it's fine. It was very different getting plucked out of the game and watching from home. It was an amazing experience. I'm all for love, Winston says, and congratulations to Bayleigh and Swaggy C. Haleigh & Faysal All anyone wants to talk about is her and Faysal being the real deal. We got to find out who each other were outside the BB House and everything just meshed. I think about the Scottie thing every night. Faysal is wearing a hat that says Daddy and Haleigh wonders where he got it. He doesn't have a kid, he assures her. Haleigh says she knew the vote would be close, down to one vote, but my mind was set on Kaycee and then at the Round table, I saw Brett and Angela's perspective and that made me think. It came down to final speeches, how they represented their games. Faysal and Haleigh talked about their votes in Jury but didn't vote the same way. Faysal said they were both copies but it came down to Kaycee beating him in the squid veto. If she hadn't won veto and kept noms the same, I would have stayed in the house. Faysal says he's heard how JC was the 2 flip votes, how he called him a dummy in DR, and was on TMZ a bunch of times. His game was social manipulation. From here, Faysal and Haleigh are going out drinking and then see where it goes from here. There's not another engagement tonight. Swaggy & Bayleigh have known each other their whole lives. No, first Haleigh will graduate from college then we'll figure it out. This is where you go to find love, Haleigh says. Angela Angela says she entered the house with her walls up, cold, no showmances, be an athlete. But your walls come down in that house and people see the real you whether you want it or not. I fell in love in the house. I think I could have a real future with Tyler. I'm a stronger person. After winning my first competition, I laid low, so low, too low. I never got picked to play in Veto - it was perfect. Angela says Level 6 was so solid. I never thought Kaycee would evict me but we didn't get close until much later. I had a F2 with Rachel but we stopped trusting each other. I figured out my mistake too late and when I saw her after the show, the tension just went away and we were friends. I was solid about loyalty and anyone going rogue, I just went off. Tyler's the first guy she said I Love You to first. We got close after that Veto thing and started to hang out. We started talking about Hilton Head and that was my escape, my happy place was being with Tyler. I thought it might be game from him but my gut said it was real. Tyler and I targeted Sam over JC because Sam had won a hard HoH. And then JC came back and won HoH, and I was so unhappy. Angela says I did not mean to show a soft and vulnerable side but it all came out. And I got a boyfriend out of it. Tyler's going to move out to LA and I have an open home, so stay tuned! Steve & Scottie Steve has lost a lot of weight. He has been dieting and exercising since he left BB and lost 67lbs. Being the first evicted hurt, nobody wants to be first, but I didn't want to leave Scottie. Scottie says it hurt me big time. I had no friends and had no idea who to trust. I didn't want to trust anyone coming back into the house. Scottie says, I'm a big fan of the show and appreciate the game, but I voted for loyalty and respect. Kaycee cleaned those comps out at the end. She put her game in her hands. I figured it would be Kaycee and Tyler, and was going to vote Tyler, but when Kaycee won the Final HoH, I said she earned it. Steve says it was a great Top 2, I got to know them first then watch them on the feeds. It was weird, but the Top 3 ended up where they should have. Scottie asks if groomsmen will have to wear Swaggy C shirts at the wedding. Steve says Scottie will be at the wedding doing cartwheels down the aisle. Kaycee Kaycee says it feels so amazing. She didn't think her mom would be back from the Philippines and it was crazy to see them in the audience after 99 days. It feels so good to make my family proud. I'm always happy and just want to spread that. I get so passionate, even on the football field, I lose my voice the next moment, I'm so in the moment. It wasn't purposeful that I didn't win early on. I don't do well on things like True and False competitions, but I didn't get chosen to play Veto until Day 46. I thought my name wasn't in the bag. And then I won the Hacker competition and towards the end there were more physical competitions and that's my thing. I had to win that last Veto because if Angela had won, I would have been evicted. Plus I had a great alliance. I was very fortunate to link up with Level 6. I didn't think I would trust anyone in the house. I would not be here today if not for them. There was no part of me, never once, to bring JC instead of Tyler to F2. I made one F2 deal and was going to stick to it unless I felt something funny coming from Tyler and we stuck to it. I still felt I had a good chance against him and 100% think he would have taken me. Tyler (and Angela) I can't believe I'm America's Favorite, Tyler says. I don't even know why I was trending at the beginning of the game. Something in his head all season long was this negative doubt about how he was being perceived, but he just tried to play the best he could and finding out America was behind him was the greatest moment in his life. Tyler says he was going to take Kaycee with him had he won Part III of the Final HoH. I went to KC on Day one - everyone else came to me. She's the same person as me, the same energy, good vibes. I knew I needed someone, and others came to me and I couldn't say no. I wanted to keep the other side of the house guessing, playing Swaggy's side at the beginning, and then Space Pecs used the Veto on me and I final felt comfortable. I was most nervous to see Angela tonight because I didn't tell her about the F2 with Kaycee and I knew she would pick me in that Final HoH. Angela joins Tyler. I wasn't mad, she says, a little upset when I realized you weren't telling me everything, but your F2 with Kaycee was way before we were anything. It was actually nice not knowing on eviction night. That killed me the most, Tyler says, you'll see I was crying in the DR. Marissa tells Tyler that Julie Chen Moonves picked him to win. He can't believe that. I got the girl, Tyler says, I got her vote, I got America's favorite. I feel like I've won. Am I moving in with you in Playa Vista? Would you like to? I would love to! JC I am happy, JC says, my #1 strategy going in was being super loyal and also saying the right thing at the right time. The only reason I didn't make it to the end is I wasn't winning comps. I need my schedule so I can function and I just couldn't focus on the comps, I blame myself but I just felt negative. I had to depend on my social game. The worst part of sitting in the chair for Final HoH Part III is that I lost Part II by just 38 seconds. I would have taken Tyler had I won Part II and Part III. I would have played my loyal game to the end. I had no opportunity with Kaycee - she was super liked with no blood on her hands. I think I would have had a 50-50 with Tyler. I'm going to be friends with all of the HG. The hardest part for me was not having a schedule. I'm a schedule guy. I didn't even have pooping time. I would go into a competition - haven't slept, haven't eaten, haven't pooped. I don't know if I'm ready to face the outside world but the after party is happening right now!
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  14. 1:11AM BBT JC says he's going to stop talking. Tyler and Kaycee aren't listening anyway. Tyler says that was his comp. It's all good. He wonders how Angela is doing. Kaycee says her stress is gone. Kaycee goes through her clothes, smelling articles to find one that's wearable. 1:15AM BBT Tyler wanders into the WC and tells him the blue isn't coming off. Tyler heads back to the BR and JC keeps talking to him as if he's still in the WA. Tyler returns to the WA. JC says he's going to open the second bottle of champagne for the three of them. Tyler teases that he's going to drink it himself. Kaycee says Tyler's nose and hair are blue. JC teases it's not going to come off. 1:18AM BBT JC is out of the shower and Kaycee is getting in. Tyler is sitting in the KT with his head on an ice pack on the counter. His forehead is cold, he tells JC as he passes by in a towel on his way to the BR. Kaycee struggles to get her arms over her head to take her clothes off. I cannot move, she gasps. 1:22AM BBT JC has his pink ball cap and hoodie and pants. Tyler tells him to give Kaycee a champagne shower. JC grabs the bottle out of the fridge and give sit to Tyler to open. JC grabs the cork wish this fist and pulls up. The cork pops and Kaycee calls out from the WA, I heard that! Tyler pours three very full glasses. They toast each other and take a sip. Tyler bends down and JC gives him a kiss on the cheek. 1:24am BBT Tyler and KC bring the three flutes of champagne to the WA and give Kaycee one to hold while they toast each other. Then Tyler puts her glass on the WA counter so she can finish trying to rinse the blue off. She doesn't understand how the guys are still OK. JC says he knows that if he has no business, he's not going to go for it. He just went and jumped. He saw Tyler could have gone on forever. 1:24AM BBT JC teases Tyler that he gets up at 6am and goes running on the beach, that's why he's so good at endurance. Kaycee calls him the endurance king. BB calls JC to the DR. On his way, he tops off his flute. Tyler is pimple popping while Kaycee showers. He says it only went completely parallel one time. Like a rocket ship Kaycee says. I'm picking at my face on national TV, Tyler says. 1:28AM BBT Tyler asks when the live feeds go off for good. Kaycee doesn't know. She says they'll sleep good tonight. Tyler says he's sleeping in Angela's bed. KC is still moaning as she dries off after her shower. Tyler is pacing in the KT, holding his flute of champagne. Kaycee is in fresh clothes. Tyler says he has to stop picking at his face. 1:31AM BBT Tyler and Kaycee toast each other in the WA. Kaycee observes she always falls before him. Tyler strips down to get into the shower. Kaycee asks of JC has said anything and Tyler shakes his head no. Tyler places his towel over the door and steps into the shower, tossing his shorts out into the WA. KC tenderly tries to pull her hair up as Tyler laughs. 1:35AM BBT Kaycee says the blue came off her face but is still on her legs a little. Seven-Seven, she says, giving their comp ratio. Tyler says this comp is only half a point (because he hasn't won HoH yet). He laughs at Kaycee because she keeps saying her arms feel paralyzed. She heads to the BR with her champagne. 1:40AM BBT Tyler is alone with his thoughts in the shower. KC collapses onto the bed, alone with her thoughts. JC is still in the DR, sharing his thoughts with Big Brother.
  15. 12:44 AM BBT Feeds return and the F3 are drinking champagne. It was a hanging comp and Tyler thinks they were out there for an hour at least. 12:47AM BBT KC says her forearms were hurting. JC and Tyler says their toes were burning. JC says the camera guy kept turning and he couldn't. Tyler asks KC how she fell. Tyler tells her to stretch out her arms. Tyler thought after Pie in the Sky, they wouldn't have another hanging comp like this. 12:50AM BBT JC thinks Part II will be Saturday and Part III on Sunday. He wants the HoH open (so they can all clean up at the same time). Something in the comp was blue and they think it might stain their skin. JC says doing these physical comps while your stressed messes up your muscles. Tyler says tomorrow he won't be able to High Five. 12:53am BBT Tyler tells Kaycee to try a protein bar to repair the muscles. Tyler heads to the WA to get a towel and JC teases he's going to pleasure himself because he's the winner. Tyler won Part I of the Final 3 HoH Comp. Tyler says he never looked down and that's what did it - the other two were looking down. Kaycee says she's done with physical sh*t. 12:57am BBT Tyler tells JC he's got blue in his hair. JC says he can't go into the DR because his legs are numb. Both Kaycee and Tyler tell him he did really great. JC is getting into the shower. Tyler says he switched his arms every 5 seconds, back and forth. Tyler and Kaycee are drinking glass after glass of champagne but accuse JC of being drunk. Tyler starts singing the songs he had in his head during the comp and FotH. 1:00AM BBT Stop singing, JC yells at Tyler. Kaycee is trying to do shoulder exercises to loosen up her muscles. I was just riding a jet back for an hour, she says. JC is undressing in the WA while Tyler and Kaycee mill about the KT. JC says there were no official showmances. Tyler says that Swaggy C told him Bayleigh was his girlfriend. He wanted to be in jury with her. Tyler said he offered to vote them both out to the real world. 1:02AM BBT Tyler says it'll be 70 days between when Swaggy C last saw Baleigh. He wonders if he'll still feel the same way about her. JC is in the shower and congratulates Tyler, who walked into the WA to wash his hands. JC says his skin is blue. Apparently the die is not washing off. 1:05am BBT With JC in the shower, Tyler and Kaycee escape into the BR. She thought Tyler was going to drop. He was on the next dip. But she fell first. Kaycee was trying to whistle to communicate with Tyler. Kaycee says she's got it (Part II). Tyler says he knew he (JC) was going to fall first. He could have stayed up a long time. Tyler tells Kaycee she's got this (Part II). Take your time and get it right. 1:08AM BBT Kaycee explains for Tyler how the Part III questions work. You have to know the HG, she says, how they think. JC is calling out to the other two but they cannot hear him. Kaycee tells Tyler she's proud of him. JC is cussing at BB because of the blue ink. BB tells him to chill out.