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  1. NONE of these guys should come back. I hate returning cast members...ugh only way it will work is if they choose enemies. This could be season 6 if goes right but having recycled cast members kinda ruins that.
  2. jayho

    Tuesday Night's Show - (August 29th)

    I loved how danielle had those glasses on, looking straight forward at erika when she was tlaking. Just wish she said something good right then. But the silence was also a very good message.
  3. jayho

    Howie - Evicted Week 7

    Dep are u serious? I agree with u about the marcellas part and how everyone shouldnt kiss ass on the way out. But howie physically took boogie hat and threw it across the house. He did touch boogie, so it wasnt all verbal. Out in the real world, I heard it could be called assault. So howie DID step over the line, its one thing to call people out, anohter thing to physically confront a person in a game.
  4. jayho

    Howie - Evicted Week 7

    U people are crazy, boogie didnt deserve shit to have a guy get in his face. ITs a game, everyone had to go at one time , too bad howie is the person with the worst sportsmanship in the game ever.
  5. jayho

    Everyone Laughing at...

    Is everyone sure that they cheered because janie lost and that mike won? Cause i thought they were final 2, which means when janie lost, boogie won. Also, dont call dani and erika ugly when the "4" have shown equally bad sportsmanship if not worst this season. I heard howie exit was very immature and I guess he wanted his spot light in the game, dumbass. Well I just feel bad that marcellas has to deal with that crazy lunatic for the next few weeks. But the positive thing is that finale isnt far away so I think every week is going to be Double Evictions from here on out.
  6. jayho

    Non-Elimination Leg?

    I cant stand the hippies. They are interesting but are way to happy for me. I cant stand people who are that happy all the time, need some drama and different emotions besides just being happy.
  7. jayho

    Cirie Fields

    I have loved cerie since the begining Very smart player.
  8. will bb7 be done the same way ?
  9. jayho

    CBS to announce Celebrity Big Brother

    I wouldnt want a celeb bb cause it would prob be too much like the surreal life.
  10. jayho

    The Gauntlet 2

    I missed this episode but i dont watch this hsow much anymore since the drama got kinda old. Its the same every year it seems.
  11. jayho

    Survivor: Panama ~ Exile Island

    I never know what happens before it happens on most reality shows except bb because of the feeds.
  12. lol i couldnt imagine hardy being gay but ya never know
  13. jayho

    Who would you like to see on BB7?

    how would rachel make the show ? She only was the brains and i want to see excitement in an allstar not all strategy and waking up at 7 a.m.
  14. jayho

    Meet the Families on 'Amazing Race 8'

    ewww there doing families
  15. jayho

    Hurricane Howie

    well last i knew she wanted to slap him and y the hell does big brother warn april 10 times about not speaking of diary room and she still does :roll: