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  1. I wish the live feed updaters would spell Jordan's name correctly- some spell it JORDON. Her name is even misspelled in the spoilers in a glance. just sayin'
  2. I'm all set! The only thing that is making me sad is that I'm on vacation this week and I'll be in Chicago (Monday - Friday). I'm going to a concert on Thursday so I won't be able to see the show live- but I have my dvr set and it will be waiting for me when I get home Friday afternoon. I'll just have to settle for watching the show and then BBAD on Showtime on Friday. Four hours of BB will be kinda amazing. This will be, I think, my 7th year with the live feeds. Looking forward to having the feeds on most of the day while I'm at work. My favorite time of year is almost here
  3. Long time lurker.... but I practically have no posts- but have been around a very long time! This is by far my favorite time a year, like so many of you. Been a fan since season 1, have had the feeds since season 6. I like the idea of the twist, I just hope those I like are coming back. I'd love to see Dick and Dani make it in. Dick will cause a lot of havoc in the house and that would be great fun. As long as Natalie and Jesse don't come back, I'll be happy... Well, I do not want to see Ezno or Hayden either... Cant wait until next week. I'll be on vacation, my last day in Chicago, but my dvr is set to record the show, as well as BBAD.
  4. Just saw this on Twitter. I have not seen the commercial yet, tho. Anyone see the commercial?
  5. You are a complete idiot and it's pretty obvious that you've never seen Survivor before or you would know that Vecpia, a WOMAN who happens to be black won Survivor Marquesas!
  6. Not saying what Howie did was totally wrong.... But what Boogie did to George in the red room, I thought was worse. Boogie's head is so big, he thinks he's all that and more. I can't wait until the day that he walks out of the house.
  7. lol... don't worry tho, we'll always be able to see her because of the huge amount of hair that she has. i can't stand her hair...
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