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  1. peppertrail

    Early Predictions

    I chose Annie to win, and Enzo first out. Although Rachel is also very annoying, she will be on the other chair....
  2. peppertrail

    Grey's Anatomy

    Glad to see there are some people that really love Denny like I do. Every other place on the net hates this story, I would like to see it finished in a different way than what happened in season 2 with his death. I have read that Izzie has some type of tumor/disease that makes her see Denny, and that he is helping her into the afterlife with him. I can't wait to see the next episode tonite! By the way, why is Callie on the floor bleeding?(in the preview she is)
  3. peppertrail

    The Tudors

    I almost cried when Anne was executed. Even though I couldn't stand her all season, she really redeemed herself. I wish they would have made her father watch her execution, just for punishment, he was a real ass. Did Henry really have a pie made out of that swan? I thought maybe he was watching them as some sort of 'new beginning' the beauty of it, you know? Weird.
  4. peppertrail

    David Archuleta

    I just read at TMZ his dad is now banned from backstage, he can only be in the audience now. HA! I hope he wins, so David Cook can have the career he deserves.
  5. peppertrail

    Criminal Minds

    no, innertube DOES NOT have the Criminal Minds episodes, which ticks me off! Sometimes my dvr will develop some sort of disease and stop receiving the signal, as with the episode where the two girls were kidnapped in Milwaukee. Still waiting for the repeat of that. Its surprising too, since CM is one of CBS top rated shows that they don't have it up on the web. I liked this last episode with Reid. I just hope they don't make him go schizto like his mom.
  6. peppertrail

    Michael Johns

    I am pissed. He was the only one worth watching for me. Now what's left? Garbage.
  7. peppertrail


    I hope it flips and Josh stays. He is my only entertainment in the house right now. My dream would be to cancel the whole week and have Sheila leave tonite.
  8. peppertrail

    David Archuleta

    I can't stand this kid. I think he is an alien from another planet with those pointy ears and blank stare. I think there is more to this controlling dad thing too, just have a feeling he probably gets beat if he doesn't perform just right and if Simon gives a bad review.
  9. peppertrail


    unfrigging believable. If Nat had a brain, she would have nomed Sheila and been done with it.
  10. peppertrail


    I hope Josh stays, but the way this house keeps flipping itself, I won't believe it until Wednesday night.
  11. peppertrail


    I feel so bad for him right now. Is there no stopping James? Geez, I had so hoped ANYONE would have gotten the veto but him!
  12. peppertrail

    As The World Turns

    Wow, no one has posted in this thread in a long time!! I adore this show. I am sad to see Gwen and Will leaving, as well as Martha Byrne not renewing her contract. I hope Jack and Carly get back together after all this mess with Parker, Sam, and Kit. Anyone else think Kit didn't kill Sam, and that Gray did?
  13. peppertrail

    Guiding Light's New Look?

    I have noticed the new change. I like it. I don't get to watch the whole show as I have to go to work before its over, but just to put in my two cents, I used to like Harley, but now that she stole Cyrus away from Marina, I am no longer a fan of hers!
  14. peppertrail

    The Tin Man Mini Series

    I enjoyed it. The only problem I had with the whole thing was the abrupt ending. it almost seemed like the parents blew off Azkadelia even though she was back to her old self. She was a major character throughout the movie, and they stuck her on the other side of Dad at the end of the balcony. It just seemed like after watching it all those nights, it ended up rather blah. I also wanted someone to put Glitch's brain back in his head.
  15. peppertrail

    The Tin Man Mini Series

    I liked it. Its a different spin on the same old story. Sure, I loved the 1939 version as much as anyone else, but this really was an interesting way to tell the tale again. Looking forward to part 2 tomorrow night.