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  1. gizzmotor

    Dan, Week 4

    I gained a lot of respect for dan last night, when he stayed outside to watch the final three supporting them all the way...Way to go DAN While some of the others, thought to take care of their own needs first....They really showed their true colors to me, as to what kind of people they are.
  2. gizzmotor

    Frank, Week 4 (Nominee)

    I was supporting Frank, and ejoyed his game play.....Last night changed my mind, he is extremly selfish, to go and take a shower and only think of himslef....Tells me what kind of person he is...Especially when players were still outside hanging on.....Shame Frank
  3. gizzmotor

    Mike "Boogie", Week 4

    Lost all respect last night for Boogie, as soon as the house opened up he left to get a shower....Meanwhile when Iand needed his support, that selfish a.. was only thinking about himself
  4. I would love to know the story behind Frank, there is more to him then meets the eye....Just my opinion. Yes he has fought for the last few years to make it on the show, for what reason....I don't take him as a die hard fan....Just wondering what he wants after the show is over.
  5. gizzmotor

    Danielle Murphree, Week 3

    Dani is a pint low, so is the rest of these newbies.....Where did they get these people this year, must havae been at a psch ward.....Really only kidding, but can't figure there game play out...Playing dumb and innocent only gets you so far in the BB House.
  6. gizzmotor

    Jenn Arroyo, Week 3

    I agree with you Marty! Just don't understand what game of BB she is playing.
  7. gizzmotor

    Joe Arvin, Week 3 (Nominee)

    Or think it and have a good chuckle, and leave well enough alone
  8. gizzmotor

    America Votes - Coaches enter the game?

    Really a lost season of BB for me... Groder once again has proved she has no creativity....Saw this twist coming from the first week. So let happen what is going to happen!!!!!!!
  9. gizzmotor

    General Chit-Chat / Questions / Venting

    i still think that the coaches will go into the game....That is why Dan picked the team he has. Maybe not, but nothing else makes sense to me, at least right now.
  10. gizzmotor

    Willie Hantz, Week 2 (Out - July 20)

    Love the thoughts that he is getting a wake up call, that he is a complete a--......LOL
  11. gizzmotor

    Willie Hantz, Week 2 (Out - July 20)

    Well the cast and the way the show is going without Willie is dying fast in my opinion. There is not one person in there worth watching, for at least me. Who picked this cast, should be fired, this is the worst cast for me ever.
  12. gizzmotor

    Ashley Iocca, Week 2 (Coach Saved)

    Her sweetness is getting on my last nerve.....Hate her gameplay, but I am sure she is fooling them all!
  13. gizzmotor

    Joe, Week 1

    Not that he likes to stir the pot, he is the pot....Joe is such a poor gamer, everytime he hears his name has been mentioned, he goes crazy. He really doesn't have much of a game at all...Byeeeeeeeeeee Joe you won't be in there long.
  14. gizzmotor

    Willie, Week 1

    Well what a grand gesture by Willie this morning....Layin on one of the couches all by himself, while other HG's are still sleeping decided with both hands to flip us off....Hope your gone sooner then later Dude!
  15. gizzmotor

    Willie, Week 1

    I knew this was going to blow up in his face...He is moving way to quickly on making deals with everyone. Truly a bad player!
  16. gizzmotor

    General Chit-Chat / Questions / Venting

    Totally agree Marty, I ended up turning it off, and just went to bed.
  17. gizzmotor

    Ian, Week 1

    Yep I was hoping he would go far, and play all of them. When Boogie is advising him on his game play, he should not have to tell a young man, not sit and watch when the women are showering,,,,,Just plain and simple Creepy He surely does not act like a 21 year old young man, I wonder if he is younger then he is admitting too.
  18. gizzmotor

    General Chit-Chat / Questions / Venting

    Love this thread Pokey! It will certainly help posters with qusestions they have.
  19. gizzmotor

    Ian, Week 1

    Well they know how smart he is, he blew any chances for him to stay in game...How can you be that smart, and have no common sense. His total recall of all seasons players names, and the order they went out of the game was extremely immpressive. Props to Ian
  20. gizzmotor

    Ian, Week 1

    Quack Quack, hope you go soon Ian. No Game What so EVER
  21. gizzmotor

    Jenn, Week 1

    Her table manners, I agree Marty, are disgusting....Plus she is lazy, does not even help clean up, sits there and just watches everyone else help....PURELY LAZY Can you tell she is not one of my favorite HG's
  22. gizzmotor

    Real Player Live Feeds Q & A

    Can someone give the app to download on my iphone, I would appreciate it....Just got the iphone, so a little confused with all
  23. gizzmotor

    General Chit-Chat / Questions / Venting

    Yep I agree, something is about to go down with the coaches, if you listen to them talking, they leak little bits of information.....Last night between Brit and Janie, hard to put together what they were talking,, that Frank is the only one who questioned Jani about it. More to come people!
  24. gizzmotor

    General Chit-Chat / Questions / Venting

    I heard that last night from Jani and Brit, that Frank was tthe only tht figured out about the keys. Morel or less saying they will be able to play the game. Thsty esd my unerstanding.