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    Chat News & Announcements

    Having trouble getting back into chat...I know there were problems with the board, so is chat now being run with a Java program....I need some help figuring out what program of Java do i need to install? Thank You!
  2. I am so over Devin, he is just has very poor game play...One minute he is bullying HG, the next he is using his daughter,,,,Playing way to hard this early...He is going home soon
  3. Dislike her even more now....Very Bossy, and can't stand her valley girl voice.
  4. gizzmotor

    Zach Rance (Week 1)

    Not sure about him yet, but willing to give him a small amout of time to prove himself....
  5. gizzmotor

    Derrick Levasseur (Week 1)

    Yep I have liked Derrick since his interview...He has it all! Hope he goes far
  6. gizzmotor

    Paola Shea (Week 1) - nominated by Caleb

    I really think people are going to see right thru her, and she won't be around for too long....thank the BB Gods!
  7. I am predicting it won't be a issue this year!
  8. She will be the mom of the house, good luck with that! Just really never works out with all the singles.
  9. I see him out fairly early because of his physcal strength, could be wrong.
  10. I sure hope your right, not happy to see her on the show.
  11. Vote her off fassssssssssssssssst.
  12. This guy will do well, only problem is his size he may intimidate the other players.
  13. gizzmotor

    First Team America Vote is Up!

    Yep I voted, but it is sure hard to know these hg's yet
  14. Hope this Guy does well, seems very down to earth.
  15. Oh my, he will be out early
  16. gizzmotor

    Chat News & Announcements

    I have to laugh, I am right there with you wonder, good to see you again
  17. He will be in everyone's business....Done with him already....LOL
  18. Nope not impressed either Marty...Could be wrong, you know how first impressions are.
  19. gizzmotor

    BB16 Rumors: Like or Don't like?

    Thanks Sassy! They should being heading in the house shortly. time is ticking on now
  20. gizzmotor

    Chat News & Announcements

    Yep Dade I would love to come back to chat.....I am sure its wonderful, but I can't for the life of me get in...DANG
  21. gizzmotor

    New and Old Members

    So very glad to so many of you that are still here... YIIPPEEEE, Welcome to all the newbies, hope you all have a great time at MORTY's
  22. gizzmotor

    BB16 Rumors: Like or Don't like?

    I say just bring it on....I would really like all new players!
  23. gizzmotor

    Howard - Week 5 - Evicted (Aug. 1)

    Could someone explain what went down with Howard and Amanada?????
  24. gizzmotor

    Elissa - Week 4 - POV Winner - Saved

    She is not my favorite player, I see a side to her that is not very appealing. Yep that is the nicest thing I could say!
  25. Not sure Iris, the feeds have been on triva for quite a while.......IMAGINE THAT...LOL