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    A little bit of this...and a lotta bit of that...But most importantly...JUST BEING ME!!!
  1. Did not know you were in NC!

  2. Hey Girl! Looking forward to chatting again soon :)

    Have a great 4TH :)

  3. Super Excited About Big Brother!!!

  4. RelleRelle

    BB12 Houseguests Revealed

    There are 13 HG's because one of them already dropped out because of undisclosed reasons and that he/she won't be replaced, they are just going to play on with the sabatour in the house.... Here is the article that talks about that... http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100630/ap_en_tv/us_tv_big_brother12 I have 3 suspects for the MOLE 1. Andrew: the Jewish single dad. I think all of his JEWISH customs and restrictions will be what the Hg's Find annoying. I believe that when CBS and BB producers heard about these things that he would be doing differant, they though about how it would get annoyign to the HG;s also, and decided to make him the MOLE 2.Lane: he is the oil rigs salesman(YES CBS IS WRONG FOE THIS ONE), and he also says in his bio on cbs.com that he work in public relations so he can twist and play every person in that house which should enable him to come out on top. Which top, succeed at winning the MOLE money or the BB money....hmmmm 3.Kristen: 24 yrs old Philly Boutique manager, who describes herself as a "qiet storm" and that there is nobody on reality TV quite like her. Was that some cryptic clue as to her true identity in the BB house this season...HMMM time will tell!!! CANT WAIT!!!!.....JULY 8th Can't Get here Fast enough!!!(July 15 for the MOLE)
  5. Hey RelleRelle! Just cause the season is over doesn't mean you get to escape me :)

  6. RelleRelle

    big brother chat room

    Ha Ha Ha...Please COme Everyone.......COMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
  7. i think you should get a personal statement ASAP

  8. RelleRelle

    Who Is The Mole?

    Craig Mole, Mark Looser Nicole Winner But I am voting for Nicole just because!!!!
  9. RelleRelle

    Who Is The Mole?

    Nicole....I think it's NIcole!!!
  10. RelleRelle

    Hoh - Week 5

    I was hoping for a whichever doesn't leave, gets is, but it looks like from the results so far...Dani has it....too much pressure on her if nick stays, and personal vendetta will be her options if he leaves.....with all that said, Will Dani really be a good next HOH, or will the LMN LDC (whatever they call themselves) mainly being Dustin and Amber, ring leaders prevail again?....We shall see Friday!!!