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  1. gambit3131

    BB All-Stars Redo?

    I wouldn't watch it again. I'm already over the whole all star thing. However, if they did do it again. BB would have to stay in control this time. They can't let the HG's get away with everything.
  2. gambit3131

    Tuesday 9/5 live eviction show

    This show is rigged for Erika to win. Just kidding. Julie did tell them after Boogie asked if they had to keep two hands on. She said "yes", although kind of slow to respond to it. I saw Janelle lift her hand and made comment (here at home) when it happened. I was still in shock that Boogie jumped. We were ready to start the live feeds to watch the endurance. Now CBS won't have the influx of last minute live feeders. I really feel sorry for the art department. It looks like they put a lot of effort into that challenge.
  3. gambit3131

    Sunday, August 27th

    Dani is watching Erika talking with Will and Boogie and she is not happy. mmmwwwahahahahahah I think the phrase I am looking for is... If looks could kill.
  4. gambit3131

    What happened with George and Poo?

    Poo, slop, same difference.
  5. gambit3131

    HOH - Week 8 (Spoiler)

    Too late for that.
  6. gambit3131


    I'm with Janelle, I despise the way Erika plays this game.
  7. gambit3131

    Sequester House

    Howie "The ultimate betrayal" Dramatic pause Marci "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" I fell out of my seat I was laughing so hard.
  8. gambit3131

    HOH - Week 8 (Spoiler)

    She is going to step up. She's going to strut around the house like she's been playing an awesome game and then she is going to put Janelle and George on the block. Either that or she'll try to back door Janelle.
  9. gambit3131

    Another Double Eviction - Week 8 & 9

    What's more nauseating, last nights showmances or Maci whining?
  10. gambit3131


    I guess my question is, has Erika played the game? Will has played an incredible game. Erika has done nothing but sat back. Is that playing? That's my main problem with Erika.
  11. gambit3131

    Sequester House

    I thought the same thing. It looks very familiar. Very true. Although I am somewhat disappointed in Howie and him cutting George down. It makes for very funny TV in watching Marjealous whine about it, and everything else. I wonder if he complains if his drinking water temp isn't spot on.
  12. gambit3131


    I wonder if Will actually knows what version of reality is the real version. He has made up so many of them during his time in the house. Like Howie said, Will is so good he could make you nominate yourself.
  13. gambit3131


    I like how Erika admitted during her goodbye message to James that she had to be the only floater in the house. Now she's going to be prancing around the house like she's all that. Just like Booger did.
  14. gambit3131

    Sequester House

    I was actually expecting Marci to whine about how he was walking on the beach and he got wet. Laugh. We need a Marci the Drama Queen smiley. I mean "grimace"