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  5. How hot is that Parvati? They all be jealous of her.

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    This is pretty cool stuff we got here.

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  8. rook9566

    Survivor All Stars 2

    Well what is an all-star anyway? Obviously, Yul and Ozzie were this season, but was Becky? Was Johnathan? I don't think Yul would come back. He strikes me as the kind of guy that knows he's beaton the odds, and he wont be able to do it again. Ozzie would probably go again, but I don't think he will make it as far. Nobody wants to go up against him in a challenge. I'd love to see the dominators from all 14 seasons go against each other. Ozzie, Terry, Stephanie. Those are the ones I can remember.
  9. rook9566

    Yul Kwon

    That's a good point Crappy. I didnt like the F3 but you are exactly right. It does have some merit.