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    Playing guitar, riding my Heritage Softtail woooo hooo, cooking, travel, spiritual, and I'm a people person! Did I hear "ROAD TRIP".....let's go!
  1. chopped_liva

    Cassi - Week 2 Evicted 7/21

    I believe "Catty" was the endearing term she had for Rachel......NAILED IT!
  2. chopped_liva

    Keith - Week 1 - Evicted 7/14

    Ok, this guy's "snot snorting" is really getting to me!!!!!
  3. chopped_liva

    Daniele - Week 1

    I was thinking that was said last night, too, Ginger. Don't quite understand why she has the key either.
  4. Back again, hello All......so drama and only the 1st day!
  5. chopped_liva

    Lane - Week 7

    Wow, guess I shouldn't take it personal to be from the south on the board....but, back to the game!
  6. chopped_liva

    PoV - Week 7

    Now....that's funny!!!!!
  7. chopped_liva

    Live Feed and BB After Dark 8/20

    I hope you are right, Marty. Enzo is the weasel in this game, from what I've been listening to.
  8. chopped_liva

    Thursday, Aug. 19th Show

    Personally, I think it's time to put the cat outside.....meow meow
  9. chopped_liva

    Matt - Week 6 Nominee

    Exactly!! Nothing........
  10. chopped_liva

    Hayden - Week 6

    i know, it almost bugs me as much as Enzo's eating habits.
  11. chopped_liva

    Pandora's Box - Diamond Power of Veto

    JMO.... As Kathy has proved she votes emotionally and not strategically, it may be a safer bet for Matt to put her up.
  12. chopped_liva

    Live Feed and BB After Dark 8/15

    Ha Ha.....oh, I'm sorry....that amused me....lmao!
  13. chopped_liva

    Enzo - Week 6

    I hope you're right, as the only comp he's won was the very 1st one and nobody really wanted it or the $10k.
  14. chopped_liva

    Brendon - Week 6 HoH

    Well said!
  15. chopped_liva

    Enzo - Week 6

    That's because they are incapable of winning a competition, except for Matt.