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  1. If you were able to re-vote for Americans Team this late in the game would you keep the same 3 or change it up now they you've seen more of the players? I think I would not vote for Frankie now Would change him out for Nicole Would stick with Derek And as much as I love Donnie I think Zack would be fun in that role YOU?
  2. ldywldkat

    Russell Hantz - Part 1

    Oh yeah, let's watch all the other exciting players in this game... let's see we could watch hmmm nevermind she's asleep, let's check-out oh heck he's leading the others in a yoga exercise, well there's always, nevermind they are watching the people that are doing the yoga. Well that was our show this week you all make sure you watch next week to see who actually gets stuck in their yoga move. *sigh* I honestly think this could be the most boring Survivor ever if they don't come up with something to change up the game. Have a great day! Kat
  3. ldywldkat

    Russell Hantz - Part 1

    Please don't forget what we see is edited. They do all they can to make the players say things in certain ways to make them what they want them to come across as. Remember, this isn't BB where we can watch them 24 hours and know what kind of people they really are no matter what the producers try to edit them like. Look at gnat they didn't show her on the televised shows even half as bad as she was. It's just that with Survivor it is so much more edited then we can even began to see.
  4. ldywldkat

    Amazing Race 15 Discussion Thread

    WOW Brian and Erika did good on that one... Got really lucky there *smile* finding someone to take them straight there.
  5. ldywldkat

    Amazing Race 15 Discussion Thread

    I do think this wasabi game relies way too much on the luck of where the wheel ends. I mean the poker girls didn't make it the first time and they should have been ineligible for at least one round. I know luck is part of a lot of all games but this seems a little much for the first part of AR.
  6. ldywldkat

    Amazing Race 15 Discussion Thread

    I had first impressions of not liking either of these teams also, but can you imagine being so ready for this and not even getting to start it. That would so suck and most likely be my luck... *smile*
  7. ldywldkat

    Russell Hantz - Part 1

    Well it wasn't "random" he actually "searched" for it. That may help explain why he was the one to find it. Note: I like Jaison but even after Russell said they should start searching for the idol he didn't. His loss.
  8. ldywldkat

    Russell Hantz - Part 1

    Okay I need to get a life but here goes. When I read your post it made me wonder... Just how many times the winner has come from the tribe with the less members going into the merge. In other words, maybe it doesn't matter how well you they play together at the beginning anyway as it will not effect who the winner will be. So this is what I found out and it really seems to say it doesn't matter what your team did before the merge. Of the 18 seasons before this one: 1 season had no merge (Season 10) (officially accoding to producers, I kinda disagree with that as there was only 1 left from a team to join the other but, I guess we should go by the official stats) 6 seasons went into the merge dead even numbers from each team (Seasons 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9) 6 seasons the winner came from the tribe that had the most people at the merge (Seasons 4, 5, 12, 14, 15, 16) 5 seasons the winner came from the tribe that had the fewest people at the merge (Seasons 8, 11, 13, 17, 18) So it looks like it is not as much of a positive as one would think to come from the "best" tribe before the merge. Looking at the numbers it's interesting that after season 9 there weren't any even mergers again. Also, the seasons after season 10 went back and forth basically from wether the winner came from the higher members at merger or from the lowest members at merger. Now honestly it is best not to even put yourself in the team that has to vote someone out but in the end that doesn't seem to matter as much as one would think. But of course you do have to get to the merge. Things that make you go hmmmmm... or not.... Hope you all found this as interesting as I did... *smile*
  9. ldywldkat

    Russell Hantz - Part 1

    Human's are such an interesting lot aren't we. First off while we may not like the this fact but on Survivor you are allowed to do almost anything to win that is what the producers intended when they created it and that is what they still want to see. Now I agree there are some people I enjoy playing that way more than others. That may be due to editing or just my own personality traits I am not sure. I know in BB this year I totally had a dislike for gnat that I couldn't really figure out why. I absolutely LOVED Evel Dick and it just doesn't make a lot of sense. As a woman I find it so strange that the same thing I love in a mans game I find I practically hate in a womans game. Just being honest there must be something to do with my raisin' *smile*. I can't imangine an entire season of "sweet, honest, lovable" people. That would be so boring and nothing I would want to watch. Now I am not saying I have chosen Russell as my fave yet this year it usually takes me a while to pick someone out in Survivor. I think it may be the fact that we are not actually getting to see their true personallities come out for a few episodes if at all. On BB we have the ability to see them 24 hours and most can't usually hide their true selves for that long. On Survivor we mostly get an edited version and I don't believe we always the whole picture of a person that way. That may also explain why I don't get as involved in the love/hate thing on Survivor as I do on BB. It just doesn't seem to matter as much. One more quick thing - this was quoted earlier in the string {This guy needs to go.. Season one had no evil villian.} How soon we forget that was the season we met the angelic Richard... *smile* Have a great day everyone!
  10. ldywldkat

    Russell Hantz - Part 1

    Survivor is NOT Big Brother it's a whole new game and can not be played or looked at the same in any way. Rules in Survivor? Far as I know as long as you don't physically hurt someone on purpose there are none. Not saying Russell H is my fave yet or will be but you have to get the Big Brother mentality out of your head watching this show. We loved it when Rupert stole the other teams supplies because he did it with a big smile. Russel just happens not to smile the same but he actually does have the same mentality... It's a game... alls fair in love and war and this is WAR!
  11. ldywldkat

    Saying Goodbye to BB11

    Okay, Now for my idea (which I am sure many have had for years and years)... The ULTIMATE after The Show Show Reality Show! Bring them all back lock them in the house with nothing but a computer playing on large screens all over the house playing the "live feeds" over. Then let them re-play the game voting someone out every week, same competions re-done (different questions of course). Would you watch? *smile*
  12. Does anyone know if you can't watch all this ED show tonight will you be able to watch the rest tomorrow....