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  1. Hello everyone!! it's been a long lonely winter, I didn't get the feed sthis year but I have found a streaming channel on my roku box that appears to be live so once i confirm it is i will be happy to resume posting LFU!!
  2. lidarln

    Thursday 7/30 Show

  3. lidarln

    * Natalie *

    so, does anyone inside the house know her real age yet?
  4. lidarln

    Spreadsheet Summary for BB11

    SWEEEETTTT!!! thanks Georgie!!!
  5. lidarln


    Hi Guys!!! okay I'm hooked, I watched the last epi of season one, a special called 'taste of tru blood' detailing events in the first season (ala cliff notes) and, so far, epi 1-4 of season 2 are more epis coming soon? what's up mid season break or something? i was on target with the pan thing after she started talking about the mural of Pan, and i just love the show, the whole thing, LOVE IT!
  6. lidarln

    Possible Twists

    i agree completely
  7. lidarln


    i wanna join the Jerry Train!!! i want this guy to win!!!
  8. lidarln

    Possible Twists

    I've only seen the info here on Morty's so forgive me if i am way off here. didn't Julie show 2 HOH robes in the tour photos? what if it's double HOH again, and you have to work with your Rival, like they did with the soulmates???
  9. lidarln

    What Are Your Favorite "movie Scenes"

    ohhh, good thread..... Child's play when after the mom realizes there were no batteries in Chucky and he rolled out of her arms and hid....and later when he's crawling down the hall minus a leg and arm and all charred up....(speaking of Chucky where's Ginger?) Pet cemetery when the little kid is under the bed and slices the old mans heel, then his face..... Evil Dead when Ash is trying to cut off his own hand..... my absolute favorite moment in movie history is in Jaws when they're in the hull of the ship swapping tales and showing scars, then the story of the USS Indianapolis, and ends with the a rousing round of "show me the way to go home...." THIS IS THE BEST 10 MINUTES IN FILM HISTORY
  10. lidarln


    woo hoo! that was tooo easy! Thanks UVP and Echo
  11. lidarln

    Mrs Froman's Poem - Thanks!

    I forgot to Add Thanks Mrs F that was really cute!
  12. lidarln


    ANY zip? like my real Zip, or make one up, or do you have a China zip you used???
  13. lidarln

    Mrs Froman's Poem - Thanks!

    i too missed OldGuy he was spotted over in OT, but he didin't stay long
  14. lidarln

    Thank You Live Feed Updaters!

    Thanks Mods and LF Updaters!!! Especially you JEM!!!