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  1. jcy808

    Ragan - Week 3

    I'm loving this guy right now. He said exactly what I was thinking about Brendon. That Brendon is such an idiot but he thinks he's so smart. Go Ragan!
  2. jcy808

    Brendon - Week 3 (PoV)

    This guy is such a tool. I'm so tired of hearing his whining about how hard everything is for him; everything in life is against him; and no one else can understand how hard everything is for him. I'm also tired of hearing about him talking about floaters. His definition of floating keeps changing and he seems to think that just because you may slip up in a competition, you lost on purpose. What if they just slipped? It does happen sometimes. Good grief, this whiny idiot irritates the crap out of me.
  3. jcy808

    Brendon - Week 3 (PoV)

    omg, this guy is such a whiny bitch. if rachel doesn't want to talk about something while on tv, why can't he just drop it? he's sooo needy. i would never be able to be with a guy like that. irritating!
  4. jcy808

    Brendon - Week 3 (PoV)

    So funny when he and Rachel talk. He can't even form a complete sentence and when she tries to help him, he gets mad and pouts. He tells her, "I'm not stupid, you talk to me like I'm stupid." Well, maybe because you SOUND stupid. All he talks about is people falling off the surfboards early. How does he know for sure? What if they slipped? He wasn't watching everyone. Can't stand when people assume like that. If you can't tell, I don't like this whiny baby.
  5. jcy808

    Brendon - Week 3 (PoV)

    It's cracking me up that Rachel is calling out Brendon on his knowledge. He doesn't sound very intelligent...is he really a physics guy?
  6. jcy808

    7/25 - Live Feed Updates

    10:10am BBT Kathy told Kristen that she had to tell her something that she heard but she's not trying to start anything, However, Kathy feels that she may not have another chance to tell Kristen before she leaves. Kathy then went outside and Kristen went to put her clothes away (planning to talk later?)
  7. jcy808

    Brendon - Week 3 (PoV)

    omg, this guy is way too sensitive. I can't handle his emotional neediness anymore - send him home!!
  8. jcy808

    Kathy - Week 3 (Nominee)

    That "you know" thing is so annoying! "So, you know, I was like, you know, it's, you know." Aaaargh!!
  9. jcy808

    Britney - Week 3

    I'm actually starting to like this girl. I've been listening to her conversations and she seems pretty intelligent and savvy. Her busting on other house guests is pretty funny because it's usually kind of accurate.
  10. jcy808

    7/24 - Live Feed Updates

    3:17pm BBT Matt explaining to Andrew that he wanted Brendon out and that's why he tried this plan. Andrew says he should have put both Rachel and Brendon up and one would've gone home either way. Matt says that his target was always only Brendon. Andrew asks Matt to see his side and how it seemed suspicious. Matt agrees. Andrew tells Matt not to push votes because he wants to see how it shakes out. (They both talk over each other and want the other to see their side, but it seems like neither is listening).
  11. jcy808

    7/24 - Live Feed Updates

    3:00pm BBT Kristen telling Andrew that she and Hayden want to keep him, but she'll be telling Kathy not to worry because she likes her as a friend. Rachel and Brendon talking and Rachel says she doesn't want to target Matt now because he saved their asses. Brendon says he still doesn't trust him though. They mention that Kristen is talking to all the boys so they don't put her up. They both say that they're not after Britney anymore and Brendon tells Rachel that she needs to tell Britney that.
  12. jcy808

    7/24 - Live Feed Updates

    2:11pm BBT Rachel enters HOH room and talk stops between Matt, Ragan and Kristen. Proposed splitting votes 4 to 4 so Matt can break the tie. Rachel is giving Matt advice. Matt believes Andrew should stay because he deserves too, but he's afraid Andrew has something against him and will gun for him anyway. Rachel says that Matt needs to play for himself and has proven himself to others (complimentary). She's saying that Matt was a much better HOH than her.
  13. jcy808

    Matt - Week 3 (HoH)

    I don't understand why we have to watch this season after season. Trying to back door someone from the beginning is the stupidest move to make. If you want one or two people to go home, put them up to begin with. He's an idiot. Now he'll have three people after him.
  14. jcy808

    7/24 - Live Feed Updates

    1:51pm BBT Feeds back. Looks like Brendon or Rachel won veto. Matt is asking Kristen which person she prefers to keep, Andrew or Kathy.
  15. jcy808

    Live Feed and BB After Dark 7/23

    unfortunately, matt is thinking of things in a logical and strategic way with odds and everything, but the worst case scenario happened and both Brendon and Rachel are playing. the problem is he's not taking into account the human factor - there's no predicting things when people are involved. interesting that Andrew just told Kathy the plan to back door Brendon. Wonder if she'll tell Rachel and Brendon before the POV?