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  1. "That would acutally be interesting. Taking the best CBS reality show teams and throwing them on the Amazing Race. Dani/Dick, Eric/Jess, Boogie/Will, and I can't remember any survivor ones, but it would be cool. " Rob and Amber were on Survivor and Survivor All-Stars, then parlayed that into TAR 7, a show about their wedding and were also in the All-Stars edition. I hope they don't cancel it. It would be dumb to do so as TAR has won the Emmy for best reality show.
  2. 9 pm in the eastern time zone is 8 pm in the central time zone. I live in the central time zone as well. I think we are alll going to be ok. BB comes on at 8 EST (7 central).
  3. Hmm let me see, I'll go season by season... Season 2-Will and Boogie, Boogie especially Season 3-Danielle Season 4-Allison and Jun Season 5-I guess I would have to go with Adria/Natalie then Drew Season 6-the entire friendship alliance especially April All-Stars-Boogie and Erika Season 8-Amber and after her recent actions in the last few weeks Danielle. She cried about Nick, yet voted him out. She wouldn't have anything to do with Zach for most of the season, but as soon as he got HOH, she was his new BFF. Then when he got HOH and didn't do what she and her dad wanted, she turned on him.
  4. For Seasons 2-3, things were very different. All of the evicted HG's were allowed to go home and resume their normal lives. They were able to watch the broadcasts and the feeds if they were so inclined, Diary Rooms included. (This was also the case for Season 1 but they only vote the HG's had regarding evictions was who would be nominated (America did the evictions)). In Season 2-3 all of the evicted HG's were allowed to vote for the winner of that season. After Season three, the evicted HG's said that it was Danielle's comments in the DR (Danielle also said in interviews she may have been too revealing in the DR) and her manipulations that caused them to vote for Lisa. That and she confessed to Lisa after Jason was evicted basically everything she had done. I also thing Roddy had a lot to do with Lisa's winning. They showed him doing a lot of active campaigning for Lisa due to Danielle's actions during the question and answer period. After that, the producers decided that they would go the jury route and show the evicted HG's limited footage of the activities in the house.
  5. Amber was given some information about the outside world during her appearance on Power of 10. Her last question was about Pit Bulls and whether they should be outlawed. Drew made some comment about Michael Vick and Amber said, "I like Michael Vick." Drew said, "You will have a lot to learn about when you leave the house." P.S. Are they even going to let them see a video of who gets kicked out like they have in the past?
  6. They could a double eviction in one episode. They did this last year, in addition to one double eviction week. Remember, they kicked out Danielle, then Janelle won HOH and nominated Erika and either Mike or George. They immediately did the POV and Erika won took herself off the block and Janelle nominated Mike George or Will. They voted and George was out.
  7. He didn't get Jessica nominated when Jen was HOH. He tried initially for the first round then when Danielle won POV he tried again, but was unsuccessful. Jen wouldn't even listen to him.
  8. Don't forget ESPN is opening their season with College Football Thursday night, which is probably what I'll be watching.
  9. America can't vote on whether Eric can used the POV or not, because of the way the show and the comps are scheduled. The Sunday show usually shows the food competitions and the nominations. This usually happens on Friday and/or Saturday in real time. The Tuesday show usually does the fallout from the noms, POV game and the ceremony, which means the POV game happens Saturday, Sunday or Monday with the ceremony regarding that on Monday so they can show all of that in the Tuesday show. The only way we could vote on POV is if they postpone the vote until after the Tuesday show airs and have a double poll on how should the POV be used and who should Eric vote for. Postponing the vote would arouse suspicion in the HG's. They are already getting suspicious in regards to the DR sessions and not having an America's choice type luxury comp or something like they have in the past. P.S. anyone else not enjoying the show airing on Sundays this year? I think I liked it better when the weekend version aired on Saturdays. It is kind of anticlimatic with it being on Sundays, especially if you read things in this forum and watch the live feeds. In the past those folks knew who was nominated and the food comps and that was about it. Now by the time the show airs, a whole lot of stuff has already gone down like the POV and that drama.
  10. If destruction of physical property is not allowed, why was Eric ALLOWED to squirt mustard on Jen's shirt/pillow. Why didn't he get a punished or something.
  11. Not surprised. The Nerd Herd (season 6) never realized how much America disliked them until they left the house and sequester. Remember? They never understood why Janelle kept getting all of the America's choice prizes (the phone call and the appearance on 2 1/2 Men). I believe April called us some nasty names during one episode after Ivette cried about not getting the phone call from a loved one.
  12. Will acted the same way last year on All-Stars. I don't get the live feeds but everyone on here said that he would talk to the camera people and such, which was the reason they kept getting FOTH. There were several times that Will let things out of the bag that should have gotten him disqualified but he wasn't because the producers wanted to keep him around.
  13. I don't think they will be made aware of it until the finale because it will be the "ultimate twist" Of the other evicted HG's it wasn't mentioned in the interview with Jule except for Joe and Nick and that was because one of Eric's tasks directly affected them (Joe because Eric had to get in bed with him and Nick because Eric's "rogue vote" for Kail led to his eviction.
  14. My theory about Eric is the producers and CBS just want him to at least make it to sequester which he will since this is likely the last week before sequester. I am going by what has happened in the previous 3 seasons. I don't get the live feeds so has it been mentioned on them when the HG's go to sequester? I don't think they want him to win. If he makes it to sequester, he may not still be playing the game, but as CBS keeps saying when he doesn't get HOH, he can still influence the outcome. He will be a jury vote and they can still make money off of all of the text messages for his vote at the finale. They could even have him wreak havoc at sequester and have viewers vote how. Another thing is since he is going to make sequester, the producers can hold off revealing it to the remaining HG's until the finale to show them that he was the "ultimate twist." That said, I hope the house votes 4-2 to get rid of Dustin, with his (America's) vote being the deciding factor. I have nothing against Dustin except that he has a bit of an ego and his facial tick with his mouth is kind of annoying. I just want to see the house shaken up a bit and Eric pay for some of his underhanded ness.
  15. He could have stayed on the sidelines and been a floater for the entire game. The strategy works. Just ask Allison and Jun (runner up and winner season 4) and Erika (season 4 and runner up, all-stars). It worked for the twins in season 5 until the twist was revealed and the house didn't like their readymade alliance.
  16. I liked Eric better when he was playing his game more low key. He kind of sat on the sidelines and allowed other people to be the star and make the decisions. I lost alot of respect for him when he basically thumbed his nose at America when he disagreed with our choices regarding nominations and evictions. I don't know about anyone else but if someone insults me and my decisions like he has, I don't want to do what he has told me to do. He developed a bit of a Napoleon complex when he orchestrated Nick's eviction and hasn't lost it.
  17. I went online and asked about the gray t-shirt, but they didn't use my question. I was glad to see I am not the only person who asked about it, though I thought his answer was pretty lame. Eric may have gone to Dick about Amber's secret for strategy reasons. He wanted the secret out to unbalance Amber so he told the one person he knew would tell (Dick)it so that HE would look like the bad guy for blabbing and not Eric. Still think Eric needs to go but with Jessica as HOH, he is likely to make it to sequester so that CBS can use him one more time for the finale.
  18. Gimme a break. CBS cares if Eric gets evicted or not because THEY will lose money!!! How much money do you think they have made off of all those text messages viewers have sent to BB since the show started? If Eric gets evicted before sequester, that money will end period. If he gets evicted after sequester, then CBS can at least have one more vote for the finale.
  19. They did the same thing last year with all stars, remember? One POV was just like the one on Tuesday. The only difference is that they didn't have them give up the money. They had to eat a bunch of slop in so many seconds, give up a POV ceremony for a week, they even had to shave their heads and George won because he said he would go the remaining days on slop.
  20. Dustin was right. In season 6 and 7, the double evictions happened the first week of sequester. I remember it because ironically Kaysar was the last player evicted before sequester in both seasons. In season 6 after Kaysar was evicted, they had HOH, Janelle won and Jennifer was out the door 24-36 hours later. Beau became HOH after Jennifer's eviction and he got Rachel out that same week. Last season, Marcellas was evicted as the first jury member and that week was a double eviction week, sending Howie and I believe James, George or Danielle.
  21. I didn't see a problem with the coup d'etat except that the wrong person was HOH when Mike (I refuse to call him by that other name) won it. Mike didn't need to use it because George was HOH and all he had to do was threaten George and George went along with it. It would have been ok if they had done it the way they have done vetoes over the years. If I had to pick a worst twist I would have to say season 6's partner twist. Everyone had figured it out by the end of the first week. The twin twist worked as long as Adria and Natalie were playing as one person. As soon as they were revealed as twins, the whole thing went South after it was revealed because it dawned on them that they would be an unbreakable alliance.
  22. I think she does and here is why. Carol Burnett used to pull her ear as she said goodnight on her show back in the 1970's. She told people later that was her nonverbal way of telling her grandmother (who raised her) "Hey and I love you." Amber mentioned in either an interview with Julie or in the DR sessions that she has a secret signal with her daughter to tell her she loves her and that is when she swings the pendant on her necklace. If you notice when she has voted in the DR, she is always playing with that necklace.
  23. I asked Dustin about his gray shirt and why he wears it all of the time.
  24. Ivette also made several nasty bigoted comments about Kaysar at the time, though I think she has come to regret most of her actions in the house. If you watched her comments during the voting for BB all-stars (she was a candidate but didn't get voted in or selected) she made a huge point of distancing herself from the Friendship. I think her family (and her girlfriend) told her she looked like a complete idiot.
  25. Ivette was pretty open about being gay in Season 6 and talked about her girlfriend alot.
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