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    America's Vote

    pickled food and sauerkraut kinda makes you ill with all the vinegar in it... Seaweed is kinda soothing.. So I say Vote Pickled.. Make em sick.. Cabbage and cocktail weenies are just bland and both taste great with mustard.
  2. Nilty

    Kevin - BB 11

    I usually don't like the token Gay guy... but he has made some good impressions on me this 1st episode. Totally love him seeing thru the Bull and calling peopel out on it.. If he stays this perceptive it could be dangerous.
  3. Nilty


    God earliest Dumb move ever saying she was 18 when she is 24.. and Kevin Sees right thru her and anyone who has read the BB application Requirements knows you have to be 21 to enter the house (requirement #6) http://www.cbs.com/casting/big_brother/Eli...equirements.pdf They require you to be 21 since they have free access to alcohol and BB can't be party to disturbing Alcohol to minors.. Anyone with half a brain and has read the application knows that (and I know some of those brainacis BB fans know those requiremnets by heart)
  4. Nilty

    Big Brother 11 - released info

    My guess is that there will be 4 former BB guests there.. Each one assigend to a clique.. and then wichever Clique wins HoH.. Thier Mystery guest becoems #13 the other 3 go home. So they are only adding 1 but 1 of 4 potential is My guess.
  5. Nilty


    I think it is TooMuchLydia4U ohh and while you are at it check out http://www.esquire.com/the-side/qa/harrypotter72507 article she was interviewed for in Esquire
  6. I am going to hook my small LCD TV up to my computer for a 2nd screen wich will be devoted to dispalying feeds so I can still do Computer stuff and watch feeds and then I will Move my TV a bit closer to the desk and start using that more often.
  7. Well I tend to lurk a lot.. I have been reigustered here for a long time.
  8. Nilty


    I hope he does well but with it being such a high school setup he will probably get trampled by the cool kids and be tossed before too long.. Hopefully he can team up with other brianiac Michele and get something going.
  9. Nilty


    after Seeing the CBS intro I like her a lot! Defiantly my fave female so far..
  10. Nilty


    I hate how she was introduced as the eye candy followed up by another chick when Jordan is much better looking the both.. and honestly I don't dig her look at all.
  11. Nilty

    Big Brother 11 - released info

    Big Brother is always better when there are haves and have nots.. Food vs Slop.. Nice bed vs crappy bed.. many international BB's do this. BBAU HoH gives each person a job they have to do.. I have seen other BB's where there were a bunch of different beds and HoH would assign them to people.. From big comfy bed to small beds to a cot to a bit of hay on the floor. I so hope its not Fixed team but either a self diving top X finishers are Have's and rest are have nots.. or random teams selected... Would be inserting if there are different layers of have.. Like someone may have nice bed but be on slop while another person is on slop and sleeping on the floor.
  12. Nilty

    Twist Theories?

    Eric LOL thats exactlly what I was going to say.. There is no twist...... (and lets face it most of the twists are meaningless anyway)
  13. Nilty


    Am I the only one who thought this was a BBAU thread when they 1st saw it?
  14. Nilty

    Bb10 Possible Cast Spoiler

    We really don't need politics in the BB house there will be way too much of it once the campagin season gets going this summer
  15. I'm going to be racist here and say I want a house full of Americans (wich last I checked was a melting pot of many differnt cultures) Also Diversity for the sake of diversity sucks.. You don't need to do the whole. 1 Big breasted bimbo + 1 black person + 1 hispanic + 1 flaming homosexual + 1 old grumpy person + 1 successful business person + 1 freakshow +1 "Secret couple" = BB House Cast intersting Diverse people because of who they are not because of what race they are. Casting someone just to fill a racial/sterotype quota is demeaning and to me more insutling then casting someone for the content of thier chracter.