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    Julie already told them both too many things about the game which would give an unfair advantage to them if they came back. They won't come back. She told Braden Ronnie voted to evict him, so if he was returning she wouldn't have said anything.
  2. ElisabethF50

    Renny - Week 7

    shes been acting like a really big b!tch after she won HOH
  3. ElisabethF50

    Monday, August 25th

    hahaha wicked and no one is going to make anyones week a living hell on this show, everyone is just all talk, ED is the only one who usually did exactly what he said he'd do.
  4. ElisabethF50

    Keesha - Week 7

    So far, she's probably my favorite. I think she's playing a good game. I just hate hate hate when she laughs, it drives me crazy.
  5. ElisabethF50

    Sunday, August 24th

    I know a lot of the people here at mortys think the call would screw up someone game but I honestly don't think the rest of the people who voted will think about that. I think people voted for jerry because on the show he was shown talking to himself about missing his family and people felt sorry for him.
  6. ElisabethF50

    Wednesday, August 13th

    wont it be renny dan and memphis for keesha and ollie april and jerry for libra? haha ok uvp i got confused by that.
  7. ElisabethF50

    Wednesday, August 13th

    so if it's a tie who does michelle vote to evict?
  8. ElisabethF50

    Wednesday, August 13th

    is michelle going to vote out keesha or libra if it's a tie?
  9. ElisabethF50

    Wednesday, August 13th

    good. if libra doesnt leave.. oh god ill be so upset..
  10. ElisabethF50

    Wednesday, August 13th

    Who's voting for Libra?!?! Im so lost without the feeds this year..
  11. ElisabethF50

    Wednesday, August 13th

    yea its a good idea i just dont understand why they didnt mention it on tuesday's show. what show are they gonna be on? tonights? because if they're on tomorrows i guess they'll mention it tomorrow night.
  12. ElisabethF50

    Wednesday, August 13th

    i know what the show is i just didnt know why they are one it and why they havent shown that they would be on it on BB yet
  13. ElisabethF50

    Wednesday, August 13th

    someone fill me in on this craig ferguson show thing?
  14. ElisabethF50

    Tuesday's Show 8/12

    when i saw that i was just thinking to myself, why is she crawling over keesha..
  15. ElisabethF50

    Michelle - Week 5

    I think it's funny how on BBAD she and April were talking about America's Player and thought america made Dan vote jessie out because we hated DAN and not JESSIE, sorry america didnt like Jessie, and that's why they wanted him out.. they are going to be sooooo shocked when they get outta that house.